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10/10 Florida Workshop 11/7/09 at ATPKettlebell in Dania Beach
By Mike Lee Kanarek / Davie/Ft Lauderdale FL USA

for a long time now I have been wanting to get formal training in Kettlebells. I have seen many so-called trainers and fitness experts who teach and instruct clients in Kettlebells, but have always waited for the right teacher to appear.

I cannot say in words how amazing this workshop was!

Andrea Du Cane is in a league of her own...brilliance and brute strength put in one individual. Her honesty on the mat was refreshing, so many trainers sugar coat their clients in our days, but not Andrea. What she sees she says...I respect that!!!

I am so glad for waiting to attend this workshop and get the correct education from the source.

Thank you Andrea, I will cherish the knowledge you have provided this weekend for a lifetime.

Mike Lee Kanarek
Israeli Special Forces Combat Veteran
Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame

10/10 Andrea DuCane; The Teacher's Teacher
By Fawn Friday RKC; NSCA - CPT / Saint Paul, MN

Andrea DuCane is my primary instructor. After receiving my RKC certification, I continue to train with Andrea regularly to improve my conditioning and refine my technique. She focuses on precise alignment and movement, and her classes are creative and fun! Although she is a Senior Instructor who can certainly help advanced practitioners reach a higher level, she is also quite good with beginning students -- making them feel comfortable as she introduces them to the training.

10/10 Professional, Soft Spoken, Masterful!
By Jason Turko, RKC / Canonsburg, PA

I had heard mixed reviews of the RKC before I attented from not so desireable sources. I know now that is was all a lot of baloney! I learned so much during the 3 day workshop that my head is still spinning! I am amazed at how such simple exercises are not that simple! As my team leader, Andrea critiqued and tweaked my form to give me the finnesse to do the lifts instead of the brute force I had been using. I will use this masterful instruction to propel myself to higher levels of fitness and pass on the knowledge to my future students! Thank you so much Andrea!

10/10 Andrea DuCane: Doctor recommended--Top KB instructor!
By Leah Golberstein / Minneapolis, MN USA

Two years ago, my physician recommended that I try Kettlebells as a way of helping me strengthen my core to alleviate chronic back pain. He told me that he was studying with Andrea Du Cane, and that she was absolutely tops. That is an understatement! Andrea has worked with me weekly for almost two years, and I am pain free. Not only does Andrea have extensive knowledge about KB, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, Pilates, martial arts, yoga, and Z Health, she is also one fabulous teacher! Andrea knows how to explain and to pace KB sessions in a manner that is appropriate for each student. I worked with a different teacher for a few sessions, and he offered me a fraction of what I learn from Andrea. She is a dynamic and highly knowledgeable professional. Working with Andrea and KB has changed my life.

10/10 Thanks from a "senior citizen"
By Jo Johnson / Champlin, MN USA

Many thanks to Andrea for introducing me to KB and Z-Health. Her insistence on proper form and individual student attention rate her far superior to all other fitness instructors I've ever had--and at age 68, I've had quite a few.

Although I attended only 3 KB classes (because of distance) I have been KBing at home. It's one of the few exercise routines I don't dread, maybe because I can feel the benefits so quickly.

I have also been doing the Z-Health routine 2-3x per week, and I feel noticeable improvement--especially in knees and shoulders. Although I never experienced major pain in either area, both feel more flexible and "younger."

A benefit I didn't expect is the nearly total disappearance of pain,
numbness and tingling from shoulders to fingers in both arms which
I've had for 20+ years. Both a neurologist and homeopathic dr. said
nothing could be done. Acupuncture partially helped, but I've been much better since starting Z-Health. Have not had any acupuncture for four months.

I've been spreading the word about my success and about your excellent instruction. Thanks again, Andrea.

10/10 Sane Voice In Testosterone Fog
By April L. Spas / Minneapolis, MN USA

Amid grunts,groans and displays of what it means to be "a man among men," of the others around us, Andrea focused our RKC certification team on safety and perfecting our form. She challenged us to use all of our techniques rather than worry about how much weight we were swinging. Most of our future clients are going to be regular people with varying degrees of experience who will be more interested in how prepared we are and how well we can communicate what needs to be done. Very few will be interested in the size of our bells. Thank you Andrea for your personal attention and a great experience.

10/10 Wish I could learn from her more often.
By Faizal S. Enu / Tampa, FL

Andrea was my Team Leader at the October, 2007 RKC. Her instruction was very valuable. Even if you are very proficient, Andrea can fine tune your technique to enhance your performance.

Andrea's presentations on snatch and the get up broke each exercise down to their essence. Also, not only can she talk the talk, but she walk the walk - as proven by her workout at the RKC where we were all sweating and panting while she was doing them in street clothes.

Very impressive!

10/10 Andrea is OUTSTANDING!!
By Christine Bagioti RKC / Dania Beach, FL USA

I had the honor and privilege to be on "Team Du Pain" for September's RKC in St. Paul 2008.
Andrea is an inspiration to anyone who is serious about being a kettlebell instructor and a fitness professional. She is a true professional, shares her wealth of knowledge and experience, and a class act! I will never forget my experience at RKC and I hope to work with Andrea again. She is a MASTER INSTRUCTOR!!!

10/10 Best Instructor for RKC Certification Preperation
By Leslie Branham Paulsen / St. Paul, MN

Andrea is a phenomenal instructor for preparing individuals for the RKC certification. Andrea not only helped me to meticulously tweak my form on all the major kettlebell movements, but she also helped me to fully understand the principles behind working with the kettlebell. While listening to the lectures at the RKC certification, I found myself constantly remembering specific things that Andrea taught me that backed up the techniques being taught. This helped me to grasp the concepts that were taught to a much greater level than I would have, if had I come into the training without the knowledge and experience I gained from working with Andrea. I very highly recommend doing group and/or one-on-one training with Andrea prior to your RKC certification.

