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10/10 RKC training
By Luke Ardis / Milwaukee, Usa

I have been training with Nick at Superb Health for around 2 years and am currently working toward an RKC 1 certification. Nick does a great job breaking down and explaining the main six movements (squat,swing,get up, clean, press, snatch) involved in attaining this certification. He is an expert who has obviously spent thousands of hours practicing these skills himself. Nick has the ability to watch your performance and make subtle corrections that lead to great improvements in strength. I am stronger now at age 46 then I was in my 20s as a result of this training. Also Nick is a good guy and enjoyable to work with. I would recommend anyone traing for an RKC certification schedule a session with Nick.

10/10 I wish all my friends have Nick as instructor
By Nikolay Smeshko / Mequon, US

About a year ago when I was looking to get back to weight lifting exercises, my wife did an Internet search and found some very inspiring info about Superb Health and Nick Lynch. We decided to try kettlebells together. I can tell today that it was a one of the best decisions we ever made. Classes are always have different and very challenging routine, people in our group are super enthusiastic and friendly. Nick has a bright and positive personality, endless knowledge about fitness and kettlebells and everything related to healthy lifestyle. After first few months of taking classes I realized that I am getting stronger, I am moving better and easier, and my whole body has learned some better ways to perform everyday tasks. I can tell you that, if you really want to be in the better shape, if you want to learn how to be strong and efficient, Superb Health just the right place for that. Once you try the power of kettlebells, it will stay with forever.

10/10 Nick is in it for the your own long haul
By Mata Kartsonas / Milwaukee, USA

I was referred to Nick by my chiropractor, John Duris, for what was starting to become a chronic back issue. I'm 45 and when I started to work with him I knew he was someone who wasn't interested in a quick result, tough love type training or quantity vs. quality relationships with his students/clients. This is refreshing and really made me feel like I was learning how to retrain my health for the long haul. The sessions with him never feel rushed or generic. I catch bits of conversation from the folks before or after me sometimes and there is a connection he is making for the sake of health and happiness. He is an expert as well, Nick absolutely knows what he is doing and appears to thrive in it...which can only inspire you. I am only at the start of my work with Nick but relative to my long haul I already feel prepared and healthier because of it.

10/10 What are your Goals?
By Will Mattison / Milwaukee, United States

Over the last 3 year I have had the pleasure of training with Nick Lynch. He is a personable, insightful, and dedicated trainer. Nick strives to truly understand his athletes goals, then pushes them towards success. He practices what he preaches. His physical prowess alone is clear indicator that what he does is highly effective. You will learn how to move your body correctly and confidently. As a collegiate athlete, this cannot be overrated. Nick Lynch has the technical skills and dedication to get you to your goals, regardless of scope. The only questions are: do you have the drive to get there, and when will you start?

10/10 Feeling strong, thanks to Superb Health
By Justin Corcoran / Milwaukee, USA

"Are you feeling strong tonight?" This is a question that Nick (the owner and lead trainer) asks at the beginning of many of his classes. My honest answer (which I keep to myself) is usually "no." I am feeling tired after a long day at work, stiff after sitting at my desk and in my car, maybe stressed out, distracted, hungry, who knows. Rarely do I start class feeling strong. However, I also know that is about to change. I've been training at Superb Health for just over a year. Prior to that, I had never been to a gym or worked out in any real way. I was nervous to start, but that was quickly dispelled. Nick walked my wife and I through the basic movements, fixing and adjusting our form, but never making me feel bad for not knowing what I was doing. In class, there is never a competition between people - it doesn't matter how much weight I can lift, all that matters is that I'm trying. Everyone is happy to help if asked, and to provide encouragement. At the beginning, Nick encourages students to come to class a minimum of twice a week. Considering that prior to starting with Superb Health, I was basically a couch potato, twice a week seemed like a lot. But I followed Nick’s recommendation, and after just a few weeks, I found myself wanting to go more often. Now, a week where I only work out twice feels like an off week. No two classes at Superb Health are exactly alike, so I never get bored. We're always told to pick our own weights, so I never feel out of my element, or worse, at risk of hurting myself. Often, class seems to fly by. I’m usually tired and sweaty by the end, but I also feel great. In fact, I think Nick should start asking his question at the end of class, because almost without fail, I leave every class feeling better about myself, healthier, and, yes, strong.

9/10 Nick is awesome!
By Stacey Roberts / Milwaukee, Usa

My son is an athlete so is now being pursued for a div 1 scholarship but he needed to separate himself from the rest of the pack. At this level very small things make a difference. After working with Nick his fitness and strength improved immensely and was getting more out of his other workouts. I am a physical therapist and strongly recommended Nick to move you to the next level.

10/10 Back to Pull-Ups
By J Stuhmiller / Milwaukee, USA

Nick's positivity is infectious. He really believes that anything is possible, and he gets you to believe it, too. I'm in decent shape but banged up from injuries; what I don't need is a trainer who pushes me to hurt myself, because I already managed to do that myself. I need someone with a sensitive understanding of how the body works and how to fix it when some part of it breaks. I am back to being able to do a single pull-up, which is nowhere near what I used to be able to do, but worlds away from where I was even six months ago. Rock on.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Gunnar Wilhelm / Milwaukee, USA

Nick is a great trainer who has been an enormous help in reaching my goals. Above all else, Nick has been a wonderful teacher in demonstrating proper technique to properly target muscles and prevent injury. Nick is a really positive, friendly trainer who will get you to achieve your goals.

10/10 Amazing Instructor
By Ryan Boatright / Milwaukee, America

Nick is a great instructor. He knows his stuff when it comes to working out. He'll fix any bad habits that a person has developed over their life saving them from getting injured. He quite literally can fix your body for life saving you from the aches and pains of getting older. He's a great instructor but an even better guy.

