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10/10 Excellent Instruction!
By Vernon Cooley / Drumright, OK USA

While Jeff was my only experience with a kettlebell instructor, I have had experience with trainers in weight lifting etc. and I have to say that Jeff was by far the best trainer I have ever had any dealings with.

Jeff made me feel at ease and never talked down to me even though I couldn't even spell kettlebell when I first came to him and was in terrible shape. Safety was always a priority and his attention to detail really made a difference in my technique.

I explained my history of having back problems and he was able to tailor the workout accordingly. It was obvious that he truly cared about my results. Jeff has been a trainer and an athlete for years and I feel that I benefited from his comprehensive knowledge of things outside of kettlebells.

He also pointed me to some information that caused me to completely change the way that I am approaching my health care.

I can truly say that going to Jeff has been a blessing to me. I HIGHLY recommend him.

10/10 As good as it gets.
By Jack Massey / Claremor Ok. USA

I have been involved with martial arts for most of my life. I have spent a lot of my time cross training in the weight training and conditioning areas for the obvious benifits to my arts. Jeff introduced me to a "new" way of thinking, and training, involving Kettelbells. Since I have been training with Jeff my strength and general conditioning has improved greatly. He has helped me customize my training sessions to help me reap the most benifit to my needs. I have been told by others that my kicking and punching power has increased as well as mobility and strength in the grappeling arts. Bottom line that's what I am after. As far as Jeff's ablilty as an instructor I would say he is as good as at gets in my book. He posseses an enormous amount of knowledge, and is constantly on a quest to learn moore. I truly believe that he always has my best intrest in mind. I also respect Jeffs personal accomplishments and his drive. I would like to add that Jeff's abilities to train don't start and end with Kettelbells. He has provided me with insight and training in a number of other areas such as flexibility, nutriton, general helth, and other stregth related areas. If you get a chance to learn from Jeff and do not, you are simply cheating yourself.

10/10 THE BEST
By Gary Bentley / Bixby,Oklahoma

Being a certified insructor and past owner of many gyms I spent many hours searching for the right trainer to work with my now 16 and 18 year old sons. I have been training and teaching for over 35 years.Finding Jeff was a dream come true. When looking for a trainer I found what I consider to be the most caring and knowlegable person you could ever hope for. My looking for a kettlebell instructor also found me someone who taught my sons speed and conditioning along with his fantastic weightligting and flexablity teachings.. Jeff has worked with my oldest son for almost 2 years and my son has just received his teaching certification through Dragondoor due to Jeffs great insructions. So pleased we continue to drive over 100 miles every training session to use his knowledge and training. No doubt Jeff is one of the most qualified instructors I have ever seen and we look foward to continuing with him. I might add that one of my boys is being recruited by div.1 schools in football and has many honors including leading the state of Oklahoma in quarterback sacks his sompmore and junior years and my youngest one has a great chance to play due to Jeffs continued effort. If you are looking for a trainer for yourself or for your child stop you found him.

10/10 The consummate instructor and gentleman
By Dr. Mark Cheng, RKC II / Los Angeles, CA USA

I had the pleasure of serving alongside Jeff O'Connor as an assistant instructor at the April 2007 RKC. I watched him bring out the best in his pupils, one of whom was my wife. He is a top-notch instructor who can fine tune even an experienced kettlebell lifter, and he made even the finest of points accessible to the newbies.

As an active duty firefighter, Jeff O'Connor also brings a real-world knowledge of what it takes to train tactical personnel. Yet, his humility and generosity do not betray the wealth of knowledge and ability inside this man. I cannot recommend him strongly enough!

10/10 Awesome Instructions
By TC Lee / Perth, Australia

Master RKC Jeff O Connor is my favourite RKC instructor at the RKC II workshop. He is very clear with his teaching and has a great personality. It was a privilege to have Master RKC Jeff O Connor as my team leader at my RKC II Certification. He was very helpful and never hesitate to help with any questions I have with him. I thought his presentation on the breakdown on the Windmill and Bent Press were very impressive and detailed. It still amazes me that he remembers me despite having only met him a year ago at my RKC 1 Certification.