10/10 AMAZING!
By Stephanie Lathrop / Kent, WA

Hello Andrea,

I attended your kettlebell workshop on Saturday 5/9 in Seattle and it was amazing. I learned so much, both what I had been doing wrong (oops) and much more importantly, how to do it right! You and the assistant instructors were great, correcting form and encouraging when done right. I appreciate the "Tough Love" approach, too. I am excited to keep learning more and apply what I am learning to both my own workouts and with my clients.

Thank you again for all you do!

Stephanie Lathrop
Premier Personal Trainer
Vision Quest Sport & Fitness, Kent, WA

10/10 Precise training for my body
By Anne Haslerud / Minneapolis, United States

I’ve been working with Andrea Du Cane for over 10 years and I can’t say enough about how helpful and effective her coaching is. Kettlebell training of any kind requires an instructor who can keep students safe from injury, and Andrea does that and so much more. She helps us with functional mobility, flexibility, core stability, and of course strength. She has an eye for detail, and makes sure each movement her students are doing is accurate and precise. Every class includes a warm up, core stability work, slow weighted activities to build strength, cardio, and wraps with a thorough stretching session. All of this in an hour! Andrea is bar none the best kettlebell trainer out there. Would strongly recommend anyone considering starting kettlebell training to start with Andrea. Proper technique will prevent injury and build strength, and Andrea makes sure her students get that.

10/10 Great for cross training
By Rachel Mickelson / Wrightwood, USA

Andrea is a top notch instructor who really knows her business. Been taking classes online since March and have really enjoyed working with her. Highly recommend. The classes work great as a supplement to weight lifting training because it hits areas of the body that weightlifting might miss! I'm stronger all around because of it.

10/10 Andrea is the best!
By Judy Musto / Portland, United States

I feel SO fortunate to be able to take virtual classes with Andrea! We are separated by a few thousand miles, but her instruction is clear and concise, always spot on. I've been working with kbells for a number of years but her (very hard) classes have pushed me to better form and more intense workouts, and helped me get rid of some chronic aches. She is the best!

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Jean Kerkes / St. Paul, USA

Andrea has great technique and is very knowledgeable regarding Kettlebells, exercise and rehab. She is precise in her instruction, will correct your form and stresses safety. She varies the classes and gives you a great workout. It has made a difference in getting my muscles to fire as they should.

10/10 One of the BEST!!!
By Julia Parker / Maple Plain, US

Andrea is an AMAZING Instructor!! I can not say enough good things about her knowledge on how to work around injuries, and her attention to correct form! If you every get the chance to work with her either in person or via online it will be both challenging and informative! I highly recommend her as a Trainer!

10/10 Virtual classes
By Rebecca Bauer / Saint Paul, United States

I started working with Andrea when the COVID-19 pandemic hit as a way to keep moving now that the gyms had closed. She’s a great teacher who provides plenty of detail on how do the exercises safely and effectively. I can easily follow her cues and she’s keen on answering questions and providing guidance. Her classes have kept me sane and in shape during a time when all my usual workout methods were unavailable.

9/10 Kettlebell
By Cathy Waldock / St Paul, Usa

Andrea is super supportive which is helpful for someone such as myself who has limited time and energy.

10/10 Top Notch
By Kurt Hartmann / Eden Prairie, USA

I've had the pleasure to learn from and work alongside Andrea through the years and her knowledge is top notch! There is a reason she is a Master instructor. Her professionalism and ability to transfer knowledge is as good as it gets. I highly recommend training & learning from her!

10/10 HKC Certification Instrustor
By Kathy Nelson / BROOKLYN PARK, United States

I recently attended Dragon Door's HKC course in Minneapolis, MN. Andrea's skill and expertise as a Kettlebell instructor and her ability to communicate the techniques in an easy to understand way, was an incredible experience. I walked into the course thinking I knew a thing or two about training with kettlebells, but within 5 minutes of the course I realized I knew very little. This workshop was hands down one of the best "certification" courses I have ever taken! Thank you Andrea for your superb hands on instruction, keen observations and skill based training!

10/10 Phenomenally Gifted Instructor
By Heidi Bohall / Iowa City, United States

I got to take the HKC training with Andrea and Kurt at ProFitness Training in Eden Prairie, MN in May. This training (and instructor) came HIGHLY recommended and after the training, I can understand why. Andrea takes the time to pinpoint all necessary factors for success, for you as an athlete/instructor/coach, and for those that you'll be working with. I can't say enough about the HIGH QUALITY training Andrea and Kurt provided. I also appreciated their honesty! I came to primarily learn how to be a better teacher of kettlebells, but Andrea and Curt gave me meaningful tweaks that have TOTALLY transformed my own training. Appreciate them sharing their knowledge!

10/10 Is there a rating higher than a "10"?
By Lisa Konoplisky / Madison, United States

If you have a chance to train with Andrea--whether it is one-on-one, at an HKC, RKC, or a workshop--DO IT! I'm a certified kettlebell instructor and have been teaching now for over a year and I learned SO MUCH from just one training session with Andrea. She is intelligent, strong, precise and has the ability to break down the most complex concepts into do-able, trainable pieces. She has a keen eye and can spot a "leak" in your technique in a heartbeat and give you the tools to fix it. There is a reason she runs the certifications for RKC. If you want to learn fro the best, go to Andrea.