10/10 Life Saver
By Lisa Reyes / Greenfield, USA

Continuing to gain weight and a slipped disc that made it hard to workout, I had finally had enough. I was referred to Nick by my Chiropractor. Meeting Nick, I laid it all out on the line. He made me feel at ease and reassured me that together we will reach any goal I want to set. I love to eat and dislike working out. But I hated the way my body felt more than anything. Sure losing weight was important but feeling better and being healthy meant even more. Starting Nick's personal meal plan and his ever changing core building strengthening movements, I was able to get off pain meds. I felt healthier fast and of course started to lose weight. After 2 months of feeling better and 29 pounds down I knew my goals were attainable. Life happens and I was set back by double foot surgery. Nick is very understanding and accepts your life's road blocks. He is adaptable to change and will customize movements to help you. He never once grilled me or made me feel bad for falling off the wagon. We start again on January 9th and I know 2017 will be healthy and happy. Thank you Nick for your support and always helping me to be the best version of me.

10/10 I'm not all that but Nick sure it
By Lessandra Morel / Milwaukee, USA

Listen - I am not an extreme athlete or a pro athlete that Nick is more than capable of preparing for the next level In fact, I'm the opposite...just an average housewife who was tired of being stiff and weak all the time. I have being going to Nick 2x/week for a year - that's record for me. I used to have significant neck issues that required chiropractic treatment every 3 weeks. Nick built up my core strength, increased by body awareness and improved my posture and I haven't been to the chiro since. Thanks Nick!!

10/10 Knows his stuff! Great guy too.
By Jonah Meffert / Milwaukee, US

Nick is very knowledgeable and can help with nearly any problem or injury. He is also the go to guy if you have a physical goal that you dont how to achieve or just wanna compete on the next athletic level. He is a great trainer, has a great personality is is always smiling

10/10 Knowledgeable, professional, thorough.
By Jacob Schilling / Milwaukee, USA

I am a rower on the MSOE Varsity Rowing team and have competed as a cyclist for 11 years. For 10 of those years as a cyclist I suffered from severe sometimes debilitating lower back pain. I had tried everything from yoga to simple body weight exercises to try and remedy this issue and nothing worked. That is until I began training with Nick. Less then 3 weeks into training with Nick my posture had improved dramatically and my lower back pain had virtually disappeared. Nick creates an environment where no matter what physical condition you are in you feel welcome and accepted. The movements and lifts he taxes are broken down into individual steps to make them easier to complete properly. The emphasis is not on who can lift the most weight but on ensuring that you know the proper technique and use proper form. He would rather see you do 5 reps with perfect form then have you struggle through a full set and get sloppy. Above all else he taught me to always stand tall, no matter how tired I got and to keep my head held high.

10/10 One of the best in the business !!
By Navin H / Milwaukee, USA

Hands-down one of the best in the business. I have been working with Nick since 2013. Nick is a highly skilled a personal trainer. He was the best at what he does even a better person.

10/10 Love you, Superb Health!!
By Laura Corcoran / Milwaukee, USA

I came to Superb after searching for an accredited kettlebell facility in the MKE area and dragged my husband along. Nick and the Superb Health crew welcomed us with open arms. They created a program that accommodated my gym/lifting/movement experience and my husband's relative inexperience while challenging us both mentally and physically. At every point, we have felt safe, comfortable and supported. We love that our fellow SH'ers are of every age, stage, body type and ability/experience level (not to mention solidly meathead-free). Accommodations are always available and movements/lifts are offered in stages to address a variety of needs/preferences. We love the variety of classes and locations (parks, fields, indoors, "boneyard"). We're never bored. I really feel like Nick, Beardy and Michel want to see us grow, learn and get stronger and stronger every class. I would recommend Nick's Superb Health most highly to ANYONE at any stage of fitness-- this gym is the right place for you.

By Angela LaBrecque / Denver, USA

My husband and I started seeing Nick at Superb Health when we moved to Milwaukee. I have been an athlete my entire life competing on the collegiate level and was a CrossFit enthusiast. After battling multiple injuries over the course of 2-3 years, I knew had to try something.

After one week at Superb Health, I was hooked! My former injuries (bad knee and shoulder) were no longer a problem and I felt a level of fit I never experienced with my old habits.

The atmosphere at SH is one that is non-judging and uber accepting. Nick's enthusiasm and positivity are contagious and I truly looked forward to going to class every night. My husband and I recently moved to Denver and always say that SH is the thing we miss most about Milwaukee!

10/10 true professional
By Charles Stollenwerk / Milwaukee, United States of America

I met Nick Lynch as he was instructing the Hockey team at MSOE. I asked around to coahes I trusted about his credentials and he was given very high marks. I also spoke with him from time to time about training techniques and philosophy of training. after a number of conversations I was convinced he could help our Rowing team with our two basic fundamental needs. The first is keeping guys from getting injured through proper technique(you're not going to do anybody any good sitting out) and the second, maximizing each person's potential through proper strength and technique training. Nick is doing an exceptional job training the guys through challenging and instructional workouts. He and I also share a common philosophy about competition; Maximizing ones potential through proper allocation of energy. Nick is very positive and includes personal creative lessons of motivation, lessons about maintaining control and being in charge of your goals and progress. He challenges the guys in ways they might not have experienced on their own like accepting ownership for all one's actions on and off the water. Nick constantly instructs, one of the things that separates him from other instructors is the way he will go over things again and again to make sure things are done correctly. He is very organized, motivated and a wonderful role model for the guys. It's been a real pleasure to work with him.

