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10/10 Top Notch
By Bob Ungurean / Glenside PA.

I did a KB bootcamp with Andrey today & He is a true professional.
His Knowledge with the KB & other aspects of physical training are second to none.
I highly recomend this gentleman.

By Wendy Halpern / Ambler, PA

I have worked out with Andrey for over 4 years. Each workout is incredibly intense, fun, and different. Andrey is a master of the human body. His level of skill and understanding is unsurpassed. Andrey's use of Kettlebells in his tailored exercise programs has been quite challenging - I'm glad I haven't dropped one yet!! Most importantly, Andrey does not just provide me with simple motivation and a highly intelligent workout, he compels me to live at a maximal level.

10/10 My whole family sees Andrey
By Tedd Koren, DC / Gwynedd Valley, PA USA

Andrey knows how to tailor his workouts to everyone in the family. For my teenage son he spices KBs with martial arts and lifestyle suggestions. My pre-teen daughter likes his friendly manner and even likes his jokes. He and his wife Yelena is a stickler for proper form, patients and concentration. My wife and I saw changes in our bodies in a short time. His studio has a warm, friendly atmosphere. I'm referring my patients to him.

10/10 Professional
By Joni Nolan / North Wales, Pennsylvania

I have been a client of Andreys for a few years. I have worked out with other trainers in the past and they are just interested in getting you through the workout and moving on to the next client. Andreys professionalism is superior. Did not know what a Kettle Bell was until his introduction. The workouts are in invigorating and fun. After 6 months I noticed a big change in my body, more definition and more muscle. He is very knowledgeable on how the body works along with the muscles. When working out with him he makes certain your form is correct making sure you do not injure yourself... I am in my 40s and I am in the best shape of my life. He is truly a professional.

10/10 Great
By Marvin Rolle / Nassau, Bahamas

If you want to improve on your physical fitness, this is the guy to go to.
If your a competitive athlete, this is the guy to go to as well. It will be tough but very beneficial. He can train you for any sport because he knows how the body function and will anylise the sport and train your body for that type of movement.
I am a professional tennis player and I saw improvement in my physical abilities within 3 weeks. I was stronger, faster and mentally tougher on the tennis court.
I have been with a lot of physical trainer in my life time and I can honestly say he was one of the best physical trainers I ever had.

10/10 Tennis Academy
By Ed Gibson / London, England

Andrey is helping me to improve my overall muscular endurance and strength to help improve my tennis game. A variety of different activities keeps it fun. Very good.

10/10 Training with Andrey
By Isaac Giddens / Myrtle Beach, U.S.A.

Andrey is very good trainer who knows what he is doing, I have not been training with him for long, but long enough to know that he is a real professional, he knows precisely what I am doing right and wrong, he has helped me with my tennis, it's a very hard, intense and fun workout with him, and i'll continue to do it. I recommend training with him.

10/10 Best Trainer Ever!!
By Melissa Leonard / Blue Bell, USA

I heard about Andrey from Real Estate clients of mine and saw their results and wanted to have the same results. I have been working out with Andrey for 9 weeks , 3 times a week and I have seen excellent results. I have lost 17 pounds and become much more toned. Andrey is very motivating and knows how to get you in the best shape. I am so glad that I started with him and definitely recommend him.

10/10 Excellent Trainer
By Anthony Noonan / Montgomeryville, United States

I attend Andrey's bootcamps on Saturdays. He is an excellent RKC trainer.

10/10 Inspiring Techniques
By Erin Noonan / North Wales, United States

Andrey's training techniques have really inspired me to train harder and smarter. He has shown me so many new and different ways to go about my workouts. I highly reccomend Andrey for someone who is looking to try something new to change up their everyday training.

10/10 Strengthens Core and Improves Balance
By Kaitlin Lyndsey Zezzo / Doylestown, United States

Andrey is a great trainer especially for someone who needs to improve their balance. Andrey has introduced me to Kettlebells and the Bison 1M and I am really starting to see big improvements in my overall body strength. He is helping me to improve and become stronger.

10/10 Great for Young Athletes
By Taylor Madison Zezzo / Doylestown, United States

Andrey is a great trainer and has really helped me through my numerous injuries. He helps strengthen me for the numerous sports I participate in. He introduced me to Kettlebells and now it is apart of my everyday routine. Andrey is fantastic for young athletes like myself.

10/10 Kettlebells in the Pool!
By Arden Hudson / Doylestown, United States

I went over to my friends house and Andrey happend to be there training. We all joined in and began a Kettlebell workout in the pool. It was a lot of fun and as a gymnast, it was nice to change up my exercise routine. Andrey is an excellent trainer.

10/10 Bison
By Patty Tressler / Thermont, Maryland

While introducing me to Kettlebells, Andrey also introduced me to the Bison 1M. This small device has really helped me improve my grip strength. I also use it to warm up before Kettlebell. Andrey is a fantastic trainer and really knows the industry well.

10/10 Strength and Core Body Training
By Tony Zezzo / Doylestown, United States

Andrey has helped me improve my overall body strength. He mixes up my exercises with a variety of techniques: Kettlebell to Russian Systema. I highly recommend Andrey for those who would like to improve their balance and their core body strength.

10/10 Flexibility Training for Cheerleaders
By Lyndsey Zezzo / Doylestown, PA, USA

My mom has trained with Andrey for several years and took me to Andrey for flexiblity training. I am a competitive cheerleader and needed help mobility and stretching. He taught me how to get the most out of my stretches and how to work past my limitations. He used many new techniques and has helped me work harder and understand my body. I see how my mom has improved her strength and how she uses kettlbell training regularly. I work out now with my mom at home too as a result of Andrey's expertise. Thanks Andrey!

10/10 Exceptional Trainer (Kettlebell, Systema, PT)
By Erin Zezzo / Doylestown, PA, USA

Several years ago I met Andrey after a significant shoulder injury and surgery. Andrey's knowledge of the human body accompanied by strength, mobility and recovery training, assisted me rehabilitating my shoulder in record time. Since that time, Andrey has trained me with Kettlebells, cardiovasuclar training, stability and mobility training and he has also introduced Systema, an incredible Russian Martial Art. Andrey has a unique ability to introduce new concepts keeping training exciting and always pushing you to your greatest ability. He is a one of a kind trainer with an ability to assist people of all ages, physical strength and potential. I have watched him train young kids in various sports training (tennis, cheerleading, soccer etc). His greatest gift is in injury prevention and recovery. I have enjoyed the kettlebell training the most and watched my strength and my confidence increase ten-fold. What an incredible trainer!

10/10 A Master at Sports Training (Cheerleading)
By Maddy Zezzo / Doylestown, United States

I am a 13-year-old competitive cheerleader and have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with Andrey. He has helped me with my flexibility along with improving my strength. He also has provided great injury prevention and recovery exercises. Competitive cheerleading is a very intense sport and I feel lucky to have Andrey as an excellent trainer to help me through!

10/10 Training with Andrey
By Martin Lloyd / Philadelphia, u.s.a

Training with Andrey has helped me with everything.The training has helped my strength, speed and balance. Andrey has taught me a winning attitude, which has helped me in both soccer and lacrosse.

10/10 russian master
By Mark Ellenberg / Flourtown, Pa

I have been training with Andrey for close to a year now and it has been a life changing experience. Not only has he given me a new direction physically, developing all parts of my body, but his guidance has given me a new understanding of health and well-being from a mental stand point. His knowledge of various training modes used to focus on specific body parts especially his expertise in the use of kettlebells is truly extraordinary. His gym provides a warm atmosphere, friendly and motivating. Andrey has created a community of like minded people dedicated to improving themselves.

10/10 training for soccer
By LB / Blue Bell, PA

I am 12 and i am a soccer player. Some things Andrey is helping me with are improving strength and flexibility. Its only been a couple of weeks, and i already see a big improvement. it's hard work, but i have lots of fun.

