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Marketing Mastermind Intensive Workshop

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How to Create and Implement a Personalized, One-Year Marketing Program to Unleash Dynamic, Systematized Growth in Your Business

"’America is too great to dream small’, Ronald Reagan famously stated. In the Marketing Mastermind Intensive John Du Cane has taught how to make these big American dreams come true – one clear step at a time. Comrades, it was an incredible event."—Pavel Tsatsouline, Chief RKC Instructor

jdc 2010How to Create and Implement a

Personalized, One-Year Marketing Program

to Unleash Dynamic, Systematized Growth

in Your Business

The Ultimate Wealth-Generating Bootcamp—

with Dragon Door Founder and CEO, John Du Cane

The Marketing Mastermind Intensive is for those who wish to (check all that apply):

— Turbo-Boost their revenues as a provider of
      fitness training services
— Distinguish themselves as a leader in the
      performance-training market
— Dramatically enhance their perceived value in the
      training business marketplace
— Network with an elite group of highly motivated
       instructors, to create new and more profitable business opportunities

Is this YOU? Then read on now:

Is your current marketing haphazard, piecemeal, sporadic—and are you generally operating by the seat of your pants?
Are you frustrated and confused by your poor results—yet unsure where to begin, to turn things around?
Do you secretly think you’ll never be able to do any better than you are doing now?
Do you feel you "don’t have the time" to market yourself—so you just bumble along doing what you’ve always done?
Have you ever wished someone—or some group—would just SHOW you and HELP you figure out EXACTLY what YOU had to do to succeed in your business?
Do you hate to "sell yourself" and are you worried about hurting your reputation by inappropriate sales and marketing techniques?
Have you attended marketing workshops in the past, got lots of great ideas—then failed to implement those ideas when you got back into your daily grind?

  "The best marketing event I have ever attended."—David Whitley, Nashville, TN, Master RKC, Strongman


You Are Not Alone!

Well, let me tell you, you are not alone. When it comes to marketing, only a tiny handful of trainers operate at velocity when it comes to communicating their value to others. And it’s only that tiny handful who really make the money they deserve to make. And that YOU deserve to make.
Because, if you are not doing a superb job of communicating your value to others—on a systematic, consistent basis—it doesn’t matter how well educated or skilled you are, you’re never going to get more than mediocre results. Ever. Don’t kid yourself.
Isn’t it a crying shame to have achieved all those skills and education— and to have earned your HKC or RKC or more—and still find yourself struggling financially? It just shouldn’t be this way—and it doesn’t HAVE to be this way, if you simply put the right marketing plan together for yourself and apply it on a consistent basis, day in, day out.
"It was like being able to take singing lessons from Elvis Presley. I firmly believe that if a trainer or business owner only walked away and used just 10% of the knowledge gained, he could easily double his/her income." —Jon Engum, Brainerd, MN, Senior RKC, Grandmaster, 7th Degree Black Belt, Taekwondo, Gym Owner

  Unfortunately, there has been nowhere you can go, no one place, no one event or seminar or workshop, where you get a complete PERSONALIZED marketing plan figured out for you. A personalized marketing plan, based on timeless, proven strategies that you can implement the moment you get home and immediately start turning your life around.

Until now...

Because, just like you, I have suffered every imaginable frustration in the past, trying to successfully market my products and services. Most of you have heard my talk: Dragon Door wasn’t born ready-created as one of the world’s most exciting, innovative and powerful purveyors of advanced fitness training resources. We didn’t leap from the skies ready-formed.
Far from it. I scratched and clawed my way up. I survived two near-bankruptcies. I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars educating myself in the most effective direct-response marketing strategies. I made a ton of hard mistakes—and learned dearly from them.
In other words, like you, I come from the trenches. All too often in the past, I had to fight hand-to-hand to gain a few measly yards of ground. All too often, the fighting left me battered, bleeding and bruised.
But being a highly persistent, dedicated and secretly passionate SOB, I refused to give up…
I moved from battling it out in the trenches to grander, more savvy strategies that yielded ever greater rewards. Now, 20 years after founding Dragon Door, I think I have figured out a few things that work—and work dramatically well. As a certified Dragon Door kettlebell instructor, I hardly need to persuade you that the DD marketing machine has something going for it.
"The key to success in life is modeling those who have accomplished what you wish to achieve. John provided the model for success to anyone wishing to follow. It’s the best marketing workshop I’ve been to so far. Period."— Geoff Neupert, Durham, NC, Master RKC, Personal Trainer, Author of Kettlebell Muscle

