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The Purposeful Primitive

By Marty Gallagher

Table of Contents

Foreword by Pavel "Thinking Simply and Seeing Clearly" IX

I Prometheus 3
The Purposeful Primitives 4
There Is No School Like Old School 6
Standing On the Shoulders of Giants 7

Iron Masters 9
Paul Anderson—Primitive Patriarch 11

Typical Paul Anderson Workout 15

Bill Pearl—Anti-Aging Role Model 17

Bill Pearl's Classical Bodybuilding Training Regimen 20
The Anti-Aging Role Model 23

Bob Bednarski—Iron Icarus 25

Clash of the Titans: Barski goes to work for "The Man" 26
Training 27
Bob Bednarski Training Template 28
Aftermath: The Iron Icarus melts his wings 30

Hugh Cassidy—Iron Master Renaissance Man 31

Eat Your Way Through Sticking Points! 32
All Aboard the Pain Train! 33
Hugh Cassidy Training Split 34
Lift Big, Eat Big, Rest Big, Grow Big! 35

Mark Chaillet—Powerlifting Ultra Minimalist 37

How Little can you do and still get Super Strong? 38
Mark Chaillet's Super Simplistic System 39
Competition Training Cycle 39
8 Week Periodization Cycle 40
Stopping Machine Gun Sales at Chaillet's "House of Pain" 41

Doug Furnas—The Athlete's Athlete 45

Near Death Experience Leads to Iron Introduction 47
Dennis Wright: "Simplistic Genius" 50
Coaching Coan, Furnas and Chaillet Simultaneously 52
How did Doug train? 53

Ed Coan—The Greatest Powerlifter Of All Time… 55

How the Greatest Powerlifter in History Trained 61
Coan Trains 62

Ken Fantano—Power Theoretician 65

Powerlifting Architecture 68
"The Weight Don't Care; It Has Only One Friend: Gravity!" 70
Power Enduro 72
Fantano Phase II Competition Training Template 73

Dorian Yates—The Iron Monk 75

The Quantum Leap Forward 76
Blood & Guts: Film Noir Extraordinaire 78
My Day with Dorian 80
Bodybuilding, Blood & Guts Style 82

Kirk Karwoski—Prototypical Purposeful Primitive 85

Karwoski's Four Day/Week Power Training Program 89
Karwoski 4 Day Training Split 90
Karwoski Reemerges 91

Iron Methods 95
The Purposefully Primitive Resistance Training Amalgamation 97

Recapitulation of Modes and Methods 100

What the Iron Masters Have in Common 104

How to Build Muscle 105
Getting Started 106

Primary Exercises 108

Squat 108
Bench Press 110
Deadlift 112

Secondary Exercises 114

Overhead Press 114
Biceps Curl 115
Triceps Extension 116

Tertiary Exercises 117

Romanian Deadlift 117
Calf Raise 118
Decline Sit-up 118

Auxiliary Exercises 118

Legs 119
Chest 121
Back 123

Two Day A Week Training 125

Two Day Split: Simplistic, Time Efficient, Deadly Effective! 126

Three Day A Week Training 126

Three Day Split: Work the Whole Body Thrice Weekly 127

Four Day A Week Training 127

Four Day Split: Ground Zero Split Routine 128

Five Day A Week Training 129

Five Day Split: Iron Immersion 129

Six Day A Week Training 130

Six Day Split: Volume Over Intensity! 131

The Purposefully Primitive Training Week 131

Periodization and Preplanning 133

4 Week Peaking Cycle 134

Periodization and Creeping Incrementalism 135

8 Week Beginner Periodization Cycle 136
Logging Entries 137

Iron Essays 141

Primitive Roots 143

Build a Retro Home Gym 151

Stone-Age Tools for Accessing the Third Dimension of Tension 153

You've Got About An Hour 156

Capacity is a Shifting Target 159

Progress Multiplier: The Training Partner 161

How Simple can the Physical Renovation Process be made 164
Without Losing Effectiveness?