10/10 Thank you Nick Lynch!!!
By Blake Bauman / Milwaukee, United States

For many years I had been suffering from a lower back injury and sciatica. You know.. Ibuprofen four times a day, not active because I was always in pain. In fact, the most excruciating pain I have ever dealt with in my entire life. It was Christmas 2014, the only comfortable position for me when the pain was bearable, was to lay on the floor on my back while my family enjoyed the holiday together and I was left miserable. I decided it was time to finally do something about this. I know what I needed to do for the most part. I just did not know how to get there. I decided I needed help. I went to a spinal clinic who confirmed what I had expected, I had a herniated lower lumbar injury of my L4-L5. They put me on an anti-inflammatories which I did not like because I knew it was only masking the pain. I also began PT at the spinal clinic. However the results were extremely slow for me. I didn't have patients for that. Also, I stopped going to the spinal clinic after I received the first bill too ouch. After that, I began seeing a local chiropractor instead for weekly adjustments to help manage the pain. After I saw my chiropractor for the first time he suggested I reach out to a guy named Nick Lynch who has experience with the same type of injury and offers one on one sessions. He also mentioned he specializes in strength and conditioning with kettlebells. Having no prior experience with kettlebell training but knowing that I needed to strengthen my core, I figured I would give it a shot so I reached out to Nick. Holy sh*t did this guy changed my life. After our first consultation, Nick put me on a strict anti-inflammatory food based meal plan for one month. I had no idea the food that I was eating was assisting with my pain. So no more beer, coffee, dairy or wheat for me. In exchange for the coffee, he reintroduced me to green tea. Nick said that he guarantees if I follow this meal plan that I will no longer have pain at the end of the month. I was like "cool ok"... that would be awesome, but I had not felt like that for years so I'll believe in this plan and follow it. After the month had ended, Nick is a man of his word, I know longer had back pain, no more sciatica and no more ibuprofen. Holy sh*t!!! We also began strength training which introduced me to kettlebells and the turkish get-up amongst others. I lost a total of about 25lbs. I was(and still am) in the best shape of my life. THIS WAS IN ONE MONTHS TIME!!! It has almost been 1 year since I started training with Nick and made my official lifestyle change. I'm still eating the same as the original meal plan, swinging bells and ibuprofen free all with NO PAIN!!! I maintain a healthier lifestyle and continue to train with Nick. I now consider Nick a true friend. He's taught me so much. I could seriously write a book about all of the benefits and things I've learned from working with him. Not sure how many characters this review allows so I'll keep it this short. If you are dealing with an injury like mine or just looking to better yourself, Nick Lynch will change your life!!! He did mine. Thanks Nick!

10/10 Another level
By Genova Morel / Milwaukee, USA

When I walk into Superb Heath Nick asks, “You feeling strong today?” He should already know the answer because his short but intense workouts have brought me to a new level of my ability as a runner. It never fails to amaze me how within only forty-five minutes Nick can create challenging workouts that makes every part of my body feel like a soggy noodle. Not only that, but his understanding of the human body continues to impress me. More than once he has correctly deduced where my aches and pains are from my walk or lack of form. Speaking of form, although Nick may put a great deal of emphasis on correct posture and form, he is always patient and willing to demonstrate a movement multiple times. Though the workouts are challenging, Nick creates a balance with his music, tea, and conversation. As he put it, “Superb heath is 95% strength and 5% tea and conversation.” Two years ago I hit a plateau in my running. My times didn’t drop, but they did not improve either. Desperate to break the twenty minute barrier, I increased both my number of workouts and my mileage per workout. My efforts though were futile. Cross country season came and went without me reaching my goal. I was working hard, so what was my problem? Maybe I had just reached my peak of 20:13 for a 5K and could not run any faster. What I had not considered though was my core. I viewed speed only as a function of leg strength and never thought about what my legs were attached to - my torso. I had been focusing on increasing leg strength when what I needed was a stronger core. I had heard of Nick a couple months ago and decided that it was worth a shot. He helped me to build muscle where I had none. My abs, hips, arms, and back all began to take shape. I even found that the Nick’s breathing techniques began to increase my lung capacity. Now, my plan was to attend these sessions for physical strength, but Nick had a different idea. You may initially think that Superb Heath is a physical strength building business, but what you may not anticipate is Nick’s ability to improve mental strength. Each session he would tell me stories of men and women who transformed from a typical office worker into a kettlebell lifting machine. There were countless conversations about Kenyan runners and additional talks about nutrition (and tea.) When I felt I had reached my limit, Nick pushed me further and I realized that there was an entire level I had not touched. All the times in races I had said “I can’t”, I was fooling myself. Now, when I’m in the middle of a race, and I have that feeling that my legs are about fall off, I pick up the pace. This new mentality may have been what lead me to finally break twenty minutes this past cross country season. Thank you Nick.

10/10 Great Instuctor
By Alex Brittain / New Berlin, U.S.

I started training with Nick about 2 years ago. Since then, I have developed strength in areas of my body that have allowed me to move quicker in sports. Nick has helped me through several injuries as well as helped me prevent some. Since I first started training with him, I have notice significant changes in my strength and speed. Nick models our sessions in a way that help me focus on improving certain aspects of my game and as a result, I have become an all around better player. Nick is an amazing trainer as he is great to work with and is very knowledgeable.

