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10/10 From kettlebell novice to extremely confident!
By John Jorgensen / Los Angeles, United States

I came to Philippe knowing barely anything about kettlebells. After 3 months I was getting complements on my kettlebell form from other personal trainers at my local gym. Philippe is an all around professional who truly cares about his craft and his students' results. I can't recommend training with Philippe enough!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Chrysta Hiser / Los Angeles, USA

I recently had the opportunity to train with Philippe and it was such a fantastic experience. In only a few sessions he taught me how to move more efficiently, improve my strength and also many new skills that I can incorporate into my training. He also understands how the body works and moves which I feel is so important. I really appreciated the time he took to listen to what I had to say and understand my goals. He has such a great eye for detail as well. He taught me proper form and gave me great cues in order to help perfect my technique.

I feel that he also really cares about each client and that he really goes above and beyond. After training with him, I feel that I have a better grasp on lifting techniques and I also feel so much more confident in reaching my goals. Overall I feel that he is an amazing instructor. Ive learned so much from him and look forward to keep learning more and progressing.

He is an impressive instructor and I highly recommend him.

10/10 From Gym to Kettle Bells
By Cappie Baker / LA, USA

While training with Philippe using kettle bells, I have experienced an immense improvement in stamina, strength, endurance and confidence in each discipline as a triathelete. From a practical standpoint, I have experienced greater ease with daily activities like lifting heavy bags grocery shopping and greater focus during yoga practice. I have learned to use my whole body, especially core, to complete difficult kettle bell sequences with heavy weights for several repetitions. Philippe is very professional. His workouts are killer but FUN! He is an expert in training the whole body and his teaching skills are stellar. I have found a more dynamic fluid flow in my workout regimen vs the static regimen I had while training primarily with traditional gym equipment. I am looking forward to continually training with him and pushing the boundaries of my workouts and triathlons.

10/10 A Cut Above
By Jenny Hu, RKC / Santa Monica, United States

Philippe is an extremely talented and innovative instructor. I started training with him less than one month before the San Diego RKC certification, and he improved my form and strength substantially in a short amount of time.

Philippe is technically precise and able to convey his instructions and corrections effectively. I was consistently impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge of RKC principles and drills. His ability to identify weak spots and deficiencies and then fix them with just the right drills while keeping my motivation level high is what makes him a cut above the rest. Often, other trainers can be too easy and nice or too mean and discouraging, but Philippe’s style is just plain effective and fun.

I really have to thank Philippe for equipping me with the tools and the confidence to pass the RKC. And now that I have reached that goal, I still continue to train with him because I want to continue to improve my strength and skills and have fun doing it!

10/10 Impressive Results from a Master Trainer
By Ian W / Santa Monica, USA

I had an opportunity to train with Philippe for a series of private sessions and the results were impressive. Adding only kettle bell training to an ongoing workout schedule, I lost 8% body fat in 6 weeks and gained significant muscle mass. I took inches off the waist and hips. My strength, flexibility and range of motion increased. I'm moving better and I've been able to train harder in the other portion of the workout schedule. These are welcome outcomes and important concerns for someone who is 56 with joint and mobility issues after a lifetime of working out.

Philippe is a master of form and technique, diligent in guiding you through correct positions and postures to maximize the workout but also to minimize injury. He's calm, patient, supportive and resourceful. He communicates clearly and he's always coming up with another visual or physical cue to help your understanding of how to perform the exercises. He assessed my fitness goals, my state of fitness, determined my strengths and weaknesses and tailored a program to my needs. He monitored my progress throughout the week, checking in with me frequently by email and telephone to see how I was doing, offering support and advice, correctives and motivation as necessary based on my responses and needs. I always felt that he was interested and invested in my progress.

I plan to continue training with Philippe and recommend him highly.

10/10 Eternally Grateful
By Michael Morse / Venice, CA

When I had the amazing opportunity to train with Philippe I couldn't pass it up, and to date it has been the best decision I've made. He will make you a better person. End of story.

