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10/10 Fantastic Gym - Even Better Instructors
By Stephanie Pineda / St. Louis, USA

I started working out at Forward Fitness about three months ago, and I absolutely love it! It is by FAR the best gym of which I have ever been a member. Mike and all the trainers are incredibly friendly and welcoming. They are also extremely knowledgeable, not only on the exercises/lifts they are teaching but also in the way different parts of the body should move/function. This has been particularly helpful for me (and one of many reasons why I love this gym so much) because every now and then I have recurring injuries/muscle pain that come back from other sports I do, they're all helpful in being able to either modify parts of a workout for me or even giving me stretches or moves to do at the gym and at home to help relieve said pain. I love the FitCamp classes and Kettlebell workshops, and I appreciate that they have new and fun workouts to do for each day of the week. This really takes the pressure off me of having to come up with a new workout every time I go into the gym. I used to dread that! I also appreciate that FitCamps and Kettlebell workshops are capped off and kept small because this truly allows the trainers to be able to keep an eye on everyone for form and provide appropriate and timely feedback if I'm doing something incorrectly. I don't have to wait until I'm injured to realize I was doing it wrong; rather, they catch it early on. The small classes also make this gym more personable than any other gym I've attended. It really is a community of people looking out for one another, and the trainers definitely want what's best for all their members. I genuinely feel that they are helping me get stronger and accomplish my fitness goals all while teaching me new and proper techniques. I always look forward to working out with them, and I highly recommend checking them out!

10/10 Quality Teacher
By David Wittenberg / Alexandria, United States

Even when I am injured, I still attend my sessions with Mike. I simply press light enough weight that I do not aggravate my pain. Mike will always make sure that I do not lift too much weight. Mike is always there when I need to notice my bad habits, and hone my proper, most therapeutic motions. I arrived to the gym with a blown right rotator cuff. After 7 months with Mike, my pain has completely gone away and my strength has increased by %15. I now have awareness of my latissimus, my rhomboids, and the purpose of both of these muscles. I never had this awareness before, spite the fact that over the previous 15 years alone I had spent well over 10,000 hours with exercises, physical activities and physical arts. Mike fixed my plank, my pushups, my press, my swing, my snatch, my clean, my rows. Mike gave me the Windmill, which makes me ridiculously strong. Mike taught me to press the kettlebell bottoms up. I regularly do this now, because it gives my body more therapy due to more balance. I am now healed and working once again with all of my physical arts, pain free. All of my weight training and physical training movements are now pain free. Thank you Mike.

10/10 Mike is awesome!
By Ryan Talbert / St. Louis, USA

I wanted to get into Kettlebell training and found Mike on the RKC website. His coaching and cues helped me get onto the right track and protect my body from injury as I explored kettlebell training. He focused on the fundamentals, encouraging and took a well rounded approach. Very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does and improving people's lives. He's also has a great sense of humor! Thanks Mike for getting me going in the world of hardstyle!

10/10 Stronger Than Ever
By Vince Machen / Union, USA

I have been training under Mike's tutelage for over 5 years. When I started my program I had constant back issues and could not even squat well, much less perform a kettle bell swing. Over time, with Mike's focus on my form and correctional cues, I was able to continually strengthen my core and begin to understand the importance of form and how to maintain it, not just in the gym, but in everyday life. I have gone from agonizing back pain to feeling healthy, strong, and confident in my physical ability. Mike's individualized approach ensures that he understands each clients strengths and weaknesses, and then develops a method to help them safely through those weaknesses. I have never felt stronger than I do now.

10/10 Motivation + Inspiration at Forward Fitness
By Aubrey Morris / Saint Louis, United States

I started training at Forward Fitness in January of 2016 with zero Kettlebell Training under my belt. From the start, Mike proved to be a patient, precise and incredibly motivating trainer. He’s consistent with his guidance and encourages each individual to not only practice good form, but to challenge yourself to grow in an encouraging and inspiring way. His ability to clearly articulate ways to improve movements, form and breathing techniques combined with his personal passion to continue to grow and strengthen his own abilities as a trainer and fitness enthusiast have made my time with Forward Fitness something I look forward to each week, instead of prior experiences…which often left me “dreading” the gym.

10/10 Mike is the best!
By Christa Frisella / Maplewood, United States of America

I'm so happy to have found Mike at Forward Fitness! He and his team have helped me towards my fitness goals while always working with me on proper form. If you're looking for the best, he is it!

