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Power to the People Customer Results

—A selection of around fifty letters and forum posts from January 2002
through October 2003
First Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, praises Power to the People:

"Getting stronger does not mean building big muscles.

In 1956 Paul Anderson, "wonder of Nature", at 350 lbs broke so many strength records officials thought it was the end of competitive lifting. Yet at the 1996 Olympics, using Russian Strength secrets, Bulgarian defector Naim Suleimanoglu weighing 132 pounds, lifted more weight than 350 lb big Andy. This is great news for everyone that wants to build strength but doesn't want all that bulk. Pavel Tsatsouline, Russian Strength Training expert wrote a wonderful book about it.
What were the strength building secrets discovered by the Russians. Here is just a few of them:

Reduce the number of reps to less than 5.
Increase the rest time between sets.
Keep workouts short.
Don't rely on exercise machines.

Learn how to tense your muscles harder and you will get stronger without adding bulk. It's called Irradiation which is Intentionally bringing more muscles into play. I used these strength building secrets for one week and my max dead lift went up 18%."
Larry Scott
From: chong Date/Time: 2003-06-24 16:44:46
PTP video testimonial
Yo Pavel, I just got the power to the people video. Wow, I learned some stuff in 45 minutes that I hadn't learned in 30 some years of weightlifting. Many thanks
From: "richard d sanders" Date/Time: 2003-03-28 10:00 PM
I have read several of your books and begun to apply your theories to my weight training, and I have been very impressed with the results. I have been competing in powerlifting for over 5 years now. This is the first workout program that has not left me sore or feeling burnt out, having just competed in the WNPF World Powerlifting Championships with a 500 bench (275lbs, masters, lifetime drug free) and to the amazement of my team members only one warm-up set and making all 4 of my attempts. Thank you
Jay Kleinsmith
PTP great for kayaking
I have been on PTP for a bit over a year and have made slow but steady improvement. I'm a marathon kayak racer and have trained for twenty years and keep a pretty good log. When I looked back a year, I had made some nice gains. Over 100 on my DL. I love PTP because I can do it, and then go paddle and not be drained before I hit the river. I plan to do it for life. In a half a century on the planet, I've found the best designs concepts are usually the least complicated. Stay with it, you just might be amazed.
From: D. Green Date/Time: 2003-03-07 21:33:21
PTP and Kick Boxing
I wanted to let Pavel know how much I appreciate his information and this web site. I read it everyday to try and learn a new trick of the trade.
At this time I'm doing the power to the people workout with my kickboxing workout. I do the PTP 3-5 times a week and I do my kickboxing workout 3-4 times a week and I feel like I could run through a block wall. I feel strong, flexible, and quick. When I stand and stretch or tense my muscles I can feel every muscle in my body contract and I love it. Thanks Pavel for all the great info. and for replying to my questions.
From: c.max Date/Time: 2003-03-11 13:41:28
New PR in Dead Lift Thanks to High Tension Techniques
I hadn't been able to get past 210 on my dead lift after months of HIT and training to failure. Just by squeezing my grip, tensing glutes and power breathing and tightening every muscle in my body. I was able to increase the poundage to 250 in just one night! This stuff is amazing!
From: Brain W. Date/Time: 2003-01-18 12:37:36
Thanks to Andy and Pavel and New PRs
Today I pulled 380 from the floor at a bw of 187. This is a new pr for me and I will be 62 in July. I tried weighted chinups for about 8 months and worked my way up to 1 rep with 100+ lbs but my elbows couldn't take it and I backed off and am trying the BW approach. I want to point out to everyone that age to a great extent is just a state of mind. I have never at any point in my 20s, 30s, 40s,or 50s approached the numbers I do routinely now. Thanks to Pavel for supplying the know-how and others on the board, particularly Andy69, for supplying the inspiration.
