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Enter the Kettlebell! DVD Contents

1. Introduction

2. How to Make Your Hips, Back, and Shoulders Speak Russian Body Language
The Sumo Deadlift Test
The Face-the-Wall Squat
The Halo
The Sumo Deadlift Lockout Test
The Pump Stretch (contains Pavel's opening remarks for this section)

3. Kettlebell Safety 101: "It's Your Fault"

4. Enter The Courage Corner
Which kettlebells to start with. How to practice the lifts.

5. The Swing – For Legs and Conditioning That Won't Give Up
Enter The Swing
Swing Mastery Step #1: the Box Squat
Swing Mastery Step #2: the Standing Vertical Jump
Swing Mastery Step #3: the Towel Swing
The Swing Proper

6. The Get-up – For Shoulders That Can Take Punishment And Dish It Out
Get-up Mastery Step #1: Hold Your Kettlebell Just Right
Get-up Mastery Step #2: Pick Up and Set Your Kettlebell Down Safely
Get-up Mastery Step #3: Keep Your Elbow Straight and Your Shoulder in its Socket
Get-up Mastery Step #4: The Get-up Proper

7. The Clean – Crisp Like A Punch
Enter The Clean
Clean Mastery Step #1: the Grip
Clean Mastery Step #2: the Rack
'Relaxed tension' in RKC quick lifts
Clean Mastery Step #3: the Drop
Clean Mastery Step #4: the Clean Proper
Clean in Front of a Wall

8. The Press – For Shoulders Like The Kremlin Parade Troops'
Press Mastery Step #1: the Loaded Clean
Press Mastery Step #2: Push Yourself Away from the Kettlebell
Press Mastery Step #3: the Groove
Press Mastery Step #4: Use the Breath to Maintain Tension
Press Mastery Step #5: Lower the Kettlebell

9. The Snatch – For Android Work Capacity And The Pain Tolerance Of An Immortal
The Snatch: Introduction
Snatch Mastery Step #1: the High Pull
Snatch Mastery Step #2: The Lockout
Snatch Mastery Step #3: Don't Bang Your Forearm
Snatch Mastery Step #4: Don't Strain Your Shoulder or Elbow
Snatch Mastery Step #5: The Drop
Snatch Mastery Step #6: The Snatch Proper
The Snatch and Walk

10. Safety as a Part of, not the Opposite of Performance (It's Still Your Fault)

11. Conclusion

The Making of a Kettlebell

1.Enter The Kettlebell
2.The Kettlebell Pattern
3.Pressing The Kettlebell Mold
4.Molding The BEAST
5.Smoking Molds
6.Food for the Fiery Furnace
7.Preparing the Fiery Furnace
8.Rivers of Fire
9.Crucible for a Hot Kettlebell
10. Pouring The Kettlebell Molds
11. Breaking Open The Kettlebell Molds
12. The Smoking Kettlebell
13. Red-Hot Kettlebell Molds
14. Shaking Out The Kettlebell
15. Hammer and Kettlebell
16. Sandblasting The Kettlebell
17. Grinding The Kettlebell
18. Junk Pile Kettlebells: Back to the Future
19. You Are Next!