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10/10 Best training EVER!
By Melissa Nelson / Manhattan, USA

I have been working with Marco for about a year and he has made a tremendous difference in my physical well being. He has an amazing understanding of the body and, with his encouragement, I have gotten stronger in a way that is safe and balanced. Marco is a wonderful guide to helping anyone realize their own personal fitness goals and potential.

10/10 The best training experience I have ever had!
By Kaitlin Walker / NYC, USA

I am absolutely thrilled to be working out with Marco at Momentum Fitness! Marco is a top-notch coach, teacher, motivator and mentor. I deeply appreciate his high level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm. He wants each of us to reach our full potential while emphasizing proper form and safety. Since beginning to work out with Marco six months ago, I have grown in strength, stamina, flexibility, agility, health, confidence and utilization of correct Kettlebell form. Marco has given me ongoing encouragement during workouts and even through occasional emails. I greatly enjoy his workouts which are full of variety, challenge and skill building as well as tailored warm up and cool downs that directly support each of our workouts. Marco practices what he teaches. He is a remarkably strong and motivated athlete who loves to master diverse and new skills while passing on his own passion to others around him. Not only is Marco a very generous person during the workout experience, he demonstrates that he truly cares about the people who walk through his doors and puts 110% into his clients. Marco is an absolute blessing to me, and I am so grateful to be a client at Momentum Fitness!

10/10 Great Introduction to Kettlebells!
By Eric Strauss / Brooklyn, USA

I took the Kettlebells 101 class lead by Marco at Momentum Fitness and it was a great introduction to strength and conditioning training with kettlebells.

I felt compelled to write this review today because here in NYC we just got our first big snow storm of the year. I was out shoveling snow and it was clear that the muscle memory I developed from kettlebells helped me perform the ballistic movements for shoveling deep snow more easily. The class helped me to develop core strength and good lifting habits that keep my lower back and spine safe.

The class was fun, informative, and challenging. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to develop strength, conditioning and mobility through a simple exercise program. Now that I have the basics down I am certainly looking forward to trying out Marco's more advanced Kettlebell classes at Momentum Fitness!

10/10 Fixed my back pain and I now feel stronger than ever
By Karl McCallum / New York, USA

I never expected to feel this good and confident in just 6 months. Thanks so much to Marco and his team at Momentum Fitness! I had my fears of being a 40-something year old guy with a back problem going to a gym, but I had to do something to fix my ongoing problems. I have a physically demanding job with lots of repetitious lifting, reaching, pulling, pushing and squatting( I used to bend over a lot which I now know wasn't proper form for lifting at all). I had a sciatica back issue that left me sitting around for 8 months gaining weight and being idle, that truly sucked! after hearing about Momentum Fitness from a co-worker I took the first step hesitantly. Marco got back to me immediately and assured me that he could help me work around and, eventually, past my back pain. He taught me how to move better and more efficiently in order to get the most out of our workouts without exacerbating my existing issues. At the beginning I still had a twinge in my back from the sciatica that I would guard but, as time went on, it disappeared! Marco had me building my core up and slimming down, which made my life and work feel so much better. It isn't easy, but after each visit you know you gained something because Marco has the knowledge and patience to help you achieve your goals. The workouts are new and different each session, keeping things interesting and wondering to myself " what does he have up his sleeve today?". Thanks Marco for the guidance and knowledge you passed on to me, i am FOREVER grateful! You have to start working with the team at Momentum Fitness! If I can do it at my age, so can you!

10/10 Marco is the BEST!!!
By Peter Smith / Brooklyn, NY, United States

Marco is a phenomenal trainer &awesome person. I trained with Marco for about two months & never felt healthier or more confident than when I was following his plan. Marco works you hard & encourages clean eating. IT WORKS. I lost weight, toned muscle &am stronger than I can ever remember being. If I hadn't moved to a new city, I would keep training with him for as long as possible. There aren't enough good things to say. Marco is truly invested in your personal success. On days you don't meet, a text message reminder to make healthy choices will encourage you to stay on track. You set goals together and work hard to reach them. This isn't just some one-size-fits-all program... He will learn your limits and strengths as you train and push you as hard as he knows YOU can go. He does it all with a smile & energy that make you want to push through that one last rep to make him proud. He switches up your routine constantly so you never get bored or tired of the same old thing. He's also a genuinely good person & cares about his athletes. You won't be just another client passing through. I could go on & on about how amazing he is, but long story short: If you want to train with a genuinely awesome person who is invested in reaching your personal goals, train with Marco. You WILL get results & you will NOT regret it.