Thanks guys.
From: jklove41 Date/Time: 2003-04-18 17:05:15
Chest and Biceps Mass in PTP
I gained 1/2 inch on my arms in 8 weeks, and my biceps are visibly larger (at least more defined), I do push-presses and military presses, and deadlifts with palms out (curl grip). My chest is also much harder, it's the upper portion, so it's not getting huge, rather, corded and strong.
From: metalik Date/Time: 2003-01-01 11:29:25
Hi Pavel,
I'm a big fan of your exercise systems. I have been able to go from benching 185 to 315 using your techniques and dead-lifting 355.
From: Date/Time: 2003-01-13 7:51:56 PM
Integration of KB into PTP
Pavel, I purchased your PTP, KB, RIS, and BPA books...In the latest cycle, my deadlifts have gone up 50 pounds, curls 20 pounds, and presses 20 pounds. I really like the minimalist approach and have been amazed with the results (other programs, including body for life, have not yielded results so consistently or quickly)!
From: combiguy2 Date/Time: 2003-02-12 00:39:46
Pretty exciting deal
Hey, Long story short. I thought this was going to be a sham at first. You know how most internet deals turn out. Anyway I have found that PTP is an awesome way to work out. I never have been really satisfied with my workout regimens in the past. I tore my ACL last year and was laid up and didn't train. So I purchased the PTP book and gave it a go. I am very impressed/psyched. I started out light (because I still didn't trust the knee) with 135 times five on the deadlift. I have been working out about 4 days a week (being lazy and giving myself Friday through Sunday off). Just yesterday I finished training day 12 (3 weeks of training) and was pulling 210 times 5 and 195 times 5. I have confidence in my legs again. No more walking up steps with only my left foot leading, or jumping down onto my left foot only.
From: MWMW75 Date/Time: 2003-02-15 01:54:26
Pavel's program works 100%
I have been following Pavel's insight on lifting and tension for the past two years. My strength and size has increased rapidly. That i often get blamed for steroid use. Some people that i know are on them and I'm still stronger and bigger then they are and more in shape, that i am almost able to dunk a basketball at the height of 5'7 and bodyweight of 185. With Pavel's program i went from a 225 bench press for 8, up to 225 to 17 reps. deadlift was 450 for a single to 585 single. When i first got my kettlebells i got the big daddy for 5 snatches now for 30 each arm, pullups are through the roof that i was able to get a one armer last july. All this wasn't done over night i make sure i eat right and get plenty of sleep. I don't workout in a gym with fancy equipment. I workout at home with a squat rack bench and a pullup dip station. Call me crazy but after kbs snatches i feel so explosive i feel unstoppable. If anybody has any feeling of taking juice there are alternative KB's and PTP. Know when people ask me if on the juice i say no, but thank for the compliment. Sorry for bragging, but its the truth, Pavel program do work 100%.
From: lmbrjck78 Date/Time: 2003-08-04 17:15:58
No failure, I like 5 reps, high volume "training to success" myself
Ever since I started 5 rep, 10-20 set (mostly in the lower half of that) high volume routines, I've not only learned how to bust my ass while keeping good form (decrease weight as you go to make up for depleted energy/strength), but in the 2 or 3 weeks since I started doing it, my muscular growth has shot through the roof (no weight gains cuz I always seem to lose fat and gain muscle at the same rate but the mirror gives me the goods) and even my ballistic strength with k-bells has shot through the roof. The pump in my muscles from a good, high volume, training to SUCCESS routine is unequaled, and the soreness hurts sooo good.
From: Metalhead Date/Time: 2003-02-22 19:01:21
Failure or not to failure?
I trained to failure under the guidance of a personal trainer at a typical commercial health club for about a year, using the typical bodybuilding-oriented approach (many of you know of what I speak - a "chest day", "legs day", etc.) that this type of club recommends to everybody, WITHOUT REGARD TO THE INDIVIDUAL'S GOALS and noticed only minimal gains.

