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10/10 The Stretching Bible
By Jack Reape / New Orleans, La

This book tells you HOW and WHY and WHEN to stretch. The photos make it easy to learn the various stretches. This book allows anyone to customize their own stetching program to exactly what their own focus needs to be. I use it as a powerlifter, my wife uses it as a dancer, my boss even used it to get ready to take a ski vacation.

A must for every athlete.

10/10 Absolutely amazing techniques for real flexibility that make you feel great
By Mark Hanington / Huntington Beach, California United States

Pavel provides the ultimate in stretching techniques. If you have spent any time in your life being instructed to stretch tendons and ligaments, you now have the ability to lay those dangerous myths to rest and get on with stretching that not only works like a miracle but makes you feel incredibly good. So good I can't put it into words. Pavel will tell you the rest.

10/10 Better Than Yoga
By Steve Freides / Ridgewood, New Jersey United States

Relax Into Stretch will teach you how to be as flexible as a yoga student while being as strong as you wish, all from a few minutes per day two or three times per week. Relax Into Stretch is for people who want to be both flexible and strong, and the principles it will teach you can help you stay strong and injury-free in all the activities of your daily life, not just stretching. I had a severely herniated lumbar disc a few years back; Pavel's "Power To The People!" was the beginning of my salvation, his "Russian Kettlebell Challenge" taught me to add endurance and some flexibility to my strength, and "Relax Into Stretch" was the icing on the cake, teaching me how to go from not being able to touch my toes to being able to do splits within the space of 6 months while almost 50 years old! Picture of me in a split - that says it all, and I owe it all to "Relax Into Stretch. "-S-

10/10 Stop wasting your stretching time!
By Jason Goumas / Lexington, KY

Pavel lines out more information on stretching than I got during the entire 6 years I spent earning a Bachelors degree in exercise physiology and Masters in physical therapy! The information is clear, easy to read, and works like a charm! I've stretched fairly aggressively over the years with the knowledge I had, but I've made significant gains over the past couple weeks with the information contained on these pages! If you want to do the splits you should get this book!

9/10 Book is an Excellent Supplement to the DVD
By R. Friederich / Manassas, Va.

I bought the book as a supplement to the DVD. Frankly the book is quite expensive, and I was concerned whether the amount of material contained therein is worth the cost. However, the quality of the information, on both the DVD and the book, most certainly is. I am recovering from a back injuty that had me laid out for 5 weeks. Part of the reason for the injury, I am convinced, was from a lack of flexibility. Too much muscle and not enough flexibility. I intend to use Relax Into Stretch and Super Joints, along with yoga and other stretching routines, to ensure I never go though that again. I can already say, it is working well in this regard!

10/10 Best stretching book ever!
By JonFrost / Naples, FL

I have purchased almost every book and video on stretching available, and without question this is the best, in my opinion. A great source of information and options for every stretch. A great book to own, particularly for martial artists! Worth more than I paid for it!

9/10 A great inspiring book
By Jan Madsen / Denmark

One of the best books on stretching I've read.
More than just a collection of stretching exercises.
It includes essential descriptions of how to make your muscles relax, so you can stretch them to better results.

10/10 Excellent
By Jeanette / Greece, New York

My boyfriend loves this book -- great pictures and good reading and humor from the author - thanks

10/10 Best stretching book
By Mercer / NL, Canada

I would automatically give this book the highest possible rating on any scale because I've yet to learn about a more effective method of developing flexibility. When I first read this book, I was 6 inches from doing a full side split and couldn't go down any further. This book provides a method that will work when all else fails. After six weeks of using the principles contained in this book in my own flexibility training, I did my first full side split. However, it is very tough. I think that the process of developing extreme flexibility is inevitably painful and uncomfortable. However, this book teaches a person how to distinguish between the pain of progress and the pain of injuring yourself. Lots of the former will result in all the flexibility a person could ever possibly need. I have tried a lot of stretching programs and I would recommend this one because it is the most efficient that I have seen and the only one that I think would guarantee results.

