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10/10 Wow
By Chris Holder / San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

I spent the morning reading and flipping through this book... Dragon Door Publications has outdone themselves with this one... wow... this is one of those books you don't want to put down because you are excited to see what is going to be on the next page... it's a beautiful book... Danny, as usual, kills it... having done some writing myself, I understand how hard it can be to convey your personality through the work... with the combination of the information and some brilliant photography, Diamond-Cut Abs is one of those books where you can see Danny's personality gushing off the pages... the information is so valuable because it is coming from someone with serious cred on the matter... There are photos of he and Al doing feats of strength that are other worldy... the routines, the diet the philosophy are coming from a man who lives it... Congrats Danny and DD for another homerun.

10/10 Pinnacle of developing abs
By Paul Britt RKC TL / Rockwall, Texas, USA

Finally the definitive guide to building strong, rock hard, defined abs. Danny has really kicked it up a notch with this book. It is easy to read, has great personal insight and the pictures are awesome. It is a great read and it gives you a clear cut path to effectively developing your abs the right way. The book contains great nutritional information that is easy to follow because it makes sense. The best way to reach your goal is to make it simple, and Danny has done that with this book. As someone that does not have diamond cut abs, I cannot wait to see what I can do with the awesome info and plan Danny has created. If you want to develop abs that work as good as they look, this is the book and the way. In my opinion this is the best book on abs I have ever read. Buy it, follow it and you will not be disappointed.

10/10 Diamond-Cut Abs for a Healthier/Stronger Life!
By Eric Buratty / Germantown, Maryland, USA

This is more than just a book about abs.

Danny takes his readers through a series of habits that motivates us all to lead a healthier lifestyle--on the outside AND the inside--complete with energy and humor that makes you want to go through the entire book in one setting!

Some of the highlights include learning how to find more appreciation for the naturally healthy foods we eat, learning how to work the abs within the context of total body tension and learning how to see past the typical marketing hype involved in mainstream diets or whack supplements that we might waste our time and money on.
He even takes his readers through a look at his own, no-nonsense, food intake over the course of three typical days to demonstrate the simplicity in practicing what he preaches.

Make no mistake, however, Danny never tries to mislead his readers in saying that the journey to achieving Diamond-Cut Abs will come easy. In fact, he emphasizes just the opposite of what many fitness "experts" or supplement companies tell us. In this capacity, "the joy is in the journey" theme reigns true more than ever before--which separates it from other popular abs books.

So all I have left for you is one question:
Are YOU tired of wasting your time and money on other abs products or diets that never seem to be sustainable for your

Then get your copy TODAY = right NOW.

You won't EVER regret your purchase, as Danny Kavadlo speaks the TRUTH.

By the way, anyone who eats real butter and whole eggs knows what they're doing in my book! ;)

10/10 Buy this book ASAP!
By Michael Polito / Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

This is by far the best book i have ever read on the subject of abs and total fitness. The nutrition section is worth the price of the entire book alone. Easy to read, to the point, entertaining and holds your attention. Could not put it down. Thank you Danny Kavadlo and Dragon Door for making this fine book available.

10/10 Eat your food!
By Garrett McElfresh / Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Danny has crafted the most truthful book about abs, and more importantly, about honest and healthy eating I've come across yet. I had the opportunity to attend the November PCC in Milwaukee and believe me Danny and his brother Al fully actualize that fuzzy area where Art and Action live together. Humble straight shooters who launch into the most badass physical displays. I read and re-read Diamond Cut Abs feeling inspired. Thank you, Danny.

10/10 Never judge a book by it's cover...
By Nicholas Lynch / milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

At first glance, I thought "Am I about to read a Big Tymers cd book" but after reading on the pictures became funny and made sense.

Diamond Cut Abs is not just about abs. Its about lifestyle to achieve healthy abs and what it means to have healthy abs. This book covers exercise movement, philosophy and nutrition. A full package with awesome exercises and programs. If you read this book, follow it and don't get results, go see your doctor as soon as possible because something must be wrong.

Great Book Danny!

10/10 Really enjoyed this book!
By Lori Crock / Dublin, OH, USA

This book is visually stunning, entertaining, and extremely helpful as I am preparing for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification (PCC). I am glad that Danny reminds people that how our bodies look is based on what we eat AND how we move --- and he provides useful information on both fronts with something for every fitness level. This book will make you want to spend more time exploring movement with your feet off the ground -- and your abs will thank you!

10/10 Realistic Awesome!
By Tom Freel / Louisville, Kentucky, United States

?Diamond-Cut Abs? has greatly helped me to be focused on what really counts to achieve my goals. Thanks for being so honest on what works. After reading a number of other books, this book is refreshing.

9/10 An amazing manual to help you train your "core"
By Jeremy Burke / Minneapolis, MN, United States

I have to admit I was a little skeptical of this book given the title -- it sounds like one of those articles you read in a "health" magazine -- "how to get ripped in minutes a day!" Instead the book is an amazing mix of exercises, thoughts on diet and health, and general exercise philosophy. After reading this book I really look forward to meeting Danny in person someday. His life experience is a welcome addition to the manual. The section on food and eating both for health and for developing a particular physique are helpful and honest. Above all, this is a book about getting strong and looking good. Definitely recommended.

