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10/10 Video Training for a Busy Working Mom
By Michelle Foti / Harrisburg, United States

Working out with Matt via video conference has changed my life. As a busy working mom, my health and fitness had taken a back seat for a long time and Matt met me where I was and has steadily helped advance my health, strength, flexibility and energy level. Matt designs efficient whole body workouts so I can stretch, get my workout in and cool down in 40 minutes. Video training with Matt provides the accountability I need to keep me coming back for workout after workout while Matt encourages me to push through the last few reps and constantly monitors and adjusts my technique to maximize results and avoid injury. Since working out with Matt, I don’t wake up in pain like I had for years, every move I make throughout the day is easier, my A1C came down to normal AND I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Matt’s positive energy and vast knowledge of health and wellness are unparalleled.

10/10 Amazing Trainer!
By Lucius Taylor / Washington, USA

Just to say that Matt is a great kettlebell instructor would do him a disservice. He is a life coach. Not only does he make sure your technique is correct when working with the kettlebell. He constantly makes sure that your nutrition is on point. That you are properly stretching after a workout and have had enough sleep. All of which is critical if you are serious about losing weight or becoming fit. The weekly measurements are a barometer of where you stand. This is where Matt is at his best. The scale and tape don't lie as he would say. Whether its good or bad. Matt always gives you the truth and a detail plan of attack to improve your fitness journey. So during my weekly weigh in and measurements. it was always up and down week to week. I was frustrated and Matt stuck with me offering encouragement. Plus a detailed plan on how i'm going to reach my goals. I'm diabetic so I've been following a diet provided to me by my Nutritionist that follows the ADA (American Diabetes Association). This Diet was also encouraged by most of my doctors. Matt saw that this was not working. My workouts were really good and I was sleeping great. So he figured it has to be the meals. So Matt laid out a meal plan that i would follow and scrap the ADA meal plan. While on the ADA meal plan my A1c was always between 8.0 and 9.5. After adopting Matt's meal plan and continuing with our workouts with the kettlebell. I began to feel really amazing my workouts got even better and my energy has greatly improved. After 4 months I lost 33lbs. and my A1c is 6.3. This why I would say Matt is more than an expert with the kettlebell. He is truly a lifecoach. Matt treats your mind, body and soul and if you follow his plan. You can definitely achieve your fitness/health goals with Matt as your trainer.

10/10 Me, a grandmom and an athlete?
By T. C. / Silver Spring, Montgomery

When I mentioned to my friend that I was ready to be more serious about my physical exercise routine and that I wanted to get a personal trainer, she said two words, “Matt Begansky.” And then she said, “Matt’s an amazing trainer and he cares!” She immediately emailed Matt and told him about my interest, and before the night’s end, Matt had emailed me back. Within the next couple of days I completed my paperwork and had my first training session the next week! That’s how much Matt cares about people and about their journeys to physical strength and holistic well-being. Even before meeting Matt, he sent me a video clip with his demos of stretches to try before my first class. The stretching is so important and Matt stresses that on “Day one”. Step by step, Matt provides instruction and watches carefully to ensure no injuries. Every routine and every repetition is planned based on the level of strength and agility that you bring with you, and with the vision that Matt has for helping you reach the goals that he knows you are capable of and interested in achieving. Matt is a certified kettlebell instructor and he expertly teaches students how to execute the kettlebell snatch and swings. He tracks individual progress and determines kettlebell weight adjustments for each class and for each routine within a class. He’s just that in tune with your personal and physical readiness and he cares! Matt doesn’t push beyond what you’re capable of doing, because safety and personal care come first. However, he keeps you motivated and you always want to improve and progress. After the warms ups of downward facing dog, pigeon stretches, squats and lunges during the first session, I was ready to try my hand at the ropes and kettlebells, modified push-ups and my personal favorite, (pure sarcasm, here…), the bear crawl, or walking across the floor on all fours – hands and feet. I personally have challenges with range of motion in my knees, but Matt provides alternative exercise routines and knee pads to make the exercises work for me. I never feel out of place or uncomfortable because of my age. This positive approach makes me forget my limitations and before I realize it, I’m doing the routines correctly. It’s a wonderful thing to see how, in just a short time, I’ve built enough core strength to stand up from sitting positions without holding onto a chair or something else for support, and how I’ve increased my flexibility enough that I no longer come down the steps sideways to avoid bending my knees. Matt’s energetic and positive engagement, coupled with cool points for having great upbeat music shuffling through the playlist during workouts, earns him an A+ as an instructor and great person. Every successful exercise rep is met with Matt’s high-fives and encouragement, and before you know it, you realize that you can do it! Even me, the nerdy but thankfully rhythmic, music loving grandmom, felt like a champion after only a couple of weeks of instruction and strength training. When Matt told me, “You’re an athlete! Athletes compete with themselves to get stronger and better, and that’s you!” I started to believe that I could do this! He sees you as a winner and he wants you to see yourself like that too. This is just the start of my physical strength-training journey. I am so happy to be on this path.