10/10 Phenomenal Trainer!
By Amanda Buchheit / St. Louis, USA

Mike is by far the best trainer I have met. His knowledge is so deep and he continues to educate himself and his team. He has high regards for form and making sure safety is the number one priority. He knows when you're ready to weight up, and encourages you to do so. He doesn't hesitate to take a time out and help modify an exercise for you. Mike is passionate, knowledgeable, and is there to help you achieve your goals. If you're ready to make the next move up on kettlebells, he's right there with you teaching you how. The atmosphere him and his team have created at Forward Fitness is fun, friendly, and a blast to come to!

10/10 Top Kettlebell trainer in St Louis
By Drew Perkins / St louis, Usa

Couldn't be happier that I made the decision to start taking classes with Mike. He's knowledgeable and fun to learn from! It's also amazing that he keeps getting more knowledgeable by getting more certifications and passes that down to his clients!

10/10 Great Kettlebell Instruction at Forward Fitness
By Frank Johnson / Shrewsbury, USA

In my search for an RKC kettlebell instructor, I found Forward Fitness and registererd for their kettlebell workshop over the summer. I had started using kettlebells myself but knew I needed more knowledge on specific techniques of the exercises to get the most out of my workouts and facilitate safety. After the workshop, I have continued to take their kettlebell classes and have learned so much about using kettlebells while working under the guidance of Mike and Suzanne, the owners. I highly recommend Forward Fitness for kettlebell training or other fitness classes they offer (I've taken a few of those, too). You'll get individualized professional instruction, attention to detail, and a friendly family-like atmosphere, regardless of your age or current fitness level. A very pleasant experience.

10/10 Awesome Trainer
By Jeannine Beck / St. Louis, USA

Mike is an outstanding trainer who prioritizes good form and client safety over everything else. I have full confidence and trust in his expertise and as a result, I am motivated to push myself when he challenges me.

10/10 Motivating Mentor
By Tara Faller / St Louis, USA

Mike is a wonderful trainer in many aspects. He is extremely knowledgeable about the way the body moves and how to develop strength while burning fat. He is a motivator and pushes you to do your best, but at the same time doesn’t make you feel bad about the choices or mistakes you have made along the way. Instead he focuses on your goals and what you need to do to achieve those goals. He uses a lot of kettlebells with his workouts which are a first for me. I love it. I feel so empowered by learning movements with kettlebells. I have been working out with kettlebells for about 6 months now and I can noticeably see the gains I have made in strength. Before coming to forward fitness, I have worked out for years, both with personal trainers and by myself so I have been around the industry long enough to have seen and worked with several trainers. Mike is by far a great trainer, a mentor and someone that can really help you accomplish your personal goal. He is great with all levels from beginner to advanced.

10/10 Life Changing
By Christy Byrd / St Louis, USA

I came to Mike with the intention of completing a 6 week program. I honestly had no intention of continuing but after completing the program there was no way I could stop. I am able to move and feel better and have permanently changed my lifestyle thanks to Mike. He knows exactly when to push me and when to not.

10/10 Great trainer and motivater!
By Kathy Doerries / Ballwin, USA

Mike has been my trainer for a few years and is very flexible with my workout. When my back is flaring up he adjusts the exercise to aleviate the problem. My core is much stronger also. Mike has a good sense of humor and keeps me on my toes.

10/10 Outstanding traner
By Jim Shaul / Edwardsville, U.S.

I found Mike through Dragon door, I had been to a lot of gym's over the years and had been interested in Kettlebells, but really never had the proper training, until now, wow what a difference. I had some posture, shoulder, and flexibility issues when I started two months ago, but the expert guidance and patience from Mike has really made a difference. I have lost 14 lbs, and the flexibility has really improved and my energy level is way up. Mike is a superb trainer. I live in illinois and drive 35 miles jus to get there 3 times a week. Oh and did I mention I am 71 years old, always remember "JUST BECAUSE THERE IS SNOW ON THE ROOF DOESN'T MEAN THE THERE'S NOT A FIRE IN THE FURNACE. Jim

10/10 Expert in his field!
By Maggie R / St. Louis, USA

Mike is super strong, and at first glance, maybe a little intimidating - especially if you're new to fitness. Minutes into knowing him, though, you realize he is an extremely kind, patient and intensely passionate professional who will encourage you to work to your highest potential. No matter your skill or endurance level, Mike knows how to challenged you, but also let you feel successful, during and after a workout. He leads workouts that both test the more advance participants, but also allow for accommodations for beginners. I look forward to attending his gym every day.