10/10 The ultimate professional
By Mark Wechter / Turnersville, NJ, USA

I had the great fortune of having Jeff as my Master RKC during my RKC experience in May. As a teacher and coach of twenty years, I was very impressed with his ability to teach. His patience and understanding of the RKC content alllowed me to pass the RKC. I wish Jeff lived in New Jersey. I would have him work with my student-athletes. Thanks Jeff!
Mark Wechter, RKC

10/10 Hawkeye for Details
By Paul Seaver / Rochester, MN

Jeff was an intimidating figure at first sight, but when his intention to help others rather than point out defects was made clear, my perception changed of him. Intimidation was not his intent. That may just come from being a big strong fella. The man has a hawkeye for detail, and he is a true leader. When I was not clear on what I was supposed to be doing on particular lift, Jeff very politely reminded me that my technique needed some adjustment. I am grateful for my time spent with him. A comment that I remember from him when the question was asked, "Whats worse than being weak?" Jeff's response, "Nothing."

10/10 Smile
By Sheena Lance-Nold / Omaha, NE

Jeff did an amazing job at my RKC Cert in St. Paul in April. He was very encouraging, and gave lots of helpful tips throughout the course. I especially enjoyed his instruction on the snatch. It has always been a challenge for me to rest during a snatch test, and with Jeff's help, I felt much more confident doing my snatch test on Sunday. I would highly recommend Jeff!!

10/10 To Be The Best You Have To Train With The Best!
By Sergio Perez / Chicago, Illinois

Jeff O'Connor is a great instructor. I have the pleasure of his knowledge in St. Paul's RKC certification. He's as masterful as they get. He's ability to tweak one's kettlebell form for every level is amazing. If you get the chance to work with Jeff...DO IT! You will not regret it, Jeff's a great instructor. He's has a great eye and can pinpoint issues with a blink of an eye. I hope to work with him again and maybe this time pick his brain a little more.

Thanks Jeff...I've never so humbled and confident after RKC weekend. Keep up the great job.

10/10 Wealth of Knowledge
By Cap O'Rourke / Minneapolis

I Just finished training under Jeff for a weekend. His attention to detail understanding of how the body works and key cues to make sometimes complicated issues seem simple was great. He help me to a high standard but ensured that i was able to meet that standard through proper coaching. He was a wealth of knowledge on all things kettlebell and explained and showed the correct form and technique to using them. anyone who has a chance to work with him should do so in a heart beat.

10/10 WOW!!
By Dawne Taylor / Summit, MS

What positive comments could possible be used that have not already been said? Having the opportunity to train and be HKC certified under Jeff was an honor to say the least. Building you up when needed, but correcting you just as quickly. He is a true representation of what RKC stands for and expects no less from all of us. No matter what his job title or the letters attached to the end of his name, Jeff stands for integrity!

10/10 incredibly inspiring...
By Stephanie Laff, RKC / Los Angeles, CA

I had the honor of assisting at the San Diego RKC last weekend. Jeff was an enormous part of making the weekend life changing. He is not only a phenomenal leader, he is unbelievably knowledgeable, and absolutely inspiring. He will make you excited to pick up your kettlebell how far it can take you!

10/10 Insightful, Motivational, a Little Painful, but FABULOUS
By Dianne G / Virginia Beach, VA USA

Jeff came to Kettlebell Elite in Virginia Beach in late July 2010 to teach a Strength Mobility Function Workshop.

Here's to thinking this class would be drills, drills drills. SO WRONG. Jeff broke the TGU and Swing down to the most basics parts and built them and us up from there. His teaching style was solid, with just the right amount of humor and push.

I now see TGUs not as the enemy but as the amazing tool they are. And my Swings - Chop, Pop and Lock, baby!

I would go to any workshop Jeff teaches and know I would come out with the best possible knowledge to make my kettlebell foundations fabulous!

10/10 Master RKC
By Andrew Read, RKC / Melbourne, Australia

Living so far away from the epicentre of the kettlebell universe I have only heard about Jeff O'Connor in passing. Always positive, always in revered tones. Now I know why.

Having had the pleasure to meet Jeff at the CK FMS weekend you would be mistaken for thinking that the combined brilliance of Brett and Gray would overshadow anyone. Not so.

Jeff's ability to disarm people and instantly cut to the truth sets him apart from the crowd as does his clear understanding of strength and movement. Everything he spoke of at the CK FMS weekend became instant highlights of the course for me and I look forward to my next meeting with him.

