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Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package
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Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package
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The Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package

All Ultimate Sandbag Packages come with a durable outer shell and filler bags. The outer shell provides 7 gripping options to train over 400 dynamic exercises. The Ultimate Sandbag filler bags are a clean and convenient way to change the weight of your Ultimate Sandbag to accommodate any fitness level or type of fitness. Each Ultimate Sandbag Package comes with a FREE training DVD, instructional booklet and wall chart poster. These packages do not come with sand.
  • Comes with one Burly Shell measuring 27L x 13W (loadable from 60-120 pounds)
  • Comes with three 20-to-40 pound fillers
  • Great for heavy gym & strong man type lifts, barbell type complex lifts

Which Ultimate Sandbag Package Is Best For You—And Why
Why use these strange names—Power, Strength, and Burly?! Why not just call them 20, 40, 80, or 120-pound Ultimate Sandbags™? The most obvious answer is that the weight of an Ultimate Sandbag can be changed...more

The Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package - $159.99
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