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Philippe Til


Phone: 310-994-1065
Los Angeles, CA
United States 90025
9.89 out of 10 (37 reviews)


Philippe Til is a multi-faceted fitness professional whose vast array of experiences across the globe have allowed him to create his own unique approach to personal training focusing on injury-free yet effective workouts.

Til’s FAST regimen (Flexible, Agile, Strong, Toned) makes subtle changes to the traditional staples such as crunches, pushups, lunges and even cardio fitness. The improved forms work with the "origin motion" of the human body to create workouts free of the bad motions learned by modern adults and the injuries that come with them. It has taken a lifetime of experience, training and research for Til to develop his style.

Philippe Til came to California in 1992 to attend USC, having already earned his black belt in Shotokan in France, where he also had studied Muay Thai. He remained in Los Angeles and honed his martial arts skills, which included Kali and Capoeira styles, until earning a Ninjutsu black belt. Til also researched the many fitness approaches available in the health conscious environment of Southern California.

A trip to Africa exposed Til to the "hunter-gatherer" concept of fitness, based on the motions used by humanity before the un-ergonomic demands of modern society, and by those who still live outside of it. He went to United Kingdom to learn more about this approach and became the first official Wildfitness ambassador based in the US.

As part of his Wildfitness education, he learned the Pose Method of Running. He also became a certified Kettlebell instructor through the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification). He had the opportunity to assist at workshops to branches of the military and law enforcement with the Kettlebell system founder and pioneer, Pavel Tsatsouline.

With this encompassing selection of motion and ergo-focused fitness disciplines and styles under his belt, Til set about developing his own distinct take on standard workout elements that would deliver effective results while avoiding the common injuries triggered by them. Through safety engineering, he improved factors in each workout motion such as leverage and balance to allow for more fitness benefit with less unproductive strain on the body.

Til suffered a spinal and thoracic injury in 2000 that put him in constant pain. He was told the injury could take years to heal. He elected to avoid surgery and instead went through physical rehab with traction, stretching, and deep ultrasounds. He was up and running in months.

He is National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified, plus has contributed to the development of national certification exams for NASM as item writer and content reviewer, now considered a Subject Matter Expert with NASM.


Recently, he became CICS, or Certified Indian Club Specialist, under the instruction of Master RKC Brett Jones, to add to his arsenal of corrective drills and as Brett likes to call it "the soft side of strength".



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10/10 From kettlebell novice to extremely confident!
By John Jorgensen / Los Angeles, United States

I came to Philippe knowing barely anything about kettlebells. After 3 months I was getting complements on my kettlebell form from other personal trainers at my local gym. Philippe is an all around professional who truly cares about his craft and his students' results. I can't recommend training with Philippe enough!

10/10 Great Instructor
By Chrysta Hiser / Los Angeles, USA

I recently had the opportunity to train with Philippe and it was such a fantastic experience. In only a few sessions he taught me how to move more efficiently, improve my strength and also many new skills that I can incorporate into my training. He also understands how the body works and moves which I feel is so important. I really appreciated the time he took to listen to what I had to say and understand my goals. He has such a great eye for detail as well. He taught me proper form and gave me great cues in order to help perfect my technique.

I feel that he also really cares about each client and that he really goes above and beyond. After training with him, I feel that I have a better grasp on lifting techniques and I also feel so much more confident in reaching my goals. Overall I feel that he is an amazing instructor. Ive learned so much from him and look forward to keep learning more and progressing.

He is an impressive instructor and I highly recommend him.

10/10 From Gym to Kettle Bells
By Cappie Baker / LA, USA

While training with Philippe using kettle bells, I have experienced an immense improvement in stamina, strength, endurance and confidence in each discipline as a triathelete. From a practical standpoint, I have experienced greater ease with daily activities like lifting heavy bags grocery shopping and greater focus during yoga practice. I have learned to use my whole body, especially core, to complete difficult kettle bell sequences with heavy weights for several repetitions. Philippe is very professional. His workouts are killer but FUN! He is an expert in training the whole body and his teaching skills are stellar. I have found a more dynamic fluid flow in my workout regimen vs the static regimen I had while training primarily with traditional gym equipment. I am looking forward to continually training with him and pushing the boundaries of my workouts and triathlons.

10/10 A Cut Above
By Jenny Hu, RKC / Santa Monica, United States

Philippe is an extremely talented and innovative instructor. I started training with him less than one month before the San Diego RKC certification, and he improved my form and strength substantially in a short amount of time.