10/10 What are you waiting for!
By Mary Jane Zimmerman / Louisville, United States

Matt is prompt, knowledgeable, and he makes training fun. His workout space is clean, well lit and organized. Plus Stella watches over you. I was visiting the area and wanted to continue my Kettlebell routine while traveling. I found him and 2 other instructors on the internet. He was the only one who got back to me. In one short hour he taught me a lot! I was worried I wouldn't remember it all. No worries, he sends a follow up email with detailed instructions. Plus his rates are very reasonable. Don't miss out!

10/10 Superb Intructor from Novice to Expert
By GP Sinicropi / Silver Spring, United States

Am a novice/beginner. In 8 months, Matt has motivated me and seen dramatic progress in strength, endurance, and balance. Matt takes the time and effort to build a relationship that’s drives understanding, goal development and ultimately, results. I have always been apathetic to working out. With Matt, not only do I look forward to our workouts but they’re a healing magic. He’s tough, he thoughtfully pushes me forward and as a result, I’ve doubled my output. I recommend Matt to anyone who wants one on one done professionally, didactically, and methodically. He’s affable and attentive and easy to get along with at anytime. He’s consistent, dependable, flexible with heavy work schedules and always makes you feel at home. And Stella...she’s a treat and a motivator.

10/10 Great trainer, great training
By Isaac Shpilman / Silver Spring, U.S

I started working out with Matt when I was just 13 years old. I'm 15 now and I can really see how much progress I've made over the last 2 years. Matt is a nice, kind and open person who is always accepting of you and I would highly recommend his services.

10/10 Friendly, Professional, and Reliable
By Sam Hillhouse / Silver Spring, USA

I recently took up running, but without any guidance I quickly overdid it. I developed shin splints and found myself struggling to meet my fitness goals. Lucky for me, Matt had my back. In my experience, Matt is easygoing and extremely knowledgeable. He worked with me to identify exactly what was going wrong during my workouts. He advised me on how I could avoid injuring myself in the future and gave me a set of carefully tailored exercises to help me recover. These exercises were simple and quick, and didn't require any special equipment. With a few targeted stretches and a tennis ball, Matt completely turned my situation around. Within the first 48 hours I experienced a noticeable decrease in my discomfort. Also, Matt gave me a tailored workout regimen designed to improve my strength and stamina during my recovery. Both the therapeutic exercises and workout regimen were designed with my capabilities, resources, and complicated schedule in mind. As a result, I found Matt's advice easy to implement. I cannot recommend Matt enough. He has a collaborative manner that makes him easy to work with and he made my success his priority. If you're in need of guidance, look no further.

10/10 Quality Instruction
By Roosevelt Turmon III / Baltimore, U.S.

This guy knows his stuff. I never received work out instruction before and my first time left a good impression. Matt was informative, patient, and clear. The first ten minutes he explained to me that when you exercise what you are really doing is movement, and without proper movement your exercise is going to go nowhere. With that said, we worked on movement and things that will facilitate movement, hip stretches, and how your muscles should contract. He taught me how to properly swing a kettlebell, how the hinge movement suppose to be performed, and the proper posture during the swing. I came from baltimore to silver spring to learn something and that's what happened. Matt offers quality instruction and I plan to use him again for sessions. I recommended him 10 out of 10, this guy will not steer you wrong. He seems to be a dedicated individual wanting you to succeed in your fitness endeavors. Thanks Matt!

