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Sabra Epp


Phone: 9704437197
Fort Collins, CO
United States 80525
10 out of 10 (10 reviews)
Hi, my name is Sabra Epp. I currently live in Fort Collins, CO, where I own and run a kettlebell gym called, The Kettlebell Method. We have classes based around the RKC principles and movement, as well as barbell, and bodyweight training. We also offer supplementary nutrition counseling and planning to help you meet your goals.
When I was first introduced to kettlebell training I was amazed at the results I had achieved within such a short period of time. Improvements in strength, endurance, and mobility were exponential compared to any other program I had tried before. Utilizing kettlebells and barbells as my main training tools allowed for a lot of creativity and customization for my own workouts as well as the programs I have successfully built for my clients.
Mixing heavy barbell, endurance, primal move, kettlebell, and body weight work to create the ultimate strong body proved to be a dynamic combination! What I discovered – you don’t have to be big to be strong, you just have to train properly. I don’t use any machines for my clients' training and believe that using your whole body for a movement is far superior to isolation methods. I think the more raw materials one can train with the better and easier it becomes to integrate our workouts into our daily lives.
    --------------> Favorite KB Skill  = Double Press
    --------------> Best Workout Song = Kongos, Come With Me Now
    --------------> Guilty Pleasure = Margaritas!!
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10/10 Excellent Coach
By John Vella / Fort Collins, USA

I have been working out with Sabra for almost 4 years now, and she is the best fitness instructor I've ever worked with. When I first started working out with Sabra I was trying to recover from a herniated disk I suffered due to poor form while participating in a Crossfit class. She was great at keeping a close eye on my progression and recovery, and has taught me countless tips, methods, and tricks to get strong and stay healthy. I didn't think I'd ever get "back to normal," but Sabra has pushed me to be stronger than I've ever been. What I like most about Sabra is that she has an innate ability to push you when you need it but also back off when you're working to the max. As an avid mountain biker and backcountry hunter with a fast metabolism, I've always struggled in keeping my weight, strength, and energy levels up. Sabra recently helped me tackle this issue by taking a look at my nutrition intake and making me a customized strength program. Through Sabra's guidance and constant motivation, in a little over two short months I've put on over 15 pounds and have been lifting more weight than I thought I was capable of. She has been great and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get strong and fit.

10/10 Excellent Trainer and Motivator!
By Jennifer Alvarez / Fort Collins, USA

I’ve been training with Sabra for almost 5 years now, and believe she is one of the most experienced & committed trainers around. I can't say enough about the uniqueness and exceptional quality of Sabra’s services. She is not only focused on helping me achieve my fitness and nutritional goals but she makes every class challenging (& somehow fun). I’ve seen improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each class. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. More importantly she ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She is cognitive of what her clients are looking to get from her, and focuses on those needs. Thank you, Sabra, for your ultimate coaching and for helping me achieve my goals so I can set new ones. You're the best!!!

10/10 Phenomenal Instructor :)
By Zara Colazio / Loveland, USA

Sabra is an awesome instructor. One of the most motivational people I have trained with, you just always want to perform your best when she is around. She has a vast knowledge of training techniques and knows the best way to help you to achieve your goals in a timely fashion while keeping you in proper form to avoid injury. Sabra has an innate sense of just what kind of coaching you need and where your limits are and knows how to push you to test those limits. She is one of those trainers that motivates you through words as well as action; she trains just as hard as she expects you to. I have thoroughly enjoyed training and learning from Sabra, and I can credit the strength and confidence that I have gained in lifting to her top notch coaching and training program.

10/10 You want this lady in your corner.
By Eleanor Duffy / Fort Collins, USA

Sabra is a wonderful coach and instructor. She's always willing to adapt to the needs of her students and give them challenging and effective workouts. She tells it like it is and pushes her students to achieve the best because she knows it's possible even if they can't see it themselves. Sabra has worked with me on various goals during the past year and has pushed me to achieve things I never thought I could. I had been working with weights independently for a couple of years before I attended one of her classes and had not seen improvement anywhere close to what I have since starting with her. Sabra is always looking out for her students' safety in lifting whether it be a class of 5 or a class of 15 she's got her eyes on everyone to make sure they're safe, having fun, and sweating like pigs!