9/10 Really hard workout, and always something new.
By Peter DeWitt / Horsham, PA

Andrey helps me train for tennis at a high level. He is a very good instructor and always works me hard. I like going to Andrey and he is an excellent instructor.

10/10 Training at 40
By Anjana / Blue Bell

This is the first time that I am exercising and was skeptical about my ability to last beyond one session. However, Andrey tailored the fitness routine around my abilities and strength and I have been working out for two months now. I have been suffering from pain for the last 10 years, but this is the first time that I am using exercise as a pain killer! Andrey has excellent knowledge of muscles and has picked the right exercises for me. Gently motivating and genuinely interested in the welfare of his clients, Andrey receives the highest possible rating from me.

10/10 Training with Andrey
By Sanat Deshpande / Blue Bell

Andrey is a great trainer who knows what he is doing. When I train with him, he knows exactly what I am doing right and wrong, and I have greatly benefited from this. I train with him specifically to improve my game in tennis, and Andrey knows exactly how to train someone for almost any sport. My experience with him has been great and I will continue to go to him for more time to come.

10/10 My excellent trainer Andrey Patenko
By Manny Reitano / Philadelphia, PA

I am a twelve year-old intense soccer player. Recently I've been injured with muscles in my leg and feet problems. When I heard about Andrey and the Kettlebells, my dad and I tried it out. We were stunned on how much he knew about the human body. I became more flexible and my injuries went away less than a few weeks!
I have looked at and trained with several other trainers, but Andrey beats them by far! The results were instant I soon became a monster on the field! He is inspiring and has a great sense of humor. He is very funny so it is enjoyable to be around.
I hope to stay with Andrey as long as possible. He is a great trainer. You don't see too many great trainers. I'm extremely fortunate to be with Andrey.

10/10 Not a couch potato anymore
By Dee / Souderton

At 64 I have more energy and strength than I did at 40 due to my training with Andrey.
I used to think that I was an old lady. Andrey has given me confidence and self esteem to accomplish things that I thought that I couldn't do. Try a session. Seeing is believing!!

10/10 Homerun Hitting Strength
By Andy H. / Ambler, PA

I have been working out with Andrey for 6 years. The kettlebell exercises have completely changed my body for the better. I am very athletic and have noticed improvements in sports such as soccer and basketball.

So when it was time for my 10 year old son to get better at baseball, I had Andrey work with him on his strength, speed, balance and agility. Within 2 months, my son hit his first out of the park homerun (over 200 feet). It is now the end of the season and he hit 6 homeruns. No other 10 year old hit one all season.

Needless to say, I will continue to have Andrey work with my son in the future!

10/10 Start with the Best
By Davy Yockey / Ambler, PA USA

At 56, my wife encouraged me to stop my on again, off again, exercise routine and try a professional approach to getting into shape. I met Andrey, my first impression was positive and I write this after 3 months of tri-weekly instruction. There is a remarkable difference in how I exercise under Andrey's instruction (his wife is quite talented too). I now doubt that I ever performed exercise correctly at my home gym, L.A Fitness or otherwise. It took me too long to realize that personal instruction is mandatory for my first recreational acitivity (golf) and I now know that same insight applies to getting into the best shape one can. Although it came late for me, I was lucky in both endeavors to find teachers who are excellent. If you want to learn how to exercise correctly,improve your strength and overall health, do yourself a favor and take advantage of an opportunity to train with an exceptional instructor. Audrey's education and experience in this field speak for themselves but I am writing here to testify to his rare quality of being able to teach that insight to those who want to achieve their best. You will not regret the investment.

10/10 Slavic Sensei
By Mark E. / Flourtown, PA

A Chinese proverb says: If you give a hungry man a fish to eat, he will soon return with an empty stomach, but if you provide him with a rod and the skills to use it, he will become self-sufficient. I have worked with Andrey for 3 months now, and he is not only helping me build strength but giving me the skills to remain fit as I move into late middle age. He has an intuitive understanding of my capabilities and weaknesses and designs a routine accordingly. He uses a variety of exercises to focus on different parts of the body, but also knows that the individual is greater than the sum of his parts. His training is serious (he has clear objectives), innovative (he has no fondness for fancy equipment, using simple but effective ways to target a muscle group, with an emphasis on kettlebell instruction) and informational (he clearly knows anatomy). His partner, Yelena, complements these aspects with strong motivating skills and a dedication to the same principles of strength and fitness. Their gym provides a warm atmosphere where people with a common purpose come to achieve their goals. I am grateful that Andrey and Yelena are providing me with a "fishing rod" and the skills I will use in the years to come.

10/10 The most positive change ..
By Rob / NJ

Andrey is an amazing trainer. I have seen first hand how he can make the most positive changes in people. His commitment is to his clients and their best interests is far and above any other trainer you will ever encounter in the USA.

10/10 Fast Progress with Andrey Patenko
By James / Doylestown, PA

With over 35 years of kettlebell experience, Andrey does a great job taking his trainees a long way in a short time. Somehow he remembers how much weight I did last week and pushes me to improve. He comes up with a new workout and challenge every time I go. Had me snatching the 32kg and doing the two hands anyhow in a much quicker time than I expected. Also it's fun to train with Andrey and Yelena at Proform. They have great barbecues. Andrey's other clients are very supportive in me reaching my goals. Did I mention Andrey is an Army Buddy of Pavel?

10/10 The Joy of Kettlebells
By Celeste C. / Flourtown PA

I had never done weight training and found the idea unappealing. I also had recently completed a course of chemotherapy when I came to the studio. Andrey not only made me feel comfortable working out, but he helped me address issues of pain that have plagued me as a result of my illness. His techniques carry beyond the studio and his training is beginning to build confidence in my ability to affect positive changes in my body and my personal health. The sessions are not only physically challenging but Andrey's humor makes the time pass quickly. Andrey and Yelena are an impressive team and I would recomend them to anyone wishing to transform their perspective on fitness and health.

10/10 A Dramatic Change
By Isabelle ( bella) / Delran, New Jersey

When i first started working with Andrey, i was really weak and could barely do anything. within a summer i grew stronger and faster everyday. now i have know him for a year i would reccommend him to anybody that really wants to get fit in no time!! Thank you Andrey for your workouts.

10/10 Patenko's skills are second to none.
By John Harrison HKC / Perkasie, Pa USA

I trained with Andrey about 6 weeks out to my HKC certification. I thought I knew something about Kettlebell training since I had been using them in my regimine for the previous year.I must say that Andrey opened my eyes, and after my first session I knew this guy was the real deal. Andrey, thank you for your assistance in guiding me toward my goal in acheiving my HKC... Next goal RKC Philadelphia!!

10/10 Great Trainer
By Brendan / Coopersburg, PA

Andrey is a great trainer. I have only been working with him for a little while but I can feel my body getting stronger and stronger. He is great at teaching you how to do the exercises and how to target certain muscles ares. He is a great trainer and I recommend him to people of all ages.

10/10 True professional
By Maria K. / Lansdale, PA

I thought that I could not do more than 15 squats in a raw, since my knees started to hurt, and my back did not feel great either when I tried to do worktout on my own. I even had to visit chiropractor couple times because of that. I almost gave up on myself in 42. But when I started to workout with Andrey, I realized how much correct technique matters, and how much more you gain form the workout if a true professional, like Andrey, teaches and corrects you when you are doing every exercise. You can be sure that he will notice ALL your mistakes! Now I feel stronger and look better (I hope), and, most of all, I became confident that I can do workout without damaging myself and getting great results.

10/10 Training With The Best
By James / Lansdale

Andrey was instrumental at helping me complete my RKC training. His knowlegde and ability to explain are unmatched. I knew I was getting the highest quality instruction the moment I started training with Andrey. I would recommend his service to anyone. He is great!