10/10 ACL injury no match for Jeff
By Caleb Dunn / Oologah, Ok USA

I started to train with Jeff about the end of my Sophomore year and had trained very hard trying to better myself in Football and track. In the few weeks that I had gone to Jeff my movement mechanics had changed dramatically.I went from throwing a 110' ft in Discus to 130'ft without any change to my form, after that I was defenitely impressed by the results. During my Junior summer I suffered an ACL and an MCL tear in one of our scrimmages. I was out for the season and had surgery. I went to physical therapy for about 3 weeks and I had talked to Jeff to see if he would rehabilitate me. I had a full recovery. I came back faster then I was before surgery. He not only helped my knee but he retrained my body to move the way it was supposed to. So before surgery I ran a 4.7 forty and I came back and ran high 4.5.I earned a football scholarship to Southwestern Kansas where I will also throw shot put and discus. I could not have done it if it wasnt for Jeffs training. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to completely change there level of training and competition. He is one of the most caring and understanding people I have met.

10/10 Advanced technique for beginners
By John Beamon, HKC / Atlanta, GA

Jeff's Advanced Basics Workshop came to Condition Gym in Atlanta this Saturday. It was worth the investment many times over. The exploration of stages of the get-up as screens for the health and mobility of the body was almost clinical in its scope and depth. I found problems that I had been accommodating and circumventing for months, and I've already begun addressing them. I only wish I could have filmed the whole thing to review later alongside my notes. Anyone who has taught children and adolescents will immediately recognize Jeff's commitment to his craft. This should be every kettlebell gym's Beginners Session #3.

10/10 A Great Developer of Young Athletes
By Paul Kropp / Oologah, OK

My son has had the ultimate honor and pleasure of learning / training with Jeff since he was 8 years old. Now approaching 11, I have seen him progress in so many ways. Jeff is outstanding in how he deals with young athletes and always finds positives in each and every child's development process. He treats every athlete like a member of his own family with safety being a key component of his approach. One of Jeff's most amazing talents is how he can help a young athlete comprehend complex movements using methods that a young mind can understand. Every movement, every drill, and every word from Jeff are all designed to develop the athletic ability within each student. If you want the best for your young athlete, Jeff's dedication, knowledge, and approach are unmatched.

10/10 Excellent instructor
By Haley Estes / Lubbock, Tx

Jeff was the Senior RKC at the HKC course that I recently attended in Lubbock, Tx. He did an excellent job! He is a great instructor and his knowledge and passion about kettlebells shows through. I learned so much in that one day, and I'm grateful for his time and energy.

10/10 Number One Leader
By Penelope Ramirez / San Antonio, Texas.

I can say with full confidence that Jeff was born to teach and train others. I had been anticipating the Lubbock Lonestar kettlebell HKC knowing that I would be receiving the best training the Kettlebell world has to offer; Jeff exceeded even those expectations! I feel privileged to have been taught by him. His ability to teach us all as individuals-understanding personal body mechanics and issues-while maintaining group cohesion, was truly eye opening. Jeff is an exemplary example of what the RKC represents! If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be trained by him count your lucky stars!

10/10 "The Magic Pill" when it comes to strength and mobility.
By Doug Descant, HKC / Houston, TX

"2001 North America's Strongest Man"

"The Strongest Man" not only in regards to physical strength, but strength of passion, heart, and professionalism EQUALLY as well.

I learned so much more over the few short days I was with Jeff than I had my entire life. I thought I had been swinging a kettlebell for a while now, but I quickly realized after a few short minutes with Jeff, that I had just "swung" the kettlebell for the first time.

A sign of a great teacher is one that acts like a kid in a candy store when you (the student)"get it." Jeff is that instructor. At the recent HKC in Lubbock, TX, he helped us grow based on our specific needs and learning styles by building us a solid foundation to stand upon.

This short experience was life changing to say the least.

I strongly recommend Jeff O'Connor to any body who wants to see a dramatic improvement in how they move and perform.

By Scott McCoy / Dallas

I attended the first Texas HKC in Lubbock, TX on January 23, 2010 at Jason Marshall's Lonestar Kettlebells. Jeff O'Connor was the Sr. RKC conducting the certification. Jeff went above and beyond to insure that everyone attending received the highest level of instruction. Jeff is a true professional, and I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to take their training to it's highest potential. The personalized instruction and advice that he provided me insured my success in becoming an HKC Instructor.

