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10/10 You can teach an old dog new tricks!
By Mike Bosch / Mount Pleasant, SC, USA

I am a 54 year old, lifelong athlete and am ready for an additional form of training. I love my kettlebells and was looking to add body weight training. The neurogrips and book are an answer to a total body workout without the joint impact. I am following the program from the very beginning. I have progressed to pushups from my knees and getting stronger every week. The neurogrips and book have challenged me in ways I have never seen. It is amazing to see the increase in strength and the stability gained with each passing week. I look forward to challenging myself in each workout. I strongly recommend the program to anyone who wants to be challenged at any age.

10/10 Neuro-Grip user guide and more!
By Brian Stramel / Cornelius, OR, United States

I bought this at the same time as the pair of Neuro-grips I'd had my eye on for quite awhile. Not only is it a great guide for getting the most out of them, the e-book delves into broader topics like sensory deprivation, isometrics, and using bands.

There is plenty of challenge and inspiration to keep you busy for a long time. Push ups are hard enough, the one arm, explosive, and elevated movements are another level. I don't know how the models pulled off the illustrations, they make it look easy (bravo!)

10/10 Great book to increase strength.
By Stephen Reiners / Indianapolis, IN, United States

This book is very helpful to increase strength and show the possibilities of how to best use neuro grips.

10/10 More than I expected
By Jon Thompson / Minneapolis, MINNESOTA, United States

I found neuro-grips to be a very well rounded approach to improving performance at a safe pace. I appreciate all of the progressions so you can start from any condition and still find value and see improvements.

10/10 An amazing way to increase strength quickly
By Jake Sy / everywhere, too many, quite afew

I bought the Nero-grips about a year before I bought the book and noticed good improvement. I picked up this book a few months ago and easily surpassed the reps I use to do. The exercises in this book are awesome for building better functional strenght. I use to have shoulder and trap issues but I noticed doing the verity of push-ups and pulling exercises my shoulder stability, flexibility, and strength have gone through the roof with the shoulder and trap pain non-existent. I highly recommend this book to everyone who travles as well I'm a frequent traveler and will never leave home with out my Neuro-Grips.

10/10 Best paired with grit
By Ed Bradley / New Orleans, LA, USA

I chuckled at parts of the book as I flipped through it; then failed to get through anything respectably with its guidance and the grips.
4 weeks later: I still need the book
If you get the grips, get the book.

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