10/10 Get your life back on track
By Frantisek S / Milwaukee, United States

About a year ago, I could barely move. I couldn't bend over to bend a dishwasher, I couldn't just go out for a walk. Every day, I would wake up in a chronic pain in my lower back. For a better part of past 7 years, my life was pretty miserable. I tried many doctors, physical therapies, .. they all promised full recovery, but it never really worked. It all comes down to my L-5 vertebrae moved 7 millimeters dorsally, but who cares about the details. Through series of recommendations (Laurel Dzneladze, Milwaukee Acupuncture Center, Dr. John), I ended up with Nick Lynch and SuperHealth. I was desperate enough to try anything, but when that dude Nick starting talking about drinking green tea and reducing inflammation through better diet, I knew this was my first AND last time seeing him. And then he said: "Oh, ..just so you know ... my back is also messed up and I can guarantee you that it will never go away completely." ... "But you can control it. A lot." And then I started crawling, crawling and crawling. And crawling some more. And when I became stronger, I made few push ups. Pull ups. Squats. Kettle bell swings. Lunges. And more crawling. Today, I am waking up thinking about what I dress up or what I am up to. But I do not wake up in pain being afraid to move. I enjoy myself more than I ever did. Thank you, Nick, for making me enjoy my life again.

10/10 FIVE STARS!..
By B. Beaver / Boston, formerly of Milwaukee, WI

I trained with Nick at Superb Health for just around 2 years. I moved to Boston about a year ago and really miss those classes. At the end of my time at Superb Health I was in really killer shape. I was doing pistol squats, multiple strict pull-ups, and got 98 snatches on my 24kg snatch test. I know right, swole... I checked out a couple of kettlebell gyms here in Boston, but just couldn't find a place with the same quality of workouts and vibe as Superb Health. With just a couple bells (24kg /16kg) I've been able to throw together some great workouts at home with my newfound knowledge of the kettlebell. However, I find it tough to keep a steady regimen from my living room. I've hence experienced mild declines in strength, endurance, and technique. It pisses me off, so I plan to peep the KB manual and keep that regimen in my living room in 2016… Thanks to Nick and the classes at Superb Health I have the base knowledge to do so… AND THERE'S METAL!.. FIVE STARS!..

10/10 A new level of strength
By Michel Shestak / Milwaukee, USA

I have had an interest in fitness for many years, mostly running, home workouts, group exercise classes and yoga. When I started training at Superb Health, I immediately felt a shift in my own mindset. Under Nick's instruction, I found myself focusing less on pushing myself and more on proper form and learning how my body should feel throughout movements. It seemed as though I had suddenly become stronger when I did my first chin-up, but I realize it was because of the strength I had developed gradually through Nick's well-programmed classes. I was similarly amazed when Nick coached me through my first pistol squats or suggested a heavier kettlebell for pressing. I am stronger now than I have ever been and continue to progress as I work toward RKC. I am so grateful to Nick, not only for the excellent kettlebell training, but for the community he has created at Superb Health. It has changed my health on many levels to be surrounded and supported by like-minded people. Nick exudes knowledge about mental and physical strength, health and nutrition, and he leads us by example.

10/10 Healthiest of my life!
By Jon Toppen / Milwaukee, United States

I was referred to Nick and Superb Health by my chiropractor, Dr. Jon Duris. My general health at that time was fair. I was running up to 40 or 50 miles a week and my diet was fair but I realized that I very much needed to add some form of strength training and dietary changes. Having only heard of ketllebells and possessing a very basic understanding of their efficacy and efficiency in training, my wife and I booked our first introductory series class with Nick. I was hooked and now 1.5 years later and it is an absolute priority that I make it to class 3 to 4 times a week. Nick’s skills, knowledge, training and teaching ability and leadership are unparalleled. Nick’s passion for overall health and wellness for mind, body, spirit, and community, are seen in every aspect of Superb Health. I have had the pleasure of seeing Superb Health attract an amazing and diverse group of people with whom I have had the pleasure of training, growing, learning, becoming the most fit and healthy as some of us have ever been in our lives. Beside commitment and consistency, the one common factor in all of these “success” stories is Nick. I have full confidence that Nick is able to effectively work with anyone who may come through the doors of Superb Health. Nick is highly-skilled in working with each person’s self-defined fitness goals and provides remarkable training, guidance, and attention to detail. Nick’s approach of skill building, starting with basic, safe movements, allowed me to feel like I was working on “mastering” something which I have come to identify as one of my biggest draws to kettlebells. With the introduction of kettlebells, and Nick’s training, expertise, and all around good-nature while building a diverse and supportive community at Superb Health, I currently find myself at the best place I have ever been in my lifelong journey of health and wellness. Of the many things I have learned from Nick, one is that you can always be learning and improving. Nick’s watchful and highly-trained eye can always offer guidance on how there can and always will be ways to improve on a skill or movement. Along with always being able to offer guidance on nutrition and overall wellness, along with many other topics, Nick willingly offers and shares this vast breadth of knowledge, expertise, and wisdom. Nick and the community have kept me training at Superb Health for a longer period of time and more consistently than any other gym or training studio. Finally, Nick’s positivity and belief in the true and mostly untapped strength in each and every one of us gets me excited to come to class every time!

10/10 10+
By Deb Heffner / MKE, USA

I started training/classes with Nick following a recommendation from a friend.After the first few classes I came to the realization that this was going to be a game changer.Nick is undoubtedly an expert in all technical aspects and form, and that topped with the depth and wisdom the brings to his instruction is unparalleled in my experience. He somehow manages to subliminally add a 'life lesson' in each amazing physical workout. His positive vibe is transparent in his other top notch instructors as well. My only regret is not starting classes as Superb Health sooner!

