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Instructor Profiles

double windmill w curl

Levi Markwardt


Phone: 712-336-4040
Spirit Lake, IA
United States 51360
10 out of 10 (10 reviews)
Manager and Program Director of Athletic Republic Spirit Lake - 1380 Lake St - Spirit Lake, IA 51360
Athlete and Personal Training since 2000 (NSCA)
Husband and father of 1 daughter (13)
Becoming RKC was a big step and I'm very excited to bring high quality hardstyle KB standards and training to the Iowa Great Lakes!
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10/10 Next Level
By Jared Kerr / Arnold's Park, United States

I started training with Levi around 2009. He had me in the best shape and conditioning I have ever been in a very minimal amount of time. He has recently brought kettle bell training into his arsenal of 'torture'. I must admit, the gains in strength I have had with using kettle bells, in the little amount of time I've been training with them is quite impressive. I'm thankful to have a RKC instructor that takes his training and instructing as serious as Levi does. He makes sure you are performing all movements in their correct form to make the most of every session. Looking forward to the next level...

10/10 Hard Work
By Phil Miklo / Arnolds Park, United States

I have been working with Levi for about 3 years or more now. When he brought this KB stuff to the house I thought he was crazy. But I have to tell you I have really enjoyed this knew move to the KB program and have never done workouts that really work the full body that he has introduced to us in the house. Just so you all no that it is Levi's House that I speak of. Love the program and Levi does a great job at teaching the proper form and still makes it fun.

10/10 Levi and kettlebells
By Sam Lammers / Spirit Lake, USA

I have been working out at Levi's facility for the past few years. I like the way he varies his workouts, so you are not always doing the same thing. Since Levi became an RKC instructor, he has incorporated the kettlebells in the workouts. I like the fact that he makes sure you know what your doing before you start the days program. I am very happy with the increased strength that I directly attribute to using the kettlebell program that Levi has incorporated every week.

10/10 A New Beginning
By Amanda Lietz / Spirit Lake, US

I recently did some personal training with Levi to learn how to properly use kettle bells. I struggle with back pain and weight loss at the young age of 23, so my friends and coworkers recommended some personal training sessions with Levi. I was a little nervous about trying kettlebells because I had no experience with them. Levi was patient and supportive teaching me how to properly use the kettlebells. I made so much progress in such a short period of time that I have started to look forward to exercising with kettlebells. I couldn’t have developed that attitude without the help of an excellent teacher. The workouts he provides are challenging but achievable for a beginner like me and I can’t thank him enough for helping me gain the skills and confidence I need to become stronger and healthier.

10/10 Great teacher and coach!
By Bob Seigel / Graettinger, USA

I found Levi to be a terrific teacher and coach! I’m 67 and wanted to safely increase my activity level to recover and regain some strength, and to improve my general fitness. A friend told me about KB and recommended I see Levi to get that all important instruction on proper form. I’ve only been working with him for a month; but after learning the basic KB movements I really do feel better and am now exercising with newfound knowledge and confidence that I can improve my of fitness without injuring myself. If any of you are looking to improve your fitness…but maybe wondering if this KB training thing works and is worth the investment…my answer is a resounding yes on both counts! You won't regret having Levi introduce you to the benefits of training with the KB. Thanks Levi!

10/10 Outstanding
By Seth Shatto / Storm Lake, United States

Before I started working out with Levi, my KB experience was extremely limited. Over the past few months, I have been participating in his board workouts. These workouts (that he creates) are centered around a variety of KB movements. They are always changing and always challenging. When I started them, I was hesitant and choppy with my technique. Levi would constantly watch, even when I didn't think he was, and provide corrective feedback. His feedback is always very clear and concise. I would definitely describe Levi as a student of the game. You can tell that he is very passionate about what he does, and is eager to continue to learn and improve on his skill set. I now joke with Levi that he "ruined" me in regards to weight lifting. After working with him, all I want to do is train with KB, instead of traditional weight lifting. He prefers the term enlightened rather than ruined, and I couldn't agree more. Working with Levi has completely changed the way I train.

10/10 Role Model
By Brady Nissen / San Antonio, USA

Ive had the privelage to be train under Levi for 3 years now. He is a great Role Model inside and outside of his facility. With that being said, I've always wanted to do what he does. When he told me that we were switching over to kettlebell training I was very hesistant at first. Within the first two weeks of kettlebell training under Levi's supervision I could already see results. He drilled form right from the start and always stayed on me about it. My results were unbelievable, honestly I've never had better results from any other program. Kettlebell training has changed my life. I went from 190lbs to 205lbs. 15lbs of solid muscle. I felt great because I felt strong as well. Then I Joined the navy. Went to Bootcamp for a few months, lost all of my muscle that i put on due to all the running and body weight excersises of bootcamp. So now i was back to square one. Now, upset that the Navy Gym on base didn't have KBs. I asked Levi for help. He told me I should invest in my own. So I did, I went out and bought 16kg, (2) 20kg, (2) 24kg, 28kg. I do the workouts he gives me in my own room. Something i would not be able to do with any other program. It is challenging at times because his tips and advice come via internet but Its the fact that he is always willing to help that makes me appreciate what he's done for me. He's gotten back on track and again loving what KBs are doing to my body. For that I am forever indebted.

10/10 Better form, better results!
By Annie B / Spirit Lake, US

I have trained with Levi for some time now. My true love is weight lifting and becoming stronger. That being said, I have struggled with lower back pain for most of my life. It has gotten so bad that when I take bike rides I have to actually get off my bike for a minute to relieve the pain. After Levi started implementing RKC at his gym, I noticed a huge difference on my form with KB swings, cleans, and snatches. I have recently started the 10,000 swing challenge and have not had any lower back pain at all. I was most surprised when I went on a lengthy bike ride today and realized that my back pain was at a bare minimum! The great coaching and proper technique that we get from Levi has not only improved my strength with KBs, but has reduced stress and pressure that I had been putting on my back all these years!

10/10 Never Setttling
By Mychal Sheridan / Lake Park, United States

I have had the privilege of training with Levi Markwardt for the last three years. During that time I have watched Levi grow as a trainer. Levi is always looking for new ways to make his own and his clients training the most efficient. I think Levi has found the real deal when it comes to kettle bell training. Since Levi has became an RKC instructor our form has really dialed in. Thanks to Levi I will be using kettle bells safely and correctly the rest of my life. Levi would be a great trainer if you are a novice or a "pro" when it comes to experience. Levi always does a great job keeping me humble and pushing me to my next level.

10/10 Lead from the Front
By Olivia Warren / Mora, United States

I had the chance to experience Levi Markwardt’s training in action after he became an RKC instructor and was immediately impressed with his ability to break every movement down, so it was easy to grasp and understand. Not only did he verbally go through the skill cues, progressions of each exercise, and explain why each movement is important, but he also demonstrated what I was supposed to look for in each kettlebell movement to self-correct any issues I was having so I could be successful. He was more than happy to answer any questions I had and was right there with positive feedback when he had me demonstrate the movements as well. It’s clear that his job is not something to just pass the time, but a passion that he hopes to inspire and better every individual he comes in contact with. I believe that is one of the greatest things you can find in an instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone.

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