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Online RKC Re-Certification Requirements


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RKC Instructor Re-Certification Requirements 

*Please note that the requirements described herein are subject to change.

Recertifying the course requires that the following requirements are met:
  • Pass the Snatch test
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the techniques that make up the foundation of kettlebell training

Should you fail to make the requirements, you may arrange to be re-tested with your on-line testing instructor. You have 3 months to retest the skill(s) that you failed.

Snatch Test

Clothing must allow the instructor to assess the student for proper form. The instructor must have a clear view of the elbows and knees. T-shirts and gym shorts are encouraged.

Please inform your instructor if you suffer from a medical condition that prevents you from locking your elbows out. Note that being generally stiff or having poor flexibility does not count as a medical condition.

Hike-pass the kettlebell back and snatch it overhead in one movement, ending with a straight-arm lockout. You must have a noticeable pause at the top of the lockout. It is recommended to perform a few extra reps if time allows to allow for any possible no counts your testing instructor may see.

  • You may swing and change hands as much as needed
  • You may set the kettlebell down and rest as needed

Acceptable hand-coverings for the test include: tape, socks, and minimalist gloves (i.e. cotton gardening gloves). You may use chalk and reapply it during the test, if needed. You may not use belts, thick or padded-gloves, wrist wraps or any other equipment designed to support your body.

No Count Criteria
  • Not locking out the elbows
  • Rebending the knees on the way up
  • Failure to stop all movement at the lockout
  • Pressing out the kettlebell to finish your lockout
  • Touching the chest with the working arm or passing through the rack position on the way down
  • Placing a hand on the knee or thigh

Disqualification will occur if the student

  • Has three no counts
  • Touches the kettlebell with the non-working arm, unless the student is switching hands
  • Dropping the kettlebell rather than setting it down with control
  • Runs out of time before completing the required number of reps
Snatch Test Requirements:

For the snatch test, the sum of both arms is scored. There are different requirements based on gender and age group. They are as follows:

Men’s Open Class:

Up to 135 pounds     18kg 100/5 min

136-150 pounds       20kg 100/5 min

151-165 pounds       22kg 100/5 min

166-250 pounds       24kg 100/5 min

Over 251 pounds     24kg 100/5 min (28kg For technique testing) 

Men’s Masters: (50-64) 

Up to 135 pounds     16kg 100/5 min 

136-150 pounds       18kg 100/5 min 

151-220 pounds        20kg 100/5 min 

Over 221 pounds      22kg 100/5 min 

Men Seniors: (Over 65) 

Up to 135 pounds     16kg 50/3 min

136-150 pounds       18kg 50/3 min

151-220 pounds        20kg 50/3 min

Over 221 pounds      22kg 50/3 min

Women’s Open Class:

Up to 100 pounds     10kg 100/5 min

101-120 pounds        12kg 100/5 min

121-135 pounds        14kg 100/5 min

136-200 pounds        16kg 100/5 min

Over 200 pounds      18kg For technique only (snatch test 16g 100/5 min)

Women Masters: (50-64)

Up to 100 pounds        8kg 100/5 min

101-120 pounds          10kg 100/5 min

121-135 pounds          12kg 100/5 min

136-200 pounds          14kg 100/5 min

Over 200 pounds         16kg 100/5 min

Women Seniors: (Over 65)

Up to 100 pounds         8kg 50/3 min

101-115 pounds            10kg 50/3 min

116-135 pounds            12kg 50/3 min

136-200 pounds            14kg 50/3 min

Over 200 pounds           16kg 50/3 min

Technique Tests:

You must be able to demonstrate safe and effective technique as part of being an RKC instructor.

  • Swing
  • Clean
  • Getup
  • Press
  • Snatch
  • Front Squat

These techniques are tested with a single-arm and performed on both sides: Swing, Clean, Snatch, Getup, Press. The Front Squat is tested with double bells.

If you a fail a requirement:

In order to be certified you must pass all requirements. If you fail one of the requirements you will have 90 days to resubmit a video to your instructor.

The RKC Professional Code of Conduct

The RKC is more than just a three-day certification. It is a principle-based physical training system, but it also operates by a second set of principles, those of professionalism. Once certified, you are joining the ranks of top professionals in the fitness industry, and as such you are required to follow the RKC Code of Conduct.

As an RKC Instructor, I will:

  1. Be an ambassador of RKC kettlebell training, exhibiting professional conduct throughout my life.
  2. Recognize that my client’s results come first, not my own achievements.
  3. Continue to refine and improve my skills as an instructor and as an athlete.
  4. Know my own limitations as an instructor and will refer out to other professionals as needed.
  5. Treat all who I teach or encounter with respect and compassion.
  6. Behave as a professional in all public places, including social media.

 Failure to adhere to these principles can result in losing your certification.

Video Recording Procedure 

All videos must be shot so that the testing instructor has a full body view of the tester during each exercise. Clothing must allow the instructor to assess the student for proper form. The instructor must have a clear view of the elbows and knees. T-shirts and gym shorts are encouraged.

Technique Tests
Show kettlebell weight size before beginning. Provide both a front view and a side view with required reps. You may rest between the sets. Full body throughout all exercises. Get-up can be done at a ¾ - front angle, once each side.

Your testing instructor will contact you once they have viewed and evaluated your test. They will provide you with feedback and you will get a copy of your testing forms. You may request a phone call to go over any feedback at the discretion of the testing instructor.
Snatch Test

Snatch test videotaped from the front, full body; the testing instructor must be able to see the top of the snatch and the feet. There must be a complete pause at lockout. The kettlebell weight size must be shown to the camera immediately before recording, with a verbal confirmation of your current weight in pounds. We recommend you do a couple extra reps to make up for any potential "no-counts". Once the recording has started there must not be any editing or stopping of the recording.
Submitting the Video

It may be necessary to submit each exercise as a separate video. When using YouTube, mark the video as "unlisted" and copy the link and fill it into the registration forms. If you have issues send the link to