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Andy Colesby


Phone: 07753174078
United Kingdom TN33 0QN
10 out of 10 (4 reviews)
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10/10 More than I bargained for!
By Dave McCarthy / Northfleet, United Kingdom

First and foremost I came to Andy to learn to Kettlebell correctly as he is a certified RKC coach. Since learning some basics I have improved my technique and form in leaps and bounds and can physically feel the difference for it. Secondly I broke my shoulder a few years back and after a couple of stints with a physio I resigned myself to the fact it would never be the same again... How wrong was I, Andy has taught me how to create more stability, mobility and strengthening techniques for my shoulder in less time than It took to get an appointment for said physio therapists. Before anyone berates me, I’m not knocking any of the physio’s I have seen as they helped me in the early stages after my initial injury but I can’t recommend Andy’s coaching enough, I nearly have full mobility in my shoulder now and the strength is coming along nicely, roll on next session!!

10/10 Relearning to lift with stability
By Adam Knight / Hastings, U.K

For years I have had shoulder issues that left me unable to do most overhead tricep exercises with challenging weight as my shoulders felt extremely unstable in an overhead position, particularly with elbow flexion. Other exercises that caused issues for me is the bench press and it’s variants, I never felt safe in my shoulder position and whenever the weight became challenging I could feel my shoulders coming forward and taking a lot of the load, an issue which has caused me shoulder pain and impingement in the past. Essentially, I had years of bad posture and muscle imbalance in my shoulders that meant that many exercises felt extremely unnatural, even painful at times. My shoulder issues peaked around 6 weeks ago (June 2018) when I strained my shoulder in such a way that simply pressing a 20kg barbell caused pain, there wasn’t really any upper body exercise I could do as any pulling, pushing or weight bearing caused pain; it was affecting other aspects of my life as well as I must lift heavy deliveries at work and even some simple household tasks caused pain. I eventually asked Andy for advice on my shoulder and he booked me in for a session, after running through some motions and stretches to determine my flexibility and other factors in shoulder health Andy decided that it was a stability and imbalance issue that would be best solved through working with kettlebells. Having focused on heavy weight and strength during most my gym sessions I was surprised to find such a challenging workout with a 8kg and a 20kg kettlebell. In the session Andy took me through some kettlebell movements and holds that taught me how to press and pull in a way which taught me to use posture correcting technique throughout, as well as creating a safer foundation for heavy compound movements through shoulder packing. I left that session feeling instantly improved, my shoulder was feeling less impinged and I felt that my posture was better than it had ever been and through consistently incorporating Andy’s kettlebell workout into my own I have been able to maintain the improvement. Additionally, since I only went to Andy to help me through the shoulder strain, I was surprised to find that for the first time ever I can now do heavy overhead tricep movements without feeling like I am going to dislocate my shoulders- as there is now sufficient stability. My bench press also feels much safer and I no longer worry about my shoulders rounding forward and causing impingement.

10/10 Highly recommend!!!
By Christopher Adam / St Leonards On Sea, East Sussex

I Have been training with Andy for some time. I initially came to Andy because I had a knee Injury and was seeking proper rehabilitation. This was definitely the case, Andy was able to diagnose the root cause of the problem (which was not my knee .. but my hip mobility and glutes). Through Andy's Training, I was able to recover properly and was racing a month later feeling much stronger. I continued Training with Andy and his Kettle Bell and Mobility sessions have greatly benefited me. I Highly recommend Andy!

10/10 Andy is a brilliant and supportive instructor
By Thom Kofoed / Hastings, United Kingdom

Andy has been my trainer for almost five years and in that time he has not only completely transformed my body but he has radically changed my opinions on exercise and training. Working out does not come naturally to me and I grew up assuming it was for other people. With Andy's guidance and support I have come to love working out and now train five times a week. His expertise on kettlebell training are second to none. He is clear and concise when explaining how to do an exercise, and furthermore why you should be doing an exercise and what benefits it has for your body, and will gladly demonstrate how to do the exercise and where you should be feeling it. I had a hip replacement when I was 26 and Andy diligently helped in my recovery, designing a strength and flexibility programme when I returned to the gym 3 months later which had me reaching the ground flat handed in a straight legged bend within a month and half. I can truthfully say that without Andy the very idea of even approaching working out would have been extremely overwhelming, but with his attention and care I have come to love exercise and feel equipped to tackle sessions at the gym alone, armed with everything he has taught, and continues to teach me.

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