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Stephanie Watts


Phone: 408-480-4070
Morro Bay, CA
United States 93442
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
 Stephanie Watts is a newly certified RKC-1 instructor.
The first time she experienced kettlebells, she detested them with every fiber of her being. They didn't make sense, and she felt no connection to their relevance within a workout. All that could be expected were torn up hands and a sore lower back. However, as she continued to muddle through workouts --perfecting the swing and the snatch, in particular-- things started to become clear. How could such a simple object be so versatile and inflict such crippling soreness on the gluteal and hamgstring muscles? Regardless of the explanation, the lightbulb had invariably turned on.
After taking the certification course, she was blown away by the degree to which kettlebells can be effective. Even as an avid bodybuilder, she could find practical uses within her own workouts, as well as multiple benefits for her personal training clients.
Now she is determined to master the moves further, eventually moving on to become an RKC-II or Master RKC instructor.
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10/10 Stephanie is outstanding!
By Laurie Ziffrin / San Luis Obispo, USA

Have been working with Stephanie for over a year and have seen her benefit not only absolute beginners but also folks with years of experience. Her ability to break down each movement, explain the benefit and warn of common problems makes her a top professional. Her creativity provides variety and ensures effective workouts without boredom. Additionally, her physiology and kinesiology knowledge equip her to modify movements and accommodate for all skill levels. She brings the right balance of friendly encouragement and tough love, and backs it all up with her personal work ethic and fitness. Highly recommend!


Stephanie is an instructor at the gym I work out in and she is amazing. She has taught us all kinds of workouts using kettlebells and really works us with them. I love when she's teaching because she's patient and explains everything thoroughly so that we all understand. She also watches very closely to make sure that everyone has proper form and stance. Stephanie obviously has the skill and knowledge to be able to teach us all how to get a challenging workout using kettlebells. I had no idea you could use those kettlebells for some of the exercises she made us do. FUN FUN FUN!!!

10/10 Steph rocks!!
By Kevin Larson / Slo, Usa

I have multiple ankle/knee surgeries and she with my pt (physical therapist) came up with a plan and with Stephanie's training I have had huge gains in strength and flexibility. I really enjoyed her teaching style and worked hard to keep workouts fresh. Would give a higher score if I could! Ty steph!

10/10 Great instructor!
By Shannon Slayton / San Luis obispo, USA

Stephanie is such s great instructor. She is very knowledgeable about the body and shared information well. She helped me understand the movements properly so I didn't get injured. On top of that she is s great motivator and has the best personality! I highly recommend her!

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