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Bodyweight Exercise Workshop


Bodyweight Exercise Workshop
Minneapolis, MN, United States
August 3 - 5, 2012

A 3-Day Training with RKC Chief Instructor Pavel, Master RKC Mark Reifkind and Senior RKC Max Shank

Bodyweight Exercise Workshop
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota • August 3-5, 2012

Workshop Code # WPKB80
Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Get a Treasure Chest of Advanced New
Bodyweight Training Secrets to Restore,
Revitalize and Reinforce Your Strength and Power…
Bodyweight Exercise Workshop is for those who wish to (check all that apply):
   Deliver highly effective performance-enhancement training to a wide spectrum of clients
   Significantly increase their income as a trainer
   Radically upgrade their own performance skills and capabilities
   Establish themselves as a leader in the performance-training market
   Add greater perceived value to their training business profile
   Join and network with an elite group of high-level instructors
   Develop significant new levels of power, strength, conditioning and physical resilience
Is this YOU? Then read on now:

BodyweightWKPPAVEL1What You'll Get From Pavel

You are missing the boat Big Time—and leaving stacks of "strength-cash" on the table—if you train your abs ONLY with external resistance. 50% of your abs work should have THIS focus—if you REALLY want to bank a blistering six-pack…
What is Pavel’s "improved back-pressure-crunch-sequence" —and how can you use to it to school your abs into rigid attention?
If you don’t know these new Hanging Leg Raise subtleties and variations and don’t bother to show up—then don’t whine to us when you fail to fully master this ultimate abs exercise…because we’ll be plain out of cheese…
The static-dynamic method can accelerate your strength gains with a surprising jolt of new power. Get it here.
Discover the intricacies of the modified Janda sit-up—and why some of the savvier, elite coaches have started teaching this remarkable method…
Master the perfect posture of strength with the unique "compression suit" plank—and instantly improve your one-arm pushup performance.
How to stop your back and hamstrings from "ripping off" your abs-strengthening drills…
EMG tests reveal that in the RKC plank, the internal obliques fire twice as strong, the abs three times as strong, and the external obliques four times as strong as in the traditional plank. Get more insights into why the RKC "reverse engineering of strength" is redefining our views of what can be attained…
The Ab Wheel is a tried-and-true gut torturer, no question—but let Pavel show how to make this apparently innocent little device even nastier—yet safer!
How to elevate your pull up and abs strength to the next level with a simple stick and a brutal old time strongman exercise.
How to train your pulling strength around an elbow injury.
How to train your pressing strength around an elbow or shoulder injury.
If uber-champion trainer Marty Gallagher demands that students do THIS bodyweight triceps exercise—then who are we not to demand it of you also? You have been warned…
How can this be possible? Yet it’s true: the Russian breakthrough of the artificial controlling environment has clocked strength gains at a 300% to 400% times faster pace than is possible with other methods…Pavel will explain how, why and what to do…
BodyweightWKPPAVEL2Superficialists like to diss HardStyle for the celebration of "high tension". Yet HardStyle, of course has its dark side—relaxation’s "Yin" to tension’s "Yang". Learn special stretches and relaxation drills to complete your tension training.
Just say no to "piking" and "arching"! Discover how to fix these two symptoms of a weak and uncoordinated midsection.
Discover THIS unique and remarkable abdominal exercise—developed in a lab and used by top fighters.
Learn how to employ the ancient magic of "Reverse breathing"—a highly effective power breathing variation…
THESE additional gymnastic hollow position drills can ONLY translate into greater strength…
Pavel learned THIS remarkable midsection drill from a former Mr. Olympia. It will work magic for athletes as well as for bodybuilders—get it here…
THIS Eastern European weightlifters’ technique will make your pistols a lot harder and stricter—which means even stronger and even more powerful legs, right?
Learn the "hanging kip"—a killer midsection drill from Prof. McGill’s lab.
Add THESE to your armory for additional strength firepower: safe, effective and fast eccentric bodyweight drills for muscle building…
How to apply the Return of the Kettlebell methodology to bodyweight training.
Discover the "Russian rest/pause" technique for taking your repetition pull ups to the next level.
THESE three additional motor learning tricks will make your "Grease the Groove" practice even more effective…
How to work every muscle in your neck and feel like a million bucks…
Why you should focus on THIS unexpected body part to hold a strong and long handstand.
How to build greater pressing strength with handstands.
How to build your handstand pushup strength and the deep muscles of your midsection with headstand leg raises.
How to progress from the handstand to the full handstand pushup.
How to avoid THIS alignment mistake made by 99% of the people who progressively increase the HSP’s range of motion.
How to apply an old-time weightlifters’ military press groove to the handstand pushup—for spectacular results…
THESE three cool subtleties will make parallel bar dips a lot safer—and safer means more progress in the long run…
Use THIS lower body alignment to ensure strong and strict dips.