Ebb and Flow 168

Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis Embrace Change, Legislate Contrast 170
No One System, Mode or Method Trumps All Others 171
Better To Use a Lousy System with Great Intensity 172
Than A Sophisticated System Halfheartedly
Don't Turn a Once Effective System into a Religion 172
Legislating Contrast 173
Contrast Is King 174

Direct Muscle Soreness and Deep Muscle Fatigue 176

Progressive Pulls 179

Six Week Progressive Pull Periodization Cycle 181

Base Strength 186

The Seductive Siren Song of Machine Exercise 188

Spawning Season 192

Back in the Day 197

What Not To Do How Not To Train 205

Remembrances of Days Past 209
Mind Masters 217
Mental Mentors 219

The Functions of the Human Brain 223

Jiddu Krishnamurti—Intuitive Primitive 225

Aladar Kogler—Iron Curtain Brain Train Grand Maestro 229

Mind Methods 233
The Tao of Fitness 235

Shikantaza Checklist 237
Auto-Visualization Ideo-Motor Checklist 239
Suggested Reading 241

A 10 Step Program Based on the Kogler Brain Train Approach 242

Mind Essays 247
Purposefully Primitive Psychology

Reprogram the Central Processing Unit of the Soft Machine 255

Making the Mind/Muscle Connection 258

Physical and Psychological Weak Points 263

Brain Train 266

The Psychology of a Champion Athlete 269

Purposeful Layoffs 273

Brain Train Feats and Tactics 277

Want to Change Your Physique? Start by Changing the Way You Think 280

Cardio Masters 283
Purposefully Primitive Cardiovascular Exercise 285

Mr. Analogous Strikes Again 285
Many Roads Lead to Cardio Rome 286
Getting Our Cardio Facts Straight 287

Leonard Schwartz, M.D.—Aerobic Avatar 291

Birth And Death Of An Exercise Craze 293
Len Sets Me Straight 294

Cardio Methods 297
The Three Types of Cardio 299

The 1st Way: Steady-State 299
The 2nd Way: Burst or Interval 302
The 3rd Way: Burst or Interval 305
Muscle Fiber Nuts and Bolts 307
Muscle Fiber Reference Guide 308
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Way Cardio Modes 309

Every Self-Respecting Purposeful Primitive Needs this High-Tech Gadget 310

The Three Benchmarks of Aerobic Activity 311
Six Week 1st Way Periodization Cycle 312
Nine Week 1st Way Periodization Cycle 313
The Heart Rate Monitor Allows Aerobic Mode Cross Comparisons 314

Cardio Essays 317
Aerobic Exercise Is Irreplaceable 319

Step Outside the Cardio Box 320

Walking for Exercise is Different Than Normal Walking 328

Zen and the Art of Walking 333

The 1,000 Calorie Cardio Burn 337

The Carefree Psychotic Peeks Inside Ali's "Near Room" 341
Hammer Time! 347

Martial Artists and 3rd Way Hybrid Cardio 349

In Praise of Steve Justa Sustained-Strength Grand Maestro 353

Nutrition Masters 357

No Need to Square the Nutritional Circle 359

John Parrillo 363

Bigger and Leaner 366 Build the Metabolism 367
A Day In The Life Of A Parrillo-Style Dieter 369
Parrillo On Manipulating The Insulin/Glucagon Axis 370

Ori Hofmekler 373

The Warrior Diet Template 379
"Avoid Extreme Low Calorie Diets." 379
"Detoxify the Body" 380

Nutrition Methods 383
The Nutritional Amalgamation 385

The Right Tool for the Right Job at the Right Time 386
Which Way to Jump? 387
Jumping into the Deep End of the Pool 388
A Hypothetical 12 Month Rotational Nutritional Macro Cycle 389
The Psychology of Taste 389
Where and How to Start 391
Purposefully Primitive Performance Eating 391
Thermodynamic Reality Check 392
Periodized Nutritional Rotation 393

Parillo Nutritional System Synopsis 394

Warrior Diet System Synopsis 395

Nutrition Essays 398
The Anabolic Effect of Food 399

Post-Workout Smart Bomb 403
Ori's Take on the Window of Opportunity 405

Getting in Touch with Hunger 407

My Meal with Mongo 411

The Diesel Leads the Way 416

Dorian Yates Daily Meal Schedule Pre-Competition Phase 419

Holiday Hedonism Setting Up the Anabolic Burst 421

What's the Biggest Myth in ALL of Fitness? Spot Reduction! 425

Where Body Fat Is Drawn Down From Is Beyond Your Control 426
Want a Ripped Waist? Reset the Metabolic Thermostat 427
Ab Exercise Heretic 428
The Caloric Cost of Exercise is Vastly Overrated 428
The Procedural Consensus of the Iron Elite 429

Food Tricks 430

Magnificent Mini-Me! 437

Epilogue 441
The Purposefully Primitive Manifesto Doing Fewer Things Better 443
An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep 445
Rationalization, Visualization, Actualization 446
Fitness from Big Pink 451

Resource Guide 459

Index 465

About The Author 473