10/10 Instant Improvement
By Robert / Las Vegas, NV

Many thanks to Andrey for such excellent kettlebell instruction during my trip to Philly. Andrey instantly identified my weaknesses and showed me how to correct them with profound effectiveness. I am now confidently on a clear path to RKC certification thanks to Andrey's expert teaching and encouragement.

10/10 A Master at His Craft
By Paul Kircher / Philadelphia, PA

Having worked in media and broadcasting for years I have had the honor to speak at length and in some cases forge personal friendships with many people who deserve special acknowledgment for what they have done with their lives and for the lives of others.

In the world of fitness and human body mechanics Mr. Patenko also deserves special acknowledgment and accolades for what he has done and continues to do. Just read his biography.

I can say my results have been the same as the other reviews you see here.

I recommend his training for anyone looking to get the most from the gift of life.

All single women should begin training with the Pro Form Fitness family. Single men should probably go somewhere else. Just kidding, it really is the best thing for everyone to learn from them.

10/10 I have my sexy body back!
By Karen / Blue Bell PA

I am a 50 year old woman with a knee injury and have been overweight for the past 5 years. I wasn't sure I would ever get back to a lean youthful look with my body. I have been working out with Andrey and Yelena for the past 3 months and I have lost 25lbs and numerous inches!! My husband,family and friends think I look 10 years younger!
I feel strong, healthy and yes younger! My knee isn't aching and my legs are sculpted again! I will continue to work with them because I have confidence in their skill and knowledge of how to train anyone at any age and shape!!

10/10 Rare find
By MR / D'town, PA

I was looking for an instructor who had a solid foundation in Kettlebells. What I got was far more!
Andrey is a unique personal trainer. He looks at his clients needs in totality leaving not one aspect of their well-being unobserved. Because of his keen sense of others and extreme knowledge expect to be amazed at the accomplishments that you will make. A rare find.

10/10 Great Training - Golf
By Blue Bell / Blue Bell

I've only been working with Andrey for 8 weeks and have already seen improvement in my golf game. I'm hitting my drives 20 yards longer! My overall fitness has improved trememdously. The workouts with Andrey & Yelena vary on every visit so you never fall into a "rut." They generally care about their clients and the workout atmosphere is very positive. They make you want to come back for more!

10/10 Andre Is The Best Trainer I've Ever Had!
By Taylor / Haddonfield, NJ

I have experienced many trainers in the last year, but I have to say Andrey gave me the best results. Once he started working with me, my mental, physical, and overall tennis game went to a whole new level. I knew I was going to be the fittest player whenever I stepped on the tennis court. I owe that all to Andre. Even though at times the kettlebell was really tough, I realized that my racquet felt so light,and my asthma was not even a factor whenver I played tennis. If you want to take your fitness to the next level, please go to Andre. You will not regret it... trust me, you WONT.

10/10 Great Training [Training]
By Danny / Huntingdon Valley, PA

Andre, your training helped my tennis game a lot. This summer I've gotten a lot stronger and improved my game. you are a great trainer. You always push us and it has really payed off. Thanks for what you taught me this summer.

10/10 Great Training [TENNIS]
By Danny / Huntingdon Valley, PA

Andre, your training helped my tennis a lot. I've gotten a lot stronger and improved my game. You are an awesome trainer. You always push us to do our best and it has payed off. Thanks for all that you have taught me this summer.

10/10 Best Training {TENNIS}
By Victoria / Cherry Hill, NJ

Mr. Patenko, your training has really improved my tennis game. Over the summer,I have gotten a lot stronger and have been able to do a lot of exericise I coulnd't have done before. Thanks for everything you taught me this summer.

10/10 Andre Is The Best [TENNIS]
By Ryshena / Yeadon, PA USA

Mr. Andre, you are THE BEST trainer ever !!!! I love the kettlebell. Before I met you, i had no idea what it was. But when you started training me, i could feel the difference it made in my tennis game. You always push us to our limit and thats why you are such a GREAT trainer and mentor with me while on the court. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU TAUGHT ME !!! See you tommorow at camp !!! :).

PS -- Your breathing techniques work really well !

10/10 The Best
By Will / Philadelphia, PA

Andre has helped me achieve my athletic goals through his training sessions. His training methods are sport specific and helped me become a strong and well-disciplined rower.

10/10 Keen Observer/Assessor
By Zeke / Doylestown,PA

I have been working with Andrey for two months. He possessses a unique teaching style that instills enthusiasm while being very demanding. He is a keen observer, always assessing and re-assessing my strengths and weaknesses.
After three knee and rotator cuff surgeries, I pursued kettlebell training to enhance my overall strength. Andrey designs exercises to enhance my range of motion and flexibility. "Use the glutes, tighten the lats, and relax and breathe" are the words of encouragement I receive. Any flaw is quickly corrected through demonstration with a precise explanation.
KB training is very challenging; and working with Andrey motivates me to embrace the challenge.

10/10 An Awesome Experience!
By Christina / Newtown, PA

It was easy to learn how to properly use kettlebells with Andrey. I was so surprised at the amount of workout you receive from one hour long session. It incorporates every body part, all while giving you solid cardio! Being a former college softball catcher, and avid race-runner... I am happy to report that kettlebells kept my knees in great condition. Thanks again for such an awesome workout Andrey!

10/10 An Awesome Experience!
By Mary Kroszner / Buckingham, PA

I am a certified personal trainer and spinning instructor and my recent workshop with Andrey was easily the best, most informative workshop I have ever attended for any fitness certification or continuing ed. When we began I was in the early recovery stage from microfracture knee surgery and experienced far more progress using kettlebells under Andrey's guidance than I experienced in physical therapy. His ability to give clear instruction, demonstrate a comprehensive workout program and modify exercises as needed, made a group workshop feel more like a personalized training session! I looked forward to each class and was sorry to have our workshop end. I have transferred what I learned from Andrey to my personal workouts, personal training clients and spinning classes.
Thanks again for such an awesome workshop Andrey!

10/10 Kicking It With Kettlebells
By Jodie Stout, CPT-NASM / Furlong, PA

Using time efficiently when working out is critical. It's important to be able to provide a full body workout with weights and cardio in a manageable amount of time. After taking Andrey's Kettlebell workshop, I experienced first hand the versatility of the kettlebell. I found kettlebells to challenge me not only in strength but cardiovascularly as well. Andrey systematically broke down each movement, demonstrated modifications and focused on areas of form and function. I was impressed by the level of attention that was spent on safety and proper technique. Whether used independently or as an enhancement to your personal fitness plan, kettlebells will certainly make a difference in your physical fitness. Kettlebells has definitely earned a permanent place in my workouts.

10/10 Great Workouts
By Beth / Chalfont, PA

Andrey and Yelena are amazing trainers! I look forward to every session knowing I will be learning something new. They are so knowledgeable and have an endless amount of patience. In a short time training with them, I have already improved my mile time. They have a genuine concern for everyones' individual needs and make every effort to tailor workouts towards them. Thanks!

10/10 Something new
By Sarah Hayden, CPT-ACE / Newtown, PA

Learning how to use kettlebells (correctly!) from Audrey was easy. It is a nice addition to my knowledge as a trainer who is always looking for exercise that is both effective and exciting. The sky is the limit with Kettlebells. Kettlebells isn't just a fad, it is an addition to a great lifestyle; something to incorporate into your strength and cardio routines. I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time learning kettlebells from Andrey.

10/10 Fantastic complement to any sport
By Kristin Perkins / New Hope, PA

Cycling is my passion; I instruct spinning and ride outdoors, and have very little time (or interest) for free weights and machines. When I heard about Andrey's kettlebell workshop coming to our gym, I figured I'd give it a try. After just that first class, with Andrey's excellent instruction, I knew that this would be an exciting complement to my cycling. Though we were in a class setting, Andrey really focused on us each as individuals, giving us personal and clear direction. He broke down each move, gave us drills, gave immediate corrections to form and technique, and made sure each of us knew how to do each move properly before moving on. From that first class, I felt the "whole body" connection, and am now excited to add kettlebells to my fitness schedule. Andrey's passion for kettlebell training comes through in his excellent instruction, and I very highly recommend him!