10/10 HKC Instructor/Leader/Mentor
By Robert Brody / Oklahoma City

Just went through my first step toward RKC this past weekend and took the HKC test. This is the second time I have trained/learned under Jeff O'Connor the first time was back in October 2009. I am very impressed with his ability to explain the why and how proper drills are done. Although the day was grueling on us as students and by the end our brains were mush Mr. O'Connor still stuck with us and pushed us through. I can't wait to learn more under his instruction.

10/10 HKC-A Fabulous Time
By Casey T Glass, HKC / Minot, ND

It was my pleasure and honor to train with Jeff O'Connor at the St. Paul HKC. Jeff improved my performance with several key mobility drills which instantly enhanced my strength and safety in minimal time. Jeff's expert eye for kettlebell technique coupled with his sincere motivating personality pushed me to complete my certification with flying colors. He taught me priceless lessons in assessing a clients movement and fixing it with simple corrections. Jeff is an shining example of professionalism as a Senior Instructor. With My highest recommendations seek out Jeff O'Connor--He is awesome--I would send my grandma to train with him :)
Thanks Jeff

10/10 A knowledgeable and charming bloke if ever there was one.
By Will Williams / Suburban Philadelphia

Combat Applications Specialists, 2005
Team Leaders, 2007
CK-FMS Seminar 2008
RKC II and HKC, functioning as Senior Instructors, 2009

Jeff O'Connor and I have have worked together on nearly every stage Dragon Door Publications has to offer. His supreme knowledge of this curriculum is surpassed only by two things, his humility, and his fondness for bringing the strength of mobility and stability to your frame. Mr. O'Connor can be trusted with your Grandma and your children. He may fight fires and train young athletes for a living, but if there ever was a man who had his heart in the right place, it is this man. Proud to serve with him and learn from him.

Most sincerely,
RKC, April 2005
Senior Instructor, 2008

10/10 Dedication & Discipline
By LS / Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

I have been in law enforcement for over 13 years. First with the Tulsa Police Department, and now with the U.S. Secret Service. For most of my life I have lifted free weights and dumbells, and recently completed my first half marathon. My point is, I THOUGHT I was in shape. After recently being turned on to kettlebell training, I was fortunate to receive instruction from Jeff O'Conner. Man was I proven wrong!

With me being a novice to kettlebell training, Jeff easily came "down" to my basic level of understanding and provided expert instruction along with constant motivation and encouragement. Jeff stresses performing any and all movements to perfection through proper form and technique. He teaches you to master the movement before you master the weight.

I highly recommend Jeff O'Conner as an RKC kettlebell Instructor. You will not find a more dedicated and disciplined individual.

10/10 Need To Say More
By Ron Davis / Oologah,Oklahoma

I have written in praise of Jeff before. I do not know if I can submit again. I have had opportunity to be instructed by Jeff again this summer.On every occasion I have been with Jeff I have come away with increased knowledge and understanding.I also echo the other opinions I have read from others. Jeff is such a nice guy!I have coached for 34 years. I have been around so many coaches and when you are around people every day you know who can coach and who can not.In my profession the highest compliment you can pay a person is with the title of coach.It becomes impossible for me to refer to Coach O'Conner by first name anymore.He is Coach O'Conner.Thank you Coach!

10/10 He's a coach
By Taikei Matsushita RKC II / Tokyo Japan

2 kettlebell instructors I would like to entitle them as coach. One's Rif and another's Jeff.

I got to know him CK-FMS 2009. He's a motivational man who can uplift lots of people in just one stroke. He's a rare breed in RKC community.

10/10 Outstanding
By Dennis Frisch, RKC, / Denmark

Jeff did lectures at the RKC Denmark 2009 and at the CK-FMS 2009. Both times I was touched by the profoundness of his instruction beneath his redneck exterior.

When it comes to athletic application of RKC kettlebell training I am hard pressed to find more than a very few peers.

Should you get a chance to be trained or instructed by Jeff I highly encourage you to seize it. I can't wait to get the chance again.

10/10 The greatest motivator ever
By Niklas Andersson RKC Denmark 2009 / Halmstad, Sweden

Jeff "put the dot over the i" in my rkc certification course, as we would say in sweden, meaning that he made an extraordinary experience even greater. He is one of the rare guys who can motivate you with just one jovial look, that says "You can do it!". Tons of knowledge, humility and kindness. You were a great inspiration during the course, Jeff, and continue to be one. Power to you!

