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Isochain Isometric Zercher Hold thumbnail

Infinite Isometrics - The Force-Velocity Relationship: “Law 1” of Strength

The force-velocity relationship is arguably the most important scientific principle in resistance training. It is literally Law 1 of strength. Yet—outside of a small cadre of athletes and sports scientists—it is barely known at all (and even then, it is typically poorly understood).

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Danny Kavadlo Muscle Up Hybrid Strength thumbnail

HYBRID STRENGTH TRAINING Q & A Part II - Five More Questions

Thanks for all the emails, DMs and messages about the results you’ve gotten from HYBRID STRENGTH TRAINING. Keep those progress reports coming! This week, we examine five more questions.

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LauraPhillips Isochain thumbnail

Let Me Count the Ways: How the Isochain Has Transformed My 69-Year-Old Body and Being

When I first read about Isochain isometrics and its apparent ability to heal and strengthen the body in a pain-free manner, I was hooked...

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Danny Kavadlo Handstands thumbnail


Dragon Door and I recently hosted a live Q & A Session in the Hybrid Strength Training Users Group on Facebook. Many excellent questions - and surprising answers - were raised.

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Infinite Isometrics One Leg Wall Sit thumbnail

Infinite Isometrics Part One: Isometrics and The Active Mind

Isometrics looks (and feels) so different from the established conventional methods that, if you are a “group thinker” it will be almost impossible to accept the discipline from the get-go. But if you are one of those rare individuals with an open and active mind, we are hoping to invite you to explore a method of training that will change your life.

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Danny Kavadlo Hybrid Strength Training Combos 3 thumbnail

Simple Bodyweight/Barbell Combos for Amazing Strength Part III — TARGETING MUSCLE GROUPS

Bodyweight and barbell exercises can be combined in many ways. Today, we explore combos that target only one body part or muscle group. Old school strength training: arms, legs, chest, back and shoulders.​

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Danny Kavadlo Bodyweight Barbells Combos2 Thumbnails

Simple Bodyweight/Barbell Combos for Amazing Strength Part II — The “Chaser”

Whenever we perform a lower body exercise followed by an upper body exercise (or vice versa), we get many of the same benefits we got from the push/pull supersets we discussed last week.

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Isochain curl thumbnail bw

New Year, New Fitness? Isometrics can make that a reality for you

What’s new is scientific, measurable isometrics, using an Isochain. Isometrics is ancient, and has always worked. Being able to electronically measure, and improve, your isometric capacity is new.

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DannyKavaldo Combos Thumbnail

Simple Bodyweight/Barbell Combos for Amazing Strength Part I — Push/Pull Supersets

Bodyweight and barbell exercises can be combined in many ways. In this three-part series I will examine different applications in which one can successfully combine barbells and calisthenics for the best possible results. Today, let’s talk about “push/pull supersets.”

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Ben Johnson Barbell Deadlift thumbnail

Hybrid Strength For the Everyman

Many books and plans are hyped in the fitness industry, but do they really work for the average, stressed-out individual with a full-time job, a family to care for, and other day-to-day responsibilities? Hybrid Strength Training does. Here are some things to keep in mind when doing this fantastic program.​

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