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Sarah Smith


Phone: 9196074407
Raleigh, NC
United States 27606
9.88 out of 10 (8 reviews)
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10/10 Great intro to kettlebells
By Sarah Marshall / Ottawa, Canada

I love Sarah's Kettlebells for Cool Kids program. I'm new to kettlebell work and I really appreciate the clear instruction, well-structured workouts, and motivational support of this program. I also value Sarah's expertise in postpartum fitness and appreciate that she has integrated pelvic floor work into the program. I look forward to my workouts each week and always feel great afterwards!

10/10 Challenging, Motivating, Encouraging, Supportive
By Ruth Johnson / Beloit, USA

I have loved being a part of Sarah's Kettlebells for Cool Kids program. Her instructional videos and teaching materials are very informative with clear instruction. They give me confidence to do the workouts without issue. While part of her program I have felt challenged and motivated to work as well as encouraged and supported. I've never felt judged or inadequate. If you're looking for a trainer that is knowledgeable, encouraging, authentic and strong, who trains your body for strength instead of punishing it into submission, Sarah is the one for you!

10/10 Fun, approachable, & effective!
By Margarer Achu / St. Paul, USA

Sarah has such an approachable and fun way of training kettlebells! I especially love that she speaks to the importance of technique and quality of movement and how training/working out is a piece of the larger puzzle of health. Her programming is easy to incorporate into a busy life, yet it’s so effective! I’ve noticed big gains in strength and mobility in a few short weeks!

10/10 Approachable fitness
By Justine Capraro / C, Us

I’ve been wanting to get in shape for a very long time. I’ve done lots of different workouts. Sarah is different because her fitness videos are doable for everyone and aren’t endangering your physical health. I feel strong and confident when doing her workouts and that’s a win in my book. If your on the fence about who to choose for fitness give Sarah’s programs a try! They are so worth it!

10/10 Amazing Instructor, Superior Technical Knowledge
By Jeremiah Blade / Raleigh, USA

I worked with Sarah Smith during several private sessions because I’ve always been fascinated with kettlebells. I had worked with kettlebells at other gyms and felt that the previous instructors I’ve had did not understand the movements and did not have the level of training to teach it adequately. Very short introductions were given on the movements and I never felt I understood them well enough to get the most out of kettlebells. Everything changed when I started working with Sarah! I began to get the full potential out of the movements (swings, cleans, Turkish Get Up’s, snatches, etc) with her instruction, and it’s obvious she has enormous experience and training with them by the way she breaks down complex movements so they can be easily understood, and spends to time to ensure you’re doing the movements correctly so you don’t hurt yourself. I feel like working with her I have gained an appreciate of kettlebells that I never fully had, and feel under her instructions I’m well on my way to mastering the movements. It’s become my new favorite form of excercise thanks to her!

9/10 The Real Thing
By Marie Scott / Casper, USA

How great to have a real woman with true strength and skill leading us in practical fitness. I feel stronger already!

10/10 Finally...
By Laura Atterbury / OKC, USA

I finally feel like I found a workout and instructor that I look forward too!! There is no pressure to complete so many reps, it’s fits in my time schedule (whatever that looks like for the day) and I actually make time in my day to do it because it’s so fun!! Sarah teaches you what movement and exercise should be and how to have fun doing it! The music she chooses is great and keeps you going and her videos are clear and easy! She is always sharing great content! Thanks Sarah for putting together a great program and for being a great coach!

10/10 A Phenomenal Trainer & Coach!!!
By Jen Goding / Roselle, USA

I can't begin to fully explain how gifted Sarah is at training and coaching kettlebells! She is extremely approachable and friendly, which makes you feel like you can come as you are, no matter what level of fitness you are at. She is also a wealth of knowledge! As an avid follower on social media and a participant in her Kettlebells for Cool Kids program, I can confidently say that I have never experienced a trainer who has more knowledge and expertise in her craft than Sarah. Her passion for proper form, breath, and posture has forever changed the way I workout. Highly recommend!!!

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