Over the sessions he has tweaked my form, helped me build functional muscle and keep me dedicated. Even through uncertain times he's coached me with inspirational anecdotes, advice and unsurpassed enthusiasm.

I am eternally grateful for everything he has taught me about training and myself. Without him I never would have taken the HKC certification.

Thank you, Philippe. Thank you for making me a better man, for opening the doors to the RKC community and inspiring me to become involved, here's to the future!

10/10 Molding Better Instructors
By Robin Sinclear, RKC / Chico, CA

I attended the San Diego RKC this past August 2010 as a recertification candidate. Philippe was one of my Team Leader's assistant instructors.
Having been an RKC for about 2 1/2 years, my technique for the basic RKC Level 1 exercises were decent and passable, as it should have been. But of course, since I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I know there are ALWAYS improvements to be made. I wanted to absorb every tidbit I could from these fantastic instructors in the few short days I had with them.
Philippe was patient, kind, and helpful. He was able to pick up on a few of my bad habits, and worked with me throughout the weekend to break through the muscle memory and re-train my movement patterns. I am now a better practitioner, and a better instructor because of it.
Thank you, Philippe!

10/10 Thank you Philippe
By Fabio Campisi / Siena, ITALY

I met Philippe as Team Cheng assistent during my RKC Certification in San Diego.
I want to thank him for his advices during those three days
Thank you Philippe, you're a good teacher and a good man!

10/10 Great Kettlebell Instructor/mentor......
By Carlos / Los Angeles, Ca

Worked with Philippe today and in the few hours that I spent with him he showed me alot about kettlebell movements, program design and how and why the body moves like it does.

Philippe is a valuable trainer to dragon door and the kettle bell family. I hope to learn more from him in the near future.

10/10 Diligent!!!
By Joey Williams RKC, UCPD Special Response Unit / Pacifica, CA

I recently had the opportunity to work with Philippe at a closed session HKC for Law Enforcement. I have been a police officer for over 20 years now and have seen trainers come and go with lots of new and creative ideas on helping us Cops get in or stay in shape. It was awesome to watch Philippe do something different. He worked with the instructor trainee's from start time to end time on fining tuning the basics. His focus and understanding on what police officers needed in their training programs to carryover to duty was refreshing. I'm glad to see that the RKC and Philippe or out there training my brothers in blue. If you're a police officer and you are near Philippe I would highly recommend training with him.

10/10 Best in Biz
By Greg / Hermosa Beach, CA

I've trained with Philippe for a few years now and am always amazed at how much of a difference just a few sessions make. Most recently, Philippe turned me on to working with kettlebells and I feel better than I have in years. With a crash course in fundamentals, a personally designed workout, and some friendly motivational reminders, I've been able to use what Philippe taught me to noticeably increase my core strength, improve my posture, and better my overall fitness in a very short time. Whether you're looking for a nudge to help get you started or for a hard kick in the ass to get you to the next level, Philippe is your guy.

10/10 Professional, Experienced, Humble and Gifted
By Franz Snideman RKC TL, CK-FMS / La Jolla, CA

Recently I had Philippe assist me while teaching a Kettlebell Seminar to NSCA personal trainers. Not only did Philippe confidently know his material, he drew on his extensive experience in fighting and the martial arts to make some very impressive corelations with kettlebell training. His teaching style was very clear, precise and his genuine enthusiasm for helping others was contagious. The students took very well to his teaching style and they were able to improve their technique due to Philippe's solid grasp on human movement, biomechnanics and strength training principles. I highly recommend Philippe as a coach and trainer and am very confident that you will find Philippe to be the "bridge" between the body you have now and the body you want.

