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9/10 2 PR's +20lbs to a 3x 1 set in first week
By Russ Moon, HKC / Richmond, USA

The setup improvement alone had me at +20 pounds at the 6 day mark on my Deadlift so the proof is in the results. Pavel's comments on the results, linking it back to techniques or principles, which have worked for me. My goal is a 40lb increase in my 3 rep Deadlift in 30 days.

This book I consider to very definitely have a Hardstyle flavor in the background, but ever present. Pay attention to detail in setup and be aggressive (Andy Bolton), reminds me of Donnie Thompson saying "Come up with tremendous power to lockout. Don't play passive."

Pavel's explanation of programming (my favorite is the wave cycle ;) and what it might feel like helps me as I practice to stay as pure to the authors intended outcome as possible. The collaboration works and I thank both of you. My deadlift thanks you.

9/10 Bolton Outstanding
By Alex Turnamian / Waretown, USA

Andy Bolton is not only an outstanding strength athlete, but an incredible writer as well.Anyone interested in strength development should add this book to their library.Just about every aspect of proper power lifting is explained clearly and thoroughly in layman terms.

10/10 Injuries
By Johan Kriek / Townsville, Australia

Impressed with explanations on good form and prevention of injuries. Been messing around in gyms most of my life but my son is growing up and him being very active in sport I can now teach him the correct form from the start and prevent unwelcome injuries. It covers all from beginner to pro.

10/10 Great for a Powerlifter
By Edward Shattuck / Syracuse, USA

If you aspire to be a power lifter, this is a great book. I don't want to be a power lifter. For me, Power to the People is the ticket. I don't care about assistance work, etc.. Mr. Bolton is obviously highly qualified and offers a very comprehensive work. My desire is to simplify. If you are an aspiring power lifter, then this is a great book.

9/10 Instant Results
By Brian Flynn / Providence, RI, USA

I have been using kettlebells for the past 3.5 years exclusively, with fantastic results. However, the itch has been there to incorporate some barbell work twice a week. I joined a gym and decided to do deadlifts, bench press, squats and pullups. Instant results on all three exercises. Amazing when you've done it wrong for so many years, then do it right. My only critique is they don't tell you how to incorporate all the assistance exercises into the program. But Andy and Pavel rock. If you want to lift the RIGHT way. This book is for you. A great swan song for Pavel on Dragon Door

9/10 Simple and Effective
By Robert Storey / Noblesville, Indiana, United States

This was my introduction into the world of powerlifting. It has taken my strength to a new level and helped improve my performance in athletics. The approach is really simple and straightforward with clear progressions to address various weaknesses. A great book for improving strength, though if you need more conditioning, it can't be the only tool in your arsenal.

10/10 Excellent technique tips
By James Webster / Koroit, Victoria, Australia

Great book. Well set out, easy to read, lots of pictures. Lots of helpful technique tips for the deadlift. Wish I had read the book earlier before I formed bad habits.

10/10 All dragon door ebooks the best
By Richard Gaviorno / PITTSFIELD, MA, United States

All ebooks I have puchased from dragon door are the best I have ever seen on the subject.

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