10/10 Excellent !!!!!!
By chris wright / modesto, ca. usa

ris, is the BEST, practical, book on the subject, paval does not bog you down with scientific jargon.The book can make a more fuctional person, raise a martial artist's skill, and it has raised the bar...the cossack stretch, is really excellent for a chamber postion for kicking,..i use it daily!my splits are over 180 degree and easier maintained, less work...i highly recomend this book to ANYONE, looking to better thier mobility, Paval, thank you, i cant emphisise that enough! and ive only had the book three weeks!
thank you..
chris wright

10/10 Dragon Door delivers.
By Paul paradis / Tacoma, WA, USA

My own interest in this company started with kettlebells and got diverted by Convict Conditioning. Five months into my CC 1 and 2 work, I bought this and Superjoints at the same time. For CC2 people, think of the stretches in this book as being a perfect complement to the Trifecta stretches.

Though I've only had this and Superjoints a little over two weeks, and have been a little spotty in my application of them, the results were instantaneous. My hip flexors have always been a little tight- that is no longer the case, and the results stay with you. I would suggest that anyone who has the cash purchase the DVD to go along with the book. I did not, and wish I had.

As of right now, my 36 year old frame feels better than ever in my life; most of this I attribute to CC, but that's just because I've had more time to get to grips with the material. That said, I went to my Shotokan class the day after finishing up with all the groin stretching variations, and it was personally satisfying for this white-yellow belt to be more flexible than the brown, red, and black belts. HA. In fact, my all around strength and endurance is outclassing theirs in most of the pure workout stuff.

In a couple of months, I'll be purchasing the Enter The Kettlebell set, and add kettlebells to my routine. My intuition is telling me that I'll be at the end of my search for a fitness regime, at least for the next couple of years. This way I'll be able to meet the challenges of life in a body that is more fit than ever.

One last thing. I've seen some griping about price. My advice? Get over it. Pavel went to school for this stuff, and is giving us the distilled essence of his knowledge. Also, a $35 dollar investment that will help you avoid going to a hospital for as long as possible is priceless.

10/10 Buy this book.
By Andrew Dunbar / Oakland, CA, USA

Can you find all of this information on the web for free?
Yes and No
You will find the information but you not find it presented in such an accessible manner.
If you buy this book you will improve you flexibility as soon as you start reading it.

So ask yourself this one question:
Is it worth $39 bucks to noticeably improve my flexibility in less than a week?

For me it was a no brainer.

10/10 This Book Saved My Lower Back
By Danny Sawaya RKC / AZ

I have suffered from pain associated with Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back for over 9 years. Numerous trips to the chiropractor, orthopedic doctors, and massage therapists I really felt defeated, especially because I am a Personal trainer for a living. I bought this book just to learn some new stretches for my clients. As I practiced the stretches one night I felt a release in my hip that almost scared me. I felt great but I didn't know what was really going to happen. Well I kept practicing the stretches in this book and then added super joints to the routine. I can say I have been spasm free in my lower back for over a year and a half. I now use these drills with my clients and have turned my Training practice into a specialty for those suffering with lower back issues like I had. This book gave me hope.

10/10 good
By jasvinder / london uk

very very good

10/10 A solid book.
By Ben / canada

This book does an excellent job convering safety while still getting the most out of your streaching time. The only issue i had with this book was some of the streches could be a bit difficult to understand. Pavel does do a great job explaining them somethings are easier to understand in person.

5/10 Not worth the price
By Patrick / Massachusetts

Good information here, but it's not worth an entire book, especially at $35. If Pavel combined this with some of his other books on mobility and flexibility, Super Joints and Fast and Loose, this probably would be worth it, but as it is, he gives you a few quick tips and illustrates some well known stretches. Many websites offer more info than this for free. It's the right approach, but not the right package.

10/10 great book
By Steve Smith / Centennial, Co

excellent stretching guide

9/10 Commercials!
By bill Herrington / Charlotte, North Carolina

Relax into stretch opens new doors into the art of stretching; I made more progress in the front split in one week than I had in conventional techniques for months.
The only negative, Paying $34.00 for the book that has twelve pages of commercials (e.g. muscle & fitness) in the back of the book.

10/10 The Real Supple Leopard
By Taylor Starch / Denver, Colorado, USA

Stretching is a lost art the Pavel brings back. Lots of these stretches not only give ROM but also strength with them which to me is important. Feel better already

10/10 Relax comrade!
By Rhett Dillard / Chula Vista, Ca, USA

Book has interesting techniques as well as stretches that were developed in the Soviet Union.Pavel has a mastery of the Soviet way of doing things,and a lot of us are greatfull that he is sharing these techniques with the rest of us.

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