Philippe is technically precise and able to convey his instructions and corrections effectively. I was consistently impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge of RKC principles and drills. His ability to identify weak spots and deficiencies and then fix them with just the right drills while keeping my motivation level high is what makes him a cut above the rest. Often, other trainers can be too easy and nice or too mean and discouraging, but Philippe’s style is just plain effective and fun.

I really have to thank Philippe for equipping me with the tools and the confidence to pass the RKC. And now that I have reached that goal, I still continue to train with him because I want to continue to improve my strength and skills and have fun doing it!

10/10 Impressive Results from a Master Trainer
By Ian W / Santa Monica, USA

I had an opportunity to train with Philippe for a series of private sessions and the results were impressive. Adding only kettle bell training to an ongoing workout schedule, I lost 8% body fat in 6 weeks and gained significant muscle mass. I took inches off the waist and hips. My strength, flexibility and range of motion increased. I'm moving better and I've been able to train harder in the other portion of the workout schedule. These are welcome outcomes and important concerns for someone who is 56 with joint and mobility issues after a lifetime of working out.

Philippe is a master of form and technique, diligent in guiding you through correct positions and postures to maximize the workout but also to minimize injury. He's calm, patient, supportive and resourceful. He communicates clearly and he's always coming up with another visual or physical cue to help your understanding of how to perform the exercises. He assessed my fitness goals, my state of fitness, determined my strengths and weaknesses and tailored a program to my needs. He monitored my progress throughout the week, checking in with me frequently by email and telephone to see how I was doing, offering support and advice, correctives and motivation as necessary based on my responses and needs. I always felt that he was interested and invested in my progress.

I plan to continue training with Philippe and recommend him highly.

10/10 Eternally Grateful
By Michael Morse / Venice, CA

When I had the amazing opportunity to train with Philippe I couldn't pass it up, and to date it has been the best decision I've made. He will make you a better person. End of story.

Over the sessions he has tweaked my form, helped me build functional muscle and keep me dedicated. Even through uncertain times he's coached me with inspirational anecdotes, advice and unsurpassed enthusiasm.

I am eternally grateful for everything he has taught me about training and myself. Without him I never would have taken the HKC certification.

Thank you, Philippe. Thank you for making me a better man, for opening the doors to the RKC community and inspiring me to become involved, here's to the future!

10/10 Molding Better Instructors
By Robin Sinclear, RKC / Chico, CA

I attended the San Diego RKC this past August 2010 as a recertification candidate. Philippe was one of my Team Leader's assistant instructors.
Having been an RKC for about 2 1/2 years, my technique for the basic RKC Level 1 exercises were decent and passable, as it should have been. But of course, since I am somewhat of a perfectionist, I know there are ALWAYS improvements to be made. I wanted to absorb every tidbit I could from these fantastic instructors in the few short days I had with them.
Philippe was patient, kind, and helpful. He was able to pick up on a few of my bad habits, and worked with me throughout the weekend to break through the muscle memory and re-train my movement patterns. I am now a better practitioner, and a better instructor because of it.
Thank you, Philippe!

10/10 Thank you Philippe
By Fabio Campisi / Siena, ITALY

I met Philippe as Team Cheng assistent during my RKC Certification in San Diego.
I want to thank him for his advices during those three days
Thank you Philippe, you're a good teacher and a good man!

10/10 Great Kettlebell Instructor/mentor......
By Carlos / Los Angeles, Ca

Worked with Philippe today and in the few hours that I spent with him he showed me alot about kettlebell movements, program design and how and why the body moves like it does.

Philippe is a valuable trainer to dragon door and the kettle bell family. I hope to learn more from him in the near future.

10/10 Diligent!!!
By Joey Williams RKC, UCPD Special Response Unit / Pacifica, CA

I recently had the opportunity to work with Philippe at a closed session HKC for Law Enforcement. I have been a police officer for over 20 years now and have seen trainers come and go with lots of new and creative ideas on helping us Cops get in or stay in shape. It was awesome to watch Philippe do something different. He worked with the instructor trainee's from start time to end time on fining tuning the basics. His focus and understanding on what police officers needed in their training programs to carryover to duty was refreshing. I'm glad to see that the RKC and Philippe or out there training my brothers in blue. If you're a police officer and you are near Philippe I would highly recommend training with him.

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Philippe Til