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10/10 Professional & Knowledgeable
By T Jackson / Rockhampton, Australia

I found Sigrun’s approach to be extremely professional. She has a wide-ranging interest in (and knowledge of) health and human wellbeing generally. She has patience that translates into her trainees’ confidence & improvement in movement/strength. Particular care is taken to work with any pre-existing injuries. I am happy to recommend Sigrun’s service.

10/10 Encouraging and supportive
By Bec Clatworthy / Rockhampton

I have been training with Sigrun for about two years and love it. Every training session is challenging, different and motivating. She has shared her knowledge and personal experience with me helping me to acheive way more than I could have ever imagined. It scares me to think where I would be without her. Sigrun genuinely cares about her clients and has gone out of her way to help me stay focused and achieve my goals.

10/10 The ideal trainer for me
By Chris Bloxsom / Rockhampton

As someone who has often needed to be challenged and driven to achieve better physical results, Sigrun's "tough love"(at times) has been exactly what was required to make me stronger and fitter, but with a clear understanding of the fundamentals underpinning this. After a couple of years away from regular fitness work(soccer), my wife suggested going to the gym instead of complaining about how unfit I was becoming. That was 2 years ago and having Sigrun as my personal trainer since that time has given me back my fitness and made me realise that staying fit, strong and flexible as we grow older is possible and highly desirable. I have just taken up soccer again and while chasing 20-somethings around the park is as hard as it always was, the fact that I can still compete is testament to Sigrun's skills and encouragement. The kettlebell work we are now doing is both interesting and challenging and provides an added dimension to our sessions. Looking forward to more!!!

10/10 Integrity, Intelligence, Listening
By Sandy Moore / Rockhampton

Sigrun has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years and in that time I have come to respect her in so many ways and she has also become my friend. She is devoted to her clients, she listens to what you say (and to what you DON'T say), she understands that becoming fit and staying that way is sometimes difficult and she always is encouraging. She looks at different ways to make sessions challenging but fun. She works towards goals with you. She leads by example, and is a competent, caring, funny and very human. She assisted me enormously with progress in my overall health and fitness.

10/10 Personal Trainer of Choice
By Jo Guley / Rockhampton

Sigrun has been my personal trainer since November 2010. I had never even heard of kettlebells until I started training with Sigrun and now I love them and I love training with Sigrun. Not only does Sigrun have a knowledge of the correct method of using kettlebells but also of the best options for diet and training to change your body shape and also the body's trigger points.
Getting up in the early hours to go and train is something that is usually difficult but thanks to Sigrun, I truly look forward to it and am usually excited to see what the program is going to be for the day. Sometimes when it's a tough morning, she is really motivating and you find yourself striving to do better.
I look forward to learning more and more about training with kettlebells and continuing my training. I would and do recommend Sigrun as a personal trainer.

10/10 Patient and Attentive Instructor
By TC Lee / Perth, Western Australia

I met Sigrun at Melbourne HKC 2011 and she is very observant and passionate kettlebell instructor.

10/10 Highly Recommended!
By Tim Uljarevic / Brisbane - Australia

I had the pleasure of first meeting Sigrun during a HKC prep and then HKC instructor course, both of which I hosted and assisted on. Right from the start Sigrun stood out as a highly focused, highly motivated, and dedicated trainer.

I had the pleasure of assisting alonside Sigrun during the 3rd Australian HKC held in Sydney. Here is where I really saw her skill and dedication as an trainer shine!

Sigrun has a true wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and strength training. She is warm and friendly, yet knows how to be tough and motivating at the same time when needed. She treats all clients/trainee's with care and repsect, and really knows how to get the best out them! Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and training with her is a fun a motivating experience.

I highly recommend Sigrun, and am proud to be part of the DD community with her.

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