10/10 Matt's the Best!
By CSR - / Silver Spring, USA

Matt is an excellent personal trainer. Where do I start? His knowledge (which is broad and detailed)? His personalization (he'll adapt when you feel tired, sore, tight)? His professionalism (he's consistently personable and gives you 100%)? I would recommend Matt to anyone, either sex, any age.

10/10 Yes, it's true. He's amazing!
By Erin Summerour / Silver Spring, United States

Matt is an amazing personal trainer! His enthusiasm and knowledge as well as Matt's ability to motivate his clients is unmatched. I worked one on one with Matt for a few months this summer and I saw dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, strength and stamina. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer. I can't wait to get back!

10/10 Just the best.
By Shar B. / Silver Spring, United States

As a woman of a certain age with the attendant arthritis and osteoporosis and who never moved unless forced to, I realized I had to start moving before I couldn't. I had the good fortune to find Matt and my life has changed dramatically. With his guidance, my diet was revamped and I've lost 20 pounds. And not only am I moving, but I'm planking and crawling and lifting kettlebells, to the amazement of everyone, most of all me. Matt is a great trainer, patient, understanding, funny, and he has the grace not to crack a smile at my clumsiness and awkwardness. He's provided a safe, nurturing environment in which to try something entirely new for me - not just movement but actual exercise and it's given me a new lease on life. I'm lighter, fitter and happier, thanks to Matt.

10/10 Matt - A True Professional Plus+
By Phyllis G-Rollins (PGR) / Takoma Park, USA

So where do I start?? When I initially met Matt I did not know what to expect as I had not trained in about 30 years...of course he didn't believe me!!! Once we discussed my goals and my expectations " It was On" and it never stops. Kettlebells, ropes, lunges, squats, crawling, boxing...etc ( don't forget the music ). Matts Personal Training is "AWESOME" and I need the Individual training as he makes you feel good about yourself when you do well. He is extremly professional, courteous, respectful, caring, and let me not forget comical from the time you enter the House of Fitness until you depart. When I started training I was afraid of the Kettlebell and did not like it initially, but once Matt began training me...I Love training with Matt and the Kettlebells ( Notice it went from Kettlebell to Kettlebells ). Matt even gave me permission to purchased one once I passed his tests. Matt is an exceptional individual along with his dynamic training technics. He is sharp as a needle and never misses a beat. I really don't like training without him as I enjoy learning new ways of training with Matt in order to improve myself. Matt has so many wonderful qualities and he is one Fanstatic Pro-Trainer on all levels. I can't see training with anyone but Matt him!!! Matt: "Achieves and Exceeds Excellence"

10/10 Matt has made getting strong fun and safe
By Steve C. / Silver Spring, USA

Matt is a unique individual.

It is quite uncommon (at least in my experience) for a person to be competent, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, a good communicator and strong as a beast, all in one package.

When I first came to Matt my body was stiff as a board, in a weakened state and had virtually no stamina.

By the end of the first 12 weeks of working with Matt twice a week I became a work out machine.

One very important thing I want to mention is that Matt is super diligent about safety. I have gotten much stronger, yet have not injured myself a single time while training with him and as a result of his coaching I know how to avoid injuring myself when I work out on my own (and even when I lift boxes, carry groceries, or move furniture around).

I push, pull and squat for reps and do loaded carries for distance and feel powerful and confident again with my newly won strength and conditioning.

Matt is always very welcoming, fun, friendly and just a pleasure to be around.

He has helped me to assess, clarify and achieve my goals and set new ones.

The House of Fitness facility is beautiful, immaculately clean and well equipped with all kinds of torturous equipment (kettlebells, battling ropes, TRX, pull-up bar and rings, plyo boxes and more).

In addition to all the great changes I have made in terms of my fitness, physique and attitude toward my bodily strength, I have also made a great friend in his Boston Terrier pup who has a pink plastic dumbbell which she brings to me at the end of my workout so that I will attempt to pull it away from her and throw it for her to retrieve and start the process all over again.

I unreservedly endorse Matt as a person and personal trainer. My results with his guidance speak for themselves.