10/10 "Be smart, not tough!"
By Dr. Zolnai Vilmos / Debrecen, Hungary

Jeff O'Connor was NOT my Team Leader during the 2009 Denmark RKC, where I was just one of the many victims. Even so -for some reasons- he never forgot to remind me (every day) of taking extra care of my personal safety (I had a knee operation six weeks before the course)! He warned me not to overdo."Be smart!" -as it was mentioned.

I was deeply impressed of this type of kindness, human warmth in combination with the strength what he represented during the work outs. In addition, he helped mo to learn, that the safety in the Iron World is as important as the technique or the spirit.

Thank You Jeff! I will never forget Your words: "Be smart! Because it is very easy to be tough, but it's difficualt to be smart..."

10/10 Supportive and effective
By Gabi Katschthaler / Debrecen, Hungary

Working with Jeff at the 2009 Denmark RKC as an assistant instructor was a real blessing to me. What I learned while watching team members not just improve but transform under his leadership could fill books.

He set clearly defined, consistently high expectations and at the same time he provided all help necessary for the participants to meet them: sage guidance, continuous reinforcement of safety, a down-to-Earth approach to problems, human warmth, deep respect for their efforts and never ceasing belief in them. He created a learning environment one just couldn't help but become a better athlete, a better instructor - and a better man.

Thank you, Jeff, I owe you so much.

10/10 Strength and kindness
By Thomas Clarup / Denmark

I have just had the great fortune to assist Jeff O'Connor at the Danish 2009 RKC. Jeff is a brilliant motivator and manages to bring out the best in everybody.
His great strength and teaching skill is equally matched with kindness and a genuine desire to make you learn as much as humanly possible.

Jeff O'Connor has inspired me to try and become a better instructor and athlete myself. Ultimately a better person.

Thanks a lot!

10/10 Future World Champion
By Colton Hess / Big Cabin, Okla.

My name is Colton Hess I am a junior in High School. I ride broncs, bulls, rope, and break horses and have been doing this for several years.

The past couple of rodeo seasons I have really been struggling to make an 8 second ride. I could usually make it about 7 seconds and then it seemed like I just ran out of gas and my body refused to make the moves that I needed to cover my bulls and broncs and pick up a check. I was really getting discouraged with myself and in the mean time I was also getting a lot of injuries that seemed to never go away. I wanted to rodeo and break horses for a living and was hoping to get a scholarship to college and get my career started but it was not going to happen the way that I was riding.

My dad and "Uncle" Jeff have been best friends all of my life, and he would call every once in a while and ask me how I was doing with my rodeo career. I usually told him that I was doing good and just needed to ride more to get better, but this last time I was so discouraged that I told him all the trouble that I was having, and he said that if I could come over some time that he might be able to help me out.

I put it off for awhile and then decided I would go and see what it is that he does. I was a little nervous because I have always thought of him as the toughest guy in the world and I wasn't sure what I was getting into. I went over to his training facility and had a great time! He found out where my week points were due to my many injuries from riding and he sent me home with some things to work on (I actually could not even bend over and touch my toes!).

I went over a couple of times a week for a one hour session and I only went for three weeks. I noticed that after the first week of doing what he had showed me that I felt a lot more agile and pain free. By the end of the three weeks I was totally pain free, stronger, and definitely more athletic. Because it was the off season for me I only rode a few times while we were training but I noticed that things were starting to come back together.

This past week as the rodeo season started I won the bull riding, and the bronc riding, and had two rodeo coaches approach me about giving me a rodeo scholarship next year!(My dad is very excited about that!) I also noticed for the first time that I was not sore after riding! I am very excited about the future and plan to get my pro card while I am in college. I would highly recommend Jeff to any athlete no matter the sport or anyone who has injuries that just won't go away.

Thank You Uncle Jeff
You have made a believer out of me!!!!
Colton (Future World Champion)!!!!!!

10/10 Patient and Compassionate Teacher
By Stephanie Myers, RKC / Lansdale, PA

I had the privilege of attending the RKC Instructor Certification course in San Jose, CA and was placed on Team O'Connor. As challenging as the weekend was, Jeff was able to lead our team with a quiet confidence and constant reassurance. Safety and proper technique was number one.

Jeff is and excellent teacher, very good at modeling and explaining technique. With his guidance and ability to make corrections and fine-tune technique, I was able to vastly improve my own technique over the three-day period. I walked away with a better understanding of functional movement.

The bonus to all of this is that he is just a great guy: caring, compassionate, and patient, a true professional. I would definitely trust Jeff with my own kids.