10/10 Best investment I have ever made!
By Dan Egan / Manhattan, United States

Marco is awesome. I've been working with him for over two years and the changes have been outstanding. More than trainers I've worked with in the past, he is knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to tailor workouts and strengthening exercises to me and my specific needs and goals. It's definitely worth the investment!

10/10 Marco is a awesome trainer!
By Amy G. / New York/Los Angeles, USA

I have been working with Marco for about a year now and cannot say enough wonderful things. I initially started training privately in NYC to build upon the kettlebell/body weight exercises that I had learned in LA in an effort to stay on top of things as I traveled back and forth. What I have gained is a ton of strength and mobility from the sessions that Marco designs around my strengths, weaknesses, and goals. No two sessions are ever the same, and there is nothing better than seeing progress each and every week. Marco is encouraging, friendly and one of the most accommodating people I know. Every session with him- though not easy- pushes me closer towards a healthy body, mind, and spirit. I highly recommend Momentum Fitness!

10/10 Marco is the GREATEST TRAINER EVER!
By Lori Palmer / Manhattan, United States

Marco is a great personal trainer and has helped me so much. I feel that he really concentrates on the individual client's needs and also adapts the workout plan when needs or fitness levels change. For instance, I initially worked with Marco on balance and strengthening, and added endurance and cardio along the way. He always switched up my routine so that boredom doesn't set in. And, most importantly, he is nice and he is funny!

10/10 Awesome Trainer!
By Lisa Carr / NYC, United States

Marco is a dedicated trainer, who is detailed oriented, patient and professional.
I would highly recommend Marco as a personal trainer for anybody, whether a novice or seasoned fitness enthusiast.

10/10 Amazing person AND trainer!
By Nicole Harris / NYC, United States

I started with Marco due to a back injury. I figured as soon as I "fixed" that problem I'd go back to my occasional long walk and call it a "workout". I have gone through exercising phases my entire life and nothing has lasted past 6 months. I recently passed my one year mark with no desire to stop!

Marco has a great way of encouraging you rather than pushing you towards your goals. Exercise is no longer the task it had been in the past. It's the fun part of my day. The stress release.

I'm a happier, healthier person now and I owe it all to Marco!

10/10 Marco motivated me to be healthier and stronger!
By Gina Auciello / New York, United States

Having never worked out with a personal trainer before, Marco exceeded my expectations! He always has me doing various types of workouts that I would never even think to do myself. I've even learned how to incorporate what he's shown me into my own workout routine. I am no longer afraid to use kettlebells and am confident in challenging my strength. After just a few sessions I started to see changes in my muscle tone and posture. I highly recommend him to anyone at any fitness level!! I wish I had a personal trainer years ago!

10/10 Marco gets results!!!
By Gary F. / New York, United States

Marco designed sessions specific to my goals of slimming down and toning up. I really enjoy the focus on core strength and the variety of workouts using kettlebells, clubbells and bodyweight exercises. As a bonus, I no longer have that nagging shoulder pain that I suffered with for many years prior to working out with Marco.
Marco get results, schedule a session and you'll see!

10/10 Marco is the BEST!
By Robert Clinton / Brooklyn, United States

Marco is a really great trainer and coach. He has a passion for working with kettlebells, and it shows! Not only is he a wonderful instructor, he is also one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to thoughtful and effective programming. There is a purpose behind each and every workout he writes and he is always willing to share what he knows with you without coming off as smug or all-knowing. I take great comfort in knowing that Marco has my best interests and safety in mind during every session. He is not just trying to make you do the hardest, longest workout to burn you out, there is actually a method to his madness!!!. If you are looking to get fit (the right way) and have fun while doing it, Marco is the trainer for you!

10/10 Best Personal Training and Physical Therapy team!!
By Nina Walker / New York, United States

I have had chronic lower back and hip pain for the last 3 years and have tried everything, from Pilates, yoga and physical therapy, to acupuncturists, chiropractors and even reiki. All have helped to a certain degree but the pain still persists.
I started a month ago with Marco who designed an routine of different exercises to help build my core and strengthen my weak muscles while also improving my flexibility and mobility. Unbelievably, after this short time I am already starting to see and feel results. I cannot recommend Marco enough!