10/10 A true Master
By Andrew Cobin, RKC / Raleigh, USA

How fortunate I am to have received instruction from Master RKC Andrea DuCane at the October 2016 RKC. What an amazing weekend. The insight provided by Andrea in lift technique and instruction was truly awesome as well as inspiring. Yet, despite all of her brilliance and knowledge, she is truly humble - and thus a pleasure to be with. Thanks Andrea for the great weekend!

9/10 Great job
By erik van der veen / zwanenburg, Nederland

Thanks for the fantastic experience at the RKC Holland! It was even better then expected. You did a great job! I've definitely learned a lot, not just about training with kettlebells, but also from observing you coaching and correcting me and the other people. It was really inspiring!

10/10 Fantastic HKC workshop!
By Wayne Pallas / Littleton, United States

I recently earned my HKC with Andrea as workshop leader, and tester. As a retired school teacher with 40 years experience and a Master's in Education, I can confidently say that Andrea is a very gifted instructor! She communicates well, and shared technical details with me that made a difference in my performance. Thank you!

10/10 The Godmother
By Mike Davidov / Chicago, United States

I once almost made the mistake of not going to a concert because I had never heard of the artist. Luckily, a dear friend gave me a treasured piece of advice that stays with me to this day.. "This guy is a legend, and when a legend comes to your town, you go, no questions". Needless to say the artist wasn't handed his mythical status without reason and I was a changed man. I re-evoked this wisdom when I heard that Andrea Du Cane was coming to Chicago. What ensued was yet another life-changing episode that delivered on all fronts. She is a teacher without parallel, seemingly able to evenly distribute her attention among a room of hopeful candidates, and diagnosing movement flaws at the speed of House MD. At the end of a warm-up set of goblet squats, her brain has already formulated an individual plan to coax out the best that each student has within. Incredibly articulate in her descriptions of the movements, in a way that only 15 plus years of training experience can develop. Simultaneously commanding respect and diffusing tension with a witty comment, she makes the perfect leader. A rock-star in her own right, no one on earth as traveled to as many places and taught as many candidates as this humble yet fierce and unassuming woman. When she comes to your town. do whatever it takes, just be there..

10/10 A patient, brilliant instructor
By Don Malec / cuyahoga falls, USA

I had the great pleasure to have Andrea as my RKC recert (master) instructor this past weekend. Andrea always displays great patience, with the right mix of tough love to break down each exercise to make learning fun. For example, she broke down the TGU into four quadrants, with perfect demonstrations, of each movement to the point that I finally felt confident performing this exercise. This was my third time training with Andrea and she always shares with us her vast knowledge in kinesiology and muscle physiology. This greatly helps explain 'why' certain exercises are are to performed and if done incorrectly, can have a negative impact on your fitness.

10/10 Hands down one of the best RKC!!!
By Naveen H / Minneapolis, USA

Wow Andrew is amazing! She's a great teacher/ instructor. She's extremely patient. Very knowledgeable probably the best person that I have trained with. She knows what she's talking about. I'm very much looking forward to training with Andrea the next time I'm in Minnesota.

10/10 Great Course and amazing Experience
By Katie Blinco / Cleveland, USA

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to any fitness professional who is familiar with and works with kettlebells. I have had experience with kettlebells over the last few years and have used them in my training as well as with clients as I feel they are a great tool to use in a fitness and workout routine. After attending the HKC class I have so much more confidence in teaching and using Kettlebells. One component of the course that stood out to me , that I haven't felt was done in other certification course I have taken was the attention to proper mechanics of the exercises and understanding WHY it is done. The time spent on making sure we got the PERFECT REP and not how many we could do, ensured me that I was in the right class. In an industry with so much advancement and new workouts it is so important that as a fitness professional we are able to coach exercises to our peers CORRECTLY to ensure their safety and keep them coming back. When someone gets injured doing an exercise wrong they will not come back to you as a trainer and/or stop their exercise routine in fear of getting hurt again. After taking this class you will leave having a complete understanding of how to perform core kettle bell exercises, as well as coach and teach them safely and correctly. I will defiantly be taking another course with Dragon Door to continue my knowledge with Kettlebells

10/10 A wealth of knowledge and a true expert!
By Dustin Jones, PT, DPT, RKC / Columbus, USA

I've had the pleasure of attending two certifications that Andrea Du Cane has conducted, the HKC & RKC. In both instances, she deconstructed complex movements and principles that the fitness newbie AND the physical therapist could immediately implement come Monday. Her teaching style was also entertaining which helped me retain much of her valuable pearls of wisdom, cues, and coaching points. Beyond her teaching ability, she was impressively observant. On several instances, she was able to observe different errors in my technique and provide the right cue at the right time. This helped me tremendously in improving my efficiency and form with kettlebells. Overall, Andrea Du Cane is an expert in her field and a wealth of knowledge. Regardless of your background, she can impart useful, practical information that will serve you and your clients well.

10/10 Exceptional Teacher and Master
By John Bennett / North Canton, United States

I had the honor of training with Master RKC Andrea Du Cane for my RKC Certification in Dublin, Ohio with RKC Team Leaders Lori Crock and Chris Meredith at MoveStrong KBs. Every question, every technique, every kettlebell principle, every mobility exercise, every test was carefully deconstructed and reconstructed in a simple, thoughtful approach that emphasized pure strength and function. In just 3 short day with Miss Du Cane, my initial swing and snatch technique that featured many weaknesses was transformed into pure power and control. And my kettlebell teaching levels were elevated as well! If you are searching for a Master RKC that will propel you to greater kettlebell performance heights, I highly recommend Andrea Du Cane.