10/10 Motivating and Dedicated Instructor
By David Tymitz / Denver, USA

I've had a few personal trainers before but they didn't come close to the amount of dedication that Sabra puts into her workouts and training her clients. In my previous experiences with trainers, they would tell me a certain exercise, and then just walk away. Sabra was there throughout my workout, teaching me the exercises, critiquing my form and motivating me to get through my sets. I get so much more out of one of her workouts than I ever did from other trainers. Where I would usually just go through the motions with free weights and machines in my gym, now with Sabra's help and training I get so much more benefit from the exercises. She is a great trainer and I would recommend her to anyone.

10/10 Great, motivating instructor!
By Aliana Norris / Fort Collins, USA

Sabra is a amazing instructor! She will push you to do all you can, but in a safe and effective way. She is great at teaching techniques and writing workouts to suit your needs, and giving you space to practice while keeping an eye on form and correcting when necessary. Be prepared to be wonderfully sore and feel like you accomplished something! I highly recommend!

10/10 Supportive and Challenging
By Allison V / Fort Collins, United States

I have always been involved in sports in some way and live an active lifestyle. My husband and I are also avid mountain bikers. I always assumed I ate healthy and was doing the "right" things to get stronger. Consequently I didn't understand why I was always tired and hungry. Sabra helped me evaluate my diet and see the pitfalls in my thinking. She made a nutrition plan that was so simple to follow that I don't foresee it ever going away. I love that what she taught me is not a diet,but a lifestyle change that can be maintained throughout my life. What was even greater is that I saw the results carry over into my everyday life. My climbs on my bike are easier, I have energy again to run after work, and I am even more productive at work. As a teacher in a primary classroom I need enough energy to keep up with 30 seven year olds all day. I now feel like I can outlast them! Not only am I happier,but I am stronger too. Sabra always pushes me in class in a way that never feels uncomfortable. She challenges me, but also supports me to meet the challenges. Her depth of knowledge of nutrition and strength training are truly impressive. I would recommend her to any beginner or advanced student. She is the trainer you want in your corner. Trust me when I say, if you work with her, you will win in every way!

10/10 Dedicated to your success
By Dana Spanjer / Fort Collins, USA

Sabra is passionate about kettlebells and fitness in general. She is continuously learning new techniques and best practices to be on the leading edge of the industry while building a wealth of knowledge about strength training, weight loss and body movement. Sabra is a dedicated coach, truly interested in your success. She is highly effective in a group setting by maintaining consistent and challenging workouts while tailoring sets to students' specific experience levels. New students can expect to learn all of the basic kettlebell techniques from Sabra in a safe and pressure-free environment. Sabra encourages veteran students to continually progress and evolve. I have been Sabra's student for about two years at Fundamental Strength. Since participating in her group class, I have been able to increase my strength and flexibility significantly as well as get be in great shape for ski season each year. I have also participated in Sabra’s personal training program and have successfully dropped 2 dress sizes and 10 pounds in 12 weeks. I am currently enrolled in a second personal training program because I had such success with the first. Whether you are looking for weight loss or strength training, or just try something new, Sabra will help you meet your fitness goals.

10/10 Great Instructor!
By Joe Defosset / Fort Collins, USA

Sabra is a great instructor with a unique ability to connect with beginners and advanced students. She works to make sure that every class challenges people of all skill and fitness levels at the same time, helping beginners understand the proper way to do movements while helping other students in her class progress and meet the goals they are wanting to achieve.

She does a great job of keeping the classes fun and challenging so you never dread going to the gym, I would highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a fun workout class, unsure of where to start and even the advanced person who wants to achieve their lofty goals, she can certainly help them get there!

10/10 Sabra is an excellent instructor!
By Tony Reyes / Fort Collins, United States

Sabra has been helping me with kettlebell training for the last two years. I just completed a program that Sabra developed and I lost 30 pounds from May until November. Sabra always makes the class fun by having different theme nights, such as 80's night, while keeping the class very challenging. I would recommend Sabra to both the beginner and advanced kettlebell student.

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