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Erika McCowan


Phone: 5099344488
Spokane Valley, WA
United States 99211
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I have been practicing kettlebells for about 3 years off and on depending on life events. I love teaching others and love learning new ways to make my life better everyday. I first was interested in kettlebells because I was restricted to working out to just my home with minimal equipment. I didn't like running, but knew that I needed both cardio and strength. Kettlebells is the ultimate combination of both of those elements. I practice mostly at work and at home in my spare time, but I am available for small sessions or workshops on weekends.  
I learned about crawling this year as I had alot of recurring injuries and imbalances. Crawling has helped me to progress and stay in shape for both Calisthenics and Kettlebells with minimal time and effort. Crawling has helped stabilize my back, shoulders and hips which are my notorious bad spots, common to many people.
I am promoting crawling through my #crawl365 page and posting workouts to keep the practice up and teach others the beginning skills of strength to progress towards Calisthenics and Kettlebells and overall strength.
Come crawl with me!

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