By Rene Grobecker / Albuquerque, United States

Andrea is a wonderful instructor! She has an articulate, comfortable teaching style and welcoming approach to those she is leading. She is skilled at what she does and was able to present so much information in 3 days, as she guided, encouraged and challenged our RKC group to the next level. She has an excellent ability to find and support each individual's strengths and address any areas in need of further development or refinement.

Andrea gave me one of the most informative, gratifying and empowering learning experiences I've had, and has played an instrumental part in making me an RKC II force to be reckoned with! I love my experience as an RKC and look forward to what this new level of mastery holds for the future. I am grateful for this amazing experience.

10/10 One of my TOP training experiences!
By Kathryn Taylor / Atlanta, FitWit

I met Andrea at the Texas RKC in July of 2014. Although I had been using kettlebells for several years I had very little formal training. I was a bit intimidated when I first met her - this tiny woman is a powerhouse in the Kettlebell world. Immediately I found her to be soft-spoken and tough. She is also an incredible teacher. I learned more from her not only about kettlebells but about movement and body function in general than I did in the entire four months that I studied for my Certified Personal Trainer exam.

What I appreciated most about Andrea was her individual approach with each person. You can tell that her RKC instructors are very dear to her heart and she wants them to be excellent. I didn't pass my certification during the weekend and normally that would have been devastating to me but because of Andrea's coaching and encouragement I left more committed to implement the things I learned and a few months later was able to pass all of the skills for my certification.

She's both incredibly professional and incredibly personable. In my opinion, you cannot have a better instructor and I highly recommend any workshop that she leads.

10/10 A day with Andrea is a day well-spent.
By Crystal Williams / Saint Cloud, United States

Andrea's HKC stands head and shoulders above other certification and continuing ed seminars I have attended. Andrea is organized, efficient and knowledgeable. Her cues and drills where so helpful and easy to follow I have been able to incorporate them into my own fitness routine as well as my clients'. I recommend Andrea's HKC to anyone interested in kettlebell, whether professionally or for recreation. I look forward to training with her as I prepare for the RKC.

10/10 Andrea changed how I trained!
By Amanda Fisher / Arlington, USA

I have worked with Andrea for about 2-3 years now, meeting periodically because I have to travel to see her. Andrea has changed how I train. I used to think I worked out, and since beginning with Andrea, I now realize I never did....or never did it the smart way. Every time I see Andrea, I learn something completely new, and it is ALWAYS helpful. I feel so connected to my body since beginning with Andrea. I can feel each drill, and if I can't, I know something is off or it needs work. Because of Andrea, I found a love for kettlebells, and became an HKC so I could share my love of kettlebell training with others. I cannot wait to further my kettlebell education! Also, Andrea has an amazing way of communicating during her group classes and private sessions - her cues make sense, and I never feel overwhelmed, even if I struggle to grasp something.

9/10 Improving my dead lift technique
By Clarence Chaplin / St Paul, USA

Over the last several sessions in class, Andrea has worked with us on proper dead lift technique. Before this, I had problems with low back pain after doing dead lifts and limited the weight I would lift, usually to 24kg. Since I've learned how to tighten my core when lifting and lowering, I have been able to lift 32kg with no back pain afterwards. My thanks to Andrea for improving my technique!

10/10 As good as it gets!
By Pete Moore / Naperville, IL, USA

I recently had Andrea as my lead instructor when I renewed my RKC certification for the third time. I knew that she had played a huge part in bringing Kettlebell’s into the mainstream, and I had watched her video’s but never met her in person until now. Not only is she an expert in Kettlebell training/teaching but in movement and exercise as a whole and to say she is knowledgeable would be an understatement. She carries herself extremely professionally. She’s tough but down to earth, friendly, accessible and really passionate about what she does. I am beyond sure that anyone who works with her will have a great experience and get results fast! I would highly recommend her and I look forward to working with her again.

10/10 An Amazing Day
By Sharon Nelson / Eden Prairie, U.S.A.

Two days ago I completed my re-certification with Andrea. I'm still feeling my sore muscles today, especially my glutes. With a keen eye to detail and the body, Andrea is skillfully able to see which muscles are not engaged to the fullest during a move, the asymmetry in movement and what to do to improve and changes those patterns. I loved the emphasis on how to better coach/instruct our students by watching Andrea coach and instruct us as she continued to provide the cues and tips not only to help our own form but those of our students. It was a full day that inspired me once again to dial into the nuances of the basic moves, build the best foundation I can with my own form and practice, practice, practice. Thank you again for your passion and dedication to the art of strength training with kettlebells.

10/10 Andrea's Attention to Detail is Top Notch!
By Carrie Kukuda / Tampa, USA

I have had the pleasure of training with Andrea and I am always amazed at her attention to detail. She makes it sound so easy. But, also shows you how to make it easy. She ALWAYS has a drill up her sleeve to make corrections. I enjoy her professionalism and passion for kettlebells and her teaching. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone how has interest in kettlebells either training with them or wanting to teach them. She is top notch!

10/10 Best of the best
By Shane England / Mckinney, TX, USA

I have had the honor of working with Andrea on several occasions now and I always walk away smarter and stronger. Her knowledge and understanding allows her to reach people at every level. I can not recommend working with her enough.

10/10 The Best!!
By Laurel Blackburn / Tallahassee, US

I had the pleasure of assisting Andrea in the Tallahassee RKC Recert and HKC this past weekend. I was blown away by her knowledge and instruction. She was passionate and even though she had a knee injury, she still gave 110%. I've been a Kettlebell instructor for several years and still I was able to learn so much. She has the gift of breaking things down for all abilities so that everyone was able to succeed. If you ever have a chance to attend a workshop with Andrea or are lucky enough to be on her team at an RKC, take advantage. You will come away a better person and a better instructor.