How Dragon Door Put Kettlebells on the World Map—
And What This Means For You…

Think about it: America, in the year 2000… no one but a handful of old school diehards knew about kettlebells. They had been forgotten. No training materials existed, there were no workshops, NO kettlebell instructors in America. None, nada, not one. Anywhere.
Think about that some more!
Now, fast forward to 2010 and Google "kettlebell". When I did this myself a couple of minutes ago, the search pulled up 762,000 entries. From zilch to ¾ million in just ten years! And it all started with Dragon Door…
Enough said.
Yes, I am preaching to the choir here, but there is a deeper point: it is entirely because of two things that kettlebells have become the global phenomenon they are.
One: Pavel’s genius in providing the brilliant training resources.
Two: Dragon Door’s marketing campaign to launch the kettlebell revolution.
Without these two elements, "the thing of value" and "the communication of the value of the thing" you and I wouldn’t be talking here right now.
And I do believe I can save you a world of ongoing hurt and loss, by saving you now from all the mistakes I made. By giving you absolutely ALL of the major marketing insights and strategies that have worked for me and Dragon Door. Which I know can also work for you.
"This was for many reasons the most profound and life-changing workshop I have ever been to. John has taken me by the hand and guided me through the jungle of what is called marketing and has clearly shown me how I can succeed with his proven principles. I now have the tools to help me take our business to the highest Level."—Franz Snideman, La Jolla, CA, RKC Team Leader, Business Owner, Dragon Door Dealer
 That brings me to absolutely one of my greatest frustrations about business and marketing: the difficulty of formulating, following and consistently implementing a kick-ass marketing plan that will keep yielding results day-in, day-out.
Just like you, I am swamped, deluged and constantly dragged down by the unremitting stream of daily tasks and urgencies. It’s the hardest thing in the world to remember that without good, consistent, daily marketing, my business is going to start going down the tubes.
And it’s the hardest thing in the world for me to carve out the necessary, crucial time to ensure that this marketing does get done.
The Marketing Mastermind Intensive:
Implementation Will Be Everything!
Like you, I have never been able to go to any training where I could walk in and get a proven Marketing Masterplan I could take away with me and immediately implement every day in my business.
Which is why I have created this one-of-a-kind, very special Marketing Mastermind Intensive. It’s what I wish I could have attended myself, but no one has ever offered before. An opportunity to develop a highly personalized, highly practical plan—based on proven principles—to turbo-charge your business.
And frankly, I expect to benefit from this Marketing Mastermind Intensive just as much as you.
Because, in this extremely interactive bootcamp, every participant is going to work their butts off… Crafting their own personal, one-year marketing plan. In detail. A plan designed to generate results day-in, day-out, for them personally.
"Every part the equal to the RKC for becoming the most successful trainer you can be. What John has provided here are the nuts and bolts, similar to the ‘RKC basic 6’ that form the backbone of our system. I said, before I came, that I believed this to be the most important event this year for me. I am 100% convinced now."—Andrew Read, Melbourne, Australia, RKC II, CK-FMS, Trainer, Author
However, the harder each of us works at this bootcamp, the more the whole group is going to benefit!
You’re not just going to be exposed to a treasure trove of proven marketing secrets. You’re going to choose the jewels from the treasure trove that will work for YOU.
And you’re not going to be allowed to leave the bootcamp without a complete WRITTEN plan, spelling out exactly what you’re going to be doing to turbo-charge your business, day-by-day, week-by-week and month-by-month for the whole next year.

The Marketing Mastermind Intensive:
Implementation Will Be Everything!