10/10 Little time
By Tracey Kling,CPT-NASM / Warminster, PA

I turn to running for fitness and enjoyment. I have been running road races ranging from a 5k to marathons. I have little time to do strength training and know that I need it to be competitive in my events. After taking this workshop from Andrey, I find that I can get my strength training in a short amount of time using kettlebells to improve my overall strength and performance. I felt that Andrey did an excellent job of giving each us in the class individualized attention to correct our form and technique with each of the moves that he was teaching. I will also be able to teach my clients correct exercises to do with the kettlebell so they can improve there performance. I would like to thank Andrey for for his time and knowledge that he has passed on to us.

10/10 Helped post Accident recovery
By Kim Starkey ,Certified Personal Trainer NASM / Doylestown, PA

I have been a Personal Trainer for 20 years but never tried Russian Kettlebells until Andrea came to our gym for an Instructor Workshop. I was very hesitant to even do the workshop since I was in an Auto accident last year. I have 3 bulging discs in my neck, shoulder and knee problems. I was not only able to do the workshop but my pain has greatly diminished and my muscles and joints are so much stronger in just a few weeks. I will continue to do the Kettlebells and get my clients using them too. Andrea is so Knowledgable, and has a great sense of humor which made the workshop outstanding.

10/10 Runners Need to Lift Too!
By Meredith K. / Lansdale, PA

After running two marathons and many smaller races and half marathons I realized I had endurance but no strength; so I turned to Andrey for help. After only three weeks of kettlebell training, I have improved my core strength and improved my 5K time! Thanks Andrey!

10/10 Achieving your goals is easy with Andrey!
By Kevin B. / Conshohocken, PA

I have been training with Andrey for about four months, I had previously belonged to a large gym and had personal trainers there. The problem with that is those trainers seem to change weekly, and it is diffuicult to maintain consistency. Working with Andrey has been the best decision for me. He is an excellent motivator and is extremely knowledgeable. His facility is first class and he custom tailors your workout to meet your specific goals. I have already noticed dramatic results in strength and definition. I look forward to my workouts now, and everytime I walk through the door that reads "You are leaving the American Sector", I know that I am being trained by the best! I am becoming strong like Russian Bear! I highly recommend Andrey if you are looking for the best in personal training.

By Donna B. / Souderton, PA

I have been training with Andrey for 6 months. He is, without a doubt, a true professional in his craft as a teacher. He gives honest, positive, constructive instruction with such consistency that even I, a novice, trust him. He demonstrates each set of exercises with me allowing only proper breathing, safe techniques on the equipment, and appropriate stretching. Andrey asks how I'm feeling throughout the session. No room or time for injury with Andrey!
He tailors and modifies each session to my advantage through his careful assessment of my progress and superior knowledge of the human body. All of this is done with respectful and considerate encouragement from him. I have learned to focus and concentrate to attain both physical and mental strength and balance. And as a bonus, he makes it fun!
Thanks to Andrey's training, as a diabetic my A1C level dropped from 14 to 6.5. Therefore, I require less medication. I now require no medication for blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have lost weight. I have recovered very quickly from a knee and hip injury from a fall on the ice.
Every aspect of my daily life has improved from greater stamina and confidence. These rewards are the results of proper training, nutritional counseling and phenomenal inspiration from Andrey. I can't believe how long I have continued with his instruction. I'm training four times a week. After 35 years of trying swimming, gyms, and walking routines without truly understanding what is best for me, I look forward to learning many more proper skills to maintain a healthy life.
Thanks, Andrey, for demonstrating your high standards, showing how discipline really works, and managing a friendly, top-notch fitness center.

10/10 Awesome Instructors
By Deb / Flourtown, PA

I have been working out with Yelena and Andre for almost 5 years now. They are very knowledgeable trainers and great people. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, they will help push you to the top of your game. Not only will you feel great, but you will be in better shape than if you exercised on your own. I highly recommend them to anyone!

10/10 A Life Changing Experience
By Harry and Maria / Blue Bell, PA

Ever since we have started training with Andrey and Yelena, we have been changing both physically and mentally. They are excellent trainers with many different exercises and never the same routine. They are always in a positive mood which always encourages us to go and not give up. They always talk to us with complete honesty and advice. They are doing a great job with my kids, conditioning for tennis. we recommended Andrea and Yelena as excellent trainers and caring people.

10/10 Great Full Body Workout!
By Nick Kornienko / Lansdale, PA

Andrey's kettlebell class is like nothing I have ever done before. Working with kettlebells is great for burning off fat and building explosive muscle at the same time. After every class my body is completely exausted. Highly recommend trying this class!!!

10/10 Andrey and Kettlebells make you feel powerful!
By Robin / Fountainville, Pa

I have been working with both Andrey and his wife Yelena for over 4 years. They both are superb trainers, both from the standpoint of knowledge and motivation. Each workout is tailored to your specific needs and they vary so you are never bored. You can't imagine how many ways you can use your own body weight and kettlebells to give you a total workout! I can't imagine working out with anyone else!

10/10 Feel the GOOD Pain!
By Aaron Usiskin / Princeton, NJ

Andrey is one of a kind, old school and proud of it. Nothing like taking someone from the Soviet Union and transplanting him in the United States. His instruction is bar none, you do it till you get it right and then do it some more. If you think that you are in shape, think again Kettlebell kick your butt. Andrey and crew have me hooked, put down the bar and pick up a kettlebell. If you are just thinking about kettlebell, take his class or seminar for 6 hours and at the end you will feel as though you went 3 rounds in the MMA.
Nice Job Andrey!

10/10 Outstanding workouts
By Vadim / Montgomeryville, PA

I have been extremely impressed with Andrey's kettlebell training. The kettlebell workout is great by itself, but Andrey's instruction makes it fenomenal! It is pushing your limits, but the exercises are fun and diverse. 1 hour goes like 5 minutes - except at the end you feel like you gave it all. I have only done a few times yet, but already feel improvements. Awesome stuff!

By Marc Berger / Perkasie Pa

I have read about training with kettlebells in martial art's magazines. I went online to find an instructor. I read Andrey's bio and man was I impressed. I thought this training would help my fitness level for my military career, and was I right. I have only trained three times so far, and I feel great. Andrey Is excellent! I recommend this training for everyone.

10/10 My future Mentor
By Joanna / Doylestown, Pa

My introduction to Kettlebells was seated in a room full of Fitness professionals not nowing what they were doing. I had to research what top educators and organizations were creditable in this fine world. As an avid fitness professional with two nationally recognized personal training certifications, I was looking for the right mix of knowledge, professionalism and commitment to the sport of Kettlebells. When I finally decided on the RKC way of life the next thing was to find someone in the Philadelphia area associated with RKC backround. Hence,
"Andrey the Giant" (I am only 5 foot tall).
My first workshop was everything I expected it to be. Meeting such an extreme knowledgeable, and passionate teacher, my goal to be a RKC instructor has lead me to the right place. Because of his excelent teaching skills and follow through with explanation, form and technique. I will go back and take many more classes with Andrey and become the excellent teacher that he is.

Thank you Andrey

10/10 Andrey is helping me to achieve my fitness goals!
By Paula Schafer / Lower Gwynedd, PA

I've been training with Andrey for just six weeks. I have never worked harder and have no doubt that this is the best thing I have ever done for my body! I have complete confidence in Andrey's skills as a kettleball instructor. His knowledge of form and technique are masterful and his expectations of me are high, but not unrealistic. In this short time I have come to trust that if Andrey asks me to do something, then I am capable of doing it with the use of proper form, breathing and concentration. I am so proud of my results. Each week my strength, stamina and form improve. I can't wait to see what I look and feel like after working with him for a year!