10/10 Phenomenal instructor!!
By PJ Olsen / Nashville, USA

I had the great fortune of being introduced to Andrea 2 years ago when I was only 5 months into my kettlebell training. I now schedule a session with her every time I'm in St. Paul!

During one visit, I asked her to critique my TGU as I couldn't progress beyond using a 10kg. She patiently broke down each step of the TGU providing technique corrections and tips along the way thoroughly explaining how and why a slight change of hand position or shifting of weight would make the movement easier. Back home, I mindfully practiced using her tips, and within 4 weeks I successfully performed multiple TGU's with a 12kg. Since then I've been able to do Get-ups with a 16kg.

Andrea is a wealth of knowledge and experience and she is extremely generous in sharing her expertise with those willing to learn. She has a real gift and I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to learn from her on several occasions. I always leave each session with several takeaways. In a nutshell, she rocks!!!

10/10 April 2012 RKC Certification
By Bernadette Rainear / Flint, USA

I have been fortunate enough to work specifically with Andrea DuCane twice in my kettle bell experience-in a small group with her as the instructor at an HKC and most recently in a large group at an RKC Certification. Though both experiences were completely different, Andrea's instruction was profitable in both arenas. I have found her to be personable and approachable in spite of the tremendous knowledge that she possesses. She communicates clearly and her teaching is practical with direct application. She has a desire to see success in the people that she trains and though the expectations are high in regards to technique and form, she is encouraging and supportive if you are willing to work hard and put forth effort to apply the corrections she offers. I also appreciate her spirit of advocacy and empowerment. She reminded me more than once that as a woman and as an RKC instructor, I have something to offer. I appreciate the opportunity that I have been afforded to take advantage of her guidance, expertise, and personal attention. I am grateful for the part that she has had in my kettle bell experience and it would be a gift for our paths to cross again-sooner, rather than later.

10/10 Andrea simply the best
By Gary Music / Mansfield, USA

I have participated in three RKCs with Andrea and most recently an RKC II seminar in Columbus, Ohio. Andrea is one of the best kettlebell instructors in the RKC and I highly advise anyone looking for advanced instruction to seek out one of her seminars.

10/10 EXCELLENT INSTRUCTION!!! HKC Dayton, OH. 6/25/11
By Bobby Doss / Indianapolis, IN., USA

Andrea Du Cane is a high quality instructor, very detail oriented! She took the complex & made it very easy to understand. I do commercial roofing & the principles taught in the HKC/RKC System about safety & movement are needed by EVERYONE from the elderly all the way up to the performers in Cirque du Soleil!
Ive trained in Pukulan Pentjak Silat-Bukti Negara for the last 19 years & there was one posture ive always had trouble getting into, BUT not anymore!! Thanks to Andrea & the fundamental movement patterns she explained to us! It took about five seconds for me to fix a bad movement pattern i was doing wrong for the last 19 years! Thank you Andrea!!
I very much look forward to training w/ her again in the near future.

10/10 Top Notch! - HKC Certification Dayton OH 6/25/11
By Nicholas Box / Indianapolis, IN, USA

I couldn't have asked for a better Instructor to teach my HKC certification. Andrea is a treasure trove of information, very intense, and able to take you to the next level in your kettlebell training. I am still trying to process all of the information that I learned from Andrea, and would jump at any opportunity to train with her again!!! She is so inspiring to work with, and I would greatly encourage anyone to seize on any opportunity you have to learn from her!

10/10 Excellent Class
By John Peters / Life Time Fitness - Eagan

I thoroughly enjoyed the HKC Certification headed up by Andrea. I appreciated the attention to detail and no-nonsense attitude. Her assistants, John, JR, and Tim were very helpful as well. I would highly recommend the Certification to anyone looking to advance their Personal Training Career, as well as anyone simply looking to advance their fitness.

10/10 A high-class, high-quality instructor
By Meredith / Saint Paul, Minnesota

I have had the good fortune of learning from Andrea in a weekly class, which is one of the reasons I registered for the HKC seminar held in early May in St. Louis Park. I knew that, even if it were to be difficult, I would learn a lot. And, I was right on both counts. The day was extremely rewarding. Andrea is a thoughtful, experienced instructor. Her ability to break down the movements into small steps, helping us focus on each one is exceptional. Her attention to safety and detail are something many instructors overlook. Best of all, she is enthusiastic about all of the good that comes from this sport. I was more motivated than ever to keep practicing and keep learning. There is no one better at this than Andrea Du Cane.

10/10 Wonderful Instructor!
By Kris Mienert / Cottage Grove, MN

I recently attended Andrea?s HCK Certification (May, 2011). I had previously gone through the RKC class in 2003. Since my RKC class, I continued to work with kettlebells on my own, but picked up several bad habits along the way. Andrea?s keen eye for form and clarity of instruction got me back on track with the right techniques. She kept the HCK class fun yet challenging. I had fallen off the ?kettlebell wagon? and hadn?t been working out regularly. Andrea spark and enthusiasm was what I needed to regain focus of my fitness. She truly cares for each class participant, and is willing to help folks long after the class is done. Thanks for a great experience!

