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DVRT™ Level I Certification Course

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DVRT™ Level I Certification Course
New York, NY
November 1, 2014

With Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner

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In the full-contact arena, athletes contend with an ever-shifting set of challenges: sudden changes in velocity, power, force, weight, and energy-demand. The athlete needs to withstand powerful blows directed at any part of the body, to accelerate and decelerate at a moment’s notice, to strike back with blinding power and to remain stable in a highly unstable environment. The athlete needs to be this dynamic—while simultaneously minimizing the risk of personal injury. He needs a cat’s agile movement skills, a bull’s rock-like strength and a stallion’s enduring power.

The rest of us are "everyday athletes". Yet—while the level of physical challenge may be less intense—we can still strive to cultivate the same foundational movement skills, the same foundational strength and the same foundational power. Because we want to be in the best shape we can be—to be truly fit for anything life throws at us…high-energy, less prone to injury, more capable, more self-reliant, vigorous and physically appealing.

Whether as a highly-ranked basketball player, as a strongman, as a coach, or as a personal trainer, Josh Henkin has been on a lifelong search for the perfect tools and the perfect system to cultivate this level of multi-functional athleticism. After years of frustration and years of diligent applied-research, Josh designed a very specific type of sandbag device—and formulated a remarkably thorough training system—which has proven to meet exactly those functional athletic needs. As the name implies, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) prepares ANY athlete to handle whatever challenge comes their way—with a far greater likelihood of success and with a much-reduced chance of injury.

Besides the magic design of the Ultimate Sandbag itself, the great secret of DVRT is in the skillful use of incremental progressions for the development of strength, power and elegant movement. Like a high-level martial art, DVRT can’t be properly learned just from books and videos. Expert coaching is essential if you are to master the DVRT secrets—and pass on those rewards to others.

There are so many things that can wrong with heavy-duty, high-yield weight training, without the right expertise to guide you. There is so much to lose from not understanding the finer points of correct posture, weight distribution, body mechanics and so much more. It’s so hard to know how to organize your training over the long haul without masterly coaching in how to keep making progress year after year…

Enter Josh Henkin’s Level I DVRT Instructor Certification Course. The Ultimate Sandbag is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and effective training tools on the planet. However, just like any other tool, knowledge is power.  Henkin’s innovative DVRT system provides EVERYTHING you need you need to know to achieve extraordinary levels of athletic prowess with the Ultimate Sandbag as a major tool. And the only place to get on top of that special knowledge is the DVRT course.

If you are looking to stay on the cutting-edge of fitness and performance training, you will need absolutely to attend a DVRT course. DVRT programs are currently being used by elite military units, top strength coaches, and the very best fitness facilities all over the world—for good reason. The results speak for themselves.

Workshop Code # DVRT003
Register on-line or call 1-651-487-2180 for credit card orders.

Attend the DVRT™ Certification and
leave with these major advantages…


  • A deep understanding of the true benefits of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™—for both yourself and your clients
  • A solid knowledge of vital DVRT™ foundational movements and programming to make all clients successful
  • A workmanlike grasp of the fundamentals of biomechanics—to ensure your clients move with perfect form and avoid injury
  • A grasp of the key DVRT™ skills and principles of strength and functional fitness
  • The confidence you can now correctly teach the three essential DVRT™ exercises—and troubleshoot common technique problems
  • The unique DVRT™ template for designing an unlimited number of effective workouts.
  • Understand How the Most Current Research Supports DVRT™ for the Best in Core Training
  • Improve Your Clients Progress In Minutes, Not Weeks
    Take home an information-packed
    DVRT™ instructor manual…

  • What makes DVRT™ innovative and unique in functional fitness training
  • What research says about the benefits of DVRT™
  • Over 30 DVRT™ programs for constant progression and client success
  • In-depth discussion of how to bridge science and real world training for the most cutting-edge fitness programs.
Register now for the DVRT Seminar on September 21st, 2014

Common Questions & Answers

Q: Are there any pre-requisites to take any of the DVRT courses?
A: No, since the DVRT program is so different and dramatically new for many students, the curriculum is designed to catch people up quickly during the course of the day.

Q: Is there any testing during the courses?

A: DVRT Level I has a written and physical test that must be passed to reach the certification status. Upon passing you will become a coach of one of the hottest programs in the world. Your bio and contact information will be placed on the DVRT site and you will be given unique opportunities to promote your business through the Ultimate Sandbag family.

Q: Do I have to be a trainer to take the course?

A: You do not have to be a fitness professional or strength coach to take and pass the course. Having a background in fitness does help, but is not essential. It is designed as a coaching course, but that means proper instruction, programming, and technique.

Level 1 is designed to set forth the strong foundations of movement and skilled functional movement patterns essential to athletic mastery. You will learn how DVRT differs from just about any other fitness program and what "strength" in the DVRT system really means.

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™
Level 1 Course Syllabus
Contact Hours
: 8 Hours with 1 Hour for Lunch

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to identify imbalances and weaknesses in primary movement patterns.
  • Understand how to organize all training variables in a progressive training program.
  • Develop a system of applying training variables with specific functional movement patterns.
  • Learn how to properly cue and instruct both group and individual training settings to provide a positive and progressive training experience for clients and coaches.
  • Coordinate new functional patterns by understanding proper movement patterns and kinetic chains.
Evaluation & Testing:

Attendees will have to have 80% passing score on written test. Attendees will have to pass a physical test either the day of the test or within three months of attending the program. Materials on physical test are sent upon sign-up. Attendees that pass both criteria will receive continuing education credits from ACE, AFAA, NASM, and most professional organizations.
Training overview:
DVRT schedule 
Training manual will be provided at time of program.

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training


New York, NY
November 1, 2014


Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111 for credit card orders.

Mail check to Dragon Door Publications, 5 East County Rd B, #3, 
Little Canada, MN 55117

Certification fee: $499.00

$50.00 fee for cancellations or transfers, no exceptions.

No refunds on cancellations after October 17th, 2014

Workshop Code # DVRT003

Workshop reference: DVRT, New York, NY, November 2014 

Register now for the DVRT Seminar on September 21st, 2014

  • Register and pay by September 19, 2014, fee is only $399.00 (Save $100.00) 

Certification Location:

Catalyst S.P.O.R.T., LLC
1410 Broadway
NY, NY 10001

Host: Kathy Dooley

This workshop limited to 25 participants.

Workshop price does not include room & board or meals.

A map for the location and a list of convenient hotels/motels will be provided to all registrants.

Workshop Site Cancellation

Workshop sites may be cancelled up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the scheduled workshop session for any reason. When a workshop is cancelled or postponed, candidates will be notified immediately and will receive a complete refund of all workshop fees or be allowed to transfer at no penalty to the new dates or another course of their choosing without penalty. 

Refunds for credit card transactions processed online will be refunded back to the credit card within 2 weeks after the cancellation. If workshop registration was not completed online or the refund cannot be processed online, a refund check will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks after the cancellation.

If cancellation is required, Dragon Door is not responsible for any expenses (travel or lodging) incurred beyond the registration fees. We recommend against making non-refundable travel plans.

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