I decided weight training at health clubs was a waste of time and money and did all- bodyweight stuff for a while before discovering PTP. In just a year of PTP, my DL went up 100lbs. So for me personally, I found training to failure to be a failure!
From: phv Date/Time: 2003-02-22 20:49:05
What's working for me...
I dabbled with PTP through a few cycles before I hit it this last time full bore. I was getting stronger and I saw changes in my musculature but got way sidetracked after pulling a tendon in my deltoid. Anyways, I rejoined the Party on Jan 1 of this past year. With full intent poured into PTP I saw big changes again, losing well over 10 pounds in a short period of time. All the while I kept reading about kettlebells and finally saved up the money to purchase my new friends. Yes, money can buy happiness. ;) After plugging KBs into my workout routine the transformation has been amazing. I've lost an additional 20 pounds of fat doing the Russian Kettlebell Challenge and the changes are pronounced. There for a while I was losing a pound a day. I'm 29, if that makes a difference.
From: Comrade_Nathan Date/Time: 2003-03-31 12:26:14
It's up to you.
You can go with the P2P program, get stronger and harder without gaining a lot of size, or the "Bear" in P2P to really build mass. Tremendous results for time investment. You will learn a lot. I use basic P2P for strength training for marathon kayaking and hiking. A year later, I weigh about the same, but stronger and harder. I'm thinking it will help me do the things I love for a long time. Good luck.
From: D. Green Date/Time: 2003-04-02 16:40:46
Hey man it is a good workout.
I have been doing the regular PTP for about two months now with a couple of 2 week cycles of KB's sprinkled in. I just recently had knee surgery (no fun) so I started out light on the DL. I went from 135 to 270 in this two month span. It will get you excited about working out. You won't feel trashed after your workout, and you will make gains a lot quicker than on the 5 sets of ten or whatever workouts (at least i did). I haven't tried the bear yet, but I have gained some mass and a lot of definition from the regular PTP. Have fun with it.
From: MWMW75 Date/Time: 2003-04-03 01:42:32
Have been PTP'ing for 12 weeks now--results
Comrades, Bought the digital book, got onto to this site, tried to read as much as i could then put it into action...
That was 12 weeks ago. Been training 3 times a week, deadlifts, bench and chins, 2 sets just like the book says. A few workouts in the 5-4-3-2-1 form and that's it. My Strength has skyrocketed in this time. I had not done any weights for about a year before this program and weighed 63kgs (138pounds).
Deadlift was 40kg x 5, now 85x 5 and have done 92.5 for 1rep.
Bench was 50kgs x 5, now 72.5 x 5 best 77.5 x 1.
Chins always could do them but now feel so easy, don't have a good belt but have 1rep with 15kg added
P.T.P rules the PARTY rules.
1 arm chin here i come can now do 1 arm with pinky assistance.
My weight has also increased just as a side effect, yesterday jumped on the scales couldn't believe that i now am 72kgs (159lbs). Biggest i have ever been in my life. P.T.P rules the PARTY rules.
From: Azza_from_Oz Date/Time: 2003-04-14 03:08:23
Basic PTP worked for me
While I was losing 30lbs, my DL PR went up 15 lbs and my bent press went up from 0 (wasn't strong/coordinated/flexible enough to even try!) to 45lbs .
From: phv Date/Time: 2003-04-16 01:40:25
PTP testimonial from powerlifting champ
So far i have not been able to sq/bp/dl 5 times a week, more like 3. 8-10 total workouts is good guidance for a cycle...MWF three weeks in a row has taken my raw 5 rep PR closer and closer to my full gear 5 rep PR! i have not tried squatting and dling at the same time but i am thinking about it...PTP squatting and som speed dls/lockouts mixed in low volume might work. BP at a higher level needs work on weaknesses but i do not think that is too hard of a problem. i am currently playing around while i wait for my hip to heal so may be bp/dling 3-4 times a week each with some PTP/Bear stuff. Current raw 5 rep PRs done via PTP: SQ 505, BP 355-really off 5433,DL 515. full gear 5 rep PRs SQ 585, BP 385( i never do 5 reps in a bench shirt), and DL 565. I may do a PTP cycle in gear. If i do i will document it and keep you all posted.
From: powerlifter54 Date/Time: 2003-04-19 18:20:59
Hi everyone,
just thought I'd post my first experiments with PTP up- First let me say that the "tonic" effect is Real! The only time I could train was early in the morning, and PTP beats the heck out of frappacinos for waking me up. Second, all of my work was done inside of 35 minutes, including windsprints (i love these!) and core work (usually MB throwing or FCTs). I started at approximately 70% of my 1rm and tried to add a little weight whenever my perceived level of exertion dipped below 8 (on a scale of 1-10) - highly unscientific, but in this case, highly productive. I went from moderately hard set of 5 of 185 to fairly easy set of 5 with 230 in my SQ and from 135 to 155 in my BP, again with that top weight being much easier. I used a 15 workout cycle, and lifted M-F in the mornings.
One other cool thing - I shocked the heck out of my S&C Coach last Tuesday-we were finishing up a Hypertrophy cycle, and the workout was a grueling Squat marathon- 3 sets of 10 at 70% for me right at 185 with about 90 seconds - 2 min rest. I got the first set easy, second set I had one foot in the grave, and the third one I thought my brain might explode, but I was the only one in the class who got all 30 reps, legal, each below parallel. He thought I needed to be piss tested! (by the way, the Squats the next morning sucked, but aided a lot in recovery- I love being young)
From: Spooky Date/Time: 2003-04-20 22:20:16
Re: can people please post their PTP results to inspire and motivate!
I have been training with the PTP program for around 8 months now. My goal was to gain a lot of strength with trying not to put on any muscle mass. Here are my current PR's.. hope they inspire fellow comrade!