10/10 Unparalleled Professionalism
By Brandon / NM, USA

I recently took a kettle bell course with Pavel in New Mexico where Phillipe was an assistant instructor. I was having problems with mobility issues due to previous injuries and lack of flexibility. So much so, that I could not correctly perform some of the exercises correctly. Phillipe worked with me 1-on-1 and literaly took a vested interest in increasing my range of motion and flexibility. He is very patient and thorough, explaining each technique in a way that anyone can understand. Phillipe went above and beyond by emailing me further instruction and advice which I will apply not only in my own pursuit of total fitness, but with my students as well. Anyone lucky enough to have Phillipe as an instructor will undoubtedly receive top notch instruction with unparalleled professionalism!

10/10 An Eye For Detail
By Jason Marshall, RKC II, CK-FMS / Lubbock, TX USA

I was fortunate enough to assist the Chief Instructor along side Philippe at a recent HKC in New Mexico. Philippe had an excellent eye for detail when working with the instructor-candidates. Along with his ability to troubleshoot techniques spot-on, he was able to pull aside candidates who were having trouble with mobility issues and bring them further along with his experience in Z-Health. Philippe's breadth of knowledge and background make him an extremely unique instructor. I wish I lived closer so I could have more opportunities to learn from him. If you're in his area, you would be benefit greatly from seeking out his instruction!

10/10 Fantastic Results and Fun Too!
By Lia / Hermosa Beach, CA

Philippe trained both my husband and I for years. His most notable achievement can be seen in our wedding pictures! He always keeps the workouts fresh, readily adapting several innovative techniques to help us be in better shape for surfing, and life in general. I've known Philippe since college, and he has always been a positive presence, fun and funny. But he doesn't take any BS on the gym floor! He pushes everyone to do another rep, lift a heaver weight. He is a fantastic trainer!

9/10 You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll get stronger
By Alejandro Barahona / Los Angeles, CA - Vigo, Spain

I've been training with Philippe for 9 months and he kick me into shape. Not only he made me lost weight but corrected my body posture and increased my stamina and strength...making me laugh all the way. The few, the proud, the winey!

10/10 Great workout
By M Moore / New Mexico

Philippe can make anyone like working out!

10/10 Do you want to be challenged?
By Alex Carey / Norwalk, CT

Well Philippe and I have known each other for quite some time now and I can honestly say I do not know a more dedicated personal trainer that consistently upgrades his knowledge of not only the human body but also with the most challenging way to surprise your muscles. He will make you feel muscles you never knew existed and will continue to keep the workouts new and refreshing.
Keep it up Philippe....

9/10 Philippe knows wild things
By Tara Wood, / London / Kenya

Philippe attended our Wildfitness coaches' training and was an awesome addition to the group. He took on board our training on how to live, eat and train in the way wild humans should and was articulate, genuine and passionate. I havn't actually trained with Philippe, but he is a source of information and energy - much recommended dude!

10/10 Simply The Best
By Alison Winter / Culver City, CA

I went to Philippe hoping to get in shape and was rewarded with more than I could have imagined. This man will help transform you into everything you could hope to be. He is able to tune into you and your needs; your rhythms, your weaknesses and your strengths. His guidance and support is unsurpassed and his depth of knowledge frankly quite frightening. If you're looking for some inspiration and imagination when working out, you won't do better. You could never be bored with this guy. He'll keep you on your toes and help you to discover strength you never knew you had. He's one in a billion and he changed my life (as well as the shape of my thighs).

10/10 Don't miss a chance to work out with Philippe.
By Renee Danielson / Tucson, AZ

I met Philippe years ago at a local gym when I decided to cash in my two free training sessions. I was originally supposed to be paired up with another trainer who essentially stood me up. Philippe overheard what had happened and volunteered to train with me for the hour. His enthusiasm and great personality made it a great fit, which lead to me working out and training with him for two years. Unfortunately, I moved out of state after those two years, or else I would still be working out with him. Philippe is an amazing trainer with the incredible ability to remember where we left off during our last session, which is impressive when you consider how many clients he has. Additionally, he likes to think and train outside of the box which keeps training sessions interesting and exciting. He takes his training seriously and will not give in to excuses and pleading (believe me, I've tried) but, will leave you feeling statisfied knowing that you worked out beyond the limits you had previously set for yourself. The lessons I learned from Philippe are invaluable and I truly miss his friendship and guidance as a trainer.