10/10 First Time with a Trainer
By Jen Moy / Burtonsville, USA

I’ve always been an athlete and I enjoy working out, but I needed something to shake up my routine. I’ve also always wanted to work with a trainer and when a friend told me about Matt, I took the chance and have loved every minute of it. It’s been a few months now and I definitely feel stronger and have better endurance, despite a chronic back injury that’s slowed me down a little. Matt has taken great care to personalize my workouts to ensure that I’m not pushing my workouts too hard (which I tend to do) and that I’m always using the proper form and technique to help strengthen my body to prevent further injury. I had never picked up a kettlebell until I started working with Matt, and even though I was a little intimidated by them at first, I’m beginning to love them. Santa even brought me one for Christmas! I sometimes work some long, crazy hours and Matt has helped me figure out a way to get in an effective and quick workout at home on those crazy days and keep my workout momentum going. I’ve been very impressed by Matt’s ability to push me past what I think I can do, and his confidence that I can do more. I always leave my sessions with Matt feeling better than I did when I arrived, and I always look forward to going back. I would definitely recommend him.

10/10 The Best Trainer Around!!!
By Lauren Kannry / Bethesda, USA

When was the last time you really enjoyed your workout?

I can't say I did until I started working out with Matt in 2009 while preparing for my wedding. Matt kept me motivated and gave me a clear plan that helped me achieve my goal of building muscle and losing 25 lbs. His workouts were intense, but also fun and inspiring. A few years later after having my first child, I called on Matt again to help get me back in pre-baby shape--another accomplishment I owe to Matt's amazing training. His mastery of kettle bells and deep understanding of proper form and nutrition are just a few of the reasons I would recommend Matt. He is professional, patient, and personally invested in the success of his clients. If you’re looking for a trainer to help you meet and exceed your goals, Matt is hands down the best. He will inspire you to accomplish things you never thought possible and will push both the novice and accomplished athlete to reach their potential. Can't say enough great things about this guy!

10/10 Excellent trainor and motivator!
By Susan John / Rockville, USA

I began training with Matt about 6 months ago and it was the best decision I have ever
made. I have worked with personal trainers in the best but Matt is by far the best.
He always personalizes my workouts so I am never doing the same thing two sessions in a row, keeping it interesting.
He is extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and body mechanics and is always paying careful attention to ensure I do not injure myself. He is always learning new things and teaching them to his clients to keep the workouts interesting.
Matt is a great motivator and is very patient. He is a great trainer for anyone at any fitness level. For the first time in my life, I can actually say that I look forward to working out because of Matt. Thank you Matt!

10/10 One of the best fitness instructions around
By Janet Jones / Silver Spring, U.S.

I’ve been working with Matt for almost 18 months and can honestly say that it’s one of the best fitness decisions I’ve ever made. Matt is extremely knowledgeable and has the rare ability to tailor a fitness program to the needs of an individual client. Better (and rarer), he makes the sessions fun, so that even couch potatos such as myself enjoy working out.
During the time I’ve worked with Matt, I’ve seen a very noticeable increase in my strength, aerobic capacity and general flexibility. I couldn’t recommend his services more highly.

10/10 King of the Kettlebells and SO Much More!!
By Wendy B / Washington, USA

I have NEVER looked forward to working out EVER!
I DO NOW thanks to Matt.
It's been a little over six months and I've lost inches and pounds!! There's NEVER a dull moment during the hour! My sessions are different every time which keeps me on my toes. I actually look forward to seeing what Matt has in store for me. Will it be kettlebells first or will the boxing gloves get a workout? Will I start with the medicine ball and then move to the ropes? Let the FUN begin...Seriously, sweating is not a bad word for me anymore!
Matt is patient ,super supportive, sets you up to succeed and knows just how to gently nudge you along. Just when you think you can't do one more do and he's there with a high five!! Even when I'm away on work travel, Matt is there. I get a customized travel workout that's realistic for my time away and he also checks in on me during the trip. Thanks Matt!

10/10 My trainer trains with Matt
By David Edwards / Nashville, United States

I live in Nashville, TN. I cannot train with Matt on a regular basis, but once in a while I do get the opportunity to grab a session or two with him. He is always spot on, correcting me, encouraging me and making me feel I am optimizing every minute while under his direction.