10/10 I took 9 minutes off of my 5K running time
By Lauren W / Philadelphia, PA

When I started training with Andrey over three years ago, I had also started to take up running. I ran my first 5K at an 11 minute mile finishing in 33 minutes. After three years of training with the kettle bell and various other excersises that Aundrey taught me, I just finished a 5K this weekend achieving my best time 24:35. I was so thrilled and I know it is because of the training I have done with Andrey. I use my kettle bell at home every morning to get my day started and I am so pleased with the results. I highly recommend training with Andrey and learning from his expertise.

Thanks for everything!

10/10 The 3P's, Professional, Personable, & Proper form.
By Bernard S / Worcester, PA

All three describe the way Andrey and Yelena work with their clients, young and old. My 13 year old son has worked with Andrey in the past with gymnastics and we've now introduced him to Kettlebell training and strength training with both Andrey and Yelena. The approach he developed is motivating as well as fresh(sessions are mixed with variety from one set to the next). My son actually looks forward to his workouts, he usually runs from the car right to warm-ups. We've already noticed an improvement with core strength and balance. Our plans are to stay with Andrey & Yelena's proven results and continue to develop physical and mental well being for our whole family.

10/10 Just one month and I can fit in my favorite jeans again!!
By Kate G / Lower Gwynedd, PA

I have been working out with Andrey for just over a month and I never thought I could enjoy exercise this much. Andrey's workouts and instruction are top notch! He is a true expert and professional! I leave each session amazed at what he has helped me accomplish in such a short period of time. It has been almost 5 years and 2 babies since I have done any type of exercise program and "going to the gym" just never cut it for me... the results were never there. The customized personal training sessions in Andrey and Yelena's studio make training fun and workout is ever the same! I see noticeable results and working with the Kettle Bell is empowering! Thank you Andrey!

10/10 Great Help, and Great Results
By Jessy / Blue Bell, PA

I've been training now with the Patenko Family for almost about a year. I injured my shoulder playing tennis, and thats were we met. I started going to him twice a week to work on my shoulder musceles and strength. Now because of everything they have helped me with my shoulder is much better, and i barely have any more pain! My whole family trains with them and we are all very happy with the results! We love everything we do when we go, and all the routines and exercises we do, are different everytime we go! All the kettlebell exercises I do, have really helped me a lot with my leg and arm muscels. There gym has a nice touch to it that just makes everyone feel comfortable. They play nice and good exercise music! Going to train with Andrey and Yelena has been a pleasure and the results and help they have given me, has really inspired me to eat and exercise in a healthier and better way!

10/10 Looking for the best - you've found it!
By Michele / Furlong, PA

Andrey and Yelena are such a strong team of trainers. They have slightly different approaches but each of them possesses an extreme knowledge of the human body and how it functions. When an excerise is introduced, they explain exactly the how and why it is done. Technique is optimal, not just the number of repetetions. Their strongest attribute is their ability to see a client's strengths and weaknesses. No matter where you are in the spectrum of fitness, Andrey and Yelena understand and set out to help their clients reach their goal. They have an incredible sense of what each of their clients is capable of and how to get them to reach their fullest potential. Therefore, results are directly parallel to the effort that the client puts forth.
Andrey and Yelena are elite trainers!

10/10 Great Results From An Experienced Fitness Trainer
By Catherine B. / Philadelphia, PA

Training with Andrey helped me to attain goals I would not have been able to accomplish on my own. His experienced approach to fitness is inspiring and creates the perfect atmosphere for better physical fitness and and improved mindset about health training. If you're serious about physical fitness, training with Andrey is the best choice you can make to reach your physical fitness goals!

10/10 Unique training for unique trainees
By T. Rooney / Willow Grove, PA

As a kettlebell instructor and as a personal trainer, Andrey Patenko is special. He understands the body's physiology. He understands the body's anatomy and its biomechanics, and he knows his kettlebells. He starts from where you are and builds from there. He trains you for endurance and for strength. Each program and each workout session is tailored to the individual, each session taking you a little bit further. One size definitely does not fit all. Andrey is a great demonstrator. He is an excellent teacher of technique and constantly reviews it with you, gently. Saturday boot camps are a treat, not to be missed. They provide the opportunity to interface with other students, and perhaps to share some ideas and techniques. If you have the time and appreciate the gifts offered by "Russian Iron", there is no better trainer to study under than Andrey Patenko.

10/10 Results!
By Will B. / Philadelphia, PA

I have been training with Andrey for the past two years and I have become stronger then I had previously thought possible. His kettlebell system's results are bar none the best and training with free weights or machines do not have nearly the same effect. Andrey is the best.

By Oleg Kornienko / Montgomeryville, PA

I could not believe it at first - with my managerial office job and a history of irregular exercise I was invited to a Saturday morning class where I was matched to a 16 Kg kettlebell. Well, with such a wondedful instructor as Andrey I was able to pace myself and go through the entire 75 min series of diverse drills in a group. I found that long lost motivation in a mixed-gender and mixed-age group of people who simly cared about their health. Although I am still cheating a bit (by skipping a few moves here and there) I believe this the the best experience of the 9 years I have lived in Pennsylvania. My body feels really tired yet nothing hurts and this workout really helps me with other cardio and strength weekly exercises. The time is well spent!

10/10 Wonderful Mentor
By Liz Gilinger / Oaks, PA

I have the pleasure of working with Andrey one on one and also in a group setting on a weekly basis. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. Being a Personal Trainer, I first started working with kettlebells a few months ago and when I decided to get certifed officially, I knew I needed to train with someone who had experience with kettlebells and would take my training in the right direction. Boy did I get lucky, from the very first session with Andrey I knew I was in good hands and that I made the right decision. He corrected my form and taught me the RIGHT way to train with kettlebells. He also explains how to teach proper kettlebell training to MY clients, not many other trainers would do that - his humbleness and professionalism is like no other. I am truely blessed to have him as a mentor and I hope to continue a long relationship with him in the future. I would recommend Andrey very highly.

10/10 Awesome!
By Christina / King of Prussia, PA

I have been working out with Andrey and Yelena for over a year. I have seen my physical appearance change as well as increased energy. I highly recommend both of them!!

By Lena / Collegeville, PA

I've been training with Andrey for a little over a month now learning Kettlebell. He really takes his time teaching you the proper techniques and is very motivating. For years I have trained with free weights and I was starting to have issues with my knees and lower back. I can honestly say, that I am getting a MUCH better overall workout and have noticed my knees and back have been feeling great.
Thanks Andrey!!!

10/10 Great Trainer
By Brandon / Norristown, Pa

Andrey is a great trainer. He helped me a lot in football by making me faster, stonger, and quicker. I have been working out with him for over 2 years. The best ever. He is kind and will help you. Again like I said Andrey is a great trainer and you should workout with him

10/10 Extremely knowledgeable
By John Lang / Bethlehem, Pa.

I started going to Andrey to learn how to properly use kettlebells. All my life I have been somewhat inflexible and Andrey has shown me the right way to overcome the years of lack of stretching. Not only have I learned how to properly use kettlebells I have had an awakening on what I need to do to become much more flexible. Each session exposes me to yet different ways to accomplish this. Andrey's understaning of what is required to help me is supurb. I have recommended Andrey to all that are considering becoming involved with kettlebells. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone.

10/10 Andrey takes NO for an answer
By Doris Perero / North Wales, Pa

Ok so I have been working out with Andrey for almost seven months and I have to say that I never thought I would be committed to this for such a long time. What makes me go there is the sort but VERY intensive, hard and different work out that I ever did. Thanks to Andrey, Yelena and the kettleballs I have improved my strenght and my whole body apperance. Thanks guys for putting up with me!:)

10/10 No One Works Harder!
By Chris Heuges / Oreland, PA

Andrey takes the time - EVERY TIME - to make absolutely certain the workout you are about to do is for you, personally. When he introduced me to Kettlebells, I could tell it was going to be a different type of workout. I did not, however, expect such a broad range of results. His kettlebell circuits increased my strengh, flexibility, and endurance; the routines were also fresh every time! Andrey's knowledge of the kettlebell seems boundless. I am fortunate to train with Andrey and would recommend him for training, especially with kettlebells, without reservation. He gets the most out of me, and gives me the confidence to keep moving forward.