10/10 St. Louis Park, Minnesota HKC May 7, 2011
By Tina Wendel / Sumner, IA

Attending the HKC workshop has to be the best fitness learning experience I have ever particpated in and I give Andrea 100 percent of the credit for this. Her knowledge of kettlebells and the human body is phenomenal. She explained everything thoroughly so there was no question as to what was expected of you. She never appeared haughty or frustrated if someone erred or you didn't understand and she had to explain it again. Her exercise analogies made difficult things very easy to understand. She was patient and kind, yet didn't sugar coat your flaws. If she saw something wrong, she immediately called you on it but then gave you the knowledge to fix it. I even attended with a shoulder injury and she respected that and gave me tips that enabled me to become an HKC.
Originally, I had no aspirations of going onto the RKC level but after working with Andrea, that is something I am now considering.

10/10 Andrea is a Technical Goddess
By Stephen Nepa / Charlotte, NC

Andrea has a critical eye and keen awareness of how the human body moves and is put together. After spending a day under her instruction I was acutely aware of how much I did not know about the fundamentals of RKC while feeling empowered by what I had learned not only in how that knowledge would positively affect my performance but also my ability to lead my clients towards moving well, powerfully, and safely. I have never been more happy to have my technique dissected than under Andrea's tutelage. Thank you, Andrea, for making an investment in me.

10/10 A true Master
By Nicole Money, RKC / Dayton, Ohio

I had the honor of working with and assisting Andrea at the recent HKC and her Kettlebell Boomer Workshop in Ohio. Watching her instruct both taught me new techniques, drills, skills and reinforced what I currently do with my own victims. She embodies everything I strive to be as an RKC. Thank you Andrea.

10/10 Direct and to the Point
By Marcus Hooper RKC / Nashville, TN

I had the luxury of being on Andrea's team during my RKC and all I could say was great. I have always worked with male instructors so seeing and learning from a woman's perspective was a real eye opener to me. Great Teacher and Leader!!

10/10 A gifted instructor
By Peter Baker / Tampa, FL USA

Recently, the kettlebell club at the University of South Florida was fortunate enough to have Andrea pay us a visit. Andrea's aptitude for teaching conveyed many subtle layers of the kettlebell swing and the ket-up, so much that everyone of us felt stronger in both movements by the end of the day. The instruction was first rate, and results were immediate. If you ever get the chance to have her for a seminar, it will definitely be a wise move, and you will be stronger for it.

10/10 Tough Love from St. Paul
By John Bair / Lansdale, PA

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea this past weekend at the HKC in Philadelphia. She was Amazing. Very Knowledgeable, Precise and Extremely Approachable. I got to pick her brain a little bit and the tips I gained will help me tremendously in preparation for the RKC in Philly later this year. She had command of the workshop and helped us transition easily into all of the exercises and movements. There is a reason Pavel has promoted her to Master RKC and seeing that firsthand was Fantastic. I'm even more motivated to do well at the RKC, with extreme hard work of course. If you want Results then Andrea is who you must see. She also had some great stories about Pavel and members of the RKC that are very funny. I had an Awesome Experience. Thank You Andrea.

10/10 translating the complex to the practical
By mc, b2d / uk

Sometimes great impact can be achieved in a moment. Such was the case with andrea at the recent RKC II cert when the Chief Instructor was attempting to demonstrate a drill with me, and it's not clear he was having much success. Andrea stepped up, translated the instructions into other words and voila, i got it.

Andrea saw that i hadn't and tried reframing it quickly, eloquently and efficiently. That's potent stuff.

Her instruction about her signature move, the windmill, was also a revelation in terms of the subtleties and efficacies of the movement. I had certainly had the incorrect idea about this movement in my head and body. After Andrea's presentation not only did the group have a new found respect for our own movement limitations, but an appreciation for (a) how this move could benefit our own mobility and (b) how best to break this down to coach our students through it.

If you get a chance to do a workshop with Andrea, take it. You'll leave better informed and better able to practice.

10/10 GREAT instructor!!!!
By Dale Buchanan / Boca Raton, FL

I took Andrea's basic kettlebell workshop on Nov 7 2009 in Florida. It was awesome and my 1st experience into the RKC program. She encouraged me to take the HKC and I did and passed. Without her instruction, feedback, and encouragement I would not have done the HKC. Her teaching style is amazing and I am looking forward to more events to learn from her in the future.

10/10 Awesome team leader
By Bryan Malatesta / Cleburne, TX

Andrea was my Team Leader at this October RKC class and she was a fantastic instructor. I thought my form was OK going into the class and soon found out how wrong I was and Andrea and her team quickly set about correcting my form. Throughout the entire weekend, Andrea was constantly reinforcing correct form and technique.

Andrea consistently, yet firmly, reinforced proper form and technique on all exercises throughout the entire weekend. By the end of the class, my form and technique was 1,000% improved and I am thankful to her for her time and effort to help me better at KB lifting.

Andrea addressed each student individually as needed and it was a pleasure to have a professional approach to instructing and she was a professional.

10/10 An Outstanding Workshop
By Hugh Williamson / Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

I attended Andrea's workshop here in South Florida this past weekend and can say unequivocally that she is a superb instructor, patient teacher...and tough love administrator! She's extremely attentive and helpful, correcting and refining positions, technique and philosophy. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to attend the workshop and look forward to maximizing my workouts.

By Mr. Shane Hylton / Grand Forks, ND

I just finished the HKC Certification in St. Paul, this past weekend (9/26). My team leader was Mrs. Du Cane, what an honor. Her expertise was evident from the start. She made the course fun yet challenging. She gave her expectations and help everyone to achieve them. I can't begin to say how happy I am with being on team Du Cane!


10/10 Tough Love
By Marla Diener, RKC / Albuquerque, NM

I was fortunate to meet Andrea DuCane for the first time in November, 2008; where she taught three workshops at FireBellz in Albuquerque, NM. It was here where I was introduced to her wealth of knowledge about kettlebell form and technique.