My trainer, who lives in Nashville, grabs training sessions with Matt, then applies his teachings to my workouts. Matt is constantly fine tuning, as well as, offering new and different exercises on a range of equipment. Always something new and most importantly, Matt makes sure his teachings have a positive impact.

Matt is the consummate professional trainer and a truly wonderful person. I highly recommend him.

10/10 Incredibly passionate and knoweldgable trainer
By Brittany Gorman / Silver Spring, USA

Matt is a world class trainer, plain and simple. He's incredibly knowledgeable about his profession- steadily updating his certifications and pushing himself to get to the next level and we, his clients, get the benefit of all his personal work. I can say with certainty that I have never had the same workout twice in all my time with Matt. We always have something new to work on.

I look forward to my workouts with Matt because I know he's always going to talk with me about my progress and hold me accountable. His intuition is expectational - he knows when to push me to my physical limits and when to let me recuperate and somehow he's able to get the best out of me every single workout.

Matt keeps me engaged by varying the workouts and tailoring not just the exercises and pace to my exact needs but even customizes the music playlist. These special touches set me up for the best possible workout and remind me how much Matt cares about my personal success.

Matt will help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals - he simply won't let failure be an option and he'll give you every tool you need to succeed- and you'll have a great time doing it!

10/10 Matt Rocks!
By Nicole Campbell / Silver Spring, USA

The best way to explain Matt’s style of training is to say that the day before my workout each week, I get a text message that says “See you tomorrow, killer.” I’m a 34 year-old, whose idea of a workout is some kind of aerobic fitness class, so I would have never thought I’d be lifting 40 lb. medicine balls and slamming them on the ground. Matt has pushed me to do things I would never do on my own (can you say “burpee?”), but he is so incredibly encouraging that I find myself laughing through the whole workout and challenging myself to do better each week..and I do! I’ve been working with him once a week for a little under 4 months, and I’m down a dress size and I’ve lost 15 lbs! I look forward to the progress I’ll be making in the future!

10/10 Swings and Cleans All the Way
By Andrea Brockenborough / Capitol Heights, USA

Even though I have trained with Matt for a short time, I have acheived excellent results because of his training and nutritional plans. My measurements and weight are DOWN. This is monumental for me because for the past several months I have experienced a weight plateau. Matt has come up with nutritional and exercise plans to help me gain muscle, burn fat and lose weight. His POSITIVE reinforcement during the sessions is also an extra added blessing because I was unfamiliar with kettle bell weights. I will continue working with him until I reach my desired weight goal.

10/10 Matt is an excellent trainer AND a lifesaver!
By Ann Coletti / Silver Spring, USA

Matt is more than an excellent fitness trainer, Matt is like an all-around life coach and a solid support to our entire family! He has been a lifesaver.

We had the great fortune of being referred to Matt by one of his clients about 7 months ago. She had lost a lot of weight and raved about - not just Matt’s training style, but his personal style. We started our then-15 year old and 14 year old training with Matt. They both have weight concerns, and also teenage issues. Since then, Matt has become an integral part of our family support team. He picks up where the other professionals leave off – like the teachers, guidance counselors, school administrators, doctors, psychologists, coaches, etc. Matt’s services complement all these other experts. Matt is truly gifted as a coach. He is unique and highly specialized at what he does and the services he provides.

It is not surprising that Matt is a former high school teacher, because he deals with teenagers like a pro. Matt extended himself professionally and personally to become a mentor to our kids, and a support to us, as parents. He helps them in defining and reaching their goals. They trust him and they listen to him as he gently, but firmly, guides them along their path, giving them the tools and emotional support they need to be successful in life.

Matt is training them to become strong and fit both physically and mentally. He puts a big emphasis on accountability, and they are learning that key lesson from him. He is really good at human psychology too, especially the teenage kind. For example, when we were getting started, he put it on the kids to text HIM to line up their first appointments. That was the first lesson in accountability.

