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How to Make Impossible Feats of Strength Become Easy—And Bust Far Beyond Your Current PRs…

Imagine: you have under 7 minutes to increase the reps on your hardest exercise by 350%... WITHOUT any changes to your physical technique...

For instance, let’s say you have never, ever been able to bang out more than 2 reps of a 1-Arm Push-Up and suddenly—just with certain mind-control secrets—you can blaze up to 7 reps!

How could that be?

Frankly, there is ONLY ONE way you can achieve this kind of a jump in your PRs, in just a few minutes, without any adjustment to your form…

Because, it can only happen through the power of the mind…

It is only by employing certain little-known secrets of mind-control that you can ever hope to blow through your PR barriers with this level of instant success…

I have to confess I was skeptical myself that ANY mental technique could ever result in an instantaneous 350% increase in an already ball-buster of a PR…

Until I saw exactly that thing happen, right in front of me, at Dragon Door’s recent Health and Strength Conference

Here’s what happened:

During Mental Muscle author Logan Christopher’s presentation on instant strength gains through mind power only, RKC Team Leader Katie Petersen stepped up for mental-coaching with Logan…

And yes, in a recorded time of 6 minutes, 30.9 seconds, Logan coached Katie to go from her previous best of 2 reps in the 1-Arm Push-Up to an eye-popping 7 reps!

Using mind-control methods only…

Katie’s recent PRs include a 300lb Conventional Deadlift, a Front Squat of 175 and a Bench Press of 155—at a bodyweight of 130. In the kettlebell arena she has drilled a 26kg 1-Arm Press, a 26kg weighted pull-up and a 24kg Pistol.

Just imagine what Katie’s PRs here are going to look like down the road when she employs Logan’s Mental Muscle secrets to her lifts!

The sky’s her limit, right?

Katie’s comment to me after the fact: "I felt like I was floating on air…"

Her training partner, Senior RKC Rob Miller could only shake his head: "I’ve been trying to coach Katie beyond those 2 reps FOREVER—and couldn’t do it!"

Mental Muscle: How to Use the Full Power of Your Mind to Develop Superhuman Strength

by Logan Christopher

Mental Muscle by Logan Christopher

189 Pages
Paperback $24.95
eBook $19.95


Yes, there’s serious magic in your mind—but how DO you harness your full mental powers to make the formerly impossible a breeze?

Want to make the impossible possible on a routine basis?

Want to discover instant strength gain secrets hidden from 99.97% of all current personal trainers? And utilized successfully by just a tiny handful of elite strongmen and world-class athletes?

Then rush to enter the heady world of Logan Christopher’s Mental Muscle magic…

Let’s face the facts: you’ve been stumbling around in the dark wilderness—the "lesser-than" murk of mental training ignorance—for too long…

And your lack of heavy-duty strength gains speaks for itself…does it not?

No worries, now, though…No need to go on being stuck—at so much less than you could be….The difference-maker is sitting just a click away:

Mental Muscle: How to Use the Full Power of Your Mind to Develop Superhuman Strength.

Mike Gillette"Mental Muscle is THE mind manual for people who want to intentionally connect their brain to their body and experience amazing results now. As in RIGHT NOW. In this breakthrough book, Logan completely demystifies mental training, making it as easy to understand as hoisting a barbell. You'll get the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ and immediately be able to plug in easy-to-understand techniques to improve yourself and crush obstacles like a sledgehammer. I can think of no other manual that gives you as many workable methods and can get you moving forward as quickly as Mental Muscle. Trust me, you've been waiting for this book. Thankfully, it's finally here."

Mike Gillette, Member of the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, Bodyguard to Fortune 500 executives, Subject-Matter Expert for the Transportation Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security and author of Rings of Power

Many so-called experts SPEAK of the importance of mind training for supreme strength—but how many of them ever gave you the complete blueprint on how to make instant, massive strength gains a reality—step-by-step, with nothing overlooked and nothing held back…? In a format you can replicate at will, over and over and over and over?

Yup. I rest my case… Because you know and I know there is nothing out there to match Logan’s Mental Muscle program. Nothing’s in the same ballpark, frankly…

And of course Logan doesn’t just walk the walk, he STRIDES the talk…

Look, here’s a self-confessed, abject, teenage weakling who’s transformed himself into a modern maestro of multi-disciplinary strength feats (like his hero The Mighty Atom).

This former scrawny piece of matchwood can now:

Deadlift 500lbs, tear a 4-inch thick phone into shreds with his bare hands, press a 106lb kettlebell over his head for reps, pull an 8,800lb fire truck for distance with his hair and support a half-ton of weight while in a wrestler’s bridge position—to name just a few of his accomplishments.

If a once-upon-a-weakoid like Logan can generate these kinds of results—thanks to his Mental Muscle secrets—just imagine what YOU could achieve in monster instant strength gains!

"Take my word for it: Mental Muscle is that ultimate mental training manual we have all been waiting for. Let’s quit wasting time jawing, and go get you some superpowers, kid. It’s all in here."—Paul "Coach" Wade, author Convict Conditioning


Here’s a summary of what you’ll get when you invest in Mental Muscle:

The first section, How Your Mind Controls Your Body, gives background information showing just how powerful the mind truly is. A large portion of this section is dedicated to the placebo effect as the research in that area is amazing and showcases how powerful the mind-body is when it believes it can do something.

The second section, Mental Training Tactics and Techniques, shows you some of the most important focus areas in mental training. This includes how to properly set an outcome, use hypnosis, visualization—including the all-important submodalities—and anchoring. These skills form the foundation of your mental training, and with them you can move into the next section.

The third section, Peak Performance Drills for Strength, Muscle, Fat Loss and Skills, covers specific drills based on the methods covered in the previous section. In this section, training goals are broken up into four main chapters: training for strength, adding muscle, losing weight and finally for sports and other skill-based movements. This section wraps up with a lengthy and in-depth drill for achieving flow on demand.

The final section, Transcripts of Mental Training with Clients, shows you these methods and drills in action. You'll read word for word transcripts of Logan coaching clients through the drills and into achieving success with various exercises. This includes the complete process of the story that started Mental Muscle, among several others.

"In Mental Muscle, Logan Christopher provides an excellent blueprint to master your mind and unleash your true strength potential. In fact, the techniques in this book are so powerful, they can be applied to improving all aspects of life, not just physical performance."—Al Kavadlo, author of Zen Mind, Strong Body

"Mental Muscle goes deep into what makes the human mind so extraordinary and why is it that some people seem to possess superhuman strength and ability that is beyond belief. All too often people attribute great physical talent and unbelievable feats of strength as just plain lucky or genetics. This assessment couldn't be further from the truth for most seemingly superhuman beings. There is untapped capacity inside all of us and Logan goes into great detail about not only how to attain this incredible power but also how to harness it on demand."—Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC, Founder of CriticalBench

"Logan Christopher is an extraordinary fitness professional who has dedicated himself to the pursuit of self-mastery in wide-ranging, impressive avenues. If you've been following Logan's work, you'll know that he's already published many books and DVDs on bodyweight and strongman training methods. But with Mental Muscle, Logan delivers an entire book dedicated to a realm of training that he's been alluding to for years: the mental preparation that plays an equally important role in your strength training."—Mike Fitch, Global Bodyweight Training

"All I can say is WOW. This book has been long overdue. When it comes down to it, one of the most important components of training, lifestyle, and overall health and fitness is that of the mind and being able to use your mind to it's fullest potential. What you'll discover within Logan's book will certainly not disappoint. This is a must have resource for anyone wanting to improve their overall strength and overall fitness."—Travis Stoetzel, founder, TrainAggressive and The Forged Athlete Gym

"Mental Muscle is phenomenal...truly the missing link when it comes to developing superhuman strength, willpower and focus. What most people don’t realize is that you can and should train your mind just as hard as you train your body. With the tips, tricks, and training techniques Logan shares with you in Mental Muscle, you will make massive leaps forward in your physical capabilities...often doubling reps or increasing loads beyond what you thought you were capable of...literally within a matter of seconds. This book belongs on the shelf of every serious trainer."—Nick Nilsson, ‘The Mad Scientist of Muscle’

"The mind is a great reservoir of untapped potential. Logan Christopher shows not only the importance of training the mind, but how to do it. If you want to overcome obstacles and surpass preconceived limits, you must develop mental power and strength. Mental Muscle will provide you with the tools to build extraordinary strength and athleticism."—Jon Bruney, author of Neuro-Mass

Mental Muscle: How to Use the Full Power of Your Mind to Develop Superhuman Strength

by Logan Christopher

Mental Muscle by Logan Christopher

189 Pages
Paperback $24.95
eBook $19.95


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