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Instructor Profiles


Thomas Phillips


Phone: 732-780-2270
Marlboro, NJ
United States 07746
10 out of 10 (52 reviews)
Thomas Phillips owns one of the most successful personal training studios in central New Jersey. Thomas is best known for his accomplishment as the 2002 EAS Grand Master Champion (earning him a $50,000 grand prize). Thomas has been in several different books and magazines, including a 6-page biography in the August 2003 Muscle Media. Thomas has also been featured in Bill Phillips' best selling cookbook Eating for Life, and was featured with Bill Phillips in the Fall 2003 Outside magazine in the article "Muscle Mania." Thomas was featured on the front cover of the 2005 EAS Challenge packet . . . distributed to over an estimated one million people around the world.

Thomas' recognition has earned him speaking engagements at several prestigious corporations including: two EAS transformation camps; The Vitamin Shop headquarters in Seacacus, New Jersey; Baltimore construction agency; Keyspan corporation in Manhattan and Long Island; and many others.

As a trainer, Thomas is always growing and pushing his limits. He has competed in Girevoy Sport, Olympic Weight Lifting, Power Lifting and has been trained privately in gymnastics. Thomas is a master of body weight calisthenics, and is proficient in several lower-arm strength tools including the clubbells. Thomas has also released a product on specifically for functional lower-arm strength.


Vital Stats

Co-owner Fit-for-life pt
2002 Body-for-life Grand Master Champion
Certified facilitated stretching
Certified Personal trainer
Certified Sport specific trainer
Certified Kettlebell instructor and RKC team leader
1st place National AAU deadlifter
National qualifier for the sport of kettlebell lifting
1st Place National TSC Elite class
1st Place National TSC Open call
U.S. Army certificate of Achievement Physical Fitness

Featured in:

Muscle Media Magazine
Outside Magazine
"Eating for Life" cookbook Interview
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10/10 The Best Instructor
By Sandi Moffet / Marlboro, NJ

Tom Phillips has literally changed my body with kettle bells. I spent many years in different gyms with different machines and different trainers until I found Tom. The kettle bells intrigued me because it was something different. At first it seemed like I was just using my arms to throw around a metal ball. Through Tom's expert instruction I learned how to shift my weight and throw my body into the movements rather than my arms. I have increased my core strength and have really seen results. What sets Tom apart from other trainers is his ability to "teach". So much of training is mental. Tom really focuses his training on how you should feel during the movement than just teaching the motion. He has a unique ability to relate his examples and make a lightbulb go off so you really understand what he is saying. This is what make Tom an excellent "instructor" rather than just another trainer.

10/10 A Mentor, Not a Trainer...
By Dr. Nicholas Despotidis / Hamilton, NJ USA

I'm a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do karate and have trained with Tom for three years. Tom???s greatest asset to his clients is he walks his talk, he leads by example. His work ethic is what drives me more than the techniques he teaches me. Tom has the ability to adjust his training sessions to his client???s needs and abilities. Introduction of kettlebells to my routine has been invaluable, if not addictive. The overall cardio combined with strength training they provide is tough to beat.

I'm 48 years old and have had the opportunity to train with some great athletes; Tom Phillips is one of the best. He???s the real deal, he possesses unparrelled knowledge with a unique ability to transfer that knowledge to the people he works with. Tom is not a trainer, he???s a mentor, a person who cares deeply about the people he works with and is dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

10/10 Thomas Gets It
By Charlie Weingroff / Jackson, NJ

My name is Charlie Weingroff, and I am the Director of Sports Therapy at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, NJ and the former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA.

As a competitive powerlifter, the community of co-athletes is tightly
knit, and upon moving back to New Jersey, I became acquainted with
Thomas Phillips and his staff. In getting to know Thomas and his staff, I am pleased to say that they "get it." While this compliment may seem minor, it is perhaps the best compliment I can give to a fellow practitioner.

Where doctors, therapist, and trainers have such a poor grasp of what it is truly important and effective in rehabbing and training individuals, those that "get it" are few and far between. Thomas "gets it," and the results he achieves with his clients clearly demonstrate this.

10/10 Outstanding
By Eric Sommers, BS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, RKC II / Hudson, WI, USA

I had the pleasure of having Tom as a Team Leader at my RKC II Certification in St. Paul , MN, in July of 2011. He was nothing short of exceptional concerning every aspect of what you look for in an instructor. Extremely knowledgable, very experienced, and very passionate about everything he has to offer. It is easy to see that he will make it his mission to help you succeed at whatever you ask him to help you do. If I were hiring an instructor, and I have met quite a few, Tom would be at the top of the list.

10/10 RKC Team Leader
By John Dixon, RKC / Frederick, MD

Thomas was my coach at this past RKC weekend (Sept 2010) and I thought he did a very good job. He explains things very clearly. He knows a LOT of corrective drills. I appreciated that he didn't feel a need to "be interesting". He just tells it like it is and does whatever he needs to, to get you doing the drill correctly. He is a very knowledgeable professional. I hope to train under him again in the future.

10/10 Great Team Leader, Very Knowledgable and Caring
By Jedd Johnson, CSCS, RKC, COC, Red Nail / Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Thomas was my Team Leader at the Philadelphia RKC in September 2010. He did a phenomenal job with our squad and was very helpful to me with my kettlebell technique, helping me iron out various issues. Thomas also helped me work out some things that I had going on with my ankles and my wrists and finger strength. I compete in Grip Strength competitions many times throughout the year and some of the practices that he showed me not only will help me in my competitions, but also with my day-to-day well being. It was great working with you Thomas, and I look forward to working with you more in the future. Thanks again.

10/10 Life Saver
By Frank LaRocca / Marlboro, NJ

Seven months ago I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I was 5'8" with 204 pounds of bones, muscle atrophy and fat ... a certain path to destruction. Then I met Tom Phillips. Training with Tom has been a unique and complete experience. From total nutrition to strength training and conditioning, Tom teaches you how to be healthy in mind and body. Nothing has been better for me than his kettle bell classes. Today I am 175 pounds and am doing things I haven't done in ten years. I owe it all to Tom and thank him for his dedication and commitment to me.

10/10 Awesome KB knowledge and RKC Certified!
By Steve Solomon / Dallas, TX USA

I had the honor and pleasure to have met Thomas at the 2009 Ronnie Coleman Classic in Mesquite, Texas. As a fellow Kettlebell enthusiast and martial artist (Taiji and Bagua), I had much to ask Thomas, and he proved to be extremely knowlegable, not only in the kettlebell form, function, and technique, but also in body mechanics as well. I was MOST IMPRESSED with his expertise, sincerity, extremely holistic and positive attitude towards fitness, and the kettlebell in particular. If I lived in Jersey, there is no doubt I would be in his facility! Thanks, Thomas, for your continued inspiration!!

10/10 Very Professional
By Neghar Fonooni / Ellicott City, MD

Tom was my team leader at the Philly RKC October 2009. He was incredibly positive and professional, offering constructive feedback at all times. He always made the candidates feel as though they could achieve anything even if they were struggling. His friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge made my RKC experience truly enjoyable.

By Paul Banco / Colts Neck, NJ

I can pretty much some it up in one word "OUTSTANDING". Tom has motived me physically, biochemically and mentally. What is most interesting is his class is always changing from week to week. He is always changing the routine and pushing us a little more each week. I actually look forward to this workout so much that I am now going 2 days a week

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