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10/10 Strong, Versatile and Focused
By Ian Noray / NYC, USA

In the recently concluded RKC in NYC as I entered the facility and first laid eyes on Angelo, I knew immediately this was a strong and fit individual. But his depth of knowledge,his patience and unique perspective were the attributes that stood out during my 3 days under his leadership and guidance during the RKC. He executed every move perfectly, but trouble shoot and corrected your form even better. Coach Gala has a presence that is calming, you feel at peace in his presence yet unleashes a passion and fire that takes your performance to another level. During the gaps between our coaching I constantly seek out his thoughts and ideas about training and coaching and that alone was worth the cost of the entire 3 days. If you ever have the opportunity to be coach by him considered yourself honored.

10/10 Mobility Expert
By Doug Hills / Boston, USA

I’ve been training with Angelo for over a year now through bi-weekly kettlebell workouts along with a weekly early morning yoga session. Angelo’s knowledge of mobility and body mechanics shines through when teaching yoga and training with kettlebells. Over the last year, training with him has delivered some serious gains in my mobility, mental well-being and overall strength. He’s kept me motivated with progress and interested with varied workouts. I even went ahead and bought 4 RKC bells for home! He’s an excellent all around trainer that keeps me looking forward to the next workout.

10/10 Great Instructor - Highly reccommend
By Nicole K / Boston, US

I have been working with Angelo for a few months now and I have been amazed by the results. Angleo provides great instruction breaking down techniques to insure that movements are performed correctly insuring maximum results and injury prevention (which is huge for me). No matter what your current fitness level, everyone can benefit from his training and expertise.

10/10 Trainer to Trainers
By Steve Rowe / West Haven, CT, USA

Angelo assisted at the Level 2 RKC July 2011. He has a keen eye for detail and understands how the body should and can work. More importantly, he can effectively communicate his knowledge to the "clients", in the case of this weekend - experienced RKC's.

If you want to get stronger, leaner, healthier and you are in the Boston area - seek him out for training. Angelo will help you on your journey to YOUR goal.

Thank you, Angelo for all your help and vision.

Steve Rowe, RKC, CK-FMS

10/10 Excellent Trainer
By Helmer / Boston, MA

Angelo is by far the best trainer I have had. He trained me efficiently. His routine was so efficient and challenging, it made lose 7lb only in three weeks!!!

He motivates you to push yourself to the limit without making you hate the work out. You simply will get addicted to working out that hard and with him. Wish I could keep training with him, but sadly I have been relocated to another country. Wish he could come and train me there.

He delivered results within the first week of training! I felt a lot stronger and a lot more agile. No time lost, only weight lost!

10/10 Top trainer
By Julia K. / Boston, MA

Angelo is excellent at delivering motivation, encouragement and most importantly, RESULTS at each and every training session. Attention to form, technique and continued progress makes Angelo one of the top trainers, in my experience. I have lost fat and gained strength as a result of the kettlebell classes he teaches and am looking forward to further one on one training.

By Jeff Jaffarian / Boston, MA, USA

At 67 I may be Angelo's oldest student, but he certainly knows how to identify the needs of each of us (young, middle, and old) in his Kettlebell classes and then focus us on correct techniques. He is especially good with "newbies" showing patience yet eliciting good response very quickly. I also take private sessions with him where he keeps me motivated and excited about my workouts.

He is exceptionally good at conveying correct technique through his explanations and demonstrations. Beyond all that, he is charming and makes the classes loads of fun, keeping the entire class very motivated.

Since I started my training with Angelo, I feel to be in the best shape of my life. I do not have any weight loss goals, but am far better toned, stronger, and increasingly more agile. If you could see my before and after photos, you would think I am now not a day over 66 - all due to Angelo's Kettlebell training!

10/10 Awesome Trainer
By J. Green / Boston, Ma

Angelo is great! I started kettlebell training in February twice a week using the 8 kg kettlebell. I am now up to the 16kg kettlebell. I have lost 10 pounds and I am very toned and pleased! He is extremly knowledgeable and is all about technique. Angelo constantly watches you and makes sure you are lifting or swinging the kettlebell correctly. I would highly recommend him as a trainer and highly recommend his class!

10/10 Highest Recommendation
By A. Elkins / Boston, MA

Angelo's knowledge, skills and understandable teaching style has made working out easy and enjoyable. He has motivated and pushed me enough to handle a "500 swing a day challenge" and that alone should tell you enough!

10/10 Exceptional personal trainer and kettlebell instructor
By Ly Weintraub / Boston, MA

Extremely knowledgeable in helping me tone and lose weight after pregnancy. Ability to put together fast paced workouts and programs that were always different and challenging. Great results with kettlebells. Angelo was very patient and first made sure I learned the fundamentals of kettlebells, to understand the mechanics and ensure that I was using them correctly. Every workout session integrated in Kettlebells. I would and have recommended Angelo as a personal trainer and kettlebell iinstructor to other clients.

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