Having hauled off enough bodyweight training loot from Pavel to last you a lifetime, you might be thinking of retiring now to France or Brazil…But wait, there’s more! Here’s just some of the valuables Master RKC,Mark Reifkind will be offering up:

BodyweightWKPRIF11)   The shoulder pack: How to prepare the shoulders for Handstands and advanced bodyweight drills. Progressions for yourself and your clients; from the ground up.
2)   Are you qualified? Half plank and full plank Deep Skill progressions for solid shoulder mechanics and the gymnast’s secret to total body tension.
3)   Feed Forward Tension: Learn why gymnasts are so muscular—using ONLY bodyweight training.
4)   How to do a handstand like a gymnast: step-by-step progressions to the free handstand, one of the ultimate bodyweight skills.
5)   The Gymnast’s Hollow position
  1. Shoulder, lat and thoracic area requirements (shoulder flexion while in hollow position.)
  2. Shoulder and Lat flexibility stretches (stick and bands)
  3. Tuck and rolls
  4. Hollow rockers
  5. Gymnastics tension RKC drills
  6. Hollow Wheelbarrow walk
6)   Self spotting: how to use the wall to build towards the free handstand.
7)   The Planche: secrets of this most advanced handstand variation and how to build to it safely.
8)   Crucial stretches for your handstand and your planche. How not to get hurt training your handstand and planche; crucial stretches to avoid damaging the shoulders and back.
The Devil is definitely in the details, when it comes to Mark Reifkind’s hard-won bodyweight exercise secrets. Here’s a peak at just some of those devilish details you’ll lock horns with during Rif’s section:
    Hands and Knees Horse Stance; Hand, arm, shoulder alignment.
  1. Hand and finger position
  2. Weight distribution on hand/ fingers
  3. Elbow lock/ triceps
  4. External rotation of arm (‘elbow pits forward’)/rotator cuff activation
  5. Serratus pushaways; the opposite of shoulder pack.
  6. "Active/Static" pushing: the static stomp for the upper body.

  7. Weight Transfers: the Kick up Part One.
  8. Kick up start position.
  9. Low Rock ups.
  10. Progressive Rock ups.

    The Kick up to Stacked position
  11. Progressively higher weight transfers.

  12. Full Kick ups with spot
  13. Kick up to spotted handstand that goes through the stack up.

  14. Full kick up to spot, then remove legs from support. Hold for time.
  15. How to step down from a handstand.

  16. Full kick up, No Spot
  17. How to bail out.
  18. Pirouette.
  19. Forward rolls.

  20. Step to handstand; a true handstand.
  21. Starting position /arm angle.
  22. How many steps.
  23. Weight transfer to hands.

  24. Step to handstand to stacking, back to the basics.

    Step to handstand with spotter or wall

    How to stay up
  25. Weight distribution/ wrist flexibility.
  26. Finger strength.
  27. Heel of the hand/triceps activation.
  28. Shoulder flexibility.

