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10/10 Best Kettlebell DVD
By Wilson Castillo / Leesburg, VA USA

All I can say is "WOW".I have been looking for one like this for a while.Pavel explains and repeats how to do the exercise which is one thing I like.I only have 7 months using Kettlebells and now I use nothing else except that and this DVD.It also helped me dominate the 53lb kettlebell just by following the techniques.I recommend it for tough guys looking for more challenges that this ball can offer.Thanks Dragon Door for existing and Pavel thanks for making me look bigger and stronger with the help of this DVD and Kettlebells.

By bookie / Bronx ,NY

As a beginner I had moved from 35 to 44lbs thinking I ready ,after watching this DVD I realized I was stil a freshman on RKC so I went back to 35lbs
The bent press is an amazing drill and the way the turkish get up is performed is a bit different and better from the other dvd I watched but still a cure to sholders ,thank you comrade TATSOULINE

10/10 The Real Deal Here :
By Victor / Boca Raton, Florida USA

It is about time someone put the "Fit" in Fitness !

Pavel does this with his direct no nonsense approach ?If it was easy everyone would be doing it!". If you are a lazy couch potato this is not for you but if you are serious about total body strength training buy it NOW and have the Kettlebells ready!

Thank you Pavel !

By Greg T. Sheriff's Dept. / California U.S. of A.

As Law Enforcement, I can tell you that if you are not in shape for a fight or have the toughness (physically and mentally) to keep fighting after being stabbed or shot by a suspect, one day you are going to die. I have been working with my kettlebells for a week now following along with the DVD and getting an awesome workout everytime. Pavel's directions are easy to follow and very detailed. HIS ATTENTION TO DETAIL WILL SAVE YOU FROM INJURY...........IF YOU LISTEN ! ! ! ! These are awesome full body workouts that will put you in fighting trim building BOTH strength and endurance. Thanks to you Pavel and the people at Dragon Door for bringing a fantastic OLD SCHOOL tool back to the forefront of REAL fitness here in the U.S.

10/10 Good enough to buy twice
By Robert Lightfoot / Waycross, GA

Bought the DVD as I'm shifting away from VHS tapes. Like the exercises (the same way I like being choked and arm-barred in my ju-jitsu classes). A good collection of variety to expand on the original Challenge.

10/10 By far the best
By Fitzy / Rhode Island

Of all the DD videos that I have seen, this one is hands down the best. Why?

- Multiple camera angles throughout

- Close-ups of Pavel in action.

- Aside from demonstrating the exercises, Pavel also explains the exercises in fine detail. Some of the other videos lack this aspect.

10/10 Impact selling at its best.
By Ed Huyett / St. Joseph Mo.

I was very impressed and am sold. I will buy your video and the KBs

10/10 A Real Treat!
By Christian Rubio, Certified RKC Instructor / Lake Mary, Florida United States

Comanadant of this "Courage Corner" former Russian Spetsnaz D.I. Pavel Tsatsouline delivers some outstanding instruction that has to be seen to be appreciated. Do your self a favor, skip over all of the over-hyped up advertising about this video and just do yourself a favor and get this video. The quality is what you would expect of a Tsatsouline video. The drills are demostrated with adept skill and perfect execution. He is an example that this stuff works.

25 drills in this video. Some of them expand on the ones previously demonstrated in the "Russian Kettlebell Challenge", and make them more challenging. Others are ones you've never seen before. All of them are "must haves" in your KB lifting repotoire. All of them are tough. There are no namby-pamby excercises in this video.

Tsatsouline demonstrates the drills with the ease and grace normally reserved for an Olympic figure skater, only this guy, who looks like he was carved out of stone, and is heaving hoisting kettlebells. I am very satisfied with the purchase of the video. Originally I was tuned out by too much hype, however the video delivers. I am glad I bought it. My kettlebell lifting which is always improving, has already improved from it.

The video has more camera angles than the first, however, I would start with the "RKC" before getting "More RKC". More RKC definitely will improve my KB lifting for a long time to come.