They also have an onsite Physical Therapy staff (MICCASS Physical Therapy) who gave me a one hour evaluation and treatment and some exercises to do at home. After the icing and massage I felt like I was walking on air!

If you know of anyone with back, knee or any other kind of persistent pain....Send them to see Marco or Jason at Momentum Fitness and Megan at MICCASS Physical Therapy. There is no contract to sign or membership fees to pay and they get fantastic results!!!

10/10 I HATE training, but I LOVE Marco!!!
By Jennifer Holman / New York, United States

Let's get real... I hate working out. I do not look forward to training here every week yet I keep coming back. It's probably due to the fact that it's my first time in my life that I'm actually training at a place that employs professionals (which means every week I get my ass kicked). I've done my fair share of training through various corporate clubs and the quality of trainers can not even come close to those that work at Momentum Fitness. Aside from Marco himself. I've had the opportunity to work with two of the trainers here and they are all extremely friendly, creative with their workouts and knowledgeable. Each week I'm presented with an entirely new workout. I've never repeated any routine in the 6 months I've been training and the new muscles I've discovered thank me (or hate me) for that.

The facilities are clean and intimate. Since it's a private studio, there are no distractions (other trainers talking to your trainer, waiting for equipment, not having enough space, gym members staring at you, etc.). I feel really comfortable working out here and I'm not embarrassed to try some of the exercises my trainer wants me to do since there's no one around watching me. The prices are very reasonable as well. If you're looking to train somewhere, I would 150% recommend going here rather than with a trainer at a commercial gym.

10/10 I couldn't ask for a better coach!
By Michael O'Brien / New York, United States

I have been training with Marco for 8 years now and he still delivers a great and productive work out every single time. He evaluates your mobility as well as your strengths and weaknesses and designs a program according to your needs. In the time working with Marco, he has designed every session with my specific needs in mind and, as a result, I have seen significant gains in strength, endurance and mobility; not to mention that all my usual aches and pains are all gone too. His constant thirst for knowledge and dedication to his craft has proven to be a combination that's hard to find in a trainer and I am so thankful for having such a skilled and driven professional to work with.

10/10 Great team of instructors!
By Nicolai Davidovich / Brooklyn, USA

After much exploration and trials, I found Marco at Momentum Fitness and, since then, "strong" has taken on an entirely new meaning. Marco and his team are all either RKC or SFG certified instructors who are focused and determined to get you moving properly and efficiently while still making it a fun and effective work out. It is here that I finally fulfilled my chronic dream to be able to do a proper Turkish get up. Highly recommend to anybody looking to further their training, whether you're a beginner or an athlete.

10/10 Couldn't ask for a better coach!
By Bethany Escher / New York, USA

I started with Marco at Momemtum Fitness after trying a few kettlebell classes at one of the big-name gyms here in NYC and not feeling comfortable with my form. Marco looked over my form and quickly helped me master the art of KB's far beyond what a group fitness class would ever have. I just placed an order for my first set of RKC kettlebells and am excited to continue on with what I learned from Marco!

10/10 Best kettlebell training in NYC!!!
By Maggie Harmon / New York, NY, USA

After injuring myself at one of Equinox's kettlbell group fitness classes, I decided to seek out an actual RKC certified trainer to help me perfect my form and technique. My search led me to Marco and his amazing personal training studio in Manhattan. I started with the goal of doing 2-3 sessions in order to just fix my form but Marco was able to pick up on some pretty significant imbalances I had in my hip and spine mobility and, after correcting them, my KB form is now looking very strong and solid. I just signed up for a 24-pack of sessions with Marco and have abandoned Equinox's group fitness classes for something that will be more beneficial and effective for my long term goals of strengthening and toning. I could not recommend Marco more for anybody who is serious about getting in shape without causing any bodily injuries in the process.

10/10 Great and professional trainer!
By Stanley Miller / Manhattan, NY, USA

I was referred to Marco by my physical therapist after completing treatment for a torn ACL. Marco's knowledge of corrective exercises and patience in working with me really helped me feel at ease during our sessions and, six weeks later, I am almost back to 100% strength and mobility not only in my rehabbed knee but in my core and upper body as well! I have not felt this great in years and am really looking forward to seeing what else Marco can help me achieve!!!