I like to think that you’ll come in with the equivalent of an old, battered Chevy and will leave with the keys to a brand new Ferrari. How you drive your Ferrari will be up to you. That part we are not going to do for you. But you DO have the opportunity to drive out the door with that Ferrari…
To take full advantage of the Mastermind experience, the workshop will have numerous breakout sessions where will you be working with a partner or a group to discover the formulas, strategies and presentations that YOU should use to optimize your success in business over the coming years.
Many of you will be called to the front at a moment’s notice and asked to make a mini-presentation to the whole group on an aspect of your marketing plan.
"I was blown away! I feel like I have been wasting my time on a ton of things that were not helping one bit. It is a no nonsense crash course on productivity and efficiency! If you want to have a successful business you must attend this. John did a phenomenal job."—Charles Bustos, Albuquerque, NM, RKC II, Firefighter, Paramedic, Firebellz Co-Owner.
In other words, the Marketing Mastermind Intensive will be structured in a similar way to your HKC and RKC workshop experience, with troubleshooting, practice, constant feedback and an atmosphere of "we are here to ensure that you succeed."
Yes, you will be learning a ton of stuff from Dragon Door’s prime marketer about what you need to turbo charge your business. However, I am convinced you will gain as much if not WAY MORE from what you’ll learn from your fellow Masterminds.
Okay, so most of you have heard my two-hour marketing presentation at the RKC where I summarize the ultimate keys to marketing success. A high proportion of the RKC workshop evals rate the marketing presentation as one of the top five take-aways from the whole training. Many RKCs have commented that the marketing segment alone was worth the price of admission. Other RKCs have testified that they’ve doubled their incomes just from one idea they got at the presentation.
But, let’s face it: my RKC marketing presentation is 20 years of hard-gained wisdom jammed into 2 hours! It’s a summary!
What if you could join a mastermind group of fellow RKCs and HKCs and plunge DEEPLY into this treasure trove of secrets? What if you had three full days in which to truly figure out exactly what you need to do to transform your business?
And what if you had three full days in which your peers get to help you succeed in every aspect of your success plan?
Well, that’s exactly what you’re going to get when you participate in the Marketing Mastermind Intensive!

Here is what I promise we will cover in the Intensive:

Section One:
How to Create a Personalized Yet Systematic Influence-Machine
For Your Business—By Tapping Into the 6 Most Powerful Forces for
Attracting and Retaining a Growing Crowd of Loyal Customers…
#1. How to Create a Likeable, Magnetic and Compelling "Personality"—
That Will Make You The Irresistible and Obvious Choice in Your Market
People are eager to do business with people they like. If they don’t like you, sooner or later, they’ll leave you. End of story.
This is a tough one for almost all of us. Most of us are bashful about deliberately cultivating our personality. We want to remain private, or professional, or quiet. We have been educated that it is uncouth to make too much of ourselves, to celebrate who we are.
But all of us have a secret wealth attached to our core personality—unique traits that when amplified will endear us to others, make us more attractive and more compelling to transact with.
"Attending the JDC MMI took away my uneasiness with the word ‘marketing’. I was shown how with just application of simple concepts my revenue could multi-fold in a very short amount of time. The JDC MMI gave me an arsenal of strategies to employ that will help myself and my team, while at the same time providing even more service to our customers."—Zar Horton, Albuquerque, NM, RKC Team Leader, Firefighter
What is YOUR secret wealth? Who are you really and what you are failing to express about yourself—that could be the difference between mediocrity and success in your business? How best to identify your secret wealth? How to craft your findings into a cogent self-marketing plan?
There are, however, also some fatal mistakes you can make when deciding you need to be more "likeable". We will address these fatal mistakes upfront and make sure you know to avoid them!
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to build yourself a highly likeable magnetic personality that has folk flocking to be your loyal customers?
Each of you will go through a unique process to help you unearth this secret "personality-wealth", refine it and understand the best vehicles for consistently communicating that personality to the outside world.
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for systematically developing and communicating your value as a personality to others.
#2. How to Take Full Advantage of the Power of Social Proof—
And Convince Even the Most Skeptical of Prospects
That You Deliver Incomparable Value
The way people determine what is the best course of action is to find out what other people think is the best course of action. This is like a law of the universe.
It sounds so obvious, but it also kind of sticks in our craw, right?
We’d like to think that we go to a movie, read a book, choose a car, decide to have a tattoo or select a fitness trainer in some kind of self-sufficient, independent vacuum of a decision making process.
Well, independent as we like to think our decision making process to be, the reality is that we decide based on what others have already decided. We are social beings and we live in a social web of interactive messaging—never more than these days.
Given this evident reality—and the immense impact of Social Proof over our decision making—it boggles my mind to see how LITTLE most trainers use testimonials and reviews in a thorough, consistent, effective manner.
Where are the testimonials in your business? What kinds of testimonials should you be getting? How are you currently getting your testimonials? How are you currently using testimonials and reviews in your business?
In this segment, you will explore exactly what you need to do to fully take advantage of the incredible marketing power sitting in testimonials and reviews.
I am so going to hold all your feet to the fire on this one, to make sure you ALL leave firing on every cylinder when it comes to testimonials…
In fact, speaking of cylinders, adding the correct testimonial process to your business will be like jumping from four to eight cylinders, it’s that powerful!
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to generate a raging torrent of testimonials that drives a flood of new customers through your door, on a never-ceasing basis?
In this workshop, discover the right formula for YOU to open the testimonial faucet in YOUR business—and keep it at full power.
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for the systematic generation of a continuous flow of new customers thanks to testimonials and reviews.
"This was definitely the most systematized, insightful, intensive plan that I have done."—Yarida Mendez, New York, NY, Personal Trainer, RKC
#3. How to Create Powerful Reciprocity Programs—That Would Make
All But a Thief or a Sociopath Feel Compelled to Do Business with You
Give that you will receive.
The more you give,
the more you will receive.
This ancient and powerful spiritual truth is also one of the most easily misunderstood and most often abused. Particularly when it comes to marketing yourself and communicating your value to others.
As humans, we are hard-wired to respond to an act of generosity with a reciprocal gift. We feel uncomfortable to be beholden.
We all know this. We all do this. We all have this done to us. Reciprocity is deeply woven into our lives.
However, when it comes to the skillful and ethical use of reciprocity to persuade a person to do business with you, there is a world of difference between the casual recognition of reciprocity’s power and the systematic application of reciprocity in your business.
The haphazard and casual use of reciprocity will yield you exactly that back: haphazard casualties.
The relentless and systematic creation of the right reciprocity-stimulators in your business—with the right follow-up—will yield you infinite riches…
Note the bolded emphasis on follow-up. Without follow-up, you will squander nine-tenths of your potential wealth before you get out of the gate…
Also—and this is golden—you’ll get to go deep with an extremely powerful and seldom taught secret of reciprocity: customer sculpting.
"I have been a business owner for 18 years. During these years I have applied everything I thought could work to market myself and my business. It has been a very slow and expensive process to get where we are today. John Du Cane’s Marketing Mastermind Intensive workshop provided me in a clear, simple and personalized way each step to have a very successful business. I leave John Du Cane’s workshop confident that if I follow his instructions our business will be in a new entire level in a very short period of time."—Yoana Snideman, San Diego, Ca, Revolution Fitness Co-Owner, RKC Team Leader
If you know what you are doing, you can design reciprocity devices so they give you exactly the kind of client you are looking for.
Only take on the clients you want to take on—thanks to the power of reciprocity!
You’ll learn what to do in your business to ensure your follow-up is impeccable, so the cascade of new customers becomes an inevitable consequence of your reciprocity.
What are the best reciprocity-stimulators for your business? Where should you be applying your reciprocity-stimulators? What kind of reciprocity devices are going to give you your perfect client?
In this segment, you will explore exactly what you need to do to fully take advantage of the incredible power of reciprocity.
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to create the magic of reciprocity+follow-up in your relationships with the world?
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for the systematic placement of reciprocity-stimulators in your business so you get a stream of preferred customers showing up at your door eager to be involved with you.
"I believe the quality and depth of this workshop was fantastic."—Michael Baltren, Encinitas, CA, Strength Coach
#4. How to Establish Yourself as a Recognized and
Respected Authority in your Fitness Training World
Or: "Believe in me because I tell you to!"
During the whole of the Marketing Mastermind Intensive, you will be learning how to answer the driving question: "Why should I consider doing business with you, as opposed to anyone else out there offering a similar service?"
Why indeed?