I just attended the April 2009 RKC, where Andrea was my team leader (Go Team Dirt). She is a stickler of safety, good form and technique. I gained insight on how to work with special populations and she gave out lots of tough love. I look forward to working with and for her again. Andrea ROCKS!

10/10 Certification prep class Minneapolis
By Roxanne Altmeyer , RKC / NE Minneapolis

I recently had the pleasure of training with Andrea. I took her prep class in Minneapolis before my RKC certification..The class pin-pointed my weaknesses and strengths and it helped me to perfect my movements.
At the certification her husband John, presented a class. I gained many great ideas from the class and it also motivated me to add more to my income. Both Andrea and her husband truly have a passion to add to the family of RKC .
I am truly proud to be part of the RKC, and my family is proud of my warrior spirit to set a goal and achieve it.

Roxanne Altmeyer

10/10 Lasting Impressions
By Mark Toomey, RKC Team Leader / Reno, Nevada

I met Andrea DuCane a few years back when I was lucky enough to have her as a Team Leader at my RKC. I will never forget how demanding she was, how every detail, no matter how small seemed importnat to her. Funny, how when the greatest gifts are given to you, you appreciate them the least.

I have been priviledged to serve as an assistant to Andrea since then. Just being with her in a teaching enviornment, watching her and following her example has been one of the best learning experiences I could hope for.

I led my first team at the 2009 San Jose RKC. I can say with all honesty that without Andrea's example of leadership, without her commitment to me as, first as a student, and then as an instructor, I would never have had the opportunity to grow within the RKC community.

Thank you, Andrea.

10/10 Andrea DuCane is a Class Act!
By Rob Peterson / Rosemount, MN

I'm not sure I can accurately articulate how lucky I feel, or how much I value having Andrea working with me. But, I'll try.

First, I'm a single dad, my child has a disability, and my job is pretty demanding. Needless to say I have a busy schedule. I was getting back into lifting and discovered kettlebells about a year ago. I bought the books and the DVD's and followed the threads in the forum. I thought I had absorbed a lot of information, but there came a point last summer when I was wondering if I was on the right track. About the time of the first FMS weekend I inquired about local instructors who might be able to run me through an assessment, help with my goal of becoming injury proof, and provide some guidance on my technique. I got in touch with Andrea and she was willing to work within my scheduling restrictions (this is of immense value to me).

Our first two sessions were spent on Functional Movement Screening, Z Health Screening (Andrea is a Level 4 Certified Instructor), and corrective drills. During one of those sessions she asked if I knew I had a limp. I didn't. In fact the only thing I could attribute it to was a sprain from over a year prior. Amazing. Subsequent sessions have been equally amazing and enlightening with the wealth of knowledge Andrea brings to the table and her attention to detail.

During yesterday's session we covered a huge array of topics: Irradiation, breathing behind the shield, greasing the grove, Janda sit-ups, ideas for changes to my program, assistance exercises for my abs, my clean technique, front squats (and knee stabilization), and Z-health drills for a troublesome wrist. That's a lot to take in an hour.

I've had plenty of coaches, instructors, and masters and few were worthy of my time. Andrea is definitely an exception. She doesn't just tell me what to do. She partners with me where I am at, within my abilities and limitations, and helps me to actually see and understand the areas that need attention and why. She has been an incredible source of instruction and has added to my tool box of drills and techniques. So much so that it's been a challenge for me to incorporate all the things I've been taught in the short time we've been working together. Luckily another of Andrea's strengths is being an encourager. She is diligent in her hawking of my technique, but I've never felt frustrated, belittled, or overwhelmed only motivated.

Andrea is exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely generous with that knowledge. She has demonstrated to me that she is indeed a master of her craft. Dragon Door is lucky to have her as one of their Master Instructors, and I am fortunate to have her as my instructor.

10/10 One Word, "Heart"
By Richard Chan / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Dragon Door,

I have a testimonial for a very special individual that I adore and respect very much as a person, friend, and a well known expert in her field. This person is Andrea DuCane. She possesses life skills that can not be taught and only comes with experience and a natural ability that is given to a person. Andrea uplifts everyone that she encounters along with her positive encouragement, influential skills, knowledge and timely aggressiveness to get things done.

Well, I should know and I attended the 2004 RKC Challenge in June and she was the senior instructor in my group. I attended the RKC Challenge while being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the early stages. I persevered through with my own persistence and mental training. However, along with Andrea's positive encouragement and leadership it made my time more enjoyable for the weekend. After the weekend was over, I was given an opportunity to send in my video tape for a review of my snatches and other exercises to evaluate if I would obtain my certification. To be honest I actually purchased the 24kg kettlebells a month prior to the RKC weekend thinking it was a breeze with no familiarity of kettlebells. Lets just say I've always done things the hard way in life! I was definitely wrong with the RKC Challenge and it was more challenging than I thought but with Andrea's precision coaching, it made my movements smooth and synchronized. As a result, I did not send in my tape since I had many things to take care of with myself. But knowing that I had the opportunity of sending in my tape made my confidence very strong internally. I did a lot of mental training over the year along with deep meditation which helped me overcome the M.S. As of today, my journey has led me to focus my attention in healing people and teaching them how to heal themselves with exercising, Qi Gong, and more importantly with their mind. Remember, the mind is a powerful tool and our mind is limitless.

Andrea's personality is similar to an infection and it will spread onto others but this infection is actually a cure. This cure is of "goodness from her heart". Andrea has a positive outcome on people and her energy is something that has a profound effect on everyone that comes across her. Words can not describe how special this woman is and how strong she presents herself to people she connects with. A person that can connect with another individual and feel what they feel is someone that is more than a senior instructor but a person who is very special in my books.