9/10 Great detailed info. Must have for intermediate to advance gireviks
By Dave Randolph, RKC / Louisville, KY

The video takes you through some new moves with great detail and also revisits some older ones with more attention to the finer points. Many of the movements are shot from multiple camera angles making it much easier to see what Pavel is doing. It shows where the hips are in relation to the shoulder & to the kb which is essential when lifting heavier weights. IMO, this is definitely not a beginner's tape.

This tape will give you many more wepons is your arsenal of kb exercises. Hopefully it will help you to come up with some new moves of your own. Kb offer variety of exercises and great flexibilty in program design and this video will give you more to work with.

Pavel also points out the dangers inherent in not focusing on what you are doing! KB demand respect & the bite hard if they dont get it!

I love the kb row from the pushup position, the get-up situp is great for the abs and arms and the OLY style snatch should enable me to snatch the 2 pood soon. The variation on the Bent Press technique will let work that exercise now where I couldnt before becuase of apparent lack of flexibilty across the mid back/base of scapulae.

Highly recommended!

9/10 Excellent sequel to Russian Kettlebell Challenge
By Gene / San Francisco

This DVD immediately provided the means for me to extend my current routine, and improve my technique on exercises that I have been doing for some time. Some exercises are new to me and fantastic - I especially like the Renegade Row. The Getup Situp is a fine exercise, I imagine, but I cannot quite manage it yet, even with the 1 pood... Other exercises are variations on the classic exercises. I especially 'enjoy' the anchored and alternate snatch. It is quite obvious just from one day's practice of them, that they will help improve my snatch technique. Other exercises are not new to me, but Pavel provides valuable technical assistance for their proper execution. I especially appreciate the extra time he gives to the front squat, and I can already feel the results from my improved technique. I haven't had the time yet to try all of the exercises - the wrist drills look quite interesting, and I suspect they are far more difficult than Pavel makes them seem. This DVD is NOT only for advanced KB'ers. I would certainly not consider myself advanced, having virtually no background in strength training, and having only a few months experience. I would I would say that it is invaluable for anyone who isn't a rank beginner, and who is SERIOUS about improving his/her technique and getting into better shape. I do wish that Dragondoor would accompany these tapes with a list of exercises and the elapsed time at which they appear on the tape. I must confess that my favorite moment on the tape is Pavel's diabolical chuckle when he drops the KB during his demonstration of the DARC swing.

9/10 Interesting
By Tyrone / Barstow,CA USA

Excellent old fashion exercises to develop strength and balance your body.

10/10 the point...Useful
By philip gadon / santa barbara, California United States

The DVD went diectly to the exercises, made valid form points demonstrated with ease and humor; a must buy for anyone wishing to expand upon his/her arsenal of superb conditioning exercises.

10/10 More fun, pain, and great fitness gains
By John Quigley / Hazleton, Pennsylvania United States

Pavel has done another excellent job in presenting challenging drills that will take your kettlebell practice and fitness to new heights. Pavel?s trademark humor is ever present, and his instruction is no-nonsense and, as always, well done. Multiple camera angles are used, and are very helpful in grasping the fine points of the drills. Pavel?s instruction is pure gold ? detailed and meticulous. There is a tremendous amount of valuable information packed into this 40 minute tape. Watch and listen closely, follow Pavel?s advice, and you?ll find something remarkable in the fitness industry ? someone actually delivering on what might appear to be the usual marketing hyperbole. Pavel?s stuff works - period. His methods ? and his kettlebells that are my prized possessions ? are simply the most effective combination ? by far - that I?ve ever encountered in 30 years of training. This tape, like all of Pavel?s products, is worth every penny.

9/10 Awesome workout
By Ken Dettloff / Kalamazoo Michigan

Pavel takes you absolutely to the next level with your workout.

9/10 Great stuff-A little more info
By MIke / San Angelo, TX USA

Great DVD. Pavel is the best. Just need a little more info on how many sets of each exercise to do.





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