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Mark Erickson


Phone: 319-721-7457
Vinton, IA
United States 52349
9.95 out of 10 (64 reviews)
?If you keep doing what you?ve always done,
you?ll always get what you?ve always gotten.?
- John C. Maxwell

I?m not going to spend much time here giving you reasons why you should consider Kettlebells to be the most effective strength and conditioning tool on the planet. Instead, let me explain why you should partner with me.

For the past ten years, I?ve spent countless hours in pursuit of my fitness goals. While I considered myself fairly successful in doing so, I also became extremely bored and unchallenged with my former workout program. Sound familiar? Lack of motivation and determination left me going through the motions and wasting much of my free time on pointless workouts producing very few measurable results. That?s the point at which many people lose site of their goals and begin the downward spiral to a level of fitness they have accepted as normal, potentially setting themselves up for a life of unwanted health problems. I believe your attitude and self confidence is directly affected by the way you feel about yourself.

My mission is to educate you on the importance of physical fitness and the role it plays in our lives. It truly is a lifestyle change. This will not be easy, but hard work is what separates those who achieve results and those who fall short of their goals. I?ve made a commitment that the first time you step foot in my studio you will be challenged in an environment that breeds success. Accepting yourself as average will no longer be possible. Do you have what it takes to Lead by Example?

The true measure of leadership is influence. Each one of us has the ability to influence thousands of people over the course of our lives. Maybe you?re a high school athlete. Do you know how many young children in your community look up to you? What if you?re the parent of small children? Everything you say and do will be duplicated and passed on to them. Some of you are coaches and teachers. The influence you have on your athletes and students can shape their lives for years to come. So the question is what kind of example are you setting? Are you in the best physical shape you can possibly be in given your current circumstances? If not, together we can work towards getting you there. I feel strongly about our personal obligation to become living examples of physically fit individuals in our communities across the nation. I take the responsibility of teaching, coaching and encouraging others very seriously. Maybe you?ve never considered a personal trainer to be a leader but to be effective in teaching and training ones ability to lead is crucial.

As the owner and trainer of Kettlebell Advantage I look forward to working with you. Let?s Break the Mold together.

And remember? your body doesn?t care what your excuse is!

Mark Erickson, RKC

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10/10 great!
By chad fye / Vinton,IA USA

mark makes things fun but he also we work hard. he is willing to work with anyone and help them get the proper technique down. all in all i feel that mark is a great instructor.

10/10 Fun
By Phillip Miller / Atkins, IA USA

Mark is my uncle but he doesn't treat me differently than other people. I love working out with him because I feel like I have accoplished something when i'm done. I also like it because he is always looking out for our saftey.

10/10 Great workout!
By Dennis / Vinton, IA

Great workout!

10/10 Great Workouts
By Jess / Vinton, IA USA

I have been enjoying my Kettlebell experience with Mark. Mark is a good instructor. He is motivating, pushes you, but is very kind. I look foward to continuing on this journey to become more physically fit with Mark's help. I like doing these workouts so much I am going to get up at 5:00 A.M. to do it. Mark is very accomodating and wants to help us all achieve.

10/10 Why did I wait!!
By Mike Erhardt / Vinton, IA

After a year plus of hearing from several friends about how great the KB workouts were, I finally took the intro course with Mark on July 4th this year (he didn't even charge holiday pay). What a difference it's made for me!

I've always lacked motivation, interest and commitment for "conventional" cardio & weight training - that has taken a complete 360 since starting KB workouts with Mark. His dedication to driving each client to reach their full potential is apparent at every workout. I've benefited first hand from Mark's attention to detail and proper technique, which he's always demonstrating and reminding us about. You will not get "bored" with these workouts - I've attended 4-5 workouts weekly since starting 3+ months ago, and have never had the same workout twice. The results have been awesome, I'm in the best shape I've been in 15 years..

Thanks Mark for your loyalty in helping me, and all your clients, work toward our fitness goals.

10/10 Great Instructor, Great workouts
By Melissa / Vinton, IA

Mark is a great instructor! He has a geniune desire to create the best kettlebell workouts for each and every member in the classes. Mark keeps the workouts different and challenging each time. He is encouraging and works to ensure that all participants are doing each move correctly to gain the maximum benefits of a Kettlebell workout. Kettlebells was the push I needed to focus on strenght training and a well rounded fitness program.

10/10 thanks, Mark!
By Kay / Robins, IA

I was feeling lost after my personal trainer of several years left for greener pastures. I needed a change but wasn't ready to resign myself to yoga or aerobics classes.

Online research led me to contact Kettlebell Advantage. Right from the start, Mark was encouraging and enthusiastic. After taking the required introductory class I was hooked and signed up for a few one-on-one training sessions with Mark. He is incredibly patient, has the ability to explain and break down moves and always emphasizes technique and good form. Also, I really can't say enough about how nice and accepting Mark is. At 56 I may be Mark's most senior female trainee to date, but I never felt that he "went easy" on me because of my age.

I'm practicing kettlebells on my own now and plan to take periodic refresher sessions with Mark to make sure I don't develop any bad KB habits. I can unreservedly recommend that if you want to learn kettlebells right, go see Mark at Kettlebell Advantage!

10/10 What I've been searching for
By Jennifer / Vinton,IA

This is exactly what I've looking for! I just started taking the KB class about 2 weeks ago and have already started to see results in my energy level and confidence level! Like so many others I've tried other exercise routines and found myself bored, frustrated, and with little to show for it. With having Mark as an instructor he always keeps the days regime interesting, fun, and fast paced. Time flys during class. Being a mom of 4 kids and 1 with special needs, my energy and alertness needs to be at it's peak, and KB's have given me what I've been searching for.

10/10 Intense workouts with results
By Jamie / Vinton, IA


10/10 The Difference Maker
By Kirk / Vinton, Iowa

As a former college athlete that had been away from a regimented strength and conditioning program for ten years - it was time to find what worked for me in taking care of my physical being. I had tried it all in working to find a workout plan that met my needs. Upon moving to Vinton in 2008, I learned of Mark and Kettlebell training. For about a year I listened to people talk about Mark and the opportunities he was affording people in the Vinton area. In speaking with Mark about the Kettlebell Advantage, I quickly felt like I might have found the right workout plan for me. I took the Introduction Class and have been a regular attendee since the beginning of August 2009.

Mark has made a difference in my life and in the lives of so many others. His positive demeanor and consistent approach works for me. His encouragement only makes me want to work harder and do more in the "gym". Mark is a positive role model for the community of Vinton and is an excellent motivator of people. I feel more accountable to myself and others because of Mark and the Kettlebell Advantage.

He made the difference for me.

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Mark Erickson