10/10 OMG! Superb!!!
By Debbie Johnson / St Louis, USA

Expert in his field with incredible knowledge in Kettle bells, form, breathing, stretching, nutrition......and so much more AND down right personable and encouraging!!!!! I have had an injured knee for 14 years (torn ACL) Leaving my knee unstable and really unable to do every day activities, especially doing a simple thing as going down stairs! In 4 months time my knee has NO issues! Still torn ACL but able to go down stairs without holding on a railing, able to have fun with my little ones at the park, biking, hiking! You name it, nothing holds me back! I'm stronger, fit and Im turning fat and into muscle! Forward Fitness has myself and my husband as permanent members! Thankful for this team! REALLY!!!!!

10/10 Gym Time is One of My Favorite Times!
By Vicky Hauser / St. Louis, United States

I’ve benefitted from Mike and his Team’s coaching for the past three years. I had experience with Mike’s training at a previous gym, and when I heard he was opening his own, becoming a member at Forward Fitness was a no-brainer for me! I have never thought of myself as an athletic or bodily-coordinated person. I often avoided any kind of sports, dancing, and other active pursuits (climbing, cycling, canoeing, etc.). Mike and his team have helped to change that view of myself. I feel no intimidation at Forward Fitness and that is definitely due to the growth-oriented mindset Mike has established. Everyone is there to challenge him/herself and there is no shame in the chapter in which you find yourself on a fitness journey. Forward Fitness really feels like a community of encouragers. Thus, I am able to focus on the improvements I want to make and give it my all. And on the days when I don’t feel I have my all, Mike has an uncanny sense to push in just the right ways to help me achieve more. I feel like I get every ounce of worth out of my workouts with Mike at Forward Fitness. And the fact that the training is backed by thorough knowledge and constant learning puts my mind…and body…at ease. I know that I will get the results I work for, while caring for my body with proper form. Mike circulates, carefully observes, and helps members refine technique diligently. Training isn’t just Mike’s job, it is undoubtedly his passion! I am so happy to report that I have changed for the better. The mindset that told me I couldn’t do any of the active things I wanted to is gone. I feel capable and coordinated in my own body now. I climb. I cycle. I canoe. I dance. And more! It’s been so much fun to explore this new part of my life and much thanks is owed to Mike and Forward Fitness!

10/10 One exercise to rule them all
By John Doerries / St. Louis, United States

Mike is a great trainer! He is great at breaking things down into easy to understand parts. He is innovative with his routines and is always striving to challenge everyone in the class no matter what level they are at.. He provides level ups and level downs for each lift/exercise and really challenges you to give it everything you've got. As a Physical Therapist it is great to see someone who takes a step back and really looks at each client and their overall health. He isn't afraid to put your best effort to the test but is not above giving you a level down that may seem easy, but really is working your core muscles to provide you with a strong base on which to build your foundation of fitness moving forward. Mike has really taken creativity and individual programming to the next echelon with his routines. I think that he is a great trainer for a client of any fitness level or experience. Whether you are trying to find a program that works best for you, or looking for the next challenge in your fitness gambit, Mike can give you a SAFE, FUN, and CHALLENGING workout.

10/10 Phenomenal RKC Training
By Drew Tyler / University City, USA

If you are looking for a full body intense workout that also applies to practile movements and strength, this is the right place for you. Mike does a great job on helping you focus on form and explosive movements. You only need a 20-25 minute program two to three times a week to get results. Great for all levels of training. You work as hard as you want results and Mike will keep you focused, in form and in the path to success if you commit.

10/10 The best trainer
By Blair Rallo / St.louis, United States

I started working with mike about two years ago. I had never had a personal trainer and was extremely hesitant to start. Right away Mike showed me how to use my body to its full potential. He is always encouraging, motivating, and shows the utmost respect to all of his clients. Anybody would be lucky to have him as a trainer. I couldn't imagine training anywhere other than forward fitness. I encourage anyone who is thinking about training to come here and see what Mike Klaus is all about. It I could give him a grade, it would be an eleven out of ten.