10/10 Great Results
By Rebecca S. / Lower Gwynedd, PA

I've been doing Andrey self defense class for 3 months and it has given me great confidence to know how to defend myself in different types of situations. He targeted areas where I needed improvement and pushed me to do my best. I would defiantly recommend him to any of my friends.

10/10 Great Trainer/Great Workout
By Rosanne M. / Blue Bell, PA

Andrey is an amazing trainer.
Andrey's workouts incorporate a wide variety of techniques including flexibility training, core strengthening, strength training, and exercises designed to improve balance/coordination.
Each workout is challenging and rewarding.
I especially like working out with the kettlebells.
I would highly recommend Andrey to anyone who is looking to get in shape and get stronger.

10/10 Best Shape of My Life
By Alan / Lansdale, PA

I had been working out for a few years and felt I was in decent shape. But after working with Andrey and Yelena for the past two years, I am now in my best shape ever. The level of both my strength and cardio are great. Working wiht kettlebells has been an eye-opening experience. They are incredible fitness tools. And Andrey, who is an expert with kettlebell training, knows how to provide diverse, interesting, challenging workouts that keep you wanting to come back for more. I love doing these workouts.

10/10 Stress Relief and a Great Workout
By Mary Jean Richards / North Wales, PA

My job tends to be rather stressful, and I realized that as I got older, I was getting out of shape and not feeling very healthy. After a year of making no progress when working out at a local health club where I got absolutely no direction or help as to how to properly utilize the machines and the weights, I met Yelena and started working with her at the club until she and Andrey opened their own training site. No matter how tired or stressed I am at the end of a day, I always feel better after a workout with Yelena. The workouts are tough, but she always keeps challenging me to reach a new level in working out with the kettlebells, weights and other exercises to gain strength and improve my overall health. She makes it fun, and also gives me the flexibility I need in scheduling my sessions. When I look at where I was one year ago and how much stronger I feel now, it's really amazing. Give Yelena and Andrey a try, and I promise you that you will be very glad that you did.

By Stu. Needel / Blue Bell, Pa

Andrey's professionalism and complete dedication to his clients is impressive. It's obvious that he has been educated and well trained in the physioloogy of the human body. After working with Andrey for close to two years, he continues to fine tune my technique using an endless variety of effcient exercises. The kettlebell workouts are exhilarating, great fun and incredibly effective. I highly recommend Andrey Patenko.

10/10 Results and Benefits
By Seth Koren / Gwynedd Valley, PA USA

I have seen many great results since I started working out with Andrey a year and a half ago. When I started with him, I could do barely 1 pullup, wasn't very athletic, and was getting chubby. I took a fitness test in my school a few weeks ago and I could do the most pullups and situps of anyone in my class. I look and feel better than I ever have, and I have much more self-esteem. Andrey has helped me very much.

10/10 Reach Your Goals
By Beth Koren / Gwynedd Valley, PA USA

Andrey and Yelena know their stuff! If it's results you're after, they'll get you there. Their positive, encouraging attitudes combined with their technical knowledge have helped me make more progress in less time than I thought possible.

By Lisa speichert / Lansdale,Pa.

I have been with Yelena and Andre for over 3 years, and I don't think I can live without them. I just came back from vacation and it was the first time ever that I tried my hand at golf. The instructor told me what position to get into, and when I did right the very first time he was amazed.He said he would have never known that it was my first time. I attribute that to Yelena always talking about perfect form and posture and very important it is. It felt really good to see that a total stranger could see my hard work, and made me proud.

They are the perfect team and I am proud to be taught by both of them!

10/10 "The Andrey Way"
By Jim (Vadim) Chebin / Ivyland, PA USA

He makes you stronger beyond believe
He makes you sweat with no reprieve
He gives you knowledge that is so unique
You think you are a Rambo in boyevik (Russian for action movie)

He warms you up with kettlebells, an awesome jumpstart for the heart
And as you reach your new strength limit, you are off to do the Russian Martial Art
That is when you see his real talent, his skill and mastery
The information that you get will surely boost your bravery

Each practice is hard, but full of fun and thrill of new technique
At first your moves are clumsy and rough, but then there is no more mystique
He takes you through each little step one movement at a time
Then suddenly you feel like young new bird that is ready to jump and fly

You learn things you thought you would never do, or possible at all
He makes you come for more and more because he gives you his ALL

You live your life a brand new You, relaxed and confident
New energy and skill you got prepared you for any event
You look in mirror and you like the sculpted figure looking back
And wonder if there is a better way to ward off a heart attack

So, when you close your eyes to rest at the end of the hard day
Make sure you say it to yourself: Thank God there is Andrey!

...I want to thank Andrey for giving my teenage son and myself an opportunity to learn the formerly secret and forbidden Russian Martial Art. You rock, man!

10/10 Excellent Results!
By Nuno Lucas / Philadelphia, PA

For the past eighteen months I have been training with Andrey. During that time, I have seen dramatic results. Andrey was the first person to introduce me to kettlebells and all of its benefits. I've have noticed a complete change in my body. My body fat has decreased by 14 points. When I started working out I could only bench 115 lbs and now I can bench over 200 lbs. I owe this all to Andrey and his training technique. It's a priviledge to train with such a great instructor. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed!

10/10 The Best workout - Great time
By Marina Chebin / Ivyland,PA

I have been working out with Elena and Andrey for almost eight months now. It is great. It can be tough,but they make it lots of fun. I already noticed extreme improvement in my strengh,stamina and overall appearance. Love kettleballs.
My husband and my son also train with Andrey with SYSTEMA and Kettleball and they absoulutely love it. Even though it takes us 45 minutes to get to their place ,we are looking forward doing it for many years to come, because
They are definately the BEST .

10/10 The Best workout - Great time
By Marina Chebin / Ivyland,PA

I have been working out with Elena and Andrey for almost eight months now. It is great. It can be tough,but they make it lots of fun. I already noticed extreme improvement in my strengh,stamina and overall appearance. Love kettleballs.
My husband and my son also train with Andrey with SYSTEMA and Kettleball and they absoulutely love it. Even though it takes us 45 minutes to get to their place ,we are looking forward doing it for many years to come, because
They are definately the BEST .

By Alex Bell / Montgomery, PA

When I started training with Andrey I thought it's absolutely impossible for me to go through entire session without fainting. But Andrey's knowledge, encouragment and attitude made all the difference. In just about a month I was able to go through entire session and I feel so much stronger now.
Andrey is definitely the best instructor around.
Thank you, Andrey!

10/10 MUY BUENO!
By Bobby Satterfield / Horsham, PA USA

I have been working with Andrey for a little over a year and the progress that I have made is an insane upgrade. In the course of my year with Andre, I have been working on Systema Martial Arts Self Defense and also Kettle bells. At the beginning of my Kettle Bell training, I started with a measly 15 pounds and am now pressing 24 Kg witch is roughly 54 pounds; a 40 pound difference in only one year! With Systema and Kettle Bell training, I have noticed an extreme enhancement in strength, endurance, and stamina which really helps me on the rugby team to make me a faster and stronger player. I am anxious to see how I will advance in another year, conquer the beast maybe???? We'll find out! Andrey Patenko is definitely the best trainer you could ever want with his extreme knowledge of physical fitness and vast history of experience. Andrey all the way!

10/10 The Best
By Dr. Kevin Kita / Titusville, N.J.

I wish that, I would have known about kettlebells when I used to play competitive tennis in High School and College. I would have been so much stronger without getting bulky. I am very happy that my friend recomended Andrey to me. He is very very knowledgable about kbs and has helped me and my family out tremendously. If you ever want to train with kbs, I would recommend you start with Andrey instead of wasting your time with anyone else PERIOD!!!