10/10 Clearly an expert who prioritizes form above all.
By Jeff Klatt / Milwaukee, United States

I knew I had stumbled onto something good when I began training with Nick. Forgive the hyperbole, but Nick truly is the 11 on this review scale. His utmost focus is on form as the safest and most reliable way to results. As a new student, I quickly went through an inside-out transformation. I felt stronger and stronger, with less and less daily pain, but wasn't seeing any muscle gain (that came later). Turns out, this was my core developing in a way I had never experienced before. Nick adheres to a building block approach. He brings out both the simplicity and nuance that goes into proper kettlebell technique. He keeps things interesting with ample variety in the workouts. Sometimes it's a focus on details, other times on foundation and basics, yet always on proper technique. Nick brings sophistication and elegance to training which keeps his students interested and motivated, always striving to improve beyond simply gaining strength, stability, and mobility. There will always be more to learn, and I believe Nick will always have more to teach on this subject he clearly knows so well.

10/10 Walks the Walk
By Claudia Camarena / Chicago, USA

I has the pleasure of meeting Nick at my RKC certification earlier this year. He was very knowledgeable and patient with his instruction. I learned a lot and hearing his background, he definitely walks the walk in living a healthy lifestyle.

10/10 Great Instructor
By Beto Jara / Chicago, United States

Nick Lynch was an awesome instructor during my RKC. He is knowledgeable and really great at breaking down movements, even for people who have been around kettlebells for a while like myself. In the span of 3 days I had learned so much more about my breathing, my movement, and my strength. I have taken his guidance and used it to grow myself. I am very thankful.

10/10 "Alone we can do so little; together we...
By Paul Boyajian / Milwaukee, USA

can do so much." Helen Keller This is really how come to see Nick and Superb Health over the past year. I began my kettlebell experience approximately 10 years ago. However, it was just me, a pair of 16kg bells, and a RKC book. On and off over the past 10 years I would pick up the kettlebells and do a few months of training and then I wouldn’t use them in my training for another 10 to 12 months. I never looked for a trainer because I felt I was getting enough technique from the books and videos. In 2014 I considered learning more about specific programming and possible form/technique corrections. With every practice with Nick I realized training with him is not just about having a RKC team leader watch you, but Nick’s ability to calmly and precisely improve your movement with memorable ques and technique corrections. The community and support that Nick has created at Superb Health is very cool and leaves you wanting to explore the possibilities of regular and consistent kettlebell practice.

10/10 Milwaukee Kettlebells
By A K / Milwaukee, USA

Been working with Nick for over two years and during this time I've met and surpassed my goals for strength, movement, and weight loss. I highly recommend him for both personal training or group classes- as I have done both. He is definately THE guy to see in Milwaukee!

10/10 New mom/opera singer healthy once again
By Colleen Brooks / Milwaukee, USA

I came to Superb Health an exhausted, collapsed new mom. I had a beautiful new outlook on life without the energy or physical stability to participate near as much as I would like. I later found out that my voice teacher also had serious concerns about the direction of my career if I could not regain my health and vitality. One year later, thanks to Nick and the health resources to which he has introduced me, I have changed my mindset to change my body, and am awake, energized, and healthy. I am healing physical ailments that I have had since childhood and am singing better and more consistently than ever before. Thank you Superb Health!

10/10 Standing Straight
By Suzanne KNOX / Brewer's Hill - MKE, USA

I was starting to really stoop and become inflexible - not a good combination as I had just turned 50. Plus, I was starting to get the aches and pain middle aged Americans seem to accept as normal. I have tried strength training in the past but never could stick too it. Nick's program is a lifestyle program which I love. He walks the walk and is invested in you meeting your goals and can kick your A@@ when you seem to be drifting away from them. The workouts have variety, so I never am bored. People have comment how much better my posture is and I have almost no pain. The people in the gym are a community and I love that about this gym. It is a very supportive, nurturing environment. I feel like I have found a true clean lifestyle support group at Superb Health. THANK YOU NICK!!

10/10 Moving Athletes To The Next Level
By Joey Lamoreaux / Shorewood, USA

I showed up to Superb Health over a year ago. I was 205 pounds, couldn't do any pull ups, and wasn't flexible. It was right after I got cut from a team knowing I needed to be in better shape, more flexible, and have a better look at the world to make the team in the future. Nick took me in and for the first two weeks or so he really watched my movements and where I needed work on. He quickly learned what I needed to do to make the team and eventually the National Team. I honestly believe that Nick is the best trainer in the world. I could be working out in a local gym or fitness center doing the same machines every day. Instead I go to Nick where literally every day he has me doing something new. He keeps it fun, interesting, while pushing you to get to the next level. Nick didn't just work me out every day either, he would talk to me about what was going on in my life and actually got to know as I got to know him. I would not be the player I am today with out the help from Nick. I am know 20 pounds less, my pull ups are 400% better, I am more flexible, I made the National Camp, But most importantly I am a better person. I am continuing to work with Nick and highly recommend him to you because, as he says, "You can't beat the best".

