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Smash Your Training Plateaus, Overcome Injuries, Make Unprecedented Strength Gains and Grow More Muscle… with a Classical Education in the Wisdom of the Past — and the Scientific Breakthroughs of the Modern Day Masters

Beyond Bodybuilding
Table of Contents

Section One
Power Training

  • Mind Over Muscle: the 5x5x5 Program
  • The '3 to 5' Method: Strength Training for Special Weapons and Tactics Teams
  • Make a Quantum Strength Leap with 'Progressive Movement Training'
  • Hardgainer? - I'll Fix It.: A DeLorme Method Inspired Six Week Hypertrophy Cycle
  • 'Fatigue Cycling': Another Secret of the Russian Bodybuilding Underground
  • The Russian Squat Assault
  • The Presence of Power and Three Super Squat Techniques to Develop It
  • Bench Press Training, the Russian National Powerlifting Team Style
    • 'Holistic bodybuilding'? - No, power bodybuilding!
    • 'Workout' or 'practice'?
    • Be strong, stay fresh
    • What does it mean, "training the nervous system'?
    • Is traditional power cycling obsolete?
    • A straightforward power cycle
    • A last minute peaking cycle
    • Power up with singles
    • Build might and muscle with the classic 'countdown to power'
    • Russian sets and reps for power
    • What do the Russians think of pyramids?
    • A PTP/ladder hybrid to jump start your bench
    • Moscow bench press champion's program
    • Wave the weights for power
    • 'Interval circuit training' for power on a tight time budget
    • A simple power cycle
    • 'The RKC Ladder': a shock program for shoulder strength and mass
    • Slow gear for strength
    • To pause or not to pause the deadlifts, that is the question
    • Light weights, hard deadlifts
    • Jurassic training revisited: building tendon and ligament strength
    • What are the 'high-tension techniques'?
    • High-tension techniques - not just for the gym
    • 'Lifting the weight', 'feeling the muscle', or…?
    • Know your max without testing it?
    • Use your head for max power, muscle, and safety
    • 'Active negatives' for power, muscle, and safety
    • Heavyweight advantage for the lean
    • Boost your bench… with shrugs!
    • Dumbell bench power
    • Squat big with bad knees?
    • 'Dead squats' for power
    • Protect your back with a' virtual belt'
    • "Iron fundamentalism"?
    • Old-Timer training Q & A
    • Drills that drool, drills that rule
    • Free weights for beginners?
    • A no compromise home gym on a budget
    • Can single joint exercises build strength?

Section Two
Training Planning

  • Divide and Conquer: Designing the Perfect Split
  • Periodization Demystified
    • The upper body solution for 'high intensity' bodybuilders
    • Are lay-offs any good?
    • Planned vs. free style training
    • Twice-a-day training: the edge or overtraining?
    • The perfect split for the 'Strong as You Look' series
    • Why can the abs be trained daily and other muscles cannot?
    • Turning lemons into lemonade: overtraining for gains
    • Mathematics of muscle growth
    • Is varying exercise tempo worth the trouble?
    • Not satisfied with your rate of progress?
    • Variety for minimalists

Section Three

  • Calling for Back-Up! (the 'Strong as You Look' Series)
  • Lats: the Secrets of the Russian Bodybuilding Underground
    • Is the deadlift the king of back exercises?
    • Don't feel your lats? - We'll fix it!
    • Spread your wings and max out on the pullup test with 'tactical pullups'
    • Are bent over rows overrated?
    • "Injury prevention by imperfection training
    • Solutions for a tight back
    • The McKenzie Method for a healthier back
    • How do the abs protect the back?
    • Is the trap bar better than the straight bar for deadlifts and shrugs?

Section Four

  • Legs of Steel (the 'Strong as You Look' series)
  • Hot Wheels by Summer!
    • Can you build good legs with plyometrics?
    • Training calves at home
    • Russian farmer walk for stubborn calves
    • Powerful legs without squats?
    • How deep is your squat?
    • High rep front squats?
    • A shortcut to perfect squats
    • "Squat, squat, squat
    • Shoulder friendly heavy squatting
    • No more bowing knees in the squat!
    • Heavy lifting, easy on the knees
    • Can you let your knees slip forward when squatting?`

Section Five
Neck & Shoulders

    • The old-timer neck bridge
    • The secret of Paul Anderson's powerful neck
    • Shoulder training on the twenty-rep squat routine
    • The Sots press: an extreme shoulder workout without an extreme weight
    • Build cannon ball delts yesterday with an old time strength feat
    • The shoulder friendly see-saw press
    • The neck and traps, the hallmarks of an elite athlete
    • Cannonball delts without direct delt work?
    • Sore shoulders no more
    • Lateral raises minus the headache
    • Alternatives to the press behind the neck Rotator cuff work, is it worth the trouble?
    • Seated presses for a touchy back?

Section Six

  • Armed and Dangerous (the 'Strong as You Look' Series)
  • The Top Ten Russian Arm Training Secrets
    • Russian powerlifting triceps blaster
    • Elbow friendly straight bar curls
    • Forearm specialization for the pipe masters
    • ClubbellsTM: for totally awesome forearms
    • Build huge biceps with… the bench press!
    • Are squats needed for big pipes?

Section Seven Chest

  • A Chest to Stand a Glass on (The 'Strong as You Look' Series)
    • Old style pecs
    • "I don't want my pecs to look like breasts!
    • How to train for 'old-timer pecs'
    • Pecs without a bench
    • Having a hard time recruiting your pecs? - We'll fix it!
    • Powerlifting secret of pec power

Section Eight
Naked Warrior
Strong Anywhere, Anytime
with Bodyweight Exercises

  • The Russian Special Forces Ladder to Power
  • The Evil Russian's 'Hit the Deck'! Program
  • The NASA Pushup Program
    • Grip-ups, Spider-ups, and Pinch Grip Pushups
    • The Dragon Walk
    • Slow Kicks
    • The Lizard and 'Walk the Dog'
    • The Deck Squat
    • Russian Laundry
    • The Tiger Bend Pushup
    • Make bodyweight neck bridges harder
    • Gymnastic rings for bodybuilders
    • Jack La Lanne's pike pushup
    • Ace the Marine pullup test with 'the Russian rest/pause'
    • SWAT dips: safer and harder
    • The rolling neck bridge
    • Should you do weighted pullups to up your bodyweight pullups reps?
    • Superstrict pullups - the hard way