10/10 I feel like a new man
By Cormac Breslin / Los Angeles, CA

Having been totally against the idea of ever working out before meeting with Philippe, I was shocked and extremely thankful to find that his methods could literally change my image and fitness in such a short period of time. Every workout seems fresh and new and Philippe makes it tremendously easy to keep in top shape. I actually enjoy my workouts now which is something I never thought I would ever say!

10/10 Your ticket to better health and fitness
By Marc Levis-Fitzgerald / Los Angeles, CA

I have been working with Philippe for over 2 years. He is thoughtful, brings new things to the table every week, and adapts our exercise routine to meet my needs. We work on my core and flexibility. We talk regularly about intake. There is no way I would sustain this workout routine on my own.

10/10 Our Whole Family Trains on the Beach with Kettlebells!
By Ric LevisFitzgerald / Brentwood(LA), CA

I have been working with Philippe for over 2 years! We now have three work out sessions per week on the beach with kettlebells. My partner and two kids now come with me! He's even started a class with several other parents from our kids schools! He's great with the advanced and motivates the beginners!

10/10 Bringing the A-game
By Andy K / Santa Monica, CA

Philippe is one of those rare individuals that transcends his role as a "trainer" into something much much more. He invests the time to not just get to know you as a client but to formulate an action plan with you and your lifestyle in mind. Over the five years I have known and worked with Philippe, I have learned so much about the sciences of fitness and nutrition, but also about the arts of discipline, focus and personally pushing my own envelope.

10/10 If I can be convinced....there is no excuse for anyone else!!
By Behnaz Faridian / Los Angeles, California

Philippe is not just a trainer. Philippe is your conscience. He accesses your mind, your psyche as well as your body and physical abilities. He will alter, form fit, and direct his routine to fit his clients' mood, injuries, and mental blocks each and every session. I consider myself one of Philippe's more challenging clients. I know what I want to see as results, and become tunnel vision about just that. He knows when to let me win, and when to ignore me and crack the whip. (Usually it's the latter) I am proud to have met him and am honored to be his client.

9/10 Wanna reach your goals, look good and feel good? Philippe is the answer!
By David Ken / Paris, France & Santa Monica, CA

When I started training with Philippe I was looking for 4 things: strength, muscle mass, looking good, and energy.
After several weeks I started seeing some quick results and feeling good. After a few months I saw my body changing, my muscles getting bigger and stronger. And after a year of regular work out under his supervision, today I can say that I consider myself athletic, strong, and energetic.
I quickly reached my 4 goals, and also had a lot of fun doing it, which I think is essential.
Philippe is the best trainer I know, and also a great motivator.

10/10 No Nonsense/all Business Workouts!
By Barbara M. / Venice, CA

My aim was to get an assessment of my strengths/weaknesses and find efficient methods to reach my goals. Philippe understood precisely and tailored my training/schedule/diet and worked with me to get there. Otten he pushed me to achieve well beyond what I thought possible, much to my surprise and delight. I have zeroed in on his advice and have benefited immensely. I can't recommend him highly enough!

10/10 He will kick your abs!
By Irma Gabriela / Los Angeles, CA

Phillipe is a combination of an Asian philosopher with a drill Sargent. He motivates you and inspires you. He understands your goals, your limitations (both physical and mental) and helps you work to become a better person. You'll find yourself doing things you never though you'd be able to do. Looking better, feeling better and eating better happen as a consequence. You can't go wrong with him.