10/10 Top Notch Coach
By Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner / Brooklyn, USA

I had the pleasure of having Mike assisting me at the Overland Park, KS RKC. Mike has a solid grasp on ketllebell technique, coaching and movement in general. It was reassuring as I was teaching to know that Mike was at the event and taking the best care of out attendees (who are now RKCs). I highly recommend training with Mike. -Fury

10/10 Beginner Level turned Forward Fitness Lover
By Jamie Windhorst / St. Louis, United States

I started with Mike Klaus & Forward Fitness a little over a year ago. It is amazing to think where I was and how far I have come to date. With the mix of Mike's professionalism, coaching techniques and overall knowledge it has made my wellness path so enjoyable. I do not feel inadequate when learning new things. It is a comfortable environment with other adults trying to achieve the same goal of overall health and wellness. With Mike and the Team I always feel in good hands and know I am going to feel some great accomplishment after my sessions. I have started this journey many times before and have never been able to stay focused but this time is different. This time I feel the need to prove to myself and not disappointment the Team cheering me on everyday!

10/10 Thank you!!
By Katie E / St. Louis, USA

I started training with Mike three months ago. This was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. In three months Mike has shown patience, professional critique and affirmation to keep me on track and motivated. When I first walked into his gym, the sight of a kettlebell intimidated me. Now, I look forward to getting up every morning and excited going to train. I feel stronger than I ever have in my life. Thank you Mike for helping me get off the couch and progress so much quicker than I could have ever imagined. Mission #300deadlift

10/10 The best in St Louis!
By Jeremy K / Maplewood, USA

I honestly don't even know where to begin. Our family has been going to Forward Fitness for the past 9 months and can say that it's been one of the best choices we've ever made. Not only are we in better shape and eating better but Mike, Suzanne and Nick are like family. The personal touch they give and and devotion to tailoring everything to your body type are amazing! If you're looking for a gym with personalized service that cares about the whole person, then look no further!

10/10 100% Recommended
By Tim H. / St. Louis, USA

Mike an absolute professional. Customer service and technical expertise are top-notch. I came to Mike nearly a year ago, looking to learn the proper way to train with kettlebells. Throughout that time, he has created programs for me that are results-driven, challenging, and safe. Mike is patient and he will work with you on the particular details that you need to achieve your goals.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Jason T. / Saint Louis, United States

I started training with Mike about 2 months ago and feel like a new person! It has been awhile since I have been in a gym and I feel confident that I am on the right path to fitness when I use his advice. I would recommend anyone that needs a trainer to contact Mike!

10/10 The Best....
By Jenelle Sander / St. Louis, USA

I have been working with Mike off and on for the last 4 years. When he started his kettlebell class a couple years ago, I knew this was something I wanted to try. Mike has always been great to work with and I knew he'd be the right trainer to teach me and keep me focused. Mike has not disappoint. He is so focused on his clients and making sure they have proper form as to not hurt themselves, that his clients are progressing, and most importantly that his clients are getting in a good workout and having fun at the same time. The workouts are different each week yet are always challenging. For someone who gets bored easily, I am never bored. I really enjoy attending kettlebell class each week. I appreciate everything Mike has done for me and the rest of his clients. Every time, I leave class knowing I just put in every ounce of effort I could to get a great workout, and I have Mike to thank for motivating me to do so.

10/10 Strength!
By Heavin Horn / St. Louis, USA

I took the leap into kettle bell training about 6 months ago. I felt like I plateaued with my other workout regiment and was ready to try something new. Mike showed a level of patience and expertise that make me feel comfortable and eager to learn. He pushes me to my limits without going to far to avoid injury. I am stronger than I have ever been, without feeling bulky, and thinning out in all the right places. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a challenging total body workout!

10/10 Top kettlebell trainer in St. Louis, Missouri
By Shane Smith / St. Louis, United States

I started my kettlebell training with Mike Klaus in February 2015. Mike is only one of two RKC certified instructors in St. Louis. I had some previous kettlebell training but most of it came from videos and internet articles. I had become tired of the same old routine at the gym. I just couldn't motivate myself to do anymore bench presses, lat pull downs or preacher curl exercises. I had plateaued and I was burnt out. That's why I began training kettlebells. I signed up for one of Mike's classes and we got to work immediately. First he took me through a functional movement screening which he does with all his new clients. This allows Mike to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. He's able to pinpoint what parts of your body need to be improved. My hamstrings and lower back were extremely tight. This didn't allow me to swing the kettlebell properly or efficiently. Mike patiently took me trough some kettlebell exercises that would improve my flexibility. After a few sessions I began to see improvements with my flexibility and my kettlebell swings. Over the past 10 months of training with Mike I've improved my flexibility, mobility, appearance (not to sound vain) and I'm as strong as I've ever been (I'm almost 40). If your bored with the same old workout routine and need a change then give Mike a shot.

