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10/10 The Long Awaited Bell Size. . . AND IT IS AWESOME
By Janelle Pica / Pittsburgh, PA

When Dragon Door announced that it was getting the 26kg kettlebell in, I was anxiously awaiting it. At the time, I was trying to iron out a 28kg turkish get up, but was failing to get it with proper form. Ordering the 26kg was the perfect in between weight to really work on my technique. Now I can do a Turkish get up with a 32kg all from working the groove on this lighter version. Love this kettlebell! It was a long awaited size and it is SUPER AWESOME!

10/10 Great size, Great Quality , GREAT COMPANY!!!
By EDDIE ALVAREZ / LONG BEACH, New York, United States

Great KB size for incremental weight lifting. The quality is A1!!! Highly recommended!! Thanks Dragon Door for the quality of these and ALL KettleBells!!

10/10 Consistently great product
By Sue Sudbeck / Omaha, NE, USA

As always, Dragon Door products are consistently high quality. My order arrived early, was well packaged, and I love the finish and feel of this bell.

10/10 Great deal on a kettlebell of excellent quality.
By STANLEY PAULEY / New Boston, Texas, USA

This kettlebell is awesome, and I'm challenged to handle it, so that is good for me. The more I use it the better I become, or should I say stronger. In my line of work kettlebells provide the edge I need to stay on my game. Thanks Dragon door, looking forward to some more specials in the near future we hope. Rating is really a 10+

10/10 26 kg
By Kevin Archer / Omaha, Nebraska, USA

I bought this bell to help ease the transition from the 24kg to the 28kg for the ETK program. When I ordered this bell I could barely press the 28kg. Within a matter of weeks I was able to move through this bell to the 28kg. I actually just ordered a 30kg because I am ready to move to ladders with the 32kg and I am in the same spot as I was with the 28kg. It was a good purchase for me. It helped cut the gap in half moving from 24kg to 28kg. Hope this helps.

Also this was my first DD kettlebell. I had never purchased one before because of the price. I was kind of forced to this time because the 26kg is harder to find. After using it I can say it is a lot better than my other bells. It is very smooth and feels good on the hands.

10/10 Great size
By Chris Nordeen / So, Cal, USA

Don't skip this bell, it will pay dividends in your training and make the hard days easier. Excellent tool for training the snatch test. It makes the jump from double 24s to 28s much easier. I'm really liking the unconventional bell sizes and of course the quality of the product, thanks RKC.

10/10 26 KG Kettlebell is the Best Bell on the Rack
By Randy Wood / Woodbridge, VA, US

Love this kettlebell! It's the perfect transition from 24KG to 28KG - very functional and versatile. Swing, snatch, Goblet Squat - the perfect weapon for my training. Looking to get the 30KG as well next time we get a discount code on that. Love this kettlebell!

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