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10/10 I spent years riding and training horses. As a r…
By Circusgirl / Denver, Colorado

I spent years riding and training horses. As a result, I have multiple injuries, paticularly in my right shoulder. My competitive career was finished the day a horse crushed both my feet while I was working for a circus. It was that connection, however, that led me to RKB's. I was way impressed by the condition of the Russian people I met while with the circus. They all have severe injuries, but managed to work and maintain their awesome strength despite being hurt. One night, in broken English, one of them described a kettlebell. I forgot abut what he said until July of last year, when I realized that my should was so unstable that it seemed to pop out of place when I was sleeping and I felt too weak to work with horses safely. I investegated online and ordered a KB, plus the From Russia With Tough Love DVD. I went from feeling crippled and broken to strong and powerful in TWO MONTHS. I knew that kettlebells were a miracle when a horse who used to be able to nearly yank me off my feet pulled on his lead rope and I pulled back harder. Eveything has gotten stronger: core, arms, legs, you name it. Even the arthritis I have in my feet from the fractures seems to be better, and I no longer walk funny because of it. I have been praising KB to my horse friends (the horses will never see it coming I tell them) and pretty much everyone else I meet. If you need raw strength, seriously tough connective tissue and the endurace to go with it, while keeping a feminine figure, look no further than a Kettlebell. As an added bonus, I can stop eating and I've never been leaner, not even as an athletic teenanger. I can proudly say that I am now a femme fatale.

p.s. When can I expect to see tee-shirts for women on this website?

10/10 Great for everyone new to kettlebells - not just women!
By Steve Justus, RKC / Westminster, Colorado United States

Although it's billed as a kettlebell workout for women, From Russia With Tough Love (FRWTL from now on in this review) is really more of a beginner-friendly introduction to working with KBs than the original Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), which was aimed more at military, martial arts, and hardcore fitness fanatics. So exactly is FRWTL different? For starters, the techniques are shown by two women, Andrea DuCane and D.C. Maxwell. I can't really tell their ages, but I'm sure both are over 30, yet few 20-something women look as good. That alone is a testiment to what KB training can do for you. Aside from the usual thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons showing what to do and what not to do, there are numerous other illustrations breaking down the fine points of form on key exercises. This is easily the best and clearest instruction on technique in any of Pavel's books. Next, there is a clear progression of exercises presented. The book starts out with some foundational exercises and builds upon them in a logical sequence. There are specific week to week routines given, which is useful for people who aren't comfortable making up their own ones yet. A few bodyweight exercises useful to learing the techniques (like deck squats) are also shown, which is helpful for those times you want to work out but don't have your KBs at hand. The exercises include some shown in RKC, but it leans much more towards lower body exercises of more interest to women. Many of the exercises in this book are not in the RKC book or video; a few were not even taught at the Feb 2002 certification class I attended. It omits some of the upper body exercises in RKC like the bent press which are more suitable for advanced trainees, but these are not exercises beginners will miss. Finally, it includes a wide variety of posts from the Dragon Door forum offering tips and tricks on how to use KBs. Not only does that add value to the book, it also shows readers what sort of commentary and assistance is available on the DD discussion site. This is Pavel's best book in terms of presentation and organization of the material. If you are just starting out with KBs, this is the book you should get first. Even advanced trainees can find material of interest here. I picked up a few pointers myself, even though I've attended the certification program. If you work with KBs, get this book! You will not be disappointed.

10/10 All of Pavel Tsatsoline products are excellent
By Comrade Giryagirl / Philadelphia, PA USA

I am truly pleased with every Pavel Tsatsoline book and video that I have purchased (and I have bought everything other than the Rapid Response videos which I will be buying before Christmas). The From Russia With Tough Love book and video include excellent Kettlebell moves for the legs and back, and Ms. DuCane and Ms. Maxwell show themselves as truly inspiring athletes in the bonus workout at the end of the video. The Russian Kettlebell Challenge book and video address upper body exercises that I will include in my exercise routine for life. The strength, stretching, joint mobility, and abdominal books and videos are awesome, too.

Mr. Tsatsoline's workout advise is effective, efficient, and fun. I was in good shape before starting to work out with Kettlebells, but now I am in the best shape of my life and have never felt better. My husband noticed the improvements right away.

After working out the Tsatsoline way, I would never consider owning a gym membership again (and I had a gym membership for 10 years).

