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If you are a coach, a personal trainer—or you simply want to optimize
your own performance—then this is the event that could spark a surge in your career, boost your health and enhance your athletic capabilities for years to come...

Announcing: The Dragon Door 2016

Health and Strength Conference

And Introducing The Dragon Door Faculty of Foremost Fitness Experts...

Jon Bruney, Logan Christopher, Andrea Du Cane, Marty Gallagher, Rolando Garcia, Mike Gillette, Angelo Grinceri, Adrienne Harvey, Steve Holiner, Dan John, Danny Kavadlo, Mike Krivka, Keira Newton, Phil Ross and Max Shank

See Presentation Outlines
Listen to Presenter Interviews

Including a special VIP opportunity to visit with and enjoy the company of the Health and Strength presenters at an exclusive Saturday evening dinner!

Dragon Door has assembled the most authoritative, results-producing roster of fitness authors of any company in the world. Whether it be kettlebells, sandbags, bodyweight exercise, powerlifting, nutrition or other resources for optimizing health and strength, we give you the complete package—and then some…

Our PCC calisthenics certification workshops and our RKC programs are widely acknowledged as the gold standard. Our authors’ titles routinely become fitness industry bestsellers and frequently become THE bible for their topic.

Last year we organized a conference bringing almost all of our world-class fitness experts together at the same time. You can imagine what it was like to hang out for two days and absorb the wisdom from the synergistic energy of these fitness powerhouses packed…

and here’s what participants had to say after the fact:

"I've attended many health and fitness related conferences, and this one may top them all! Every trainer and serious fitness/strength enthusiast should have been there. Can't wait for next year, and I plan to bring an entourage with me. Thanks so much for putting on this most outstanding event! Definitely a MUST attend!!!!!"—Larry Froley, California
"I didn't really know what to expect and I left a little stunned on how impressed I was. Dragon Door put together another excellent event and stays true to their mission of lending the world the best health and strength information from the world's top coaches and champions. The schedule was kept very tight and the presenters were professional and prepared. This gave me an opportunity to listen in and try out some of the strength techniques from the world's best. Marty Gallagher is a show-stopper with his straight to the point attitude on what it takes to be strong. His impact on the modern world of strength has been as influential as greats like Arnold Schwarzenagger, and Jack Lalane. It was great to hear the knowledge and techniques of other presenters as these tips will go a long way in my own training practices."—Robert Miller, Chicago
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"I was very impressed with the presenters... Chris Hardy, Marty Gallagher and Rolando Garcia III blew me away with their content, perspective and presence... there was no one who disappointed but those three were exceptional. It's always nice to walk away with new perspectives and interesting takes on various things and I totally walked away with dozens of ‘ah-ha!’ moments. I'm very much looking forward to the next year's conference."—Chris Holder, San Luis Obispo
"I enjoyed the accessibility of all presenters. While I thought all presentations were worthwhile, I really enjoyed subjects tangential to training: Strong Medicine, Logan's visualization techniques. Jon Bruney's talk on Isometrics, sub-frequencies and c02. And, of course, Marty Gallagher The best writer in the business and excellent presenter. I signed up for the conference because of his involvement."—Steve Jerik
"As a new business owner, it's easy to get inundated with day-to-day tasks and forget why you opened your gym. I came to the conference looking for inspiration and I found it. The staff and speakers were passionate, confident and engaging. The variety of topics and viewpoints kept the conference inclusive and welcoming. This was the most informative and friendly conference I've attended. I would recommend it to anyone. See you next year!"—Crystal Williams, Minnesota
"Obviously, I hoped to gain knowledge about training & nutrition to become a better coach. What I didn't expect, but was happy to receive, were the new friendships and contacts I established with some of the best minds in the fitness industry."—Tina Wendell
"I really enjoyed the conference. The highlight for me was the total number (13) of speakers that presented. I was impressed by the overall professional quality and subject matter content that each presenter provided. Thanks again for such an amazing weekend."—Mary Langenfeld, Minnesota
"The speakers, while I had heard of them, I had no idea how powerful they would be in person."—Peggie Larsen, South Dakota
"I believe that all the presenters were freely sharing knowledge and enlarging our base. I think it was just bringing this level of instruction and attendees together. I truly think that being able to meet and network with all of the people present was incredible and well worth being there for."—Paul Britt, Dallas
"All I know is there was some incredible energy in that room those two days and I feel blessed to have experienced it! Wish I could articulate in words what a wonderful experience this was!!!! But I can give an analogy… When John ended the conference Sunday I had the feeling I used to get when I was a kid and went to see one of my favorite bands play. When the last encore was finished and the lights went on and I knew I saw an incredible, memorable performance I would be pumped from the show but at the same time sad that it was over! And I would immediately think of the next time the band would be in town, when the next tour was going to be!! How I could not wait to get into school the next day and talk about how awesome the concert was!!!!That how I felt. Like wow this was amazing! But oh no, it's over!! Can't wait till they announce next year s conference!!!!!! Can't wait to get back in the gym and start applying all this knowledge!!! Felt awesome to have that feeling running threw my body and mind!! Great job Dragon Door!!"—Michael Anderson, New York
"Great experience and great networking opportunity! Thank you for bringing such an incredible team together!!!"—Derek Spoden, Minnesota
"I expect the best of everything from Dragon Door and you all rocked it again!!!!!"—Tito Rogers, California
"I loved how engaged everyone was. I have attended numerous conferences and this one was by far one of my favorites. The presenters supported one another and were willing to debate without negativity. Many times those with the most knowledge hoard it; this group was willing to share and support!"—Chris Haukos, Minnesota

