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PCC Pendant, detail view
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PCC Pendant, detail view
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  • PCC Pendant, detail view

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PCC Pendant

The world’s foremost bodyweight exercise instructor certification program is the Progressive Calisthenics Certification or PCC. The curriculum is based primarily on Paul Wade’s bestselling Convict Conditioning series and is led by Dragon Door authors and bodyweight masters Al Kavadlo and Danny Kavadlo.

When you earn the PCC certification you join an elite community of skilled bodyweight athletes. These elegant PCC pendants and dog tags let you represent your hard-earned achievement to the world with the “best-of-class” quality you richly deserve.

Durable stainless steel pendant to wear or attach to bags, jackets, key chains or anything else that signals your connection to the world’s premier community of elite bodyweight exercise athletes. Also included, 30" 2mm ball chain and velvet bag.

PCC Pendant - $34.99
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No reviews found for this Item

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