10/10 Path to Wellness
By Burt Robinson / Kenosha, United States

I've been seeing Nick for about 5 months on pretty much a weekly basis. I'd love to be able to see him more than that but it's 90 miles round trip for me. Why would I travel so far to see Nick you might ask? Nick meets all of the qualities I was looking for in a trainer. After losing 60 pounds I needed to get physically fit. After much research I was intent on learning how to use the kettlebell, it seemed like the perfect fit for me. After looking for trainers between Chicago(I work downtown) and Milwaukee, Nick's profile and bio seemed like a great fit. After our initial phone conversation(which he promptly responded to after an email), I had a good feeling going in to our first session. I was very happy after that session. I told Nick I was looking to get back into shape and find something I could do for a lifetime, enjoy my future grandkids, quality of life as I get older, etc. I had neglected my body for 30 years(I'm 52). Nick keenly screened my current abilities and limits and has me on the path to physical wellness. He has made me feel at ease since moment one(which I was a little worried about being out of a gym for 30 years or so) and has been patient, supportive, understanding and professional. His expertise and knowledge of kettlebells and other forms of fitness skills is "superb". Nick is sincere and passionate about his trade, which is refreshing. He's committed to teaching proper form which I appreciate because I can be a perfectionist sometimes. I also like the fact that he can simplify a movement for me to make it more understandable and easier to pick up. But ultimately it's about results, and I'm happy with them in the short time I've been seeing Nick. I've lost 20 additional pounds, lost inches from my waist and have muscles in my core I never knew I had. Hopefully I've been a good student because Nick's been a great teacher and I know I have so much more to learn from him. I would encourage anyone looking to get healthier. stronger or just in better shape to give Nick a shot.

10/10 thorough and professional
By Charles Stollenwerk / milwaukee, United States

I came to Meet with Nick Lynch through the recommendations of a couple of coaches here at MSOE. Through casual and then much more specific conversations, I felt he had what our athletes needed for an optimal and safe instructional program. He and I spoke at length as to what was needed for our athletes to train productively as far as their strength development and technically to prevent injury. He has met and exceeded my expectations with his program and style of training. I look forward to continuing the program with him, he has really helped our guys.

10/10 The Best
By Paul Wichmann / Milwaukee, United States

I am a rower at Milwaukee School of Engineering. During the winter when we are forced off the water, we train with weights and the rowing machines. This is where Nick came in. He gave us the full package in coaching. He is the most informed trainer I have ever met. Our whole team benefited nicely from our sessions with him. I look forward to working with him in the future.

10/10 Quality of movement, breath, thoughts and energy
By Sandy Ahlensdorf / Oak Creek, US

Nick Lynch is an excellent movement specialist, as well as a superb RKC coach. He has a keen eye for movement patterns and offers precise and gentle corrective cues to get his athletes moving optimally. Nick's attention to detail in the gym is second to none. He is always examining ways to ensure we are safe and respecting our individual body types. Each athlete that walks into Nick's gym is treated as unique; there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach at Superb Health. Nick is focused on quality of movement, breath, thoughts, energy and focus and trains his athletes to look for the same within themselves. I am always pleased with how my body feels after a Superb Health training session and look forward to many more sessions with Nick and Superb Health.

10/10 More than I thought possible.
By Anne Maedke / Milwaukee, USA

Nick Lynch is my 4th personal trainer since being seriously injured in a car accident many years ago. Having "permanent" injuries kept me believing that I had limitations. Nick challenges that perception in a safe and respectful manner. I have found help in all of the methods I have tried. The kettlebell training with Nick has taken me to a confidence of moving with weight that I didn't think was possible. The postural element of this training integrates balance,strength and flexibility. As a chiropractor I find this particularly interesting. I recommend Nick Lynch as a trainer with great confidence

10/10 Passionate. Confident. Professional. Congruent.
By Dr. Jon Duris / Milwaukee, USA

I started training with Nick in November 2013. I am a chiropractor by trade, and recognized the need to strengthen my body in order to keep up with the demands of my practice. My own positive results have led to many client referrals to Nick since late 2013. Post-surgical shoulder rehabilitation, chronic pain and dysfunction due to lumbar degenerative disc disease, episodic sciatica, general athletic preparedness and injury prevention, the list goes on. I have absolute trust and confidence in Nick's abilities to address a variety of concerns. I know he will proceed carefully with logical, well-crafted progressions that are appropriate for each individual, based on how they are functioning in the present moment. I am grateful to have found such a great resource, for myself and the community that I practice in.

10/10 Feels Like Teen Spirit
By Jerod Duris / Milwaukee, USA

I think it fitting to give Nick a review that focuses on music since it is used frequently in his class and is his and my biggest common interest. I have been training with Nick for the past 8 or 9 months. I worked out with him on a Saturday morning, the night of which I saw Ministry. Myself being 40, probably the average age of people at the concert, there wasn’t a lot of dancing going on. However, when they started playing the classics, I couldn’t help myself and started head-banging as I never had before, at least not since high school. I noticed that my lower back felt so much stronger and I did not get fatigued in the slightest. I have been noticing this as an everyday occurrence as well but thought it most fitting that I really noticed it at this concert, where it seemed I was the only one dancing. Thanks, Nick, for allowing me to relive my high school years in body and spirit.

9/10 Introduced me to Kettlebells
By Jeff Heath / Denver, United States

Nick Lynch was the one who inspired me to achieve and perform at the highest level he pushed me when I felt like average would be acceptable...In the end I wanted to perform at my best for him! All the above took 4+ years of training and I transformed myself into an individual with amazing core strength and mentally fit for anything. His dedication to training others is amazing he lives and breathes what he believes in - Kettlebells! I signed up for the RKC that he was hosting (May 1st - 3rd, 2015) in Milwaukee back on 9/20/2015 before I lost my job and before I moved to Denver CO...I came back for the RKC Work Shop and earned my Certified Instructor Certificate!!! Nick is and always will be a great influence in my exercise life...and he is a great friend too!

10/10 Nick took me from 0 to 11!
By Karen Gasparick / Milwaukee, USA

Without Nick Lynch and the Superb Health community, I'd still be sitting on the sofa. Nick makes learning & practicing kettlebells fun, safe, and interesting during every class. The Hide House where Superb Health is located is a great spot too - we get to go outside during good weather (which we really appreciate in Wisconsin!) For every physical skill I have learned, I've learned ten mental lessons in being a better person, how to manage stress, and how to stick with what I start. I thank Nick & the Superb Health community from taking me from 0 to "11" (like they say in "Spinal Tap") in 10 months - from not being able to squat at all to earning my HKC.

