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Josh Henkin


Phone: 602-620-3591
Scottsdale, AZ
United States 85260
10 out of 10 (13 reviews)
 Josh Henkin, Master RKC, CSCS


Strength Coach, Josh Henkin, has been a leader in the fitness and sports performance industry for the past 20 years. Coach Henkin began to develop his innovative Dynamic Variable Resistance Training™ (DVRT) in 2005. The success of  Coach Henkin’s DVRT and Ultimate Sandbagprogram has allowed him the opportunity to lecture and write extensively in the variable resistance and functional based training. 


Coach Henkin is a best-selling author, writing three books, as well as having published over 100 articles. His work has been seen in mainstream publications such as "Men’s Health", "Experience Life Magazine", "SWAT Magazine", "SHAPE Magazine", "Testosterone Magazine", and "The Crossfit Journal".   


Teaching is one of Coach Henkin’s greatest joys as he has been able to bring his DVRT program to over fifteen countries worldwide as well as being an speaker at several international conferences. In 2009, Coach Henkin received the great honor of developing the program "SELECTED" which he was commissioned by the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion to aid in their selection process. 


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10/10 An honor to be trained by the Master.
By Melanie Lisby / New York, US

I recently had the extreme honor of taking my RKC level 1 Cert with Josh leading the way. I went in a bundle of nerves as this was my first cert EVER and immediately upon walking into the room, he calmed my nerves with his friendly and approachable demeanor. From that moment on, it just got better. Josh is a wealth of knowledge. His extensive background and appetite for learning have helped turn him into the incredible teacher and coach he is today. He was able to teach a very diverse room of students with ease and created a tight knit team of candidates. He surrounds himself with amazing fellow instructors to enrich the students and assist them in reaching their highest potential. He is real, down to earth, generous, and funny. He has the ability to read the room and know when to calm nerves, hype the team, or snap things back to place. He has an uncanny way of knowing who needs what when. If you ever have the opportunity to be in a room, gym, or certification with Master Henkin, relish every minute!

10/10 Master for sure!!
By Nora Dwyer / Muscatine, USA

Josh's knowledge about fitness, programming and coaching are incredible. I felt I learned more during this 3-day seminar than nearly any other continuing ed program I've attended as a LMT or PTA. His ability to relate the material to a diverse group of students was par excellence. Thank you so much for guiding me and the other participants along the kettlebell continuum during this session and can't wait for the next opportunity to be a participant in one of Josh's programs.

10/10 The best !
By Kaori Tani / Minato-ku, Japan

I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to learn RKC Level 1 from Josh Henkin in NYC past weekend. Not only the wealth of knowledge he has got but also his way of being gave us a very positive learning experience. He is the best!

10/10 Wealth of Knowledge
By Jimmy Lopez / Staten Island New York, USA

I took my RKC with Josh this year in NYC. I was impressed with not only his extensive knowledge but his ability to transfer it to his students in a clear manner. He years of experience is apparent as he is comfortable in front of his students as well as his enjoyment in being a coach/teacher. I have seen him over the years via You Tube but was very impressed in his down to earth manner. In addition he was not far removed from major back surgery and he never once complained or let it impact his presentations or professionalism.

10/10 Truly THE Master
By James Newman / Guilford, USA

Josh Henkin is an Instructor without equal! I was fortunate enough to take my RKC with Josh in NYC and it was one of the most outstanding, rewarding and unforgettable educational experiences I have ever had! It was an truly honor to learn from this Master! I can't recommend him highly enough! I would attend ANY course that he taught!

10/10 A great team leader!
By Stephanie Laff, RKC / Los Angeles, CA

I was lucky enough to assist Josh at the 2010 San Diego RKC. Not only does he know a whole lot about hard style kettlebell training, but he is really good at breaking it all down and making it easy to learn. He is an exceptional leader, a wonderful teacher and an all around great guy. Anyone looking to reach any sort of athletic goal would be fortunate to spend some time with Josh.

10/10 Excellent!
By Alisa A. Brzek, RKC / Las Vegas, NV

I went to see Josh to get some help with level II technique in preparation for the level II certification. Josh was very friendly and open during training. I felt extremely comfortable with him and he was able to break down the training.

10/10 Great Introduction to Kettlebells
By Justin Lane / Scottsdale, AZ

I found Josh's name on the website and contacted him to see if he could coach me on some kettlebell basics. Spent an hour with him and was very impressed with the amount of knowledge and technique that he was able to teach me in that short time frame. I went from seeing a kettlebell at a gym and finding some online videos and really not knowing how in the heck to use them to very quickly being able to swing, clean, press, and snatch with some level of proficiency. Very easy to rate Josh's instruction as a 10. I highly recommend his coaching services to anyone who wants to learn how to use a kettlebell.

10/10 Genius in his simplicity!
By Travis Harwood, CSCS, CPT, RKC / San Luis Obispo, CA

Don't take this headline the wrong way, Josh has the complex world of kettlebells nailed. However, his approach to teaching, creating cues, and troubleshooting extremely complex movement patterns without "over-teaching" is unparalleled. At the San Jose RKC I worked as one of Josh's assistants and learned so much about how to present kettlebells in a way that is safe, and non-threatening for a newbe! I have been using many of the skills I learned while watching Josh teach with my clients with great success! Whether you are a future RCK preparing to take the challenge, or a housewife/husband trying to get back the body you had in college, Josh is your guy. Keep up the good work Josh; I look forward to learning more from you next time!

10/10 What Andrea said!!!
By Eric Moss RKC / Morris County NJ

I was very fortunate to have Josh Henkin as my team leader at the San Jose RKC. It's funny because everybody seems to know about Josh for his innovative use of sandbags in strength training even though Josh's knowledge on kettlebell training is extensive and vast. Even with his laid back demeanor he has an eye for detail and will make sure your form is good. Highly recommended.

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