10/10 Best investment i've ever made!
By Kevin Logan / New York, USA

I found Marco when I decided to add strength training to my basic running workout routine a year ago I knew I didn't want to join a gym. I knew that I required motivation, pre-planned workouts, and a great trainer who would push me without injuring me. At Momentum Fitness, through Marco, I have found all of these things and more. One of the things I enjoy most about training with Marco is his attention to form and technique. It is important to him that you are doing the exercise right in order to get the most out of it. Due to this emphasis, I always feel like I am getting personal attention and acknowledgement, as opposed to working out in a group setting. This is just another aspect of Marco's gift as an instructor. After every session I feel accomplished (and exhausted, but in a great way) and can see my strength increasing. Marco is a great motivator and truly channels your individual successes in order to motivate you to keep pushing through your work outs. When I started working with Marco I could not do a push-up or a pull-up. Through his dynamic kettlebell and bodyweight training, I can now do at least 30 "proper" push-ups in a row and 15 pull-ups in a row and all my friends and coworkers keep complimenting me on my posture. And bonus, my running times have also decreased while those nagging pains I tend to get after my long runs have completely disappeared. Awesome!

10/10 A top-notch personal trainer
By Anthony Hendricks / New York, NY

I found Marco through the Dragon Door website after trying my luck for a few weeks at one of the big-name health clubs here in NYC. Marco is an all around nice guy with a deep understanding and commitment to exercise and fitness and you can really see it through all the hard work and determination he puts into every client. Due to a slipped disc injury some years back I was very hesitant to pick up a kettlebell to begin with but Marco put me through an FMS assessment and quickly determined my imbalances in order to correct them before pushing my too hard. It's been a little over a year now and I can easily snatch the 32kg KB and am slowly working my way up to the 48kg. My bodyfat is down to 14%, my posture is better and (best of all) I no longer have that nagging back pain! I highly recommend Marco and his team over at Momentum Fitness to anybody who is serious about learning the art of kettlebells in a safe and fun manner.

10/10 Marco is the best!
By Jonathan Warner / New York/Los Angeles, USA

I recently moved to NYC from LA where I had been working out with kettlebells for a few years. Upon moving here, I set out to find a new trainer who knew about kettlebells and could keep me on the right track with my fitness goals. I found Marco through the RKC site and, after doing some research on him, decided to book my complimentary session. I was amazed at how knowledgable and patient he was, he immediately picked up on some slight imperfections in my form which actually helped my achieve some bigger and better lifts without the pain in my shoulders that I'd been experiencing with the heavier overhead lifts. I am now six weeks into training and I have seen a vast improvement in my form as well as my body composition, stamina and endurance. I am very grateful for finding such a wonderful coach and would certainly recommend him to anybody looking to take their training to the next level.

10/10 I now LOVE kettlebells!
By Elaine Bradley / New York, USA

I am one of those typical NYC mothers who has tried every single fad diet and exercise regimen that's popular at any given moment. A friend of mine managed to bounce right back into shape right after her pregnancy so I asked her what her secret was and there it was: KETTLEBELLS! She recommended Marco because he is very knowledgeable and patient and helped me get past my fear of swinging those massive iron spheres over my head to the point where I now love the work outs and can definitely see and feel the difference in my physique. Marco is an amazingly talented trainer and he has a great studio of his own which makes it convenient for training without any added gym fees, I would highly recommend working with him!

10/10 Expert and professional Personal Trainer!
By Michael Blauman / New York, USA

I was looking to get into kettlebell training and found Marco through this site. I'd worked with a trainer before and did some kettlebell work so I thought I had a basic knowledge of how to use them but Marco quickly picked up on some small mistakes I was making that greatly affected my overall performance, With some hard work and excellent training from Marco, I was able to master the KB and in the process have built a strong and lean physique. I highly recommend Marco for anybody looking to learn how to use kettlebells or improve their form. He is a very patient and dedicated trainer who really dedicates himself to helping people achieve their goals. His private training studio is very clean and he has all the equipment you can think of to guarantee you get the best results possible.

10/10 Marco is a patient and talented personal trainer
By Marcy Palmer-Manning / New York, USA

I trained with Marco before, during and after my pregancy and he was super awesome, knowledgable and totally fun to work out with. He knew exactly how to get me back into shape after a long and tough pregnancy and did so in the safest way possible. Best of all, I am now fitting into my old college skinny jeans!!! I am currently pregnant with baby #2 and we are already mapping out a plan for this pregnancy, i have to say, I am really excited to be working with such a professional trainer by my side!!!

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