10/10 A Great Investment
By Laura E. / North Wales, Pa.

Working out with Yelena and Andrey is one of the best investments I have made in my overall health, fitness and well-being. I have been strength training with this dynamic duo for nearly three years and am more than pleased with the results -- increased strength, improved body tone and better physical fitness overall. Yelena and Andrey are the ultimate professionals, providing challenging workouts both physically and mentally. They have helped me set the stage for a lifetime of physical activity and good health.

10/10 Improving My Health
By Mike S / Conshohocken, PA

I have been training with Andrey for 8 months now and it's the best decision I've made to improve my health. I was always going to the gym and doing the same old routine with little results. My girlfriend has been training with Andrey for a few years now and convinced me to go, and since then, I'll never work out the same old way again. His knowledge and expertise with Kettlebell training has improved my strength and endurance. The workouts are tough and very effective. I would highly recommend anyone looking to get in shape the right way to give Andrey a try. You won't be disappointed.

10/10 Russian Style
By Lance Chebin / Ivyland, PA USA

I have been training with Andrey since last summer with kettlebells and studying martial arts. His vast knowledge about martial arts is very impresive and vast. Learning various techniques did not only boost my confidence, but also my strength increased as well. This guy is a top notch in Martial arts and Kettlebell training. I highly recommend this guy if you want great results.

We do it Russian Style!!!!

10/10 Knowledgeable and Professional
By Daria / Blue Bell, PA USA

I've been training with Andrey for almost a year now. His knowledge and professionalism are exceptional. His enthusiasm of overall physical fitness, kettlebells, Russian martial arts and nutrition are contagious!!!

You won't find anyone more knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic--he's an exceptional personal trainer.

10/10 The Perfect Workout
By Chris Humes / conshohocken, P.A.

This is a really great place. I recommend to anyone that wants to get results fast. my favorite part about this place is the self defense moves and the personal attention.

10/10 Fun Workouts - Great People
By Linda F / Lansdale,PA

I have been working with Andrey and Yelena for about 2 1/2 years now. They have patiently taken me from a relatively sedentary lifestlye to a healthy active one. Andrey and Yelena take a personal interest in their clients. They motivate and safely challenge me to more than I think I can. Each workout is fun, different and intense. As a result I am in better shape than I have been in many years and I have so much more energy! I have a great time training with them. I look forward to each workout and feel so good at its completion.
Bottom line - Fun workouts - Andrey and Yelena are the best.
I can never thank them enough for all they have done for me.

10/10 Strength Training
By GG and FV / Brigantine, NJ

I surprised my husband for his birthday with a gift he didn't have. It was to train with Andrey Patenko. I knew I had to attend the session to get my husband to do the first session. We both loved it. It is great that we can do this together.
We were both impressed with Andrey's knowledge and encouragement.
We are professional musicians. It has only been one month of classes but we notice the difference.
It is an honor to study with Andrey, just look at his amazing background.
We have the discipline via music now all we need is to gain the strength to lift the largest kettlebell.

10/10 Working out and self defense
By Rina L. / Springhouse, Pennsylvania

I have been working out with Andrey and Yelena for almost 7 months now and I have never worked out to this level of training before. I feel stronger than I ever have. As a middle school student they help train me for sports I participate in. They introduced Russian Kettle Bells to me and now I use them at home on a regular basis. I don???t just work out with them but I also do a self defense class with Andrey and two of my friends. He teaches us how to get out of uncomfortable situations. Now I feel more comfortable going out with my friends in case something bad would happen. Andrey and Yelena motivate me to go beyond my limits. The atmosphere in their studio is always great and I would recommend them if you???re looking to get stronger and more in shape.

10/10 Top Notch
By Josh G / Warrington, PA

I have been working out with Andrey for a few months and I already see changes. He is a master of the human body. His training sessions are creative and tailored for my specific needs. No two training sessions are the same. I am starting to look and feel better. Thank you Andrey!

By Shaleen Humes / Conshohocken Pa

Highly effectived workouts I am so lucky to have discovered
Andrey and Yelena its so awsome to finally see results. Russian
kettle bells is my secret to looking younger and feeling younger
I highly recommend trying Andrey and yelenas program it will be
your little secret.....

10/10 Working Out and Martial Arts
By Shayna Koren (age 12) / Gwynedd Valley, PA, USA

Andrey has been teaching me martial arts for 2 months and I've learned so much already. I'm punching and kicking harder and more properly. It's especially fun when I get to go home and show my older brother what I've learned!!;) I work out with Yelana, although it's no walk in the park, I'm getting stronger and thinner. The working out part is really hard and Yelana pushes you further than you thought you could go. Believe me, it's true.

10/10 Unique Personal Trainers
By Jacqueline L. / Springhouse, PA

You will find the training sessions with Yelena and Andrey are a step above other trainers. Their combination of in depth knowledge of the human body musculature, creativity in their exercise programs and authentic interest in seeing their clients progress and improve makes them unique personal trainers. I have been working out with them for a year and am stronger than I have ever been, more flexible and feel great. They make exercising fun and I leave feeling energized.

By Dale C. / North Wales, Pa

I started with Andrey as my personal trainer at a nation wide fitness center. We worked together before and after my knee replacement surgery with good results. When Andrey and Yelena open their own studio I followed them. Why?...because they know fitness. With their guidence and hands on approach I have gained more stamina and strength than I thought could be possible in mid-life. With the kettlebells and breathing techniques I now see a change in my body and energy level. No slacking allowed in this studio, only hard work with encouragement.
I felt so good about this that I dragged my husband along on his birthday--now he goes too. Who knows you might see me one saturday at boot camp!(Andrey- don't hold me to this).

10/10 Top Tier Training / An Excellent Instructor
By R. Slawinski / Lansdale, PA

I have only been training with Andrey for about 2 months and am already impressed with the the quality of the training and instruction. The depth of his understanding, attention to detail and intuitive ability to pace the training are top tier. I feel that I leave our sessions with new information and an awareness of proper form although I am also getting a great workout. Andrey's emphasis on proper breathing and use of the whole body during each kettlebell exercise has already challenged years of bad habits developed working out on machines. I had hoped to use Kettlebells to recapture lost strenght and conditioning following a long layoff due to some rather significant neck and shoulder problems. Even this early on in the process I am very pleased. I have been able to press weight overhead without any numbness or tingling in my arms (which I had previously been unable to do for the past several years). Andrey makes sure my form is good, varies the workouts and gives me new ideas to work with every single time I train with him. He is the BEST and I would recommmend him to anyone without reservation.

10/10 Great training
By Igor / Lansdale, PA

I have been trained by Andrey for a 4 month, and I have to tell you it is great!!! Each session is intense, different and it's a lots of fun too. I am definetely feel stronger, lost a few pounds and some of my chronich back and knee pains. I newer used KB before always being afraid of weights, but Andrey's KB program proved to me that I was wrong. It is a clever combination of indurance and conditioning training with weights (Russian Kettlebells). I would highly recommend this program to any one, and as for myself - planing to continue with it as long as I can.

By Sam Chiodo Jr. / Lansdale, Pa. USA

My wife, Dale, had been trained by Andrey for 2 years and I was always impressed by how much strength she had gained and how comsuming the workouts seemed. She brought me along on my birthday last year and it has become the best present! I'm 58 and still play basketball and had worked out on my own but I was not prepared for how intense kettlebell workouts are! In the 5 months, I have noticed a nice change in my physical and well being and much more endurance on the court.And my shoulder which had had rotator cuff surgery is much stronger.
The best aspect is the instruction and backing given by Andrey and Yelena, who motivate and encourage while leading me through a myriad of exercises. Rarely doing the same workout makes the exercises quite interesting.

