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10/10 Outstanding coach
By Kirk Adams / New York, United States

I've had the pleasure of having Annie as an instructor for RKC and assisting her for an RKC. She is a first class trainer who will help you reach your goals!

10/10 Knowledgable and Strong
By Chris Cardinali / Bayshore, USA

She was my team leader at a recent RKC in NY. She was very helpful to me when it came to looking at someone perform a move and also how to improve it. She was also helpful when it came to getting out into the world and becoming a personal trainer. She actively listened to my story and where I was coming from. When she spoke there was honesty in her voice. Anyone looking to become stronger and get in better shape Annie can help you. If you want to become a personal trainer and get out in the world. She can help you with that too. She talks the talk and walks the walks.

10/10 Nothing I say will be good enough. 10++++++
By Ali N. / NYC, USA

Annie is truly one of a kind. So well rounded you think that people like her do not exist. I am here to tell you that they do. Annie is incredibly intelligent, gifted in her expertise, kind, funny and extremely generous with her training and knowledge. She wants you to succeed and will be your biggest champion to help you reach your goals and set new ones. I will admit that at each session I walk into the gym both excited and slightly intimidated. What does she have in store for me today? Will I be able to do it? Will I be able to do it well? What I have learned from Annie is that YES I can do it and I will do it well - there is no other option. Annie pushes me hard because she knows what I am capable of and wants me to realize my full potential. I often find myself in situations where I am unsure and sometimes uncomfortable, but once I commit with my mind, my body accepts the challenge and I end up surprising myself. I really cannot say enough good about Annie. I enjoy our sessions immensely and see the results not only in my body but also in all other areas of my daily life - my relationship, work, friendships, etc. I am more motivated than ever to take on the world. I have learned a tremendous amount during my time with her - our sessions are so much more than just getting a great work out. She has helped me take it to the next level. I cannot recommend her enough. If you have chance to train with Annie, take it!

10/10 10 plus
By Haruo Shirane / New York City, USA

Annie Vo is not only the best trainer that I have ever had but a life guide. I came to Annie when I was in my late 50s and having trouble with my knees. At first I thought that the kettlebell exercises would damage my knees and put added strain on my body, but Annie started me from scratch and built up my lower body and core and within a year or two, I was doing all kinds of exercises without any pain or worry. I had been going to physical therapists and doctors, who were giving different advice about my knees, but Annie's exercises and sessions made all that irrelevant. I think that the combination of the well-conceived exercises (she pushes me to the maximum), her inspiration, and little bits of advice (on diet, posture, off-day exercises, etc.) have made a world of difference in my life. After four years of weekly workouts with Annie, I'm stronger, have much more stamina, and, best of all, am more relaxed all around. I can't say enough about Annie: she's much more than an instructor/trainer. With her humor, personal concern, and sharp mind, she makes every tough session ultra-rewarding.

10/10 Clearly, a passionate & skilled instructor
By David Nekava / New York City, USA

Annie is relentless when it comes to movement bio-mechanics and form. She clearly has a passion for what she does and it shows. She puts great emphasis on the safety & efficacy of each movement she prescribes as well as making sure each individual she is working with is getting the greatest benefit. She is affable and energetic, which also makes training with her a positive experience. Someone like Annie, with this level of skill and commitment to continued education, will always come highly recommended by me. If you're considering working with her, go for it!

10/10 Simply the best
By Josh Isay / New York, USA

I've been training with Annie for the past 2 years and she is unquestionably one of the best in the business. I'm 44 years old and now in the top shape of my life because of Annie. She pays meticulous attention to form and pushes me to meet goals that I never thought I could achieve. She understands the important role kettlebells can play in fitness and it is now a critical part of my exercise program. If you are looking for a smart and thorough trainer to work on strength, condition and mobility, Annie is the perfect choice.

10/10 tough and gracious
By Carol A / SW Michigan, USA

I sought Annie out as an instructor during a trip that I recently took to NYC, since there aren't any RKC instructors in my Michigan hometown. I am a beginner to kettlebells, having discovered them at my local Y about 4 months ago. As a newbie in my mid-50s, what I needed was some assurance about my form and some assistance on some rocky points that I've hit. I have returned home with just that: a number of tricks and tweaks for my get ups, stretching, and swing.

She set aside not one but two sessions to work with me for the two days I had free, and I came away energized, really pumped, and excited. She's tough: she won't let me get away with anything--which is really important to me since I can't work with her on a regular basis. At the same time, she's incredibly gracious and encouraging. I can't thank Annie enough for her patience and reminders. I've got her voice echoing in my head as I do my workouts now! I look forward to more sessions with her in the future.

10/10 Fabulous Instructor
By Robin Morris / Manasquan, NJ, USA

I recently received my RKC Certification in Downingtown, PA and was fortunate enough to have had Annie as an assistant on my team. Not only was Annie extremely knowledgeable, but she displayed all of the characteristics and attributes that an instructor should have. She helped me improve and fine tune my technique, specifically my presses and front squats, and gave me encouragement and support. I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked with Annie and absolutely would recommend her to kettlebell enthusiasts of all levels!

