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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 4
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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 4
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K.A.T. Fitness System - Disc 4

Hard-Core Juggling
Skills for Living on the Edge

By Gus Petersen


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With these hard-core skills, you're entering the highest phase of K.A.T. juggling—the "elite master silver bell level," so called because your kettlebells will be sandblasted to a shiny silver by the time you master this level of expertise.

Disc 4 is the first of the two expert-level DVDs in the K.A.T. Fitness System. While it may feature the most fun techniques yet, it will definitely demand the most of your body and mind as well.
In this DVD, you will be working only original K.A.T. juggling skills and concepts that incorporate even more innovative K.A.T. twists. The challenge will increase exponentially as you perform triple-rotation throws, two-kettlebell double-rotation throws, over-the-top Flying Viking Salutes, crazy-intense Phat Boys, brutally hard Iron Cross front flips, insane over-the-shoulder throws, and totally out-of-the box pirouette variations.
As you work these techniques, you'll hone the peripheral vision, mental acuity, cat-like reflexes, brute strength, and extreme agility required for living on the edge. When your physical endeavors demand the highest level of performance, you'll have the athleticism to deliver.
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