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Secrets of the Shoulder
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Secrets of the Shoulder
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9.33 out of 10 (24 reviews)
Worth 10 times what it costs - at least!
Rated 10/10
By SteveFreides, RKC II, NSCA-CPT Ridgewood, NJ USA

I am a trainer and an RKC, currently recovering from an overuse injury in my shoulder - put simply, I set a bunch of new personal bests but didn't back off afterwards, and I've since been paying the price.

I cannot state strongly enough how valuable this DVD set has been to me.…
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Secrets of the Shoulder

2 DVD Set

By Gray Cook, RKC
and Brett Jones, Senior RKC

2-DVD set, Running time: 82 minutes

Secrets of the Shoulder (DVD) - $69.95
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"Warning! Hidden Blocks and Imbalances in
Your Shoulder Could Be CRIPPLING Your
Performance and Setting You Up for
Injury After Frustrating Injury

Use this SCIENTIFIC protocol of proven corrective strategies to
RELEASE and RESTORE your full athletic potential!


How many times have you wasted precious training time, fallen behind, even had to quit, because of sudden or nagging injuries that reduce your capabilities as an athlete?

Have you ever found yourself getting injured or failing to perform at a peak level DESPITE the greatest care and precision in your lifting and exercise technique?

Well join the club! Most of us highly-active athletes and martial artists have an often-forgotten or unnoticed history of trauma that is secretly handicapping our current performance.

And no more so than in the shoulders! Even a slight imbalance or block in the shoulders can have a devastating impact on your athletic achievement.

As one of the nation’s most renowned physical therapists, as Reebok’s first master coach, as a consultant to numerous professional teams and as an author of the landmark title Athletic Body in Balance, Gray Cook has immense theoretical and practical wisdom about what it takes to identify and correct these imbalances and blocks in the body.

In this brilliant yet highly accessible 2-DVD set Gray Cook teams with premier strength trainer and author Brett Jones to provide you with a complete road map for not only correcting imbalances in the shoulder but also significantly strengthening the shoulder’s future function.

To ignore the protocols on Secrets of the Shoulder, is to almost certainly set yourself up for further injury and reduced performance.

Gray Cook and Brett Jones review advanced shoulder screens that reveal often overlooked components to proper shoulder function. They break down each screen and offer corrective exercise progressions all the way to advanced strength moves. Use these protocols to create a mobile, stable and strong shoulder region—guaranteed.


  • How incorrect posture can KILL and correct posture SAVE your shoulder’s movement.
  • How the RIGHT or WRONG breathing techniques can hugely impact your movement—learn what works and what to avoid.
  • What screening techniques you MUST employ for the shoulder and how to take advantage of what they tell you.
  • How strengthening and correctly recruiting your GRIP can dramatically enhance your training of the shoulders.
  • How to identify and remove debilitating trigger points from your body.
  • How to guarantee safer, stronger pushups and pull ups.
  • Why it is SO important to train using the body’s own weight, correctly.
  • How employing the theory of whole body lifting rewards you with a higher level of functional movement.
  • The key ideas you need to know when creating a functional workout program for an athlete or client.

Ask yourself what even a ten percent improvement in your shoulder’s health and strength could do for you athletically. Then imagine the realistic opportunity you have with Secrets of the Shoulder to make far, far greater gains than just that!

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9.33 out of 10 (24 reviews)
Rated 10/10 Worth 10 times what it costs - at least!
By SteveFreides, RKC II, NSCA-CPT / Ridgewood, NJ USA

I am a trainer and an RKC, currently recovering from an overuse injury in my shoulder - put simply, I set a bunch of new personal bests but didn't back off afterwards, and I've since been paying the price.

I cannot state strongly enough how valuable this DVD set has been to me. Literally every section has included something I simply didn't know before - and all these tips and tricks really work. I do the drills on the DVD, and I can move my shoulder, pain-free, in ways I couldn't just a few minutes earlier. There is nothing quite like instant results to convince you of the value of an approach to training and rehab.

Any one of the tips I learned here would have made this DVD, which costs less than a single visit to my orthopedist, a worthwhile purchase. I will be incorporating what I've learned not only in my own training, but in helping those clients who come to me with shoulder problems. I am now armed with a battery of screening procedures and curative measures that I didn't have before - again, to me, this sort of information, presented in a clear, no-nonsense manner by Grey and Brett, is priceless. If you have long-standing shoulder problems or work with those who do, you owe it to yourself to purchase "Secrets of the Shoulder."

Rated 10/10 Two top authorities-Two top rate DVDs!
By Zachariah Salazar RKC,CES,CPT / Colorado Springs CO

Any collaboration between PT Gray Cook and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Brett Jones would have to be good; this one is immediately useful! From the get go this DVD explains in simple language the whys and how to do for the shoulder from a current understanding of the structure. Not just a how to build the delts and traps plus some rotator cuff band work that is so typical of current fitness journalism but an representation of the shoulder as a complex: the humerus, the shoulder girdle and the scapula. And it doesn't stop there! It flows down to the hip and out to the grip. Given my years of study and work with shoulders issues from athletes to the everyperson this work shows not just exercises but detection and progression. While I knew much of the material presented it is the application that makes this product go to work. Too often good data in fitness is akin to a list of ingredients posing as a recipe: good contents but no real direction. Secrets of the Shoulder delivers a plan to improve whether you are among the veterans of fitness or to protect your healthy shoulders if they haven't gone south...yet. For the price of a single session of Corrective Exercise you can begin to repair or protect the future of your shoulders!