So…we are doing it again: organizing THE fitness conference of the year. A conference that should not only educate you in practical, cutting-edge strategies to optimize athletic performance and health—but inspire you to push forward, and make unprecedented gains in your overall athletic capabilities...

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I Can Think of No Better Gift to You than Bringing Together This Brilliant Band of Health and Strength Masters…

And Asking Them to Share Many of Their Most Valuable Secrets with You…

No matter how you’re involved in the fitness industry...

  • If you’re an experienced, hyper-fit personal trainer, coach, athlete, martial artist or body culture enthusiast looking to go beyond your current physical capabilities...

  • If you’ve established yourself with a profitable, successful fitness training business—and now you’d like to turbocharge it—unlocking brand new opportunities and revenue potential...

  • If you’re not getting everything you want from your personal fitness programs—because you’re stuck, plateaued, or simply overwhelmed with the infinite options in fitness today...


There’s ONE Action-Step That Will Get You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be—In the Fastest, Most-Effective Way Possible...

Meet in Person with This Fitness Braintrust!

And this August 20th and 21st could be your one and only opportunity to get the attention and insights of ALL these fitness experts, working together in one room to help you transform your physical capabilities.

The single-smartest investment YOU can make, TODAY, in transforming yourself... Is getting up close and personal with world-class authorities who have "been there, done that"—who lead the fitness world in what they have accomplished for themselves and for others...

And the CUMULATIVE IMPACT of absorbing the wisdom-secrets of 15 of these top experts could be life-changing…

Dragon Door’s mission is to have a massive impact on global health by leveraging the power of our fitness authorities’ health and strength expertise. Join us—if you care to be a leader in the battle against poor health and reduced physical function. And join us—if you want to lead the charge in modeling transformational fitness to a confused world…

Since I founded Dragon Door 25 years ago, I’ve been able to work with, learn from, and enjoy lasting friendships with many of the greatest names in modern fitness. I am very proud to have co-originated the modern kettlebell movement in 2001—just think what impact kettlebells have had on global health and strength over the last 15 years!

I am exceptionally proud to have re-ignited a global interest in bodyweight exercise thanks to the Convict Conditioning series and the tireless work of the Kavadlo brothers. Again, the impact on global fitness has been dramatic…

And I am proud to have introduced the maestro of all strength coaches, Marty Gallagher, to a broader audience.

Bottom line, I have a knack for spotting, nurturing and promoting many of the modern Masters of Fitness…I consider myself a "Facilitator of Greatness" :) . And now you can rub shoulders with and absorb wisdom fom these same Greats….

Your Path to Greatness as a Trainer Can Only Be Accelerated By Working With, Learning From and Implementing the Teachings of These Experts…

By teaming up with the smartest coaches possible... Your greater success as a trainer becomes nearly impossible to avoid…

Before we go any further, I have to warn you: This event is NOT created for the casual fitness faddist. If you’re looking for some cheap new "shiny objects" to play with, this is NOT the event for you. While you’re still free to attend, your time and money will best be spent elsewhere.

WHO THIS EVENT IS FOR: We built this conference for SERIOUS fitness professionals and those committed to the highest personal standards in their own physical training. You belong at the Health and Strength Conference

  • If you’ve already established yourself as a fitness professional—and now you’re looking to gain an extreme advantage over your competitors...