Deadlift 405x2
side press 105x2
bench press 315x2
wieghted pullups 75x2

Height 6 feet
Bodywieght 190 lbs
From: tensionMike Date/Time: 2003-04-22 17:37:47
Re: can people please post their PTP results to inspire and motivate!
My 1RM has gone up 40 pounds, and my bodyweight has gone from 205lbs to 185 pounds (A good portion of that is diet.) since combining PTP with RKC. Power to you, comrade!
From: Tom_Barrett Date/Time: 2003-04-22 14:15:03
Re: can people please post their PTP results to inspire and motivate!
Also just over one year- DL from 185 X5 to 330 x5 (yesterday) Do not know what 1 rep max is, as am afraid I'll pull something.
Presses a bit slower, have hurt shoulders a couple of times, but started at 35x5, now doing 50 x5 with 7 ft. bar or 53(24kg)x5 with KBI think it is great stuff.
Am 67, so I've got some mileage on me.
Power to you
Com Brockster
From: brockster Date/Time: 2003-04-22 15:52:00
From the age of 17 until I was 22 I lifted weights, and made little or no headway.
I was so burned out from lifting that when I joined the Army I abandoned weights for Body weight exercises. After reflecting back on my lifting habits during this time I have come to the conclusion that the reason that I had such pathetic results was because I had a pathetic Plan, I simply would bounce from routine to routine looking for that silver bullet of lifting routines.

I am now 33 and I'm handling weights that I never dreamed of handling when I was 22. This is all do to Pavel's writings, the DD forum, planning, a lot of intestinal fortitude and discipline, NOT GENETICS!!!
My $.02
From: BatBoy2/75 Date/Time: 2003-04-22 15:05:19
Some Changes since the RKC. . .amazing things.
I train using PTTP/BPA methods but I am 6'1" and 155 pounds so I am not going to shatter any records anytime soon. BUT, I care little for records and seek only self- improvement.
In three months, I have...

Increased my deadlift from 135 to 210.
Increased my side press from 18 to 45.
Increased my janda sit ups from ZERO to 45 pounds (barbell across throat)
Increased my confidence in future growth immeasurably.