Matt’s communication style is noteworthy; he keeps us all on the same page. It’s so helpful that he sends a friendly text reminder the night before a session. He often sends encouraging texts after a session, and he frequently follows-up with the kids via text regarding their personal goals. He encourages them to do their food journals and their homework and reinforces the values of respect and responsibility. It is wonderful that Matt makes himself available to all of us by phone, email, text, and in face-to-face conversation. He always says “Call me if you need anything, or if I can answer any questions for you.” And he is always there for our family when things come up, as they often do with teenagers.

Matt is an extraordinary human being. He is compassionate, gentle and strong, he is steadfast, he’s encouraging and positive, and Matt is warm and has a great sense of humor. Matt is understanding; he is flexible, and open; he listens and is easy to talk to and always available. I have sat in on some of the training sessions and it is an amazing experience to see Matt in action as he coaches and encourages them to push just a little bit more. He gets down on one knee and brings them along with his gentle voice; he inspires them like a father would with a child taking the first steps. “Come on, you can do it!”

The working environment that Matt provides is exceptional. It’s almost Zen like – a large, immaculate room, full of natural light, with glass doors that overlook a private garden. It just feels good to be in his zone.

Under Matt’s tutelage, my kids have lost weight, become stronger, and improved their posture. Equally as important, Matt has helped them gain confidence and improve their self-esteem, while reinforcing some of life’s basic lessons, such as follow-through and persistence in defining and achieving goals. He has raised their consciousness with regards to the big picture, in particular, with health and fitness, eating habits, and accountability. Every family should be so lucky as to have the parental support and the coaching and mentoring for their kids that Matt so generously offers to us. Matt has made a significant difference in each of our lives. We will always be grateful to him.

10/10 Matt is the greatest!!!!
By hope freed / silver spring, maryland, usa

I started seeing Matt a couple of years ago. I am 63 years old and have never felt better than I do now. I was someone who never exercised regularly and now I am exercising consistantly! From the beginning Matt worked with me where I was and pushed just enough to help me improve. He continues to do this and I get stronger and stronger. If I get frustrated, he is there to encourage me and cheer me on. I have seen fabulous results in that I am more muscular, I have more energy, and my days feel much easier to get through on a mind and body level. Matt takes classes and is so eager to learn more and more about what he teaches. He always comes back enthusiastic from his workshops. Matt is a person who demonstrates how much he cares about his clients. He is sincere and he has a great sense of humor. I don't dread my workouts anymore, I actually look forward to going. Again i have seen such good results on all levels in my life..I highly recommend Matt

10/10 The Best
By BRANDON Price / silver spring, md

Matt has introduced me to the world of kettlebells, TRX bands, sled pulling, battling ropes, box jumps, chain pulling, rings and 100 pound medicine balls.. I have worked with other personal trainers before where in the beginning they are attentive but once you become a regular the red carpet is put away. With Matt you feel like family and not a business transaction. He works with his clients with scheduling and is never seen peering at his watch. The workouts are grueling but Matt offers support to motivate you through the challenging moments. At the end of each session you will definitely be drench in sweat the fruit of your labor. My form with Kettlebells has improved tenfold and I am shedding inches on my waist line and adding them to my arms as a result of the workouts in only a months time. Before I was so focus on isolation using barbells and dumbbells. I now understand that one can gain better results with the approach that Matt provides. Kettlebells, TRX, ropes, and heavy medicine balls add to functional strength which works the total body. One movement working multiple muscles is more proficient than having to work each muscle group separately.

10/10 Good instructor, knows his trade well
By Kirill Kravchenko / Colesville, MD, USA

I am on a wrong side of forties without much strength background but have been training with kettlebells on my own for more than 2 years through studying books and DVDs, and practicing at home. Initially I made a good progress but recently my growth slowed and I did not expect much to further improve...

Well...Just in one hour Matt helped me more than I expected. He proficiently corrected my swing, clean, snatch and press helping me to achieve proper form and first time in my life press 62 lbs bell. All other movements felt stronger too.