  • You want to discover tested, proven, advanced strategies for creating rapid transformation in health and strength for both you and those you train…

  • You want to connect and network with the sharpest and most dedicated pros in modern fitness, the Dragon Door "leadership"—who wouldn’t miss this Conference come Hell or High Water…

Then, you’re likely to take what you get at this event and use it to multiply your investment 10X, even 100X, within just the first year...

Registration Information

Health and Strength Conference 2016

Minneapolis, Minnesota August 20th-August 21st

Saturday: 9:00AM—6:00PM Sunday: 8:30AM—5:30PM

If you’re the type of serious student of health and strength who is an ideal guest for this Conference...You already recognize the tremendous value we’ve put together. And because you are "in the business," you’ll know that putting together an event of this magnitude, with this roster of presenters, at one of the premier hotels in Minneapolis, does not come cheap!

So you will be pleasantly surprised that we’ve found a way to make it extremely reasonable for you:

For complete access to the full two days of the Health and Strength Conference, the fee is only $449.

Register by Friday, May 20th and your registration fee is only $349—save $100.

Register by Friday, July 1st and your registration fee is only $399—save $50.

For complete access to the full two days of the Health and Strength Conference PLUS a pass to the Saturday evening VIP Dinner Package, the fee is only $549.

Register by Friday, May 20th for the full Conference PLUS the VIP Dinner Package and your registration fee is only $449—save $100.

Register by Friday, July 1st for the full Conference PLUS the VIP Dinner Package and your registration fee is only $499—save $50.

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3D register now VIP


We feel we owe it to our authors, our leadership and our most loyal and dedicated customers to showcase the extraordinary talent within our community. To give back to you all—and in the act of giving back, to turbo-charge our health and strength initiative…

Do we want to open this up and make it as affordable as possible to those who are serious about helping Dragon Door have a major impact on world health…


If you’d like to bring either a bona fide business partner, employee or a relative, you can add up to FOUR (4) registrations to yours, at a $100 discount for each person. This offer applies to the VIP Package also. For example, if you register for the VIP Package at $449, you can register your VIP Package guests for $349 each.

We ask that you only use this for genuine business partners and relatives—verification may be requested.


As a gesture of thanks to our Dragon Door authors we’ve put together a special VIP plated dinner banquet for them on Saturday evening…

Well, how would you like to join this group of fitness superstars at their dinner? Spend a couple of hours—or more—connecting on a deeper and broader level with the experts of your choice?

Because of the jam-packed conference schedule, this, frankly, could be your best opportunity for quality personal time with the Dragon Door authors. You may want to pick their brains, you may want to arrange special training with them or you may simply want to establish a friendship with them… I challenge you, though, to find a more powerful group of fitness authorities together at ANY single dinner in 2016 in the US!

We are sure that almost the entire RKC and PCC leadership team will also be attending—one of the reasons they are leaders is because they know to seize on remarkable opportunities when they’re offered! So, you should also be able to hang and network with many of the greatest kettlebell and calisthenics trainers in the world…

Dragon Door’s not looking to make a dime on this dinner, so the fee of $100 for this special dinner will be there to roughly cover the hotel’s dinner charge per person.

Interested? Just select the VIP Package and you’re in…

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"Is there a discounted room rate at the hotel?"

Yes! The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot has set aside a block of rooms at the special rate of $145 per night. After you register, you’ll get an email with our group code and a link to reserve your room online, to get the discount as part of our room block.

Note: we highly recommend you make your reservations as soon as you receive our group code. Given the likely popularity of the Conference, we expect the rooms to be snapped up quickly. It will be very inconvenient indeed—and potentially more expensive—if you are forced to stay at a different hotel!

Want to share a room? The hotel allows up to four guests in a room. We will be setting up a private Facebook group for registrants which will allow you to network for hotel and travel information.

"Can I just wait for the video recordings?"

We may or may not be recording the event. We will be making that decision down the road…

But SO much of this Health and Strength Conference is bound up in the personal experience you will have—not just being up close and personal with the incredible posse of fitness authorities, but networking with all the other industry "movers and shakers" you can expect to be in attendance.

Will the event be sold out if you ignore this notice today and come back tomorrow? Probably not. But why risk it? Simply because you’re reading this far, you’re serious. Not only about the chance to attend this incredible event... But also doing what it takes—investing in YOURSELF as well as in many of the world’s greatest fitness authorities—to get those next big breakthroughs as a trainer or coach...

If You’re Serious, Register Now...

3D register now
3D register now VIP


Fill out your payment information on the order form and reserve your spot. You’ll receive a follow-up email shortly after, with travel and accommodation information.

Prefer to register by phone? Call 1-800-899-5111.

Dragon Door Health and Strength Conference 2016