This is my love to my dear friend Andrea.

Richard Chan
Flex Fitness Nation
F.L.E.X (Focus Lifestyle Energy Xercise)

10/10 A "No Nonsense" approach to fitness
By Linda B. / Bay Village, Ohio

I wish I had the "Goddess Workouts" a long time ago. I've tried everything from karate, weight training and aerobics, but Andrea's work out is by far the best and most intense out there. Her instruction is clear and concise; her movements perfect. She makes me feel as if I am in one of her live work out sessions and, of course, she looks great. Kettlebell training got me out of a terrible exercise rut. After years of aerobic weight training I just wasn't seeing any results anymore. Plus, I was just tired of devoting an hour to a work out that didn't get me anywhere. When I found kettlebells and Andrea DuCane, I felt like "queen of the mountain". I sure hope another DVD is in the making.

10/10 Diligent in Duty
By Will Williams / United States

Andrea is a presence in the RKC program from printed page to the scorched fields of the UCLA campus. She has given solid instruction in video and on live fire exercises as well. I have studied under Andrea, Brett, and Pavel since 2005 and could not picture my strength career as strong had she not been integral to the program. I look forward to future endeavors.

10/10 Andrea Makes Class Fun and Welcoming for Everyone
By Teresa Patton / St. Paul, MN USA

I like kettlebells because they are a fun and fast way to get fit. But more than that, I like kettlebells because of Andrea Du Cane. She is a great teacher in every respect. Classes with Andrea are fun and rewarding, and I am always glad that I came.

Andrea has the gift for making all of her students feel at home. Often her classes include everyone from absolute beginners --- to mid-level 'swingers' --- to other RKC instructors who come for the workout. Yet everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

As for me, I am a somewhat unlikely kettlebells enthusiast: a fifty-five year old lawyer with two children who grew up long before girls were expected or encouraged to be physically fit. Yet I feel completely at home in Andrea's classes. I always get immersed in the fun of swinging; Andrea often has exactly the right hint to make a particular exercise 'click' for me; and I enjoy class so much that I always look forward to coming back.

10/10 Technique Master
By John Rock / Arden Hills, MN USA

I orginally sought out Andrea for expertise in helping me prepare for the RKC certification. I am very glad I did. In my opinion, Andrea has the best eye for technique and a personal solution to help anyone perform kettlebell exercises with precision and maximum benefit. As a result, as a practicing RKC with many happy clients, I am able to deliver quality instruction at the highest level. I continue to seek advisement from Andrea because I know it will be the best.

In preparation for the RKC 2 certification, I once again sought out Andrea. We practiced Z-health techniques. This one session releived the painful symptoms and restored mobility to an ankle joint I severely sprained several years ago that physical therapists, podiatrists, and other therapists have not had succes in treating. I can not wait to see Andrea again for more gains. Furthermore, there is tremendous potential to my own competitive cross country skiing as a result of this technique. I am a former national caliber athlete (participant in 2 Olympic Trials) and readily see what improved ankle flexion could add to my performance.

Finally, getting back to RKC 2 certification readiness. I was able to perform a pistol the day after one session. The technique I had orginally sought Andrea for. Without her input, I am certain I would still be struggling with pistols. Andrea is the Technique Master.

10/10 Outstanding
By Ron Wetzell / Minneapolis, MN.

I've been working out with kettlebells coming up to two years in May, during which time I have had a variety of instructors. I recently took two two hour classes from Andrea DuCane and I almost felt like I was in a beginner's class. What I mean about that is that I certainly didn't think that my form was perfect, but I thought I was pretty close. The number of nuances she found and adjustments she made were pretty amazing. She is truely a Master Instructor.

10/10 Andrea is the bomb!
By Katherine Vessenes / Shorewood, Minnesota

I have had a lot of trainers in my time--but if I could only pick one, it would be Andrea. She is unbelievable and has me totally hooked on kettlebells. You can't go wrong with this gal--be prepared for the workout of your life.

10/10 KB Goddess DVD - Excellent!
By Lee Edwards / Portland, Maine

I find Andrea's "Kettlebell Goddess Workout" DVD extremely helpful even though I train with a great RKC instructor. I can review the exercises between training sessions or any time I feel like I need a refresher on something. I can double check to be sure I'm doing the exercises correctly.

Her instructions are great. They are clear, easy to follow and well demonstrated. I especially like the fact that she designed the tape to hear the correct breathing for the exercises. Getting your breath right is an important part of each exercise. She makes it easy to follow her breathing as well as easy to follow her movements.

Andrea has also done a great job laying out a variety of structured workouts plus upper body, lower body and cardio exercises so you can design your own workout. The DVD is full of useful information!

I've never had the opportunity to train with her personally, but I would love to! Based on what I've seen on her DVD, she's terrific!

10/10 Inspiring technique for great results
By T, Johnson / Bend, OR

Wish I lived close enough to receive in person instruction from Anrdrea DuCane. However, the Goddess workout DVD is amazing and I feel like I am right there in a class. The varations of the exercises are very helpful as well as her thorough cuing. The workouts are challenging and I can grow into them, as my form and strength keep improving. I hope to one day go to a workshop. I am hooked!

After just a few weeks, everything is firming & tightening up plus I feel stronger in every day tasks. No more jiggly arms!

I will be telling my friends about Andrea and kettlebell workouts. The fact that she was willing to answer my question (via email) and give me some great tips was very motivating. I actually look forward to the workouts every day and feel energized afterward.

Thank you!

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