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Robin Sinclear


Phone: (530) 520-2297
Chico, CA
United States 95926
10 out of 10 (24 reviews)
Robin Sinclear has worked in the health and fitness industries for over 25 years as both a Paramedic and a Fitness Coach. Robin began using kettlebells in 2006 and earned her first RKC certification in February 2008. She is now an RKC II Instructor, and owner of Velocity Strength & Fitness in Chico, CA. She has a love for competition and seeing what her body is capable of, and has tested herself over the years through various fitness competitions, and as a National Level Figure competitor.
Her quest for knowledge of the workings of the human body coupled with a passion for helping others brought her to coaching. She is a Level 2 RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor (RKC-II), StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor (SFG-1), CrossFit Level I (CF-L1) Certified Instructor, Precision Nutrition Certified Weight Loss and Sports Performance Nutrition Coach (Pn1), Cycle Fusion spin instructor, Functional Movement Specialist (FMS), and a youth cheerleading coach. Her passion is to help people become better, healthier, stronger versions of themselves.
Robin has assisted at numerous HKC and RKC Kettlebell Instructor Certification courses. Assisting at these certification courses is by invitation only, and requires a recommendation from a Master RKC to be considered. Robin has attended and assisted at courses taught by Pavel Tsatsouline, Dan John, Max Shank, Andrew Read, and other notable fitness industry figures.
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10/10 Thank you!
By Ashley Jimenez / Chico, USA

I have not met two women like you Robin and Traci. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and meeting you two has completely reignited my love of lifting weights and fitness. I knew that when I met you, that you both would get me to my goals of doing my first bikini competition. Not only do you both have the passion for training, you have an amazing facility, the perfect chemistry to be personal trainers and the love of your clients. It isn't a job when you love what you do. I know that is how you feel about VELOCITY and how much you strive to make each and every client achieve their fitness goals. I may have only known you a little over 2 months, but I have met my perfect match when I came to train at VELOCITY because I truly have the best trainers Not only is the training top notch, but the QUALITY of each rep is unmatched. Thank you for all you do. And thanks for the rockin VELO booty!

10/10 Quality Training
By Lynda Balken / Chico, USA

I love the time that Robin takes putting together a daily work out that ties perfectly into the week. It's almost like she intuitively knows what to plan for the day/week/month so that it all ties together to assure thorough, quality training.

10/10 Trainer and Friend
By Adrienne Anderson / Chico, USA

Not only is Robin an amazing trainer who provides well rounded training programs but she makes them fun and varies them perfectly so I am never bored with her workouts. She is also very encouraging and helpful with helping me reach my fitness goals. She's always very willing to discuss changes to my training and diet based on my goals. She is a very caring person with a huge heart and has also become not just my trainer but a great friend as well.

10/10 Amazing Trainer!
By Judyanne Dotson / Chico, USA

Robin is an AMAZING trainer! I actually look forward to my workouts! That hour of my day makes me a stronger, happier person all around! I feel very grateful to have her as a trainer and a friend!

10/10 She's THE BEST!
By Mark Balken / Chico, USA

Two years ago when I started working out I tried several different CrossFit gyms and after multiple injuries in just six months I thought I'd kick it down a notch and try something simple and basic like kettle bells with Robin. Ha, well after 14 months of training with Robin, injuries have not been a problem but there is nothing simple or easy about this. I have cut my body fat in half to 11.8%, my strength and endurance have increased dramatically, my weekly trips to the chiropractor have stopped as of 8 months ago, and at 49 years old when I go back to the old gym to work out with friends, I make them look like they've been taking a nap the last 14 months. Robin as a great natural ability to push me to my limit and keep me motivated without injuries that came from those old-style Cross Fit gyms. The look on the faces of those young guys when they try to keep up with me when I'm doing a 5 minute snatch test at 150 snatches with the 24 kg (53 lb.) bell or pressing the beast is worth every drop of sweat Robin squeezes out of me.

10/10 The best!
By Johnny Loff / Chico, USA

You work out 5 days a week and feel you can't do any more and Robin finds a way to locate that last muscle you didn't know you had!

10/10 Wedding Ready!
By Nicole Glassgow / Chico, USA

When I started at VELOCITY I told Robin I needed a perfect back, shoulders and arms for my May 31st wedding. It's May 1 and we are already there! Thank you Robin for helping me look and feel my best on my wedding day!

By Suzy Lewis / Chico, USA

Robin, you are an awesome trainer. You plan such thought out workouts that work for every level of client and you always make adjustments for people when they have injuries of physically can't do something without making them feel any less. I hate that I have limits but instead of not showing up some days like I might want to, I know you will work with me. I really appreciate that! You have made a world of difference in Johnny. Now he can't wait to work out! You are doing such a great job and Traci and you are truly inspiring. It's been fun to be a part of watching your journey!

By Janel Thompsom / Chico, USA

I feel fortunate to have found Robin and VELOCITY Strength and Fitness. Her expertise in kettle bell training is clearly expressed in her ability to coach and plan our workouts. I have so much respect for Robin's continued training and certifications, and I could not imagine training with anyone else. She not only is an amazing trainer but she also genuinely cares about her clients.

10/10 Treasure
By Karen Merkle-Lawler / Chico, USA

Robin, you are a perfect example of why we get strong, to lift others up! Thank you, you're a treasure!

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Robin Sinclear