10/10 One of the best trainers
By Bob Teak / St. Louis, U.S.A.

Mike Klaus has been training me for 1 1/2 years. I wanted to try kettlebells with the best instructor that i could find. Mike is RKC certified. He assessed me and developed an individualized program. This was important to me as I am 65 years old. The program incorporates strength, mobility and aerobic capacity. There is an emphasis on correcting imbalances and on utilizing proper technique. Mike has performed all of the movements himself so he can tweak your lifts to make them safer and efficient. The results have been great. The routines have helped in my tennis and golf games through added strength and rotational power. Even more important, everyday posture and strength i.e. carrying luggage, pulling an anchor on a boat etc. I highly recommend him for his knowledge and coaching style. Having experience with other trainers, I think that he is one of the best.

10/10 The Best Kettlebell trainer I ever had!
By Chip Bryant / Saint Louis, United States

Mike is the best Kettlebell instructor I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I had taken Kettlebell classes the past three years and thought I had a good idea how it worked and that pain in the back was just part of the workout. Then I took Mike’s class. With the patience of a Saint, he has re-taught me the proper way to use the Kettlebell. What a difference. When done correctly, there is NO back pain. This is one of the best full body workouts you can do and I can’t imagine anyone other than Mike being the one to teach you to do it correctly. His Kettlebell workouts are the best I ever participated in. Everyone has a routine which is perfect for them, and Mike is there every step of the way to make sure your form is proper and you are doing the routine correctly.

Mike’s extensive knowledge of Kettlebell and all the maneuvers assures that anyone who trains with him, no matter how experienced, will learn new things and most important, the proper way to do them. He also has the personality and patience to work with anyone. So, whether you are young or old; beginner or seasoned veteran, Mike is the one who can teach you, challenge you, and best of all, have a good time while you are doing it. I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to try Kettlebell or advance their knowledge/technique give Mike a try.

10/10 Great Trainer
By Clint Maschhoff / St. Louis, United States

I started training with Mike to become RKC Certified. Ever since I started training with him my technique and strength has improved greatly. Mike is very knowledgeable and explains everything with great detail. I feel like I am prepared for my upcoming course because of training with Mike.

10/10 High Grades for Mike Klaus
By Pete Werner / St. Louis, USA

I believe Mike Klaus is excellent trainer and Kettlebell instructor. He is knowledgeable, organized and enthusiastic. Mike takes his role as an instructor seriously and treat his clients with the utmost respect. He has a prepared game plan for each workout session that is efficient and effective.

Mike does not let his clients (or himself) get in rut, varying work out routines on a regular basis to keep the sessions interesting and fun. While he will push you to challenge yourself he won't let you do something for which you are not ready. He has methodical approach to training with kettle bells, adding new pieces to the work out once you have become competent at the previous exercise in the progression. He works you hard but also works you smart.

From a personality standpoint, Mike is great to train with. Positive, easygoing and friendly but always with a purpose - to make sure you have a good workout.

I highly recommend Mike Klaus as a trainer and kettlebell instructor.

10/10 RKC Ace
By Stacy S. / St. Louis, USA

I have trained with Mike Klaus for two years and he's included kettlebells as a staple in my strength and conditioning programs. I have consistently seen how training with kettlebells provides an intense, whole body workout with a focus on functional movements. Mike helped me to see the power implicit in kettlebell work, when done correctly. I've seen people in other gyms "using" kettlebells and thanks to Mike's attention to form and process, I know that I have learned the right way to maximize my effort and avoid injury. Mike excels at providing helpful cues that not only ensure proper form, but allow me to continue to progress and add weight. He breaks down the movements so that I can tell when my shoulders aren't packed or my hinge isn't deep enough. A good trainer tells you the how and why in movement and Mike is always willing to walk me through things. Mike is keen on the process AND the progress and does a good job of remediating or accelerating your work. Attaining RKC is tough credential to achieve and that in itself highlights Mike's passion for helping clients effectively use kettlebells in their programs. I highly recommend taking a class with him at Complete Fitness Results.

10/10 Thanks Mike! I'm now comfortable with a kettlebell
By Tamey Koons / St. Louis, USA

Before I started training with Mike I was extremely scared I would hurt myself or someone else. Mike is very knowledgeable and explains each workout so it is easy to understand. He made me feel comfortable right away and had me swinging in the first class. I know with Mike's continued help I will be able to experience all the benefits from kettlebell training.

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