Thanks for everything, Jeff. "Go Team Fluffy"

10/10 Incredible Team Leader
By Stephen M. Nepa / Rabun Gap, GA

At a recent Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor certification course I was placed in a team led by Jeff O'Connor. By the end of this very challenging three-day program I couldn't have felt more secure in having Jeff at the helm. He led with high expectation, discipline, and at times, gravity. Yet his imposing frame and visage couldn't conceal his heart and support for everyone in the group nor the grin and, dare I say, gleam in his eye that assured us and encouraged us to carry on.

His knowledge in assessment and correction of both technique and dysfunction clearly confirmed why he's earned the title of Senior RKC.

Whether you or your son or daughter desire to simply overcome physical impairment or aspire to achieve maximum performance, I guarantee you the latter will be the result in every case under Jeff's eye.

Thank you Jeff. I hope to train "victims" with you in the future!

10/10 Oklahoma Bad Boy
By Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC / Ventura, CA

And the nicest person you will ever come across. I hope to be like Jeff when I grow up. He is what any athlete or human for that matter should strive to be. You will not find a kinder more intelligent guy on the planet. Jeff is a incredible instructor and a stand up man.

Thank you Jeff!

PS one of the strongest people I know.

10/10 Place your trust in this Coach!
By Karen / Tucson, Az

Effective trainers are rare, Great Coaches are even tougher to find. Jeff is both! Finding a good coach isn't just about finding someone that knows the skill, it's about finding a coach that can get YOU to OWN the skill and apply it. If you want to learn, he won't let YOU give up you've mastered the skill. If you want to be improve your (or your child's) performance and character - both on and off the field - Jeff is the coach worth tracking down!

Jeff is .... Relentless regarding safety, diligent about teaching perfect practice, deaf to whining, consistent with performance expectations, excellent trainer, and a passionate coach who lives what he teaches.

Great Youth Coaches are incredibly difficult to find because I raised the bar even higher on who I allowed to train and coach my most cherished friends, my kids. I would trust Jeff with my kids ... for me, that says it all!

10/10 Thanks For The Help
By Ron Davis / Oologah High School,Oologah,Oklahoma

Jeff has helped me in my training. He showed me how to use kettlebells.This knowledge I have applied to coaching and teaching my athletes. Jeff helped my son train for the 800 meter run. My son set the school record in that event. Thanks Jeff.

10/10 Mentor and Friend.
By Jason Marshall, RKC / Lubbock, TX

I met Mr. O'Connor for the first time in October of 2007 as an RKC candidate. I was on another team, but Jeff definitely stood out to me as a guy who not only knew his stuff, but was a perfect example of what I was there to experience...RKC. As a "big" guy (I know he'll appreciate that), he appreciates everything about the strength game which is where I came from as a power lifter/gym rat. Since that RKC weekend, I've had the fortune of attending the CK-FMS and another RKC event as an Assistant Instructor with Jeff. His passion for teaching youth has transformed and inspired me as a trainer. He has offered his wisdom freely, has been willing to help with any aspect of my training and instruction that I have asked for help with, and given his friendship. He is definitely one of my mentors and I wholeheartedly appreciate all the advice and guidance he's provided along the way. Thanks Jeff!

10/10 Jeff lives it.
By Dave Whitley, Sr. RKC / Nashville TN USA

Getting to know Jeff and work with him has been a bonus for me in the RKC. I have seen him teach and he is gifted in that area. Any time I have ever called him up with a training question he has immediately had an idea or insight that made perfect sense and most importantly worked. He is a shining example of what it means to be RKC.

10/10 A true RKC
By Jwood RKC / Denver,CO

This is kind of lame I waited this long to review Jeff. Jeff was my RKC Team leader at the Oct 07 RKC, he set the tone right off the bat showing us being strong and being safe are the same thing. Jeff is like a kid in candy store when he talks about training. Jeff not only cares about his own training but the training of others. Jeff is well deserving of all he done and is going to do. From one RKC to another Jeff thank you.

10/10 Jeff is great!!!
By Lance Kloker / Owasso, OK

I came to Jeff just 7 months ago with hardly no strength and severe asthma. Today I feel like a whole new person, with confidence and the skills that are helpful on the football field. Jeff cares about training his students. His number one goal is your safety. He has been a very good role model to me and he can always get you motivated with his attitude. Jeff not only knows how to lift weights, he also knows how to work out the kinks and stiffness that comes with working out. I will be working out with Jeff for a LONG time.

