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9/10 Great instructor
By JAKE Shaw / Nottingham, England

Great instructor but a bad landlord, see his failed businesses and tenants he has had over, look at places to crash,ISOLDE LTD,boutique student homes,stole a lot of my mates possessions,do not deal with him

10/10 Best instructor I've ever had!
By Harry Duff / Nottingham, UK

I've been training with kettlebells for a couple of years now. After getting a PT at my local gym and attending a workshop I didn't get any results. I thought kettlebells were just another fad and was about to give up! Fortunately I found Jon on the RKC website.

I found out that I have been training with bad techniques all along. I always had problems with my swings but after Jon used a muscle activation technique on me I could really feel my gluts fire up! He also helped me get into a nice deep squat (I HATED squats)! Jon also found that I had bad posture and no flexibility in my feet. He managed to fix these problems in one session!

I have had four sessions with him so far and am already seeing results! I am down a dress size and am toning up nicely. The best part is that I'm only spending half the time in the gym!!! I also walk with a much better gait and am more aware of my posture. I could go on but am glad that I didn't give up kettlebells. Thank you Jon!!!

10/10 great instructor
By Kris Wragg / Sheffield, UK

I have had several lessons with Jon and every time I leave learning something new. His knowledge in both kettlebell training and Z-health are proving invaluable with my goals to improve my overall fitness.

So far he has helped correct my kettlebell form on many exercises, introduced me to basic z-health exercises, and performed a Functional Movement Screen which pointed to a few key areas for improvement.

I look forward to further lessons with Jon and I highly recommend his services to others!

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