10/10 Best Trainer I Have Ever Had
By Enid H / New York, USA

I have been working out for 14 years with ten trainers when at the age of 65, I met Annie fifteen months ago and started to workout with kettlebells. I have since realized that the other ten trainers were novices compared to the level that Annie is at. Annie has given me the tools to increase my strength and endurance to a level I could have only dreamed about. Annie varies the workouts so that the training sessions never gets boring by using kettlebells with other fitness tools, and she has also taught me a lot about nutrition. With Annie encouragement and guidance, I recently obtained my kettlebell certification.

Annie does a great job and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone interested in fitness training.

10/10 The Best
By Trevor Koob / NYC

Annie, and through her my introduction to kettlebells, has changed my life.

I am stronger than ever before and less likely to injure myself due to the training I have received from Annie.

She is kind, caring, and tolerant of my less than perfect demeanor as a trainee.

Could not recommend Annie more.

10/10 Annie Vo Rocks
By Paula W. / New York City

For one incredible year, Annie Vo has been my trainer. She is my partner in actualizing the most important project of my life- creating a strong, healthy body with stamina and (god willing) some definition.

Strength training was not a natural choice for me. I had always been afraid of exercise and sweating. Don't ask. In my 60's, sedentary and slow, I received a serious diagnosis that forced me to reconsider the importance of a truly healthy body. It was then, and only then, I decided to find my inner athlete. Annie understood my situation perfectly, and became my guide/coach/cheerleader in the brave new world of fitness. I feel extraordinarily lucky that our paths crossed.

Not only does Annie know the mechanics of the body and the best ways to build strength, she can communicate what she knows, applying it democratically to all her clients, including this wannabe-kettle-bell-queen. She is clearly guided by a philosophy of fitness, respects the mind/body connection, and is alert to scientific breakthroughs that might enrich her practice. She brings all of this to her clients thus insuring variety and challenge, while helping them increase control and proficiency. Annie is attentive, a calm, focused observer, pointing out where even a slight adjustment might benefit the execution a squat, dead lift, plank, etc. She knows when to push, and when more water and a short rest is called for. When she ups the ante, my inner athlete gets off the bench and cheers.

I find Annie a joy to work with: smart, funny, wise beyond her years. And of course, very strong. She is serious, generous with her knowledge and passionate about the possibilities for transformation. For me, training with Annie has already changed my body and therefore my life. My gratitude is boundless. With all my burgeoning muscles, and there are many, I salute Annie Vo!

10/10 A wonderful instructor
By Peter / Tampa, FL

I got to work with Annie as a victim at the RKC in Orlando. Her sense of humor helped to convey very important information me to excel in my basic kettlebell drills.

10/10 Balanced but with a friendly push!
By Barbara Kurz / New York, NY, USA

Annie is a great trainer- -thoughtful, committed and engaging. She introduced me to kettlebells early on in our training together and I have enjoyed these workouts tremendously, largely due to Annie's careful and supportive instruction. She meets me where I am that day, gearing our workouts to how much I can push myself, always with a little encouragement from her. I respect her knowledge and enthusiasm for staying fit and am impressed with her interest in furthering her expertise in kettlebells. This can only make her client sessions all the more productiive!

10/10 thorough & thoughtful
By Sarah Brown / NY, NY

When I first started working with Annie not only had I never touched a kettlebell, but I also held an inexplicable and irrational disdain for them. In the time since, Annie has helped me to shake any illogical preconceptions and inspired me to embrace kettlebells as an essential and enjoyable part of my fitness regimen.

In addition to exposing me to kettlebells, Annie has also made sure to explain the impact of our workouts on my personal fitness goals and challenges. Constantly monitoring progress related to movement, strength, stability, and endurance, I am confident that I am working with someone who is both extremely knowledgeable and conscientious.

Finally it is worth mentioning that Annie brings humor and wit to every session ensuring that I enjoy even the toughest moments of every workout.

10/10 Great
By James Tost / New York, NY USA

What can I say about Annie that won't sound like I'm exaggerating - she's by far the best Trainer I've ever had. Her workouts are well thought out and planned for each of her clients taking into consideration their strengths and (in my case - many...) weaknesses. I walk away from each session exhausted and yet energized at the same time. She is tough - always pushing me to do more than I mistakenly think I'm able to. Add to that that she is one of the funniest and snarky people I know - I honestly can't recommend her more.

9/10 Antoinette Vo: Kettle Queen
By Valerie Feder / New York, NY USA

Annie Vo is a tough but fair trainer who has inspired me and pushed me to go further than I thought possible.
Each workout is different, with Annie adding new routines and sets.
Since every day includes so many new things and a constantly changing pace, there's no time to get bored.

As I became stronger, Annie challenged me even more, NEVER letting me get away with not giving it my all.

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