10/10 Top Notch Trainer and Mentor
By Debbie Kloker / Owasso, OK USA

My son is 15 years old and has been training with Jeff since March 2008. He has shown significant improvement in his coordination, endurance, and strength. The most important improvement is his breathing. He has severe asthma and we have seen marked improvement in this area. Jeff is a mentor as well. He takes the time to speak to his students one on one and give them encouragement. My son has chosen to attend training with Jeff over other activities. He loves the training and being around Jeff. I appreciate his involvement in my son's life and feel that the time and money are well worth it!

10/10 The Man to See
By Doug Fishback / Jenks, OK

I recently drove up for an intro session with Jeff, and I am very glad I did. I'm overweight and out of shape, but I'm starting a path back to fitness, and I need an expert to teach me ex-act-ly what to do so I can train hard but stay safe. Without a doubt, Jeff is that expert. He was very thorough. He did an initial assessment of my mechanics, put me through some very effective hamstring exercises, and taught me the proper way to "root in" before ever letting me hoist a bell. He got me swinging during the first lesson, but he made sure we didn't cut any corners getting there. Even though my endurance was poor, he stayed positive and helped me stay positive the entire time. He even gave me a protein shake for the drive home and called me the next day to make sure I was doing OK. A total pro and a straight-up nice guy. I look forward to more sessions with Jeff and highly recommend him.

10/10 The Best Trainer!
By Lee Davis / Talala, OK

Jeff has helped me become a better athlete because my mobility and strength training. He has improved my speed, lift heavier weight, I have greater agiligty. Jeff takes his time to explain the lift and the drill to me so I understand it to the fullest.

10/10 Time well spent
By Dan Kloker / Owasso, OK

Jeff O'Connor is an exceptional trainer. My 14yr old son came to Jeff with severe asthma. Only after 10 weeks of training his endurance has increased. He is stronger and has very little wheezing. Most importantly my son just had a pulmonary function test, with his lung specialist, which was substantially higher that before he began training. In fact, it was his highest recorded test. I don't mind driving 60 miles round trip and taking 2-3 hours twice a week for his training. We are so excited about my son's progress and feel fortunate to have been introduced to Jeff. The training is great because of Jeff. He is an inspiration to his students. He has so much knowledge beyond lifting weights. Jeff takes time with each stsudent to explain the mechanics and how to achieve the best results. Most importantly, he puts safety first. Jeff is an excellent mentor, for my son and people of all ages. I admire Jeff for his dedication and desire to help people. I have no problem recommending Jeff to my friends and family.

By Beau Bentley #37 / Bixby, Ok

Being the son of a certified weightlifting instructor, i've had the opportunity to train and learn at a young age. When my dad took me to Jeffs at the age of 17, my entire concept of "training" completely changed for the best!! I have been training with Jeff for about 2 years now and he has greatly improved my football career, helping me earn the oklahoman defensive player of the year, the jim thorpe award, a chance to play for the oklahoma state cowboys, and earn my certification through the rkc. Jeff continues to dramatically help me with my strength, speed, flexibility, movement, and most importantly maintaining an injured free body. MR. O'CONNOR KNOWS HIS STUFF, and he will work you harder than you ever thought possible. Don't tell him i said this but inside the gym you'll love to hate him! Jeff has become much more than an instructor, or even a mentor to me. The kindess Jeff and the O'connors have shown my brother and me can only be described in one

10/10 that EXTRA STEP
By Tyler McGrew / Bixby,Oklahoma USA

My dad is the head football coach for the Bixby Spartans so i knew football well, but now that i started training with jeff now for 5 months i have that extra step that i didnt have last year, he has helped me with my strength, speed and flexibility that i needed to play, even though i haven't been with him long I respect him greatly, he knows what hes talking about, and if i didnt start this training with him i wouldnt have seen this great of results

By CALE BENTLEY / Bixby,Oklahoma

I started training with jeff when i was 15 years old, before i barely even touched a weight. i am now 17 and dramatically faster, stronger ,and more mobile than ever. training with jeff took my football playing to a totally different level and changed my perspective on training , I now start which is all due to jeffs training in all honesty. his training has helped me mentally and physically, if your looking for major improvements, this is where it is

10/10 Father knows best!
By Taylor O'Connor / Oologah, Ok.