I have read and re-read PTP, BPA and two other PT books and I consider myself a full-fledged comrade even if my lifts pale in comparison to the seasoned veterans of Pavel's methods that I see on this board. Their posts are inspirations to me. I will continue to lift against my own limitations with enthusiasm and with the hope that I will enjoy the company of the elite comrades who have mastered Pavel's methods and enjoyed the results thereof.
From: Beestie Date/Time: 2003-05-08 01:47:36
My progress....thank all of you!
Hey Comrades,
About a month ago I purchased Power to the People. After reading it I decided to try the Bear program in order to gain some size to my 6/1" frame. I posted a question on this b oard about 5 x 5 training, and received many informative reply's from several of you. Just to let you know in one month I have added 20 pounds to my bench, 25 pounds to my squat, and have seen good progress in my pullup routine as well.
Last night I stepped on the scale and it read 6 pounds heavier than one month ago. At first this worried me a little, but you know what? My waistline hasn't gotten any bigger...Thank all of you very much and keep up the good work!
Andy Dear
From: andrewdear Date/Time: 2003-05-09 13:05:02
RKC and PTP testimonial
I've used both for 1.5 years - still no preference
PTP is really an approach to heavy lifting that is applicable to RKC grind lifts as well. The combination of both has resulted in a simultaneous loss of weight (mostly fat) and increase of wiry strength, as measured by my deadlift and one-arm press numbers. And I also found my athleticism taken to new levels.
From: phv Date/Time: 2003-06-18 09:57:29
My BEAR Experience
Alright guys, I finished my two cycles of the Bear (2 weeks each, 4 weeks total), and I must say that I am very happy with the results. Just so you know, I am just out of high school, 17 years old, 5'9", 150 lbs., been into fitness/strength training for a few years now...started out at around 100-110 pounds, at age 14, I guess it was.

First off, my strength went up! I know that's not the focus of this program, but it worked! Bench went up about 10 pounds (not max, but my 5RM), and my deadlift went up by leaps and bounds (at least 20 pounds). I know that may seem like a stretch, but I haven't done deads in a while, and definitely not with the intensity and volume of the bear program.

And I also discovered that deadlifts are my new favorite exercise! They work so much and so many parts of your body...forearms are tight from the strain, back is totally worked, hamstrings and glutes get a great workout, not to mention everything else. I'm going to make them a core lift in my future programs to come!

And of course, my weight/muscle mass! This actually surprised me...I've tried "mass programs" before, and, though my age may have something to do with it, they never really worked-but this one did. I started at around 140lbs, maybe a little over, and I am now 150lbs. And most of it is muscle, I believe...I've received compliments from several people, including an old training buddy of mine (excellent athlete, 2nd Dan in TKD, same age as me, but not one of those cheap and easy young black belts...this guy can kick ass, and I got him on PTP right now), and someone I hadn't seen in the gym since I had started doing the Bear...I believe it went something like, "Have you been coming in here a lot more?" "Not really, just been on a different program." "Oh...well, looks like you've gotten a lot bigger."