In summary, Matt knows his business and his services result in noticeable improvements for all range of clients including those that think they know... :)

10/10 5 years: what an amazing partnership!
By Carole Brown / Brentwood, USA

what can I say about Matt? The boy is crazy! But a little history first. In 2008 I was looking for a new trainer. I spotted Matt Begansky at what was then Ballys fitness working out with some clients. what I noticed was his style dedication focus and humor. He was kicking the behinds of his clients but making them love it and work hard for themselves and for him. That's when I knew that was my trainer. we made a deal, no cheerleader girly workouts. I was a power lifter and loved to sweat. He lit up rubbed his palms & we were off to the races! in August 2009 we'd been together one year and my weight was not cooperating. I was nearing 50 and seemed to be getting even bigger and less in shape. my weight ballooned to 197lbs. Matt changed my workout to try to combat this and encouraged me to stick with him. We would figure this out. By dumb luck or divine providence, I was diagnosed with large Abdominal masses. I nicknamed the biggest tumor Ripley after that Alien movie. matt was there. We worked out the day before my surgery! then matt met with my surgeon because he knew I wanted to work out as soon as I could after the surgery. He told me honestly it was going to be hard tough long and painful but if I was In, he was all in. 2 weeks after the surgery we started. Walking. walking the neighborhood, light workout with no weights. Therabands, resistance, and core. he custom-designed a workout regimen that would help me stay focused heal properly And attack the weight loss while getting strong. that was four years ago. I have lost 25 pounds have converted to the RKC circuit Plus CrossFit. And just because he is a crazy trainer, let's Toss in TRX, and Tabatha. matt Baginsky gets it. He didn't give up on me. He figured out how to focus design and deliver a custom work out for me that works and it shows. My sister became sick and died this year. Matt was there with workouts to keep me strong and supported thru this horrific period. He's not just a trainer he's a partner in this journey. Along with diet hydration crazy cardio and most of all sleep, he's partnered with me to help me be successful in this new lifestyle. My nickname for him is the kettlebell terrorist! And trust me I have never sweated so hard work so much and achieved my goal in such a satisfying way. He's crazy, true. But I like his kind of crazy! My next project he's helping me with: The Amazing Race! Yep, we are both crazy... and it's fabulous! Not bad for a 51 year old! Do work Son!

10/10 "Believe It, Achieve It With Matt" !
By Christina Canfield / Silver Spring,MD, USA

Just another update today August 27,2013. I am so happy to share the news of my 53lb weight loss and have reached a size 12 in my skinny jeans. I thank my trainer Matt so much for helping me reach my goal so far in my healthy journey!
Being a Registered Nurse, I do know how losing weight through Matts training has built my endurance, gained strength and has improve my mobility. I am extremely proud how amazingly strong I have gotten. Thanks again Matt!
Put your trust in Matt as your trainer and follow his guidance and I promise you that he will help you reach your goals!!
We still have work to do which includes ,some pounds to lose, muscle to tone and goals to achieve in kettle bell weight training but having Matt by my side as my trainer , my coach and friend, I know that I will make my dream goal come true . Matt - Thank you !

10/10 I finally found the right trainer
By Lynne Marks / Silver Spring, US

I've been working with Matt for almost 2 years. Before that I spent 10 years working with other trainers. I actually look forward to training with Matt. He's tough, but not too tough. I have several injured areas and he is very careful about strengthening those areas without doing further damage. He pushes me to go further, but within reason. An added benefit: he is a really nice guy with a good sense of humor and working out with him is just fun. You can tell how much he respects his clients by the way he talks about them. I am really thankful I found him.

10/10 Fantastic Teacher
By Sam Skariah / Kensington, USA

Matt is a fantastic teacher and motivatior. I've been working with Matt for 4+ years and he's really helped change my life. Prior to working with Matt, I had a very confused approach to working out. I would head to the gym, walk around, lift a few weights, and call it a day. I didn't understand what i was doing and why I was doing it. Matt really helped me understand the importance of how exercise is more than just 30 minutes at the gym. He really helped me change my attitude towards nutrition and the importance of developing good fundamental form and technique when exercising. Above else, he's very patient. I find myself looking forward to our workouts and what I can learn from him. I highly recommend him! I can't believe the physical transformation I've seen in my own body.

