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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 5
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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 5
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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 5

More Hard-Core Juggling
Skills for Living on the Edge

By Gus Petersen


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These hard-core techniques were inspired by the strength feats of the strongmen of old in a time when strength, beautiful movement, and precision were the order of the day.

In Disc 5 you will be completing the final phase of the K.A.T. Fitness System.
This DVD introduces completely new, intensely challenging techniques and concepts, including Whirlybirds, Heli-Flips, Wounded Vikings, Tipped Turtles, and more. And the expert-level K.A.T. twists will get even more twisted. That means you'll begin incorporating over-the-shoulder tosses into the pirouettes and Traveling Vikings.
You will also learn to execute the insanely hard Full Iron Cross Double Helicopters, the equally hard Triple Heli Traveling Viking variations, and many more hard-core techniques that won't disappoint.
As you develop the hardest of the hard-core skills, every technique you learn will be hard, original, and innovative. Your athleticism and focus will be pushed to the maximum. Your mobility and agility skills will respond in kind. Each new milestone you reach will be hard-won, the manifestation of an artful mix of brawn, grace, and accuracy. And as you progress, your sense of mastery and accomplishment will reach an all-time high.
With this final DVD, the K.A.T. juggling tradition of outside-the-box training culminates with athletic feats that—if you can muster the determination, tenacity, and fortitude—will push your strength skills to the awe-inspiring level of the strongmen of yesteryear.
Get ready to hone your game and your physique with the most adventurous training system you've ever encountered.
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