By the way, Steve Maxwell's Kettlebell video has some awesome advice too. It is hard to believe the man is fifty when you see the moves he can perform. His young son also demonstrates that Kettlebell moves are excellent for children, too.

I am so pleased with these DragonDoor products. They are worth every penny.

10/10 This Book is For Everybody, Not Just For Women.
By Craig / Fayetteville, AR

I just got my copy today in the the mail due to fast four day turnaround. The book is goldmine itself and it belongs in every comrade's library. I believe the material in the book is also useful for putting any kid on kettlebell training.

Comrade Pavel's attention to details is impressive as ususal. I found that beginner's common mistake in doing cleans, snatches, and swings is that that they lift the kettlebell with their arm, not with their hip thrusts. (I still cannot snatch with a 2 pood kettlebell with my arm alone and using hip thrust is name of the game anyway.) By teaching the box squat in the book first really laid out the proper foundation in doing cleans, snatches, and swings.

My point is that this book is for everybody, not for just women. You will learn new in the book as I have.

10/10 Great Book!
By Vanessa H. / Lawrenceville, GA

I am loving 'Tough Love'. My husband got 'Enter the Kettlebell' and I wanted to have a workout that was geared more to women. 'Tough Love' has given me that with one intense workout that in two weeks has already shown results. My husband noticed that I was more cut and in shape and has really appreciated the results!!

Thanks to Pavel and the ladies for giving me a secret weapon!

10/10 I posted this review on today, with 5 stars
By Christine Deane / Knoxville, Tennessee United States

Pavel gives a simple straightforward workout, with emphasis on
steady progress and safe technique. I have the tape also and it
helps, but if you can only afford one, get the book. There are
excellent illustrations, comments from other kettlebell users,
and Pavel's dry wit throughout. I started this program to
strengthen my back. I am staying with it because IT IS FUN!
To quote Pavel, "Comrade Ladies, enjoy!"

10/10 Great workouts!
By Mary / Saratoga, CA USA

I started from ground zero with From Russia with Tough Love and a kettlebell. After just two months, I've not only lost a clothing size, but I'm stronger than most of my male friends! (At least, the ones who do not workout with kettlebells.)

The workout plan is easy to follow even for a total beginner. When I opened the book, I thought that things like deck squats would be totally impossible. After a month of hard work, I progressed to a point where they were not only doable but easy! This plan works.

I highly recommend From Russia with Tough Love for anyone (male or female) who is interested in getting started with kettlebells.

8/10 Good book
By Mike Hubbs reviewed it for my wife / Alexandria, Virginia

Seems like an excellent book. However after reading The Russian Kettle Bell Challenge, I think the instructions to the basic exercises are quicker to the point and really easier to understand in The Russian Kettle Bell Challenge.

10/10 not for lady comrades only
By andre denis / nyc, New York United States

don't be fooled by the title- the material herein [and in the same titled dvd] is NOT for lady comrades only, it is simply put a brilliant distillation of other much denser PAVEL RKC materials in a bitable concise package that essentially idiot proofs the PAVEL approach. i got the femme fatale material so that i could better show my mom how to RKC [she's 81 a/o 12/2004] and found it useful for my own bad self. in all, probably my reccomendation for THE intro materials to RKC for the rank beginner.

By Harald Leymann / Ulm, Gemany

Comrades this book is a must for everyone who liked RKC. It is going more in the details, everybody should have it ( men& woman).
It shows you every detail of the RKC, leg work, cadio, etc.This book is the absolute best.

10/10 video is outstanding for everyone
By mike burgener / vista, calf.

as a h.s. teacher getting the kb routines started at my h.s. i found the video to be informative for all individuals in the class. the fact that the exercises are demonstrated by ladies who are fit and feminine is an outstandinding attribute to the video. the teenage young ladies see fit lady athletes performing the exercises. of course the teenage boys in the class not to be outdone, have to demo that they too can do what the ladies are doing!! good job dragondoor...keep it up!!! mike burgener, h.s strength coach and pe weight room instructor

10/10 At last some effective and simple routines and exercises!!
By Melissa / NSW, Australia

I'm really enjoying the book! It explains things so simply with 'as you go, step by step' pics- it's great! And best of all, results within the week. I really like this book, have already been recommending it to friends and have also just ordered the DVD to go with it - can't wait to be the Femme Fatale I know is in me!!!

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