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Relax into Stretch
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Relax into Stretch
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9.65 out of 10 (34 reviews)
Another excellent video from Pavel
Rated 9/10
By Doug Raleigh,NC USA

Nine stars only because it's rather expensive for the total time offered. But considering what a coaching session like this would cost, it's still a bargain, especially since you can view it repeatedly. Pavel concentrates a lot of useful information into a short period. His approach to…
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Relax into Stretch

Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension

With Pavel Tsatsouline

DVD, 37 minutes

You must also see Relax into Stretch, the book

Forced Relaxation, Pavel's advanced relaxation techniques.

Watch an excerpt from this DVD

Relax into Stretch (DVD) - $29.95
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Be as Flexible as You Want to Be
Faster, Safer and Sooner
Conventional stretching attempts to literally elongate your tissues, which is dangerous and ineffective. Relax into Stretch simply teaches your muscles to relax into a stretch. If you compare traditional training to a messy hardware reorganization, then Relax into Stretch is an efficient software upgrade.
While stretching tissues may take years, changes in the nervous system are immediate! Your muscles will start noticeably elongating from your first Relax into Stretch practice and within months you will have achieved a level of flexibility uncommon to our species.
Pavel Tsatsouline
Exercises covered in the Relax into Stretch Video
  1. The Souped Up Toe Touch
  2. The Spine Decompression Hang
  3. The Improved Cobra
  4. The Side Bend
  5. The Spine Rotation
  6. The Lateral Neck and Trap Stretch
  7. The Headache Buster
  8. The Anti-Slouch Neck Stretch
  9. The Head Turner
  10. The Chest Opener
  11. The Overhead Reach
  12. The Biceps and Shoulder Stretch
  13. The Shoulder Blade and Lat Stretch
  14. The Upper Back Loosener
  15. The Wrist Flexion
  16. The Wrist Extension
  17. The Good Morning Hamstring Stretch
    1. standing
    2. seated on a chair
    3. seated on the floor
  18. The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
  19. The Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch
  20. The Karate Stance Hip Flexor Stretch
  21. The Karate Stance Groin Stretch Page 84
  22. The Seated Groin Stretch Page 86
  23. The Calf Stretch Page 89
  24. The Shin and Instep Stretch Page 91

Pavel Tsatsouline, a former physical training instructor for Spetsnaz, the Soviet Special Forces, is the best selling author of numerous cutting edge books on fitness, including Power to the People, Bullet-Proof Abs and The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. His nationally aclaimed seminars deliver fast, safe results that anyone can put to immediate practical use - whether you are an elite athelete, a SWAT operative or a weekend warrior looking to be in the best shape of your life.
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9.65 out of 10 (34 reviews)
Rated 9/10 Another excellent video from Pavel
By Doug / Raleigh,NC USA

Nine stars only because it's rather expensive for the total time offered. But considering what a coaching session like this would cost, it's still a bargain, especially since you can view it repeatedly. Pavel concentrates a lot of useful information into a short period. His approach to "breathing into" the exercises works and accomplishes much. He covers pretty much every major body area from head to toe. I like the whole "tough Russian" approach and his sense of humor. But he gets serious and makes sure you have a solid background, including safety points, so you can perform each exercise correctly. Pavel's videos always have excellent production values, which is refreshing compared to the amateurish productions too many other fitness experts sell. Definitely recommended.

Rated 10/10 Jason B.
By Jason Burch / Columbus , OH

A couple of very well explained and demonstrated techniques by Pavel, have dramatically changed my attitude about stretching. I used to dread stretching, finding it tedious all but eliminating it from my routine. What was I thinking? "Everyone who lifts weights must do this stretch..and everyone must lift weights. Truer words have not been spoken. Thanks again Pavel for your knowledge.

Rated 9/10 Relaxing into exercise
By Patricia Allen / Newton NC

I bought this DVD rather than the "Joints" one because it's been 30 years since I've done any exercise. I'm 60. I've watched "Joints" at a friend's house and it's awesome, but Relax into Stretch promised more information about stretching--the what and whys as well as the hows. I've never been taught the what and why and the how has always been too harsh and bouncy. I bought an education as well as a set of exercises.

The program is divided with the more "newbie" stretches at the front. Mr. T gives various ways to accomplish the stretches when appropriate and I found that very comforting. Yes, comforting. One: stretching should yield more comfort than experienced before the stretch and Two: my vertebrae are quite flexible if one thinks becoming subluxated is flexible. The stronger exercises on "joints", which I did try at my friend's house, were not comfortable at this stage in my training. So "Relax" looked very good...and it is. Now, to find a way to get myself to actually do them regularly. Ah...well...I've signed up with Samuel Jones RKC in Lincolnton NC and I think he will be able to motivate me not only to use this lovely vid, but to find the body I lost.

Rated 10/10 Amazing.
By Ricky / Oahu, Hawaii

Me and my friend actually just watched and participated in this DVD interactively.
He could never in his life touch his toes even though he played sports.
I have not been able to touch my toes since I stopped consistently practicing martial arts about 5-6 years ago.
We BOTH could touch our toes the first time using Pavel's techniques.
It was an awesome feeling
we're both pretty confident that we will be able to regularly touch our toes within months, easily.

Rated 10/10 Stretching for success
By anthony claudio / St. Petersburg, Florida

Once again, an excellent product with zero bs. Delivery was prompt and will return for more products...

Rated 10/10 Super
By Damien Cousins / London

I have learnt what Pavel preaches and now find myself preaching and teaching others,
After performing a couple of streches with a fellow peer he was astonished and said " its like MAGIC " sounds cheesy but its true
A big thank you to Pavel

Damien Cousins

Rated 10/10 the best flixibility tape iv seen
By Gordon Beattie / Opotiki, Other New Zealand

i think this is the best tape iv seen and tried. my son could not touch his toes and was embaressed about it the first time he tried the toe touches he was all but two inches away from his toes. i cant thank you enough for putting out this tape me and my family will get a lot out of it as i plan to live a long and flexy life thanks again Gordon

Rated 10/10 I can finally stretch!
By Gil Flores / San Mateo, CA

I've always wanted to stretch, but I thought I never could.
I've tried and tried, and always failed, and I thought it was
me - it wasn't. Relax into Stretch gave me a common sense approach
backed by solid techniques that had me touching my toes instantly!
I recommend this dvd to anyone who wants to incorporate flexibility
into their fitness regime - awesome!

Rated 10/10 Immediate Increases in Flexibilty
By Greg / Washington State

Great DVD with stretches for your entire body and with menu options to quickly select specific stretches.

I have noticed over a short period of time an increased flexibility and release of tension in areas that have bothered me for some time.

Effective stretching along with strength training (Power to the People) is proving to be a powerful combination!

Rated 10/10 My search for the best stretch video has ended!
By Anne / Hicksville, NY USA

I have been searching for years for the answer to how to correctly stretch. I am convinced Pavel has the answer to that question and am very happy I have his video. Another bonus is that his no-nonsense approach gets you through all the stretches in a short amount of time, so even someone on a busy schedule will benefit from this video. Also, I think it is usable for various fitness levels.

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9.64 out of 10 (34 reviews)