By the time you walk out of the Marketing Mastermind Intensive, you should be able to answer that question a hundred different ways.
But the underlying thrust of your answer will always be the same:
"Because I will deliver you more value of the kind you seek than you will receive from any other source."
The scariest, bluntest and fastest way to persuade someone to believe in you is to use the immense, biologically-based power of the parent-child relationship. That would be, the power of Authority.
Question: "Why?"
Answer: "Because I say so!"
The parent authors the child, "creates" the child and holds assumed power over the child. This pattern is replicated and taken advantage of over and over in every aspect of our lives, be it medical, legal, spiritual or economic.
Authority is created by a curious combination of earned respect and spectacle. The combination of substance and spectacle is fluid. We have the Wizard of Oz. We have the Federal Judge in his robes, the police officer, the Harvard professor, the physician in his white coat. We have the Great Dictators. We have the priests. We have the generals.
"I walked in here knowing nothing to very little about marketing and I am walking out with so much valuable information that I can use now, tomorrow and forever. I can now go step by step following John’s advice knowing that if implemented there is no way our business can not succeed. Amazing work by Mr. Du Cane."—Jennifer Castro, Sunnyvale, CA
Villains love Authority because of the devastating ease with which it can be abused. And of course, there have been plenty of villains who have sullied the marketing waters with their despicable abuse of the Authority principle.
What you’ll learn to do in the Marketing Mastermind Intensive is to understand and harness the power of Authority so you benefit from its immense leverage—without sacrificing your integrity in the process.
Most of us are reluctant to set ourselves up as Authority figures. Or just down right scared of the whole idea.
Each of you will go through a unique process where you will uncover and examine the blocks that are holding you back from creating Authority in your business.
You’ll be exposed to powerful—and often surprisingly simple— strategies to systematically grow your Authority.
There can only be the ONE YOU. There is a set of steps you can take to be the ONE YOU by building that Authority.
An inevitable consequence of carefully cultivated and marketed Authority, is the creation of a growing legion of followers, otherwise known as customers.
You do want more customers, right? Lots more of the RIGHT customers for YOU? Because, that’s what we’re talking about. If you are scared of an avalanche of new customers, then this Intensive may not be for you…
What are the best Authority vehicles for your business? Where and how should you be applying your Authority vehicles?
"A true mastermind with brilliant ideas flying around like a meteorite shower. This is a goldmine. You get what others need years of visiting and eval. of different workshops to put together. Very intense, a massive information overload but having all aspects covered and interrelated at once is priceless."—Gabi Katschthaler, Debrecan, Hungary, RKC Team Leader
In this segment, you will explore exactly what you need to do to fully take advantage of the scary-yet-wonderful power of Authority.
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to build your own Authority and automatically enlarge your customer base?
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for the systematic creation of Authority in your business so that more people than ever see you as the inevitable and only choice for solving their problem. Because you said so!
#5. How to Be Correctly Consistent with Your Customers—
and Bind Them to You for Life
How do you get someone to commit to you?
Well—more than anything—by building trust over time.
Now, you’ll learn plenty of methods during the Marketing Mastermind Intensive, which will be the equivalent of instant wallet-grabbers, in terms of their instant power to persuade. Unfortunately, like a loaded 45, there is potential for abuse in the wrong hands.
But that’s not remotely what this Intensive is all about. This Intensive is about creating customers who will be with you for many, many years. This Intensive is about how to forge deep, enduring relationships with your customers.
And you build those enduring relationships with a slow, careful CONSISTENT cultivation of trust.
Trust is a fragile plant. It takes a lot of Yeses to grow and very few No’s to damage.
"John exposed us to a powerful set of strategies and created a positive environment for attendees to create a realistic result oriented, time based, action plan, which has tremendous potential to enhance our personal growth and success as entrepreneurs and caring people."—Jason Beito, San Leandro, Ca, Sports Acupuncturist/Strength Coach
How do you set up your business so that your own plant keeps growing safely? How consistent are you currently with your customers? What further crucial steps could you take to improve your consistency of message?
In this segment, we’ll shine a light on how YOU present YOURSELF to your customers over time—and look for ways to recalibrate that process to your better advantage and the greater loyalty of your customers.
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to cultivate consistency and commitment in your business and do a far better job of retaining your clients over the long haul?
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for the systematic cultivation of Consistency in your business so that more people stay with you longer.
 "An amazing course on a global level. This MMI workshop took the ‘magic’ and confusion out of the marketing process and helped me to understand the solid framework I need to build, and from which I can grow my studio, my distributorship and my personal products and my joint ventures.My mind was completely and irrevocably "blown up" by John Du Cane’s MMI… Now I know what I need to do and why I’m doing things, and it is very clear that I am very capable of making it all happen. An unparalleled opportunity to work with the best – John Du Cane and my fellow students."—Andrea Chang, Seattle, WA, RKC Team Leader, Dragon Door Dealer
#6. How to Use the Power of Scarcity—
and Induce Serial Stampedes for Your Products and Services
We hate it when we feel we are about to "lose out" and will often quickly act to avoid "losing out".
We have a primal, hard-wired fear of scarcity. No food, no water, no air—no life. A perception of scarcity triggers the survival response.
We want what it appears we can’t have. We hate it when we feel our freedom of choice is threatened—and will often act to correct that perceived threat.
Again, we are surrounded by examples of this Scarcity principle being employed by both ethical and unethical marketers. In fact the Scarcity principle is employed so frequently, it’s easy to forget its presence. Every SALE sign is a scarcity trigger. Every early-bird discount.
But as with all the other powerful forces that can be recruited to influence a buyer of your service or product, Scarcity can be employed in a careless, haphazard manner, or it can be employed very systematically.
Remember: delay is the death of a sale. A lost sale is no sale at all. A properly placed scarcity trigger ensures your value-proposition is acted on NOW, immediately, before time passes and the opportunity is forgotten and drowned out by the everyday noise of our amped-up lives.
How are you currently employing Scarcity to motivate your customers to act quickly on your offer? What more could you be doing to take advantage of the act-now-power of the Scarcity principle?
In this segment, we’ll make sure you have a thorough plan for employing Scarcity—whether you like it or not.
What can you DO PRACTICALLY, day by day, week by week, month by month, to employ Scarcity in your business and get far more business faster than ever before?
Summary: you will leave the workshop with your own one-year plan for the systematic cultivation of Scarcity triggers in your business so you can turbo charge the velocity of your revenues.