My dad will always be my dad first but when it comes time for training he's my trainer, and that's all. Even though I may not like it sometimes I know that my dad cares about my well-being and making sure that I'm healthy. So much of youth today has been corrupted by video games and junk food(neither of which i like). I also watch the love that my dad puts into the workouts of the other children he trains and you can just tell how much he cares for them and those children's well-being. All in all my dad is a terrific father and a fantastic trainer!

10/10 Fantastic Training Experience!
By Liz McGinness / Wichita, Kansas

My husband and I are both turning 50 this year so we decided to 'kick it up a notch' and really work on getting into great shape for our 2nd half of the century (we hope!). We trained for 3 hours with Jeff at his facility in Oklahoma and had an incredible experience. Jeff is a friendly, knowledgeable and likable teacher who was able to adjust to our needs perfectly. As a complete newbie with very little strength, I was amazed to learn what all I can do with kettlebells. I have a long, long way to go, but today's training got me on the right path and I cannot more highly praise Jeff. His adorable kids and dogs also made our day! Their hospitality made us feel right at home! Thanks Jeff for an incredible experience. We will be back in 6 months for a 'check-up!'
Liz and Doug McGinness

By Cindy Deitz / Oologah, OK

I'm not sure I can put into words how good Jeff is. We have 4 boys all of whom are involved in multiple sports. Jeff was introduced to us after my oldest son needed help to strengthen his hip area because he ran with a really bad limp. We had great referals from friends who train with him but we have learned and recieved so much more than you would get from anyone else. Jeff is so passionate about what he does he takes the kids future and well being personally. All 4 work out with him. Rush's (13) running had improved during the last 3 games of the season significantly. He had only worked out with Jeff for 3 weeks. He is now gaining strength and athletisism. Bryce (9) has a club foot and Jeff has improved his compensation with the good leg and foot, to the point that his weak foot is no longer. The other 2 children are just benefiting early and substantialy with his knowledge and superior training. We have had many coaches during their sports. Never, has anyone had the knowledge or ablility to teach the kids what they need to do to become stronger, faster athelets and train to prevent injuries. Not to mention they love their sessions with him. If you want to be the best you or your child can be, Jeff will get you there.

10/10 SOLID
By Joe Silva / Artesia, NM

Jeff was our team leader at the recent RKC Cert. You will not find a more professional, attention to detail instructor. He will dial you in fast and correct. You owe it to yourself to find out what tough love really is......YOU KNOW THAT'S RITE...

10/10 stellar
By Curt G / Tulsa, OK USA

I had read about kettlebells for some time,, and finally
decided to contact a trainer to give it a shot. I contacted
Jeff and made an appointment. I have never used a personal
trainer of any kind before. Jeff was very friendly,
meticulous, meticulous, and did I forget to mention
meticulous about detail? But that is why you get an
instructor, right? To learn how to safely and properly
do something to acheive the best results. So it depends
on what a person is looking for, but if you want
top instruction I cant imagine anyone being disappointed
with Jeff.

10/10 Superlative leader, teacher and motivator
By Jim Skislak, RKC / Fairfax, VA USA

I have just returned from the October 2007 RKC and had the great good fortune to be a member of the team led by Jeff O'Connor. Throughout the entire weekend, Jeff displayed exemplary leadership, professionalism, instruction and inspiration. His attention to detail (which emphasized safety and proper technique) and ability to effectively communicate core training concepts, both verbally and through demonstration, were instrumental in my successful completion of the RKC. Anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train with him privately or as part of a future RKC workshop would have access to the best the RKC program has to offer. Thanks Jeff!

10/10 # 1 Trainer!!!!
By Brittani Allen / Glenpool, OK USA

I came to Jeff two summers ago to get help on my speed and footwork so i could advance to the next level in college basketball. At the time i was as soon to be sophomore playing at a Junior College in Oklahoma. My goal was to play division 1 basketball. The only thing that was holding me back was my speed. I began training twice a week for about three weeks until i had to return to school. That three weeks alone helped me with my speed and flexibility tremendously. That season i had an amazing year and could tell i was keeping up with girls that use to blow me away. That season and some more training with Jeff after season helped me get a Division 1, full ride scholarship to Southern Methodist University. This past summer i went back to Jeff twice a week, every week. He helped me gain more strength and speed than i had before. Working with Jeff this summer made my transition from Junior College to Division 1 so much easier. I would recommend Jeff to any athlete around. Without his knowledge and skill in kettlebell training i might not be where i am today.

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