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10/10 Great basic training for Kettlebells
By Larry Gibson / Arlington, TX, USA

I had ordered the Kettlebell Boomer DVD earlier this year. This book is a great supplement to the DVD. In a little over a year, I have lost 30 lbs total weight, but that doesn't count the 30+ lbs of lean muscle that I have built up.

I had never been able to build bulk, even after 7 years in the Army. I wish I had known about or that Kettlebells had been available while I was serving in the late 80s.

Kettlebells work better for me than the P-90X, as I spend between 2-3 hours a week total, as opposed to an hour or more a day, six days a week, with P-90X, or traditional weight training.

Andrea explains all of the movements in an easy to follow manner, and all of the progressions of the Exercises allow for a wide range of athletes, from highly deconditioned to above average fitness levels.

While the books and DVD are more than adequate for basic training, if available, get hands on training from an HKC/ RKC trained instructor.

Take your time and build up slowly and allow your body to handle the increased load Kettlebell training puts on your body.

I started working out with 26 lb for the Military press, and 35 lbs for the squats/ Deadlifts. I am now Military pressing double 35 lb bells, and using 70 lb bells for the Squats and Dead-lifts.

Thank you Dragon Door for all of the great information that you provide, and the central focus that you place on safety while working out.

9/10 What I wanted
By Dave Murray / Phoenix, AZ, USA

I'm an out of shape senior who tends toward gung ho, and "I can do what I did 40 years ago." I can't and shouldn't try. This looked like it might provide the guidance that I need to not overdo and fail. That's exactly what it is. A good book which provides a twelve week work your way up schedule that is missing from her video (that video is also good). If you are old and out of shape and want to fix that, start here.

10/10 No matter your age...
By Patricia Whitney / Garrison, MN, USA

Andrea shows that physical age can be a matter of mind more than clock. Working with your body, not in conflict with it, makes a great difference. At 72, I am benefitting from the use of kettlebells and appreciate her knowledge and 'coaching'!

10/10 Clear and concise!
By Barney Lane / Brisbane, Australia

I purchased this e-book for my parents and they are really enjoying it! They love that the information presented is in an easy-to-read format and includes all the necessary drills and workouts to remain strong, active and truly ageless. Everything is well laid out and appropriately illustrated, in order to maintain high levels of technique. I highly recommend this book to everyone, regardless of your vintage.

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