Section Two:
How to Craft Perfect Sales Messages
That Powerfully Communicate Your Value to
Those Who Can Best Benefit from Your Solutions
You have graduated from Section One of the Marketing Mastermind Intensive. You’re dialed in to the marketing mindset. You have tapped into the world’s six most powerful forces to influence others to do business with you. You have a one-year plan in place for harnessing those forces in your business.
Now it’s time to plunge deeper and build your essential skills for communicating your value in a truly rich and compelling manner.
Again, in this Marketing Mastermind Intensive, you won’t just be passively listening to advice. You’ll be working alone or with a partner or with a group to actively create the communication tools and skills YOU will need in YOUR business to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
The first—incredibly important—skill/tool set you’ll put together will be Research.
Do you know who your customer really is? What they really do in their lives? For each of your current customers, can you list off the five main reasons they continue to give you their business? Do you know what each customer’s most significant problem is? And if you don’t know, do you know how to discover what their most significant problem is?
What is your customer most wanting to achieve by connecting with your product or service?
Can you speak to the customer using language that makes sense to them and which resonates with them?
"Thank you John for teaching us a lifetime of secrets in such a short time. I can only compare it to Pavel's training, as you Reverse Engineered for us RKCs what the Professionals take a lifetime to master. This is the missing tool for any RKC. If the RKC system is a warhead, I now have a delivery system. Watch out world."—James Sjostrom, Salt Lake City, UT, RKC II
If you’re wanting to attract more customers, what kind of a message do you craft to attract those new customers?
This Research segment will give you the necessary blueprint to accurately identify and understand your perfect customer—and communicate with them in a compelling manner.
The second skill/tool set you’ll then refine will be Testimonials. We will have already spent a good deal of time on Testimonials in the Social Proof segment, but because of their importance and power, we will be revisiting and upgrading your skills in the delivery of testimonials.
The third very basic but absolutely crucial skill set you need to master for truly effective marketing is the ability to recognize and communicate the prime Benefits of your product and service. In this segment you will do written exercises and group work to not only hone your benefit-communication skills, but walk away with ready-made benefits you can start using for your business.
This is the kind of segment where the Mastermind factor will kick in big time. Imagine, you could be hearing fifty of the best and brightest trainers in the country brainstorm the ultimate benefits of the kettlebell, for instance. Just being exposed to this mastermind brainstorming of benefits could be worth the price of admission ten times over…
When you turn the key in the ignition, does your car start? When you flick the switch, does the light come on?
When someone reads your headline, do they stop in their tracks, say "this is for me" and keep reading? Or do they move right along, lost to you forever? Do you turn on the customer’s light or do you leave him in darkness?
You just have a couple of seconds to gain your prospect’s attention, when he comes to your page, whether that page be on a website, in a magazine or on a postcard.
The fourth skill set then, is mastery of the Headline. Without a powerful headline, the rest of what you want to communicate is dead in the water—nines time out of ten.
How can you get off to a flying start and produce racks of powerful, attention-getting headlines for your business in the year to come? The Headline segment will give you that flying start.
And remember: the whole idea of every part of this Intensive is IMPLEMENTATION. You won’t just be learning how to write powerful headlines in the workshop, you’ll be planning a regular schedule of headline creation and use. Sound like a stretch? We’ll show you how.
Core to the success of any business, or for that matter any good advertisement, is often the power of their USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. Dominos and Fedex had classically powerful USPs. A USP answers every customer’s two abiding questions: "Why you?" and "What’s in it for me?" A truly powerful USP usually answers both of these questions in a few short words.
Quick, tell me what your current USP is, right now…
Were you at any kind of a loss when I asked you this question?
Come to the Marketing Mastermind Intensive and get help in crafting the perfect USP for YOUR business.
The next skill is a world beater: the skill of telling a good Story.
To become a truly successful marketer, you absolutely MUST be a master of the good story.
But not just any story will do…
Your story has to follow a very definite structure with very definite components.