One of the strongest and most accomplished athletes in our community is Senior RKC, Max Shank. And Max has already amassed a surprising treasure chest himself of little-known strategies to short-cut your drive to ever-greater strength and power—with bodyweight exercise only. He could have hoarded these secrets, but he’s consented to share them with us…: 

  • Discover how to incorporate bodyweight exercise to improve your kettlebell pressing.
  • Unlock the full potential of pushups—90% of exercisers are doing these completely wrong!
  • How to manipulate leverage—to bust through plateaus and avoid injury with your pull ups.
  • How to change the grip of your pulling movements for increased strength and postural benefits.
    • How to fit handbalancing and handstands into your already shoulder intensive kettlebell training.
    • The benefits of bridging in all its forms can be a valuable asset to athletes and regular Joes and Janes alike. Learn how to implement these safely and effectively for anyone.
    • Understand the different planes of motion involved in bodyweight training and how to balance your exercise routine.
    • Flexibility and strength are two sides of the same coin—use easy flexibility drills to improve your strength dramatically.
    • Discover moves that target flexibility and strength at the same time.
    • You breathe for performance—but do you know how to breathe for health?
    • THESE Yoga moves are designed to enhance your strength and flexibility.
    • Stretching: Why touching your toes for long periods of time is a bad idea and how to gain flexibility using active stretching and PNF Techniques.
    • Running—take it or leave it?
    • Jumping: How, why, and how much?
    • What makes for a strong core?
    • Know the crucial difference between a strong core and a functional core.
    • How to differentiate between a double kettlebell clean and press and handstand pushups—and how to program both of them.
    • How to program bodyweight exercise into an athlete’s strength and conditioning program.
    • Discover how non-specific strength training through bodyweight exercise can improve specific strength and athleticism in other areas.
    • Discover the subtleties of training volume when it comes to bodyweight exercise—how to use sets and reps to your advantage.
    • The order of exercises makes a dramatic difference to the benefit you gain from bodyweight training—don’t make THIS mistake!
    • How to use your own bodyweight to elevate your conditioning to heights thought unreachable—and do it safely!
    • Why bodyweight conditioning movements are generally safer than loaded conditioning at extreme levels of effort.

Pavel + Rif + Max. Talk about an embarrassment of riches!



Bodyweight Exercise Workshop  

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Friday, August 3—Sunday, August 5, 2012 

Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, 
Little Canada, MN 55117

Tuition: $1,795.00

$300.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after July 20, 2012

Workshop Code # WPKB80

Workshop reference: Bodyweight Exercise Workshop

Register now for the Russian Kettlebell Certification Seminar Friday September 9 - Sunday September 11, 2011

Now available: pay for your workshop in four equal, monthly installments. 

You will be charged one quarter of the published registration fee, discounted or otherwise, at the time of your registration. Your credit card will be charged 30 days, 60 days and 90 days later for the three subsequent amounts. 

Simply proceed with your registration and when you arrive at the shopping cart check the box indicated to pay in four installments.
  • Extreme Early-Bird Registration Discount: Register and pay by November 25, 2011, fee is only $995.00 (Save $800.00)

    Extreme Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by August 19, 2011, fee is only $1,195.00 (Save $1,000.00)

  • Super Early-Bird Registration Discount: Register and pay by January 27, 2012, fee is only $1,295.00 (Save $500.00)

    Super Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by September 23, 2011, fee is only $1,595.00 <(Save $600.00)

  • Excellent Early-Bird Registration Discount: Register and pay by March 30, 2012, fee is only $1,395.00 (Save $400.00)

    Excellent Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by October 21, 2011, fee is only $1,795.00 (Save $400.00)

  • Still a Great Deal Early-Bird Registration Discount: Register and invest by May 25, 2012, fee is only $1,495.00 (Save $300.00)

    Still a Great Deal Early-Bird Registration Discount:
    Register and pay by November 25, 2011, fee is only $1,995.00 (Save $200.00)



Workshop price does not include room & board, however complimentary lunches, coffee and water will be provided on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.
Note: We will be providing you with kettlebells to practice with at the training, but these kettlebells are not included in the price of the training. You will be able to purchase kettlebells at the workshop if you let us know in advance.