10/10 Changed my life forever
By Mohamed Jalloh / SilverSpring, United States of America

Matt is the most passionate kettlebell trainer I have ever met in my life. I never knew how to workout with kettlebells prior to meeting Matt, but Matt showed me how to use kettlebells in the most effective and safe way. What makes Matt different from many other kettlebell trainers is that he teaches you in a way that you can easily understand how to perform the movements. Matt will take his time to carefully show you how to perform the movements to make sure you are getting the maximum results. His patience and infectious passion for training always makes me excited to train with him everyday. He motivates you to improve after every training session and will highlight how much you have grown from the previous session. Also, Matt will sit down with you and discuss your athletic as well as your personal goals. Matt does not see me solely as a client, but as a friend in need of his expertise. I highly recommend Matt for being your personal trainer and as your expert for kettlebell training.

10/10 The Kettlebell Wizard
By Lucius Taylor / Washington, DC, USA

Matt Begansky is an amazing trainer. I have been training with Matt for years and his kettlebell sessions are really awesome. I feel stronger and my endurance has improved greatly. Matt's kettlebell training sessions are never boring he varies each and every workout getting the maximum amount from you at each workout session. i was at first reluctant to try the kettlebells but Matt's passion and dedication to the kettlbell is amazing. It resonates throughout his fitness studio. Matt guided me along with the proper technique, form and weight throughout our sessions. Matt educates you about the kettlebell and the benefits of using it in his training sessions. Matt also has a great sense of humor and this is a must when working out with the kettlebell. The sessions are so humbling and intense that a smile at the end of workout can be a great thing. I trust Matt completely with my workouts he knows my limits and pushes me when I need to be. Matt is a wizard with kettlebell training and I would highly recommend him for a great kettlebell workout.

10/10 Seeing Is Believing With Matt !!
By christina Canfield / Silver Spring,MD, USA

Just a update from my previous review. I am very proud to say that on this day June 12,2013 I weighed in and met a goal that I have been working hard to achieve. I am a Registered Nurse and I have always understood the benefit of exercise and proper diet but I have not always practiced it. Working with Matt as my trainer , I am now experiencing the positive effects of having more energy and feeling confident..Thank you Matt ,for believing in me and will look forward to reaching my next goal!

10/10 Senior Athlete , Retired
By Ben Shaw Retired / Ridgefield , Ct, USA

Matt is an example of a positive mind goes hand in hand with physically fit body . I'm 73 years young and believe in Matt's philosophy . I'm presently active in ice hockey , skiing , Biking , rowing , and other outdoor physical activities . I frequently talk to Matt regarding conditioning and he's always been responsive . I did mention that being certified in the RKC program reminds me of my track & field days when I was involved with the Hammer and Weight throw . Sure wish I had that program back then ! I commend Matt and your program for creating a better and more healthy environment .

10/10 A guide and a friend
By Rachel Barth / Gaithersburg, United States

Over the course of my fitness journey, I've lost around 80 lbs. As you might already know, the later stages of the journey into being healthy and strong can be just as challenging as the difficult early stages. I got together with Matt at a stage when many people might think, "hey, I lost the weight and now I'm all done." Ha ha, sorry, no. The work is only just beginning after you've lost the weight! But now, the real fun begins. That's what I learned from Matt: how to embrace this stage of my journey, by embracing and striving for greater strength. That might seem sort of vague, I realize. The thing is, nearly everybody who loses weight goes right ahead and gains it back. And they do this because they can't figure out how to keep going forward on their path. Matt is my guide. He helps me to keep moving forward on the path.

On a more practical note, Matt also helped me heal a long-term chronic problem with my left shoulder with Kettlebell work. Since I'm a massage therapist, maintaining strength, stability, and flexibility in my shoulders is a serious issue for me; the work Matt has me do really helps me in this area. The quality of the massage I'm able to do has improved since I've been working with Matt, and my ability to perform work over a longer period has increased as well.

10/10 Working out with Matt change my life !
By Christina Canfield / Silver Spring Maryland, USA

After many years of trying numerous weight loss and exercise programs ,I finally found one that truly is working for me by finding my trainer Matt.
It has not been easy but I take one day at a time.
I am very committed to focusing on my workouts and eating healthy to improve my health and well being . Matt motivates me and encourages me to continue to strive for my goals.In 4months I have lost 25lb and 22 inches and Its just the beginning to a positive healthier life for me and I thank Matt !!!

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