  "Thanks to John I’ve created a Marketing Militia with the necessary tools for my business. The army is in place and I’m ready to attack my financial career to successfully win the battle over procrastination, lack of a plan and financial instability. All of the information here will be applicable to my business. Unlike a lot of marketing which is general and doesn’t apply."—Rhonda Fuller, RKC, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, H.H.P.

In this crucial segment of the Intensive you will learn and practice the perfect story form for YOUR business. You may be asked to share your story with the group and you will certainly hear story after story from other members of the group.
More than anything, you need to position yourself as a problem solver when telling your story. Discover and practice the problem-solver story and formulate your plan to systematically employ story in your business for the coming year.
Linked to story is the essential skill of hero-creation. The more you can create and promote heroes in your business the more successful you will be.
What heroes should you be creating and promoting in your business? Where do you find them? We will show you.
Learn the art of hero-creation and plan out a full year of hero creation and promotion. And watch your profits soar.
Section Three:
How to Choose and Leverage
the Best Delivery Systems
to Communicate Your Value to Others
You have graduated from Section One of the Marketing Mastermind Intensive. You’re dialed in to the marketing mindset. You have tapped into the world’s six most powerful forces to influence others to do business with you. You have a one-year plan in place for harnessing those forces in your business.
Now you have also graduated from Section Two the Marketing Mastermind Intensive. You now know how to communicate your value to others in no uncertain terms. You have a one-year plan in place, to make sure you continue to communicate your value with power and authority, day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out.
But how well are you leveraging your time when you communicate your value? Can you craft a wonderful, compelling message yet be haphazard, careless or downright ignorant of how to most effectively get that message out to the most people in the shortest time, for the least money?
In Section Three, you will prepare a priority list of biggest-bang-for-the-buck delivery systems to ensure you get maximum possible leverage and return for every communication you make.
By the time you graduate from the Marketing Mastermind Intensive at 4:30pm on Sunday, February 13th, you will have identified which of the delivery vehicles below will best serve your interests and will have prepared a one-year implementation plan to ensure you continue to take full advantage of their income-generating power:
  Referral Systems
Discover several potent referral systems and select the right referral strategies to ensure YOU gain a constant stream of eager new customers already conditioned to believe in you as their best available problem solver.
  Creating your customer funnel
Discover the best strategies to have new prospects say yes to you, with minimal initial risk to them and maximum long term gain to you.

"I am now able to systematically deliver marketing to clients with the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. John Du Cane’s MMI forces you to critically analyze your business goal and objectives, develop an effective marketing plan and shows you the way to implement it in a way that has the potential to generate income beyond your wildest dreams."—Drew Vercelline, Sunnyvale, CA, Personal Trainer

  Using Dragon Door: Forum, Instructor Page, Affiliate Program, Catalogs
Dragon Door’s site receives over 500,000 visits per month from targeted traffic. We will show you ways to ethically connect with Dragon Door’s traffic to better promote your products and services.
Strategic product placement can be an immensely powerful way to secure a strong stream of very qualified customers. We will show you some secrets to consider adding to your arsenal.
  Strategic Alliances: sports, schools, corporations, martial arts, hospitals, gyms
You can often double your revenues or otherwise massively increase your customer base by making the right kinds of strategic alliances, often at minimal cost. Our mastermind group will brainstorm proven methods for "sealing the deal" with strategic alliances. This delivery vehicle should be high on anyone’s priority list and an absolute must to implement in your one-year plan.
  Joint Ventures
In a joint venture, as the term implies, both parties bring an opportunity for the other to the table. Like strategic alliances, joint ventures can be an exceptional way to grow your customer list and sell your services to an already-primed group of prospects.
There are, however, some definite pitfalls to watch out for with joint ventures. We will explore the pluses and minuses and you will decide to implement what will work for YOU.
  Email, building your list, frequency
Building your customer list and mailing/emailing your customers frequently is an absolutely essential, absolutely fundamental process you should all master and systematically implement through the year with laser-like precision. By the time you graduate, you will know exactly what you have to do with this vital part of your business.
There is a goldmine sitting in the savvy use of physical newsletters—if you know what you are doing. Newsletters are way under-utilized as a way to retain and cultivate a highly responsive customer base. We will give you a basic fail-safe template to follow, but you must commit to implement on at least a monthly basis.
  Classes, workshops and bootcamps
How to set up and promote workshops, bootcamps and even classes could be a 3-day workshop in and of itself. The emphasis here: We will spend some time looking at how your teaching events can be used to further communicate your value to a larger group of customers.
Blogs are for those who love and are willing to write a lot. We’ll discuss whether a blog is right for you and look at some best practices.
  Social media
By popular demand, Nicole Du Cane, Dragon Door's VP of Marketing, will be doing an extended session on how to use Social Media to explode your business and bring in more money.