Rated 10/10 Information I have been seeking is here!
By plyometrics / Brooklyn, NYC

A great set! I used some of the stuff on myself and improved immediately. Not only that but I was surprisingly sore the next day after doing only a few reps of a couple of exercises. This indicated that I was hitting something that I had been missing. I have been looking for good and practical information on the shoulder and there just isn't that much available. Brett and Gray present everything clearly and precisely. As an RKC I always want to make myself and my clients better. This set goes a long way towards helping me do that.

Robert Troch

Rated 10/10 I learned a bunch
By Donnie Howell, RKC / West Hamlin, WV

This dvd set contains things that I have never thought to do to check my shoulders let alone someone else that I might be training. It is straightforward no nonsense and the fact that Brett Jones is part of it as well as Gray Cook goes to prove that it is a quality product. I would recommend this dvd to anyone who has shoulder problems themselves or has any ambitions of training others. It could save a lot of work on the front end of any training course.

Rated 10/10 Changed the Way I Train My Clients
By Anthony Renna / White Plains, NY

Secrets of the Shoulder seriously changed the way I train my clients. The progressions to every exercise really made sense and Gray and Brett do an amazing job of making it easy to understand and implement. The techniques on breathing and the importance of grip strength to shoulder health were just 2 things I learned that were worth the price of admission. I have followed Gray Cook's work for a while but Brett Jones was new to me and he is (or was) the Best Kept Secret in Training.

Rated 10/10 "Secrets of the Shoulder"...that Work.
By Russ Moon / Richmond, VA, USA

Having a large spur ground out of my right shoulder I am real interested in learning how to "bulletproof" my shoulders.

Things I liked :

They really break down the movements and perform them more than once. It helps me to see the rhythm as much as the form.

Discussion surrounding the effects on the entire system, I don't hear that too frequently and I know it is true based on my experience with DNS.

Another reason to move the TGU and 1/2 TGU closer to the center of the universe.

If you have shoulders or would like to build some, worth the investment.

The DVD was recommended to me by Will Parker, RKC and I credit him with a "Direct Hit" with this recommendation.

Rated 10/10 Save your shoulders, get this video
By Tom Gelveles PT / Brightwaters, NY

This video dispels many myths concerning shoulder health and mechanics that are proposed by the fitness industry. I am impressed that Cook and Jones along with Pavel, in his works, discuss the one thing not discussed in strength and conditioning, Neurology.
One can have strong rotator cuff muscles and still have crappy shoulders. I know because I am a physical therapist and see this in the clinic.
I have suffered from chronic shoulder pain and applied two of the methods prescribed in the video and I am now pain free. Thank you Cook and Jones. I will buy the other videos they put out.

Rated 10/10 Essential for PTs and Strength Coaches
By Brian Copeland, RKC / Denver, CO USA

Brett and Gray bring a fresh perspective on shoulder health. I can't tell you how many clients I have who go to Physical Therapy for shoulder issues and do all the standard battery of "rotator cuff" exercises and see no progress at all.

I used just a few of the techniques with some of my clients and instantly was able to see them keeping a tighter more packed shoulder, (read: safer and stronger shoulder). Most of the time I have to keep reminding my clients to pack their shoulders but once you teach people how to do it instinctively with the techniques on this video they will learn it for life.

Great work guys! Some of the complaints listed prior are legitimate but also shouldn't hang anyone up on purchasing this video. Quite frankly it didn't impact my ability to use the techniques on this video, I wrote my own notes.

The price is a little steep at $70 but of course this isn't a "workout video" this is a key piece of knowledge for anyone who trains others.

Brian Copeland's Core Fitness

Rated 10/10 Wish I Had This DVD years ago-this is worth the money
By Steve / Florida

I found this to be a great DVD.If I had it years back when I was a dumb kid doing heavy benches/presses/etc without any knowledge of proper mechanics and shoulder safety I wouldnt have some of the problems I have now. The program is very clear,concise and simple in it's approach to shoulder health.The emphasis on grip strength as an important adjunct in shoulder health is unique.If you are looking for a rehash of the typical rotator cuff exercises,you will not get any of that here.The exercises included in the DVD are all one really needs for a comprehensive strength and conditioning program.The benefits and need to occasionally lift heavy is also recommended-a refreshing change from the baby weight mindset too often advised.As a physician,I see my share of shoulder problems and related disabilities.This DVD goes a long way towards preventing such injuries,as well as making one more resilient and stronger-isnt that what we all want?

Rated 10/10 Buy this NOW
By scors50 / Sayville, New York

As a former Judoka, wrestler, football player and powerlifter, I have had multiple shoulder injuries to both sides, from dislocations to separartions. My first was in a Judo match at age 11. I have considerable osteoarthritis in both shoulders, but train through it. This set gave me insight into what I need to do in order to warm up and activate the proper muscle tissue before I work out, in order to avoid painful, unproductive workouts. I can't praise this enough--simple, informative and very, very helpful. Since I started making sure to start every workout with reach,roll,lifts and arm bars, it's as though my shoulders are practically new. I have rarely purchased a single instructional product that more benefitted me in my training.

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