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Restoring Lost Physical Function
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Restoring Lost Physical Function
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7.88 out of 10 (8 reviews)
Unique information and accessible presentation
Rated 10/10
By Chris H Edinburgh, Scotland

These are possibly the best fitness/performance related DVDs that I have come across. Rif presents some vital concepts which have never before been brought together and explains how you can identify and treat the postural causes of many aches and pains.

Building on the work of…
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Restoring Lost Physical Function

Restoring Lost Physical Function (DVD) - $17.00
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"At the time, the mantra was basically, 'Pain is temporary—glory is forever.' Well… that's a lie. Glory is temporary—very temporary—pain is forever."—Mark Reifkind
Discover New, Proven Ways to Rebound from Old Injuries—And Perform to the Level You Desire…

A series of brutal injuries ended Mark Reifkind's Olympic hopes in gymnastics, in champion powerlifting, in ultra-marathons and in Ironman triathlons. A resurgent Mark battled back to become one of the premier kettlebell trainers in the US.

No one has delved more deeply than Mark into what it takes to beat pain at its own game—and remain resiliently functional in the face of the most egregious challenges.
Having heard of Mark's success at restoring his lost physical functioning, we begged him to share his personal discoveries and methods with our elite RKC kettlebell trainers at the recent RKC II certification workshop.
Mark's secrets for restoring physical function would clearly be of immense value to our RKCs, for themselves, but more importantly for their clients.
And Mark did not disappoint! In a brilliant, inspiring, impassioned, fascinating, highly practical and, yes, "painful" seminar, Mark blew the assembled RKCs away with his methods for understanding, pinpointing and then releasing blocks in the body.
I am so glad we got it all on tape! No way would anyone be able to remember one-tenth of all the methods Mark shared with us in those two hours! Now, you too can benefit from this treasure trove of methods to keep you and your clients in optimal condition.
Contents include:
  • What are Length Tension relationships—and why they are important to your muscular and joint health?
  • The importance of neutral positioning to the joints—and how the muscles help or hinder you in achieving this balanced posture.
  • Tonic and Phasic muscles in the body—and how training or lack of training affects them.
  • How your length/tension relationships determine which muscles to stretch and which to strengthen—and when to do which.
  • How improper L/T relationships can cause injury—and how to work around and through them with proper program design.
  • How everyday activities and postures can seriously disrupt these L/T relationships.
  • Simple stretches and strengtheners to balance out the musculature.
  • The critical areas that NEED to be addressed—to avoid back pain and injury.
  • How to use the KB to address these imbalances—and build back strength and resilience in the muscles and joints.
  • What is fascia—and why does it matter to you?
  • The difference between muscles and fascia—and how they are linked in ways most don't recognize.
  • Why fascial restrictions are more prevalent than previously thought—and how they affect parts of the body seemingly unrelated to the painful area.
  • Why professional massage is usually NOT enough to deal with myofascial problems.
  • How to use myofascial self release to deal with length tension relationship imbalances.
  • How to use the foam roller to identify and release myofascial restrictions in ANY muscle in the body.
  • When and where you should NOT use the foam roller.
  • Myofascial self release as workout modality. Engage and work the abs, back and shoulders while opening up the restricted muscles.
  • Other techniques to release myofascial restrictions using sticks, thumbs and vibration massagers.

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7.88 out of 10 (8 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Unique information and accessible presentation
By Chris H / Edinburgh, Scotland

These are possibly the best fitness/performance related DVDs that I have come across. Rif presents some vital concepts which have never before been brought together and explains how you can identify and treat the postural causes of many aches and pains.

Building on the work of Chek and Janda he explains how the muscles need to be balanced to maintain function and how you must stretch what is tight and strenghten what is weak. The tools presented here will allow you to identify what you need to work on and equip you to start to put things right. I would recommend these dvds to anyone.

Rated 10/10 The Missing Link in Fitness
By Robert Kane / Redwood City, CA, USA

As a chiropractor with over 20 year of experience treating injuries of all kind, I can't recommend this DVD enough! Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, this material will help you, increase strength, improve flexibility, heal old injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.

Mark Refkind hits the nail on the head as he describes how most exercise serves to create and exaggerate imbalances of strength and flexibility leaving us prone to injury and blocking our path to true strength and fitness. He then delivers the critical information needed to correct these imbalances allowing the body to regain lost function and maximize performance.

Get this DVD and you will be seeing health care professionals like me a lot less!

Rated 10/10 Learn from Rif's mistakes!
By David Whitley, RKC Team Leader / Nashville TN USA

I just finished watching Rif's Restoring Lost Function DVD. The tools for assessment are excellent, well worth the price of admission. When a guy like Rif, who has been there, done that, got the Doctor bill speaks on injury prevention and repair, I listen. The info on this DVD was earned through a LOT of mileage. I gotta get one of those foam rollers!

Rated 10/10 Mark makes it real
By Gregory Kahn DC / Eugene, OR

This a very good and usable approach to Janda's concept of muscular imbalances. I have reccomended this DVD to a number of my patients and anyone serious about athletic training. Mark's approach to foam roller work makes it real.

Rated 3/10 Not very good
By Kevin Puccini / Cincinnati, OH

Just because the subject is mentioned in the video doesn't mean it is discussed in detail as the product description would have you believe. This would have and could been much better had specific stretches and excercises been recommended and defined for specific postural issues and problems. No strengthening excercises on this DVD at all. Not much nore information than the instructional DVD that comes with a foam roller.

Rated 9/10 Very Informative
By David S.R. Richter / Cameron Park, CA USA

Mark Reifind knowledge and ability to convey his information is great. I got more out these two DVDs then the last eight years of reading books, online articles and magazines. Mark's situation, His experience with injury, has given him the passion to accumulate the knowledge that most sport medicine practioners spend years in school doing. I would go with the guy that has been in the trenches Battling with pain and loss of funtion every time.

Rated 1/10 Very disappointed. Much talk/testing, no solutions
By Mayra Conde / Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I was watching the tape wondering when he would give corrective exercises for the problems, but they never came. He talked a lot, especially about his past training experiences, and offered a way of "testing" to find the problems, but then...? Basically you find out you or your clients have many imbalances, and are left in the cold without fully correcting them. I was hoping for "corrective exercises" as well, especially from someone giving a seminar and having so much experience with training as he did.

He explained a different and easier way of testing ("screening the client"), but offered ZERO solutions for corrective exercises. Needless to say, very disappointed with this DVD.

I feel if anyone is going to point out the problems, I am expecting them to show or explain the solutions, not just part of it.

If you are looking to buy this video I would say keep your money and go for the instructional DVD that comes with a foam roller.

No new information here. Needless to say I was very disappointed, especially for this price.

Rated 10/10 Rif's "School of Hard Knocks" secrets revealed
By Jim Ryan / Saint Paul, United States

How does he keep going? How does he screen his clientele and keep them going? Mark reveals his hard-won knowledge with this assessment and restoration methods.

This is great self-help material and skills you can apply with your clients today!

A great compliment to CK-FMS protocols.

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