Good training, everyone!
P.S. Deadlifts rock my world!
From: Travis Ward Date/Time: 2003-06-18 01:07:48
PTP & BEAR testimonial
The few times I've done this routine, it was impossible to predict how many sets I could do. Some days 20-30, some days 4-5. I just followed directions and stopped when form became shaky. I also put on 12 pounds of meat, which was the goal - I weighed about 260 and wanted to get up to 280 so I could diet back to 275 for a PL meet. 282 was the result after 14 weeks, and BF measurements before and after confirmed that 12 pounds was meat and the rest gristle. I was eating all the time, of course.
From: Garm Date/Time: 2003-07-13 15:35:21
Feeling better than ever...
After 15 years of using various training methods (mostly of the high rep to failure type weightlifting) and succeeding only marginally I have finally tried the Power To The People method of powerlifting. Wow! I feel stronger than ever. I am not depleted or tired all the time. Posture has improved muscle tone increased, all in a month of almost daily training. I use the Deadlift, of course the Incline bench, pullups and sometimes curls. My weight on deads has gone up 70 pounds this cycle with no signs of letting up.
From: straitblast2 Date/Time: 2003-08-03 22:39:07
PTP & Stretch marks!
I've been doing the PTTP workout for a few months now and aside from being more cut than I've ever been before i have increased in size to the point where i have stretch marks on my arms and quads! That's crazy! I have always been skinny so I still can't believe my body is my body as weird as that may sound. I can't wait for my kettlebell to get here! Thank you Pavel and thank you to all the comrades on this site for all the great advice!!!
From: tranquil_tank Date/Time: 2003-08-06 01:51:38
Testimony to Pavel's techniques - BP
Hi folks
I don't post very much, but though I'd air my experiences. First read PTP about 18 months ago. Used techniques to up BP from 80 kg (176lbs) to 120kg (264lbs) in about 6 months, well pleased. Then i moved house and started a family, didn't bench press for a whole year. Started up at the gym again last week, in three workouts i have my bench press up to 110kg (220lbs) for 4 clean reps - no sweat (I weigh 180lbs). My training throughout the year was all done at home - chins, dips, HSPU's, presses, pistols, HLR's etc - the general conditioning stuff, must have some transference of strength through the tri's and delts as well as keeping the nervous system primed. Learning to stay tight, gripping the bar hard and keeping reps in the bank launched my bench press almost back to where it was, now to go beyond. Makes it all worthwhile doesn't it!
Cheers all!!
From: TheDikulDude Date/Time: 2003-08-28 10:31:20
I have enjoyed your books on kettlebells and power to the people very much and have used your deadlifting and benchpress routines- they have been a great success, and I have enjoyed an increase in my bench press from 250 to 300 lbs. as well as an increase in my deadlift from approx. 265 lbs (one rep max) to approx. 375 lbs. Thanks! I plan to buy a new set of heavier kettlebells- I currently own a 16 KG one.
From: "Jeff Goddard" Date/Time: 2003-09-04 8:11 PM
Pavel: progress since starting ptp
I started ptp in late October and my deadlift is now 465 for a max. I think I could have gotten 470. I tell the legs shake like crazy on the way up. I am about 165-170 and did not use any belts, etc. I started out at 315 for 3 back in late October. I am definitely not a beginner either. I have been lifting for 10 years and have tried every thing under the sun, and have never made gains like this. Mostly, because I never knew how to train for strength. I have been corrupted for the good.
From: jdljon. Date/Time: 2002-02-26 02:56:18.
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
I am a Westside trained powerlifter-have tried and discarded heavy Duty and conventional progressive overload-who read a couple Pavel articles in MM2000 and tried some of the stuff (5x10 sets, db swings, pistols) I was so impressed with the results that I came to this site and bought and devoured PTP. Something was missing in the explanation part-I don't want to just fly the plane, I want to know what makes it fly and crash-so I reread Hatfield's"Powerlifting a scientific Approach" and "Supertraining" by Siff and an old rusky book "Training of the Weightlifter' by Roman.A GREAT WEEKEND!

PTP will work just fine for 99.9% of the trainees who are pursuing what it delivers, wiry strength. I liked the book so much my wife is going to train that way! I might too when I am done competing.
From: powerlifter54. Date/Time 2002-02-25 10:12:52.
Pavel, Thanks!
Applying techniques from PTP to my own workout, I managed to increase my 1 REP (MAX) deadlift from 315 lbs. to 420 lbs. I did this without the use of straps or belt. I recommend this site and your books, articles, etc. to those preparing for service with the 75th Ranger Regt.Hooah!
From: SEED PEOPLE. Date/Time 2002-02-18 16:43:14
First off, I'd like to thank you Pavel,
you're literally changed my life with PTP. Two years ago (1/7/00, great start to the new year) I got in a rear-ended at almost 50mp/h, leaving me with a slightly twisted vertebrae in my neck and causing my back muscles to play tug- a-war over the rest of my spine. After almost 15 grand in chiropractor/PT/doctor bills, I found PTP...and Bulletproof Abs...and SS, almost a year exactly after the crash. I started dead-lifting at 50lbs, with a strict PTP form after reading the book about 3 times, and gave up on doctors except for the occasional trip to get my neck and back cracked. Near the end of last year, I DLed 230X5, and SPed 50X1 and 45X5 with an olympic bar. Needless to say, while still not perfect, my back is worlds better. By the way, I just recently turned 21, I'm not some old guy who's neglected his health for years. More grateful than you know,
From: waydownsouth. Date/Time 2002-01-28 19:50:02.
Fat Loss Report - Thanks Pavel and Party
At five months as a Party Member, I have had the following "slow and steady" body changes, at age 44, height 5'11":