"Looking at the weekend from a cost/benefit slant, the number of ideas that were presented the first day alone that were individually worth the cost was staggering."—Dennis Breckey, Nashville, TN, RKC Solution Provider

It’s easy to give away a ton of information with videos either on your site or on YouTube, yet make very little money. Again, our mastermind group will discuss the pros and cons.
You will have noticed: Dragon Door loves postcards. Discover why and how you can include this in your marketing delivery mix.
  Articles: on your site, on other sites, in publications
Articles are a terrific way to leverage your message. We will already have discussed article use during earlier parts of the workshop. Here we will concentrate on the delivery vehicles for your articles.
Interviews are cheap to do, but can have tremendous pulling power. Learn how to use interviews effectively here.
Well, given the richness of the information you are going to be learning and given the financial leverage you can expect from implementing what you absorb at the Marketing Mastermind Intensive you must be wondering at this point what your investment is going to be.
I have personally attended three-day marketing workshops and two-day mastermind sessions where the price tag was $10,000 plus. None of the attendees (including myself) baulked at the charge, as most of us went on to at least TEN TIMES our original investment in less than a year as a result of what we took away from that workshop.

"A steal. This program should sell for 3-4 times more than it does. Tons of information, stories, examples and testimonials to reinforce the strategies. John Du Cane’s Marketing Mastermind Intensive gave me a comprehensive guide with step by step instructions to market my business that I can use over and over."—JJ Blea, Albuquerque, NM, RKC II, Firebellz Kettlebell Studio Owner and General Contractor

An RKC and close friend recently told me they would willingly pay at least $10,000 for a 3-day marketing seminar with me. And they recommended I charge that kind of fee for the Marketing Mastermind Intensive.
Now, there are plenty of RKCs and HKCs who are savvy enough and well-off enough that they would also be happy to invest 10K or more in the Marketing Mastermind Intensive—because they are convinced the information they learn here will be beyond priceless and could transform their business lives. True enough.
So I could deliver the Marketing Mastermind Intensive to a small group of our most dedicated and dynamic instructors—and they will undoubtedly grow their businesses enormously.
But the RKCs and HKCs in our community are also family. Pavel and I both want you all to succeed very, very much, not only as trainers but as successful business people. In fact it was Pavel who urged me to create the Marketing Mastermind Intensive, in the first place.
So we’ve decided to offer the Marketing Mastermind Intensive for half that recommended investment—and only one-third the recommended investment, if you take advantage of the steep early-bird discounts.

"As an extremely new business owner with very little capital for investing, I can say that this workshop was the most important step I’ve taken as a business owner. Knowing what I know now, this workshop was easily worth 5 times the price. I really can’t explain how exceptional this weekend was."—Max Shank, Encinitas, CA, RKC II, Gym Owner, Trainer
PLUS: we are allowing you to bring TWO guests to attend with you for only an extra $500 each (see "guest" definition below.)
I have personally spent many millions of dollars on a combination of education and in-the-trenches experimentation and research to arrive at being able to offer you this distillation of my personal marketing wisdom. I know I would be taken severely to task by my own great marketing mentors, for almost "giving away" my hard-earned wisdom and secrets for such a low tuition fee. And frankly, I may never again offer this much information in this rich a mastermind environment, at such a low fee.
So I do urge you to take advantage of what may very well be an unprecedented and one-time-only offer.

NEW! BONUS SESSION: "How to Explode Your Business With Social Media" with Dragon Door's VP of Marketing, Nicole Du Cane.

By popular demand, Nicole will be doing an extended session on how to effectively, systematically, and efficiently use Social Media to bring in more clients, business and double your sales. Whether you're completely new to the world of Facebook and Twitter or already have an established presence, she will be showing the step-by-step secrets to using Social Media for maximum results.