10/10 Are you ready for some serious training? Philippe is your guy.
By Sabrina Lee / Los Angeles, CA

I had two trainers before Philippe, and I have been with Philippe for four years. There is no stopping me now. Philippe is the best. At times, I am pushed to the point where I am on the floor at the end of "his" routine. I am now addicted to his way of training. He demands nothing less than total commitment from you. Through his teaching, I learn to put in 100% or else. Its like he said to me one time, "You can train or you can go home." I feel honored to have met him and I feel even more honored to be trained by him. Philippe inspires you to want to be better. It is not just physical fitness he teaches. It is wellness he is promoting.

By Humberto / New York, NY

I was a former client of Philippe Til in LA before moving to NYC. Since I've been in NYC I've been through two different trainers, both with no success. I told Philippe a while back and I'll say it again, he spoiled me. Philippe knows his stuff. His technique is tailored to your physical and health related needs. He understood my body limitations and potentials. He doesn't just tell you want to do, he'll patiently demonstrate it and explain the benefits of the exercise. And I liked his training style and how he kept it fresh every several weeks. Bottom line, Philippe motivated me, got me excited again about exercising and staying healthy without ever overwhelming me. Congratulations Philippe on your continue success in keeping SoCal healthy and strong.

10/10 The Best!
By Steven Bridges / Los Angeles, CA USA

Philippe wide range of interests and knowledge make him the most engaging trainer you'll ever have. More than just an exercise coach, Philippe lives his philosophy and helps you develop and live yours.

10/10 Philippe Til - the only personal trainer you'll ever need
By Phyllis Hettlinger / Bloomington, MN USA

I have known Philippe Till for eight years and truly feel that his knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. He is more than a personal trainer - he is a life coach. Whatever your needs are, Philippe can help you change your life. Now he can add RKC Instructor to his long list of credits. His recent RKC training in St.Paul, MN was so intense and he passed with "flying colors"! I'm not surprised, since Philippe is the BEST!

10/10 Fun, Results, and Safety!
By Jessica Carey / Los Angeles, CA

Philippe was one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of working with. He has an extensive knowledge of kinesiology and body mechanics. He pushes you beyond your comfort zone but not into a dangerous territory where injuries happen. I have had contact with many trainers during my season working with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I was so impressed with Philippe that I requested his expertise in the development of our certification examination. I highly recommend him for personal and professional fitness training.

10/10 After 5 years I still train with Philippe Til
By William L.T. Page, R.N. / Los Angeles, CA (USA)

I've been training with Philippe for over 5 years. When we started I was 62 y/o. I was supposed to walk with a cane due to a back injury which resulted in a partial paralysis of the left leg among many other problems. With a weight around 260 lb. and a BMI between 35 and 36 walking up a flight of stairs might wind me. Today at 67 y/o I weigh aprox. 220 lb. with a BMI of between 29-30. I last ran a mile in under 10 minutes. Professionally I have worked as a board certified neurosurgical nurse and in neuro rehab. I have also taught nursing. I am a combat veteran with U.S. Army Special Forces. It is from these perspectives that I whole heartedly recommend Mr Til to my clients, patients and friends. As a matter of fact I carry his business card with me. Then when I'm asked how I act and look so young I give them his card.

9/10 Philippe Til...The cure for the common instructor.
By John Eschle / Los Angeles, CA

Some instructors have you working out to the lastest flavor-of-the-week exercise. Philippe Til is one of the rare instructors that take a vested interest in your training future. He literally practices what he preaches. Philippe makes a personal investment in all his clients...and how "you" look, feel and perform is the proof he is doing his job. Cheers Philippe...thanks for all the advice!

10/10 Fantastic Instructor
By Lynn Kerew / Santa Monica, CA

I have known Philippe for over 6 years and he has helped me with many ailments ranging from knee and shoulder problems to toning. He also has assisted my practice in working with my patients to get them to their peak fitness potential. I want anyone to know who is considering working with Philippe to "just do it". Philippe is fantastic inside and out!

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