8/31/01 - 1/30/02

Weight 186 - 190
Body Fat % 17.5 - 13.3
Lean Mass 153.5 - 164.6
Fat Weight 32.5 - 25.4

So I've lost seven pounds of fat and gained eleven pounds of lean mass, and I can definitely feel and see it. PTP and RKC, plus running once or twice weekly. Diet nothing special, try not to stuff myself with high fat, get enough protein and fruits and veggies.
My thanks to Pavel and the Party.
From: Barry1001. Date/Time 2002-01-31 10:13:00
PTP for me?
Go for it.
I've got you by 20 years and started with a bad back doing 30 lb deadlifts. less than six months later I've done a PR of 300# x 1 rep.

Workouts take less than 20 minutes.

I wish I had known this 35 years ago...
Good luck
Semper FI
From: jarhead69. Date/Time 2002-01-15 21:47:01
"This stuff seems to really work."
I just finished my 2nd PTP Cycle. My 5RM's were 155 BP and 225 DL. When I finished my 1st cylce a month ago they were 145 and 200. This stuff seems to really work. One thing I've noticed is that I now have the confidence to lift weights that are much heavier than I would've even attempted before.

I did 2 weeks of RKC (this was my first attempt at doing RKC too) between the PTP cycles. I see the merits of alternating 2 weeks RKC and 2 weeks PTP, but I just miss those adorable Black Balls of Fire too much during the PTP cycle. So, next I'm going to do 4 weeks of RKC while mixing in DL's a few times a week and see how that goes. I'm willing to give up the BP if it means I can do more KB's!

I'm 34 and never exercised regularly before last summer when I started doing BFL workouts, so I'm very excited about these results!
From: Whale 24 Fan Date/Time: 2002-04-04 19:45:31
Hyper-irradiation Attacks - "I couldn't believe how fast and powerful my attack was." I finished Power To The People last week and started the program this week. Monday I decided to try the hyper-irradiation described in the book in my martial arts program. Instead of standing in a relaxed position and throwing my kicks to tense and kiai at the end of the kick, I tensed up like a coiled spring, held my breath, and released the kick. I couldn't believe how fast and powerful my attack was.
Of course I wouldn't recommend standing still for too long every time you're going to kick or punch...
From: Tom Barrett Date/Time: 2002-04-09 22:11:52
PTP and RIS testimonial
"My side split stretch has improved to about 3 inches above the floor!" I bought Power to the People in October, and have been doing PTP for my weight training, 3 days/week, the bear variation. My deadlift has gone from, 205 x 5 to 345 x 5, a couple of weeks ago! (at a bodyweight of 175 lbs.) And my side split stretch has improved to about 3 inches above the floor! Thanks for the advice. My kicks are a lot stronger also in my martial arts training.
Thanks again,
From: "Nick Radonjic" Date/Time: Thursday, January 31, 2002 1:16 PM
I just wanted to extend my sincere thanks for PTP/RKC. To be in my mid-fifties and make the gains in such a short time that I made amazes me.

I may never achieve some of the lifting feats of some of the Dragon Door board members, but then that's not necessarily my goal. I only had about 6 months of PTP and 2 months of RKC when a 17-year-old kid ran a red light and changed all my plans in a split second. She hit my van so hard on the driver's door she blew the tires on the passenger side.

I believe that there are two reasons that I survived:
1. Divine Intervention
2. I was much stronger than I had been even 6 months prior to the accident.

After the accident I tried to side press a 55# dumbbell and almost dropped it with my left hand because of the pain in my shoulder. So I struggled to press a 20# bell. I figured that because I got whacked on the left side that's why I couldn't lift.

As it turns out after much testing they discovered four cervical disk herniations. All the while I'm more or less using GTG on the left side cause I don't know that I have a spinal injury.

The neurologist is puzzled by the fact that I can move my left arm, but I did have limited ROM in my neck. I think the light weight GTG kept the arm going - she thinks, "something healed on it's own" in the time it took to diagnose the problem.

I did my PT exercises religiously, and even used a little Pink Panther on some of them. (My options were PT or surgery.) One of the stretches is right out of RIS! They are very impressed with my recovery. I exceeded my goals in all of the areas that they had defined for testing.

They told me I can work out again so I'm doing some light RKC, don't want to jump in too hot and heavy all at once. I'm also probably going to really work a lot more on the RIS and SJ.

I figure I'll make a list of exercises from RIS and SJ that I want to squeeze into a week and add the RKC then basically divide them up into daily routines.

I don't have to be a world class Pler to appreciate the "everyday" value of PTP/RKC! I'm just glad to be able to lift anything!
Again, thanks for the training.
From: Jarhead69, Date/Time: Saturday, February 23,2002 8:03:29
BPA and PTP testimonial
"I've yet to see better books on strength training"
I've been practicing Com Pavel's techniques since his 1st book was published. I'm 175lbs, standing 6ft tall. My body-fat % is currently 5.8%. I can see my abs clearly, which is mostly attributed to the drills from BPA.

Been working out with KBs and got a copy of RKC as soon as I could get my hands on it. I'm also following PTP and have been doing body-weight drills before learning about Com Pavel's techniques.

Com Pavel - You rock my world! I've yet to see better books on strength training. I'm a martial artist, so strength is, well, very much important when it comes to sparring. But in my humble opinion, speed and technique are much more important.
From: Com Kian Date/Time: 2002-02-05 08:41:32
"A Breath of Fresh Air"
Just a brief note to say that I am enjoying your training methods immensely. With a martial arts and competitive motorcycle racing background I have sustained my share of injuries. At 41 years old I was starting to feel very limited in mobility. In addition, I had a lot of pain in my back and knees.

Having purchased power to the people, bullet proof abs, relax into stretch, and super joints.....and applying your concepts........ I am a new man. I have the flexibility and ROM that I had 10 years ago and expect it to be better in a few more weeks and months. I will return to my youth when I could drop into Russian splits without warmup (and without screaming).

My back pains (from a number of motorcycle accidents) are disappearing and my deadlift is increasing weekly.

Thanks for the breath of fresh air into the training regime. You are the best.
Kevin Johnston
From: Kevin Johnston Date/Time: Friday, March 01, 2002 7:28 PM
PTP Bear - Very Good Mass and Strength Gains
I've only done one 'Bear' cycle, and it was focused on a single lift - bench press. I liked the format so much that I use it for a few assistance exercises now and probably will forever. Bear-style hammer curls are really cool.

Anyway, I did it for 8 weeks and gained 11.8 pounds of muscle and 3.24 pounds of fat. That's a very serious gain, and I was eating like crazy at the time. Strength went up to an estimated 1RM of 384 raw. My prior PR was 380 with a shirt. I did not test my actual max, because my goal was mass gain. I will assault a big bench later this year.

Long way round the barn, huh? The answer is, for me, very good mass and strength gains with PTP Bear. I am absolutely sure I would have gained a lot more weight if I had been doing Bear for DL.
From: Garm Date/Time: 2002-04-04 12:04:46
"Gains Through the Roof!"
I'm currently doing the bear workout for the past 4 week, my 5 rep max was 250 on a good day my 1 rep max has always been 280, today at body weight of 184 and at 5'7 with monkey arms i hit 315 for 1 rep, that a 35 pound gain in like 3 weeks. no more muscle mag workouts for me.
The bench press, and i haven't deadlifted for about a year and i just pulled 455 for 5 , with no belt. Thanks comrade Pavel for all the great training article in muscle media and ptp. I've been stuck at the same weight for about a year and a half, my strength gains have gone through the roof. I have turned a lot of people to your type of training and their gains have also gone through the roof. I just can't wait to get those kettlebells.
From: DARREN78 Date/Time: 2002-03-29 01:02:45
"I recently purchased
…the power to the people book and video and the beyond crunches book and video. First let me say thank you. The results have been amazing. As a 16 year veteran of traditional weight lifting I was convinced that my abs were a lost cause. I was able to do hundreds of reps and had good strength but no definition. I thought it was my fate. After only a month of dead lifts and Janda sit ups the results are amazing."
From: Scott Hansen, Date/Time: 2002-02-04 07:53:07 -0800 (PST)