10/10 Great Reference Material
By Jeff Duenez / Ladera Ranch, CA, USA

I purchased this book recently and at first was a little disappointed because it looked like it was just full of pictures of people with great abs, but after I actually started to read the material it became crystal clear what the hype was about. Danny demonstrated that the workout is only a quarter of the battle, diet and common sense are what completes a solid body. As a martial arts instructor I conduct a conditioning class on Sunday mornings for the adults and I was able to use Danny's techniques and will continue to do so. I am 54 years old and have never been in better shape thanks to the Kalvadlo Bros, Anthony DiLuglio, Max Shank and to Dragon Door publications for publishing great reference material for living!

10/10 No Bull...
By Paul-E-C . / West Islip, NY, USA

If you want results and no bull*%$#....this is what it's all about.

Danny lays it out for you. Not much more to say besides the fact that he (and all involved) did a fabulous job on this book. Be honest how many "ab programs" have you heard about that boast this or that? This is the real deal, follow it, live it, and don't lie to yourself and you'll have yourself a set of amazing abs...yes even diamond cut ;)

enjoy - but in the end you have to put in the hard work!!

10/10 A fitness must read
By Ryan Williams / Pittsburgh, PA, USA

This book is not only about abs, its teaching and methodology can be applied to nearly all aspects of fitness.

10/10 Highly recommended
By Patrick Brunetti / Princeton, NJ, USA

Danny had some really good stuff in this book.
Need more people out there just like him and his bro Al.
Thanks guys

9/10 Abs
By Herman Garcia / Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Solid functional core exercises to prepare us and take us farther as far as augmenting my other activities like running, cycling, weight training and hiking. No BS on how important consistency and elbow grease is. Too many vendors with deception on ONLY five minutes a day. The author is upfront--no crap, no lies. Perhaps a little much on all the pics and advertisement but as far as the content--solid.

4/10 No reason to buy this book.
By Charles Kent / Portland, Oregon, United States

This review is going to sound harsh or even critical, but it has more to do with the content that should have been left out than the quality of the content that was relevant.

I believe that the fewer words used to get information across the better. To that end, nearly all of the author's back story should have been left out of this book. There should be enough background to sufficiently set him up as an expert and give readers a reason to trust his information, but this isn't touted as an autobiography and shouldn't contain nearly the amount of personal information it does.

However, after seeing the obscene amount of self-aggrandizing pictures of the author spread throughout every single page of this book, it makes more sense why so much of the first half of the book was devoted to telling his story. This is not the reason that I, at least, purchased the book.

The nutrition section is solid, though, absolutely nothing revolutionary. Unless you've been living under a rock for the lady decade you will have heard it all before, although it's nice to have a solid summary of my good practices all in one place.

The actual abdominal section - the entire reason that I at least bought the book - is underwhelming. I've seen descriptions, graphics, science, and instructions on the same level if not more detailed from bodybuilding magazines 15 years ago! The part of the book I was most looking forward to was the most disappointing, and it's hard to believe that an entire book was built and sold around this section.

To summarize, the book is 65% about the author (with a perplexingly and shockingly narcissistic amount of photos of the author in various poses and making all manner of faces at the camera), 20% relevant dietary guidance, and 15% actual abdominal exercises and "programs" (in quotes because the tiny graphic boxes which detail various progressions of ab programs barely qualify as programs).

This is now easily the worst book in my library. More - and more relevant - information can be found for free in any of dozens of online forums.

10/10 Outstanding Ab (and more) Training!
By Jim Barsul / Milwaukee, WI, US

It's taken me a while to write this review because I keep finding more information & things to say about it!.
The training method is elegant and the progressions are logical (& do-able!). The pictures make the exercises clear and fun, and (to me anyway) are a great help to reinforce key points about the everything - execises/ diet ( I'm eating like 1.7 fat guys now - so it's a start!).
If you want to build great abs & have a blast doing it - get this book!

I'm going to work out now....

10/10 Kavadlo Fan satisfied as usual!
By Brandy Schwartz / Virginia Beach, Virginia (VA), United States

I bought Danny's newset book for my husband for Christmas as it was at the top of his wish list. He was all smiles when he opened it and couldn't wait to start reading it. So he didn't wait, he started right then. My husband is a Danny Kavadlo supporter and this book is one more reason why he is.

10/10 OMG - buy this book!!
By Greg T / St Louis, MO - Missouri, USA

OMG - honestly, I don't write many reviews. I had to write one for this book. The nutritional advice, the ab exercises, the overall fitness program, and the general life advice is incredible......this is a CLASSIC. Buy this book. Highly recommend.

10/10 Slabs of abs in drips and drabs.
By Ethan Astral / Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I have read tonnes of nutrition and exercise books but Danny hits on some new points and I like that he gives new ideas to address nutrition and exercise,
The main focus on transverse ab exercises is exactly what I think should be done and the nutrition is just awesome, like the juice detox/vegetable fast.
Danny has clearly got it figured out and I can't wait for the next book.

10/10 You have to get this book
By John (Pony) Kozenko / Kern River, California, USA

I read diamond cut abs and strength rules over and over and over again. Danny has helped transform my life from a world of hurt to a future of hope thanks to his very inspirational writings. I have a new outlook on life and it's all thanks to him. THANK YOU DANNY

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