10/10 Does Things Right
By Matt Domski / Milwaukee, US

I started training with Nick about a year ago andIi have made some huge strides in my stength and conditioning. He focuses on doing everything correctly thus limiting injuries which is extremely important to me after watching crossfit folks repeatedly go down with lifting injuries. He also focuses on corrective excersises, stretching and breathing which are areas that are usually an afterthought for most trainers. If you want to learn how to do things the right way and increase your strength, conditioning and flexability then Nick is a great trainer to go to.

10/10 A whole new fitness experience
By James G / Milwaukee, US

I starting training under Nick with a limited knowledge of kettlebells and fitness in general. From day one we have discussed goals and objectives for my growth and in a new fitness lifestyle. His approach and style of coaching/training opened my eyes to fitness and healthy lifestyle. He offers feedback and coaching to inspire and push you to your greatest potential. The depth of knowledge that Nick brings to the table provides such a great resource. Nick's vision and ideals on fitness and health in general are very well rounded, complete and solid. He conveys the importance of form, function and strength to assure fitness goals for any level of person. In his group classes as well as in personal training he brings and expects a level of positivity that is simply contagious.

He is helping me reach my goals and you should let him help you reach your goals too.

10/10 The Best Around
By Josh T / Milwaukee, United States

Nick has changed my life. I was fortunate enough to have some friends that insisted I meet him and try a class. That was a year ago. Since then, Nick's passion for living a healthy lifestyle has inspired me to do the same. I'm going to classes 3 or 4 times a week (way more than I had thought I'd go) and have taken up eating and drinking a healthier diet.

One of the best parts about his classes is the comradery within them. Not only is the atmosphere friendly but it's what keeps me coming back. Nick and his family make sure to foster that by having a few parties throughout the year for everyone to get to know each other and have good time.

I would (and have) recommend Nick & Superb Health.

10/10 Look no further...
By Meredith C / Milwaukee, United States of America

While I have always been an active person throughout life, I have never realized my full potential before meeting Nick. He has helped me to triple my strength since starting with Superb Health about a year ago. Every single session leaves me feeling stronger, more flexible, energized, and powerful. This studio is such a rare treat, offering personal training in a small group setting which adds: fun, motivation, and proper technique (eliminating injury).
Nick has a unique ability to coach others how to live better through nutrition, exercise, and friendship. As a young professional, Superb Health is one of the reasons I continue to live in Milwaukee. I will never find any other place like it!

10/10 The very best trainer!
By J. Hilmer / Milwaukee, WI, United States

I've been training with Nick for about 4 months now and have notice a huge difference in my overall body strength, flexibility and overall health. I've done a lot of different kinds of training and have played a number of different sports and the kettlebell training has been the best experience without any injury, while still pushing me to and sometimes a little past the limits I thought I had. On my first dead lifting event I lifted 435lbs.!
Nick is a very patient, passionate and observant trainer with an eye for the little details. He's always making sure I have proper form, especially towards the end of the training session when my form is lacking sometimes. Because of high school football I had a lot of problems with my shoulders, lower back and knees. With Nick's instruction and attending regular kettlebell classes I've noticed a huge difference in the strength of my shoulders, lower back and knees and zero pain! I highly recommend Superb Health to everyone looking to improve their overall health and strength.

10/10 Irreplaceable!
By Sarah Ottow / Boston, USA

When I lived in Milwaukee, I worked with Nick in his group kettlebell and fitness classes at Superb Health. Almost immediately I noticed a significant shift in my posture and overall well being. Nick has a certain way about him that makes learning fun and viable! He really pays attention to what each person needs and explains things in such a way that makes it easy to understand. I felt so motivated under his instruction and appreciated how body conscious he encouraged me to be--in really HEALTHY ways! Plus, I felt my energy level increase drastically along with my core strength. Now that I have moved out of state, I'm looking for someone like him to keep me going. I don't know if I'll find anyone like him but I'll keep looking! Thanks, Nick!

10/10 Everything you need in an RKC trainer!
By Meredith Merrill / Denver, USA

I started working out with Nick in 2007 when he was a trainer at Bally's. When Nick branched off to create his own practice, I was eager to follow. Nick is one of the most passionate and dedicated trainers I have ever met. He has a genuine desire to help his clients achieve their fitness and health goals and demonstrates his philosophy through his own lifestyle. As the only certified RKC in Milwaukee, you are guaranteed a life changing experience at Superb Health!

9/10 Being challenged to grow in healthy ways
By Michael Michalski / Milwaukee,Wisconsin, United States of Milwaukee

I have noticed a change in Nick's style of training since he completed the RKC certification last month. He is more focussed on working with me in developing different types of exercise that are good for my overall wellbeing. He challenges me to grow. He makes creative use of the kettlebells in different exercises.



10/10 Hard Body - Soft Approach
By KeleMarie Lyons / Milwaukee, United States

When I was looking for a trainer over 5 years ago, I wanted to find someone who would understand my goals and how I wanted my body to look. I wanted someone who would push me to my physical limits but not treat my session like a military workout. Nick has done that and so much more. He has helped me to understand the mechanics of my body better so that I can be more active as I get older. He has helped me build the muscle groups that give me the balance I need.

Nick looks at the bigger picture of his client's health and makes recommendations for kettlebell exercises and nutrition that takes a person beyond their own expectations. I never thought kettlebells would be for me until I realized the workouts are like yoga and weights rolled into one - I'm getting stronger and gaining more flexibility in my yoga practice. His attention to ensuring my form is on, has given me the confidence I need to avoid injury. I highly recommend Nick as a trainer for group and individual kettlebell sessions in Milwaukee.