10/10 Simply the Best
By Jack Cohen / Lafayette Hill, PA

I started training with Andrey about three months ago as a promise to my wife because I was so sedentary and unhealthy. I thought I would go a couple of times to make her happy and then stop. I have been there faithfully several times a week and when my work out is over I cannot wait until I am ready to go back. Andrey is fantastic. His knowledge, skill and patience are remarkable. I cannot believe the improvement in such a short time with my strength building everyday. Every workout is different and I am never bored. This is the best thing I have done for myself in years. The kettlebell training is amazing. Andrey and Yelena are simply the best there is.

10/10 Great Experience!
By Kyle / Ambler, PA

I have worked with Andrey and Yelena for a year and my strength and stamina has increased. As a high school student, Andrey and Yelena have trained me in preparation for high school sports. The Kettle Bell workouts are helpful especially with the knowledge that Andrey has in the field and they have a very nice workout facility that has a wide range of exercising equipment. Their positive motivation has also played a large role in my results.

10/10 GREAT TEAM!!!
By Maureen M. / Lower Gwynedd, PA

I have been training with Yelena and Andrey for over 2 years. They are
extremely knowledgable and motivational. The workouts are challenging and no two workouts are the same. As a busy mom to 3 children I have more strength and energy than I have ever had before.My results have been terrific especially since they introduced the Russian Kettlebells into each workout. Their studio is extremely clean and the atmosphere is always friendly. They have been a positive influence on my life!

10/10 Forever Grateful!
By Lori B / Conshohocken, PA

I was fortunate enough to have met Andrey a little over 2 1/2 years ago when I began training with him. We train at least three times a week and he continues to challenge me. Kettlebell Training, Bootcamp and Boxing with Andrey have provided me with extreme strength, endurance and confidence both mentally and physically. I appreciate Andrey's patience and constant positive motivation. The time he takes to teach me proper form and technique plays such an integral part of why I've reached the level that I'm at. I still have goals that I'd like to achieve and with Andrey's guidance without a doubt, I'll get there! Thank You Andrey!

10/10 Results, Results, Results!!
By Stacey Goldberg / Warrington, PA

I have been training with Andrey for nearly 2 years and the results have been phenomenal. I look, and more importantly, feel like a new person. I started working out with Andrey after the birth of my 2nd child. With the tools and training he provided, I have lost 35 pounds and changed my entire body. Andrey is an expert who really cares about his clients. I truly appreciate my time training with him.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Bill H. / Jamison, PA

I started working out with Andrey about 3 months ago. After straining some muscles playing golf, my daughter recommended I give Andrey a try to help increase my overall flexibility and strength and to help reduce the risk of future injury. I am 78 years old and have never really exercised on a regular basis before. Due to my age, Andrey started me out slow, with stretching and light weights, and is gradually building up my strength. I find his workouts to be challenging and varied and I especially enjoy working with the kettlebells. I really look forward to each workout and can definitely tell a difference in the way I feel. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very patient. Thanks to Andrey, I can say, "If I can do this at my age, anyone can!"

10/10 Conquer The BEAST
By Scott M. Hartzell / Lansdale PA

I have been working out with Andrey and Yelena Patenko for over 3 years now. Part of those 3 years we have been working out with the Kettle Bells and I have become so much stronger with much better endurance and stamania that it is truly remarkable. I am able to perform my Boxing much better,work longer and harder,play Golf Better and have an overall BETTER quality of life because Andrey and Yelena are FANTASTIC.

I am looking forward to day I Press the Beast(48 KG Kettle Bell) not just once or twice but 5 Times!

I would like to say Thank You.

10/10 Stress Reduction
By Andrew Halpern / Ambler, PA

I started to workout with Andrey 18 months ago. My wife forced/suggested my couch potato lazy self to just try it once. I was sure I would hate it.

After the first workout where I struggled to lift a 15 lb. kettlebell for 30 minutes, I realized that I really needed to make a change in my life and begin to treat my body better. Over the next year, I was able to steadily increase my core strength and now routinely workout with 75 lbs. for 1 hour!

More importantly, I feel so much better day to day in terms of my stress levels. I used to carry stress around in my neck/shoulders and that has all dissipated which has translated into me being a happier person. Andrey is very patient and intelligent. I appreciate his knowledge of the human body and learn something new from him during each session. I wish everybody I love could just try it once and be as lucky as me. He has changed my life forever.

10/10 Very Knowledgeable
By Joy S. / North Wales, PA

I have been working with Andrey for a little over a year. There seems to be no end to the number of different exercises he knows, which makes each session varied, interesting, and challenging. He constantly makes sure your form is correct and reminds you of what you need to focus on as you do each exercise. After injuring my shoulder playing tennis, Andrey worked with me to help get my range of motion back. Because of his knowledge, skill, and encouragement, I avoided a hospital procedure as well as weeks of physical therapy. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

10/10 Lucky
By Stefanie Lindsay / Norristown, PA USA

I've been training with Andrey for about a year now and I do feel very lucky. When I signed up for a trainer I had no idea that I was getting someone who is as knowledgable and encouraging as Andrey. Most of my year with Andrey I was pregnant. Our workouts were unique and he was careful to make sure my form and breathing was accurate to ensure I was getting the safest but most effective workout for me and my baby. Andrey took time to teach me not only effective lifting techniques but also overall health and fitness awareness. He has taught me so much about how to work out the "right" way. Now, three months post-pregnancy and feeling great, Andrey is ready to push me to my potential.....just recently he's introduced me to the "Kettlebell"! I have to say it's a tough workout but I felt great after doing the excersises. The kettlebell not only worked my muscles but also increased my heartrate! What a double benefit!
Andrey is the kind of trainer who's always looking to keep it new and challenging and never forgets a smile and some laughs too!

10/10 Personable and Caring Instruction
By John Kirstein / Hatfield Township, Pa

I started working with Andrey about 3 years ago. Kettlebells was introduced into our training somewhere in the second year. When I first started using Kettlebells I was not very proficient. Through Andrey patient training techniques I am amazed at what I have accomplished. Working with Andrey is challenging. I recommend training with Andrey to anybody. Andrey is easy to work with and really cares about his clients.

10/10 Knowledge and Expertise = Results
By William Evans / Worcester, PA

I have been training with Andrey for 4 months. His knowledge and expertise with Kettle Bell training is second to none. The workouts are tough, effective, yet fun. I highly recommend anyone looking to get in shape to give Andrey a try. You will be extremely satisfied.

The rating scale does not go high enough for Andrey. He is
a 10+!

10/10 Patient, Professional, Personable
By Patty S / Blue Bell, PA USA

I never thought I'd be enthusiastic about lifting weights...much less enjoy hoisting something as odd looking as a Russian Kettle Bell. But Andrey has changed all that!

As a new client, I really appreciate his patience and willingness to explain the movements and the muscles being targeted. More important, his support keeps me motivated. I'm already seeing results!

10/10 Class of One
By Ron Di Torro / Blue Bell, PA

I worked out at a large Fitness Center for several years, sometimes with personal trainers, concentrating primarily on free weights and some cardio. I had noticed Andrey and his wife Yelena training clients with unusual and challenging excercises. Six months ago, I made the commitment, and scheduled my first session with Andrey at their spotless studio.

In addition to an intense, challenging, highly varied workout, you can expect an education from Andrey on a variety of health-related subjects, from excercise strategy and physiology, to diet, mental focus and motivation. Andrey's teaching skill, knowledge and commitment to real fitness goals for his clients, separate him from all other trainers I've worked with in the past. Andrey and Yelena's warmth and sense of humor adds another motivational benefit.

I thought I was in reasonable shape for a middle-aged guy before I started. After several months with Andrey, I dropped below 14% bodyfat, gained substantial core/overall body strength, balance, and endurance- I'm now completely hooked. In fact, my wife and I have increased trainings to two hour sessions per week, and we look forward to Boot Camp on Saturday.

This guy is in a class of one.

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