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Your Purchase of a Dragon Door Kettlebell May Qualify You for A FREE Kettlebell Class with an RKC


When you purchase a Dragon Door Kettlebell on our website or by calling 1-800-899-5111, you may qualify to attend a FREE kettlebell class with one of our participating RKC kettlebell instructors. 


Here’s how the program works, in three simple steps:


Step One

After purchasing your kettlebell, you will receive your receipt, which will include a coupon entitling you to the free kettlebell lesson with a participating RKC. The coupon will expire after sixty days of issue. You may give the coupon to a friend. Limit, one free class per customer in any one-year period and offer only applies for RKCs offering kettlebell lessons in the United States.

Step Two

Visit the Dragon Door website’s main RKC Instructor listings page and search for an RKC in your area. Contact that RKC to arrange your free lesson. Eventually, the Dragon Door website will display a notice on each RKC instructor’s listing which will indicate if they are actively participating in the program. Initially, simply inquire of your RKC whether or not they are participating in the program. If the RKC instructor is participating in the program, proceed to set up your free lesson. If not, continue with your search for the next available RKC in your area.

Step Three

When you attend your pre-scheduled, free kettlebell lesson with the RKC of your choosing, bring the original receipt (no photocopies accepted) showing the original kettlebell purchase and coupon with you to give to the RKC. You will not receive the free lesson without this proof of purchase and the related coupon.

Important considerations

No RKC is obligated by Dragon Door to offer a free lesson, unless there is a notice on their Dragon Door webpage indicating their participation in the program. Even if the RKC is listed as participating in the program, the RKC has the right to refuse service to any individual without explanation.
Dragon Door does not guarantee that a participating RKC exists in a preferred location near you and Dragon Door does not guarantee that your receipt of the coupon will result in a free kettlebell lesson. The offer is subject strictly to the current availability of participating RKCs.
This offer will be limited to online and 1-800-899-5111 orders only and will not be extended to purchases of Dragon Door kettlebells made at an on-site location such as a Dragon Door Dealer or Dragon Door corporate offices.

What constitutes a "free kettlebell lesson"?

The coupon will entitle you to a minimum of thirty and a maximum of ninety minutes attendance at a group kettlebell class administered by the participating RKC. It will not entitle you to one-on-one private instruction, unless the participating RKC wishes to offer that greater benefit.

Why bother?

Glad you asked! Why invest in the world’s very best quality of kettlebell—and then not know how to properly optimize your investment in that precious hunk of iron?
Videos and books can only take you so far. And poor kettlebell instruction can be worse than none at all. The solution? Get a free introduction, a free tune-up or free valuable corrections from one of the world’s most highly qualified, expert kettlebell instructors—an RKC!
Not only will you have invested in the BMW of kettlebells, but you’ll get additional value from the lesson that may very well exceed the amount of your original investment!

And finally:

This is a new initiative from Dragon Door and the RKC and we are excited to offer it to you. Like all new initiatives, we may all find ways to improve the system in the future. Your feedback will be invaluable.