10/10 Superb
By Matt Richardson / Seattle, USA

I first began training with Nick in 2008 when he was still at Bally's. He impressed me. Many people seem to work to disguise their lack of knowledge with clever slogans and the like. Nick, on the other hand, always gave me in-depth explanations and clear demonstrations of anything I asked about. His passion for his craft is evident. I have never heard him recommend anything to a client, with respect to wellness, that he has not personally explored and that he doesn't feel completely confident about.

As a performer, I needed to help developing a body that was flexible, strong, and able to adapt to quickly changing situation. Nick embraced those goals and helped me to exceed my expectations. His work with kettlebells has changed my outlook on fitness entirely. After I left Milwaukee and could no longer work with Nick - I still wanted to train with kettlebells because of his influence on me. Now I want to get RKC certified!

If you want to stay comfortable, have minimal results, and never challenge what you believe about yourself and about fitness - go somewhere else. If you want to explore, change, grow, and get strong - look no further: Nick is your man!

10/10 Nick The Machine!!!
By Clifton Phelps / Milwaukee, United States of America

I first meet nick in 2007 at Bally’s as my personal trainer. I had been a member of that gym for 4 years and was never interested in a personal trainer until I met Nick! Fast forwards to today, Nick has helped me shave and maintain keeping 40lbs off and this year has introduced me to Russian Kettle Bells and my life has forever changed! It has rapidly helped me improve my core while at the same time added muscle and strength to other places on my body I never thought possible… He is realizable and CONSISTANT! There is not a time that I can remember while training that I felt unmotivated to try harder… He is not a personal trainer; he is a life health coach!

10/10 Excellent Instructor
By Pete Donahue / Milawukee, United States

I've been training with Nick a little over a year now, and I'd like to highlight two things that I think make him such an excellent trainer: 1. his knowledge and how he incorporates such into his instruction, and 2. the diversity in how he helps demonstrate instruction. Kettlebell training can be tough for neophytes, but Nick's instructional methods really make a difference. He has a genuine knack for explaining things, which means he's rather exceptional at getting clients like myself to dig deep and understand the instruction. Such is important in any personal training situation, but I feel like the traits I'm discussing here are even more vital in kettlebell training. Nick is definitely the guy to go to if you're serious about getting stronger, more agile, and in overall better shape.

10/10 Exellence
By Tarah Lien / Milwaukee, USA

I have been training with Nick for over two years and I have never experienced the results that I have had with him from any other trainer. Now that Nick is RKC certified, he has taught me a number of new things and opened up a new world of kettlebells for me. Since doing kettlebells I have seen great results and feel better than I have ever felt before. I would highly recommend Nick as a trainer to any of my friends, family and co-workers.

10/10 Swinging in the USA
By Jeff Heath / Milwaukee, USA

I am kicking it thanks to Nick Lynch the primo RKC instructor, my core is stronger than ever before and I am progressing in kettle bell weight with supreme confidence and form, the range of bell workouts is awesome and the classes are a great way to progress with your peers, although I also like my 1 on 1 training to sharpen whatever needs work. All in all I am a lucky dude to have this RKC in my backyard, BOOM!

10/10 Excellent Trainer
By Alyssa Jean / Milwaukee, USA

Working with Nick over the past five months has changed my life and my body. I was always a run or swim by myself person and never really liked classes. But with Nick, I was learning so much about how the body works I had to keep coming back. With his expertise and guidance I have built more muscle than ever before, and my chronic back and shoulder pain is gone for the first time in 10 years! Each workout is intense without being too much to take. He is personable and always helps you see what you CAN do. Nick has even assured me I can keep doing kettlebells safely through the remaining 5 months of my pregnancy! I trust him completely.

10/10 Fantastic trainer
By Karah Pesdan / Milwaukee, USA

I've been working with Nick for the past couple years and continue to make progress. I've seen so much improvement in my endurance, speed, flexibility, core strength, balance, and body fat level. Nick is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who was simply meant to do what he does. He emphasizes the use of proper body mechanics, while providing challenging and unique workouts. I love that Nick's approach to wellness is holistic. He often holds group meditations and journeys. He holds month-long detoxes a few times a year as well. Nick is professional, yet down to earth.. he's patient, yet firm. He is overall just a fantastic trainer.

10/10 Superb health
By Dr. Hernandez Hernandez / Milwaukee, EMS

Nick is an inpirational trainer that has motivated to get in the best shape of my life. He has very unique ways to keep me interested in obtaining my goals. I find his working out routines very challenging but rewarding when I see the end result. I look forward to a hard session of exercise after an stressfull day at work. Keep up the great job!

10/10 Great instruction and great results
By Kathleen Miller / Milwaukee, USA

Nick is a patient and knowledgeable trainer. Work outs are effecient and challenging with fast results! Friendly staff and super positive atmosphere. I highly recommend!

10/10 A Comfortable Start
By Johnny Marszalkowski / Milwaukee, US of A

I just met with Nick for my first one-on-one workout last week. I was worried that I would walk away coughing and in pain, but that wasn't the case at all. He spent a lot of attention on making sure my form was good. He explained and showed me (with great detail) everything we worked on. I walked in with little knowledge about kettlebells, and walked out a kettlebell advocate.

I could tell he was really focused on me the whole time. I expected my first workout to be humiliating, due to how out of shape I am, but Nick really made it a comfortable experience